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NEW PET HOUSE tour!! Adley & Niko make a fun play park with VOLCANO don’t touch the Lava Floor! 🌋


– [Jenny] Oh my goodness! – [Shaun] This thing is ginormous! – [Jenny] Should we get
it all set up for them? (bell dings) (lively music) (giggles) – She's trying to choose which house. – This must be close to a tiger. – [Shaun] Really? – Yeah, there's a tiger– – You're barely missing
those rooftops, girl. – [Shaun] Careful. – Ohh, yeah. (boing)
(grunts) (Shaun whoops) (boing) (boing)
– [Shaun] Whoa!!! Careful…
(giggles) She tried to give you a kiss? (cork popping) Turtle turtle. (giggling) (drum roll) (footsteps) – Hey, you guys ready for
a really cool surprise? It's for the kids. We've been working on a
brand new guinea pig cage, but not a normal cage. A crazy like space station style cage.

Scott! – [Scott] What? – Are you ready for delivery? – I'm ready! – Okay, you guys can't
have the full tour yet, the kids gotta give it to you, but I'm going to give you
a little sneak peek here. (angelic singing)
Look at this thing Scott, you're a wizard! It's like a space station for guinea pigs! All right, so you got some food in here, they go through here, some tunnels, some over here– (record scratching)
So that's your sneak peek. That's all you get. Hey Scott, how do we get this to my house? He's already on it! – [Scott] Got the truck! – [Shaun] It's right there! All right! We just need to get that
guinea pig space station into that truck.

– Piece of cake! – [Shaun] Piece of cake! All right! (gentle music) (door slams) The space station is loaded! Let's go surprise the kids! It snowed a lot today. Step one to the surprise, is the surprise. Let's go surprise the kids. Look at this, I shoveled one little strip of walkway for us, Scott.
(Scott laughs) That's called responsibility. That's being a good Dad. All right, this is your surprise. This is all you, man.
– My surprise? (knocking) Anybody home? Adley's here! – Hi Scott! – Hi! How are you? – What's up?
(Shaun laughing) – [Scott] We have a surprise for you! – [Shaun] We have a surprise! – Is it the guinea pig cage? – [Scott] Yeah! (cheering) – [Jenny] Are you so excited to see it? – (whispers) Yeah. – Well I'm more excited. – [Jenny] Yeah? – It's in a table.

– [Jenny] Yeah! – [Shaun] This thing is humongous, Adley! – Yeah! – [Jenny] She's so excited. – It's five steps. – [Scott] Five steps. – Is it going to fit through the door? – Maybe. – Come look at this. – [Jenny] Oh my goodness. – This thing is ginormous! – [Jenny] What do you think? – Our new table! – Yeah! – It kinda looks like a play place. – [Jenny] Yeah!
– It does– – Whoa! – Is that pretty cool? Is this for Honey! (mimicking guinea pig squeaking) – [Jenny] Should we get
it all set up for them? (bell dings) – He looks stoked! (laughs) – Maybe this is their new cage where they can stay and sleep.

– [Jenny] Yeah, this is their new home! – Where do you think
they'll sleep in here? – Up here. – Do you think that's
their sleeping bunk bed? Where do you think everything is? – Where we put the food. – Oh yeah we'll probably
put the food right there. – And we put the drink right here. And then they sleep up here. And then there's two
tunnels open for them. So Honey will go over here,
Pancake will go through– – 'kay, I like that– – And then they can go up here and then– – Do you want to go see it, Niko? – [Jenny] Yeah! – I want to see it! – [Jenny] Okay, this is the only time you guys are allowed in this.

– Yeah, let's not teach them that. Okay, let's take this downstairs. Go!
(Adley squeals) Okay, let's go.
(clattering) – [Jenny] Oh! Watch out! – [Scott] Oh, the glass. – I think– I'll get it! – [Jenny] You get that, Adley! – It fell off! What do you think? Are you excited?
– Down there. – I got the glass. – [Shaun] Adley, where's this going? – Gonna go right here. – [Shaun] Oh cool. Okay. – [Jenny] Okay, should we shift 'em over? Goin' for a ride, Pancake and Honey. (giggles) – [Shaun] Yeah right there. – [Jenny] You've got it. – [Shaun] Good job. – [Jenny] Let go.

– [Everyone] Yay! – [Jenny] Good job. – [Shaun] All right, show
us where to put it, Adley. – Put it right here. – Right here? – Aww good idea. – Good spot. So our dogs can come over here and then (boing) jump into the cage and chase them around, we gotta figure this out.
– [Jenny] Oh boy! – Should we move it that way more? – Let's move it to all
the way to the bean bag. – Okay, all the way over, watch out, Niko. That looks pretty good.
– [Jenny] That looks good. – Yeah so now– – Yeah no dogs are getting in. (Shaun barking) – And then over here and then, (high-pitched) jump! (laughing) – Hey Daddy. – What? – What if the dog, what if the dog jump up here and then jump on to the
beanbag and then lean up and then get this and eat it. – They would be pretty tricky dogs. Should we move the beanbag? – Yeah I think they're exercise dogs.

– (laughs) We have exercise dogs. – [Sports Announcer]
His name is John Cena! (epic music) – I think our dogs need tumbling. (laughing) – [Shaun] Okay, show Scott
where everything's gonna go. – Pancake is going to go up this door. – [Scott] That's your guinea pig Pancake. – And then my guinea pig,
Honey is going to go up here into my, go up here. Is this gonna go on this side, so hay right there, then I think that bowl
with that thing in there. – [Shaun] The food? – Yeah, and then the drink
is going to go right here. – [Shaun] Perfect! Scott, you built it perfect!
(Scott chuckling) All right. Hey! Niko found the stuff! Okay, should we put this in? – Maybe under here could
be their play place! – [Shaun] Oh, they're
getting to play under there? Look! If they're under here
they can see each other.

Isn't that crazy? – So Honey's at the top,
Pancake's down here playing. (laughing) – [Shaun] Adley, it's kind
of like a space station, but for the guinea pigs. – Dad! Since that cage is
so big, Niko's so smart, he got two of these because it's so big! – [Shaun] Niko, you're so smart! Good job! – [Jenny] Hey look at the new stuff I got. A bed. – Oh guinea pig! – That's where they can sleep. You can put blankets in each one. – [Shaun] Aww, they each get
their own place to sleep! – Is this where they sleep too? – [Jenny] We can, that
can be like a hang-out– – [Shaun] Yeah, maybe
they take naps in here and that's where they sleep at night. – [Jenny] Where do you
think we should put 'em? What do you think, Niko?
(Niko babbling) Wait, wait, wait! First, the fluff. First, the fluff. – [Jenny] Oh, we've got to fluff.

(pop music)
– Good job. Where do we want it, all
over here and in there? – Let's put it on the ground everywhere. – Okay. – Only on the white ground! – On the white part? Put it in here in the white part. – If it gets on – if it gets on– (laughing)
Just brush off. – Good job. Here, let's just dump
the whole bag in here and then we'll spread it around. Good job. Woo! Do we put fluff up here? Or no–
– [Jenny] No. – No fluff up here? – No fluff. – Do you think we should put that– – We should put it up here. – Aww. – Cause that one's bigger for the bed. – [Jenny] I like that. – Oh! I'll put this one, right here. – [Jenny] Okay. – Where are you going to put yours, Niko? – [Jenny] It doesn't
fit right there, Niko! – Where are you going to put– We don't want to block the path! What if we put it right here. – [Jenny] Hey! – And then they can visit
each other any time.

– (high-pitched) "Hi! We're neighbors!" – [Jenny] What else did they need? (flapping)
(laughing) – Mom, what else is new in here? – [Jenny] Nothing! I think they need food and water now. – We need hay, and their water bottle. – Okay, let's take it out. Sorry Honey, and Pancake, we need this guy, for a minute… – It's for your new cage. – There we go. Wait! – What's this, bud?
– Niko found something… – Gonna put one of these in? You put one in for Honey,
you put one in for Pancake. – [Jenny] Okay, did you
know the corn ones we got? You can put them in the
microwave and actually pop them. – Really? – [Jenny] Yeah! – That's fun! Do you want to put it in
here since that's their food? – [Jenny] Good job, Niko! – Ooh good job! – You can put them right here. – This is where we put,
like, carrots and snacks, and then this will be their food, and then their hay. – [Jenny] Get the hay so
we can get the guinea pigs! (laughing) – Here's the hay, Mom.

– [Shaun] Okay. Good job, buddy. There you go, put it in there. – Whoa! – Good job! – Whoa! – Whoa, careful! Where are you going to put it? Right here? Maybe what we'll do is
put the food right here, and then fresh fruits here, and then snacks and hay over here. Do you like that idea? – [Jenny] I like that idea.
– I like that idea. Okay, where do you want their potty? What do you think? (Niko babbles) Oh potty! Should it go over here? – [Jenny] Potty goes in the corner! Perfect.

– Get some potty stuff in there. – [Adley] They're gonna love hay! – Oh, I'm so excited, they
are going to love this, I bet! One hay ball coming up! Where do you want it? – [Jenny] Ooh that will be fun for them. – Put it right there. – [Shaun] I like it. I think we should get the guinea pigs! – What about we should put– Fruit Loops. – Okay, couple Fruit Loops for 'em. – Foop foop foop foop! – You know what your
guinea pigs like, huh? (singing) – [Jenny] Are we ready? – Should we get the guinea pigs in? Okay, Honey. – You have a new home, Honey. – [Shaun] Careful. – No!
(squeaking) – [Shaun] Careful.
(giggles) She's trying to give you a kiss! – Go in! Go in! Go in! – [Shaun] Okay.
– [Jenny] Here's Pancake! – [Shaun] Okay, put Pancake in! – [Jenny] Oh! – Where is Honey? – [Shaun] Where's Honey? She's already exploring! – [Jenny] Look, there's Pancake! – [Shaun] He's in his little tunnel! – [Jenny] She fits! That's your new house! (laughs) – [Shaun] Scott, I love
that you can look through the Plexiglas right there, that's so cool! Adley, look, you can watch
them go in the tunnels.

Where are they?
(Niko giggling) – [Adley] I see her. She's in the play place. – [Shaun] Oh, they're
playing in the play place? – Yeah. – [Shaun] That's so fun! – Dad, we should show them their bed! – [Shaun] What? – We should show them their bed. – Yeah, they probably don't
even know where it is. – [Jenny] Look! There's Honey!
– [Shaun] Honey's exploring. – [Jenny] Where's she going? She's going in! – No!
– [Jenny] Oh, that was close! – [Shaun] Keep exploring, guys! (guinea pig squeaks) – Pancake's happy about
the new house, so is Honey! – [Shaun] They love it. – Oh, she's now in Pancake's home. – [Shaun] They like their play place. I think that's their favorite spot so far. Show 'em where their house is and then see if they can find it. – [Adley] They're in! – That's your guys's little bed. (laughing) – It's so comfy! – Do you guys like your bed? Oh, Pancake's going down the ramp.

Careful, bud. – Careful. I think she just jumped– whoa! (exclaiming)
No! (laughter) – You guys need to learn
how to use the stairs. – Whoa! Look! (giggles) – She's trying to choose
which house she wants. Oh, where are they going? – [Adley] Oh, that's scary. – [Jenny] Hey. What you doing? – [Adley] What you doing? – [Jenny] Ohh! – (laughs) She can get hay from her bed? She's just going to be sleeping
and eating forever now.

– Uh oh! – Pancake, you're just little. You can't stretch out to eat. – No no, that's bad! – [Jenny] Technically,
we could shift this over and they could just eat
from up here. (laughs) – I like that idea. – [Adley] Don't, no! – [Jenny] Ohh! She's in the hay box! – [Shaun] Oh boy!
(Adley giggles) – [Jenny] What are you doing? – [Shaun] (laughs) She jumped in the hay! Okay, maybe that's a bad idea. – [Jenny] Yeah! – Dad, maybe we should
put this at the very top! – [Jenny] Ooh, that's a good idea. – [Shaun] At the top? Ooh. – So the, so the– Look at that! That is so cool! Adley, guess what? We could have Scott make
it so if we push a button, there's just, like, hot lava
(explosion) that comes out so it's a volcano, deal? – Can you make it, Scott? – [Scott] I can make anything. – Okay, lets put them in their new home and see if they like it. (high-pitched) Okay, here's your new bed! – [Adley] He won't hurt you.

– Okay, go see if you like your new bed! Look, they're in their bed! I think they like it in there. – [Jenny] Hi guys! – And then they won't crawl around and try and get the hay and stuff too. That actually works pretty good. – [Jenny] Yeah, that is a good solution. – Good job. Should we let them relax and just get used to their new guinea pig space station? – Yeah! – This turned out pretty cool.

Did you tell Scott "thank you"? – Yeah! Thank you! – Thank you!
– Thank you! – Thanks, Scott, this is awesome, man. What are you guys doing in here? Playing with dolls? – [Adley] We're not playing with them, I'm just showing– – [Shaun] Oh, a ladder? – I'm just showing Scott these and then we're going to
put these on the babies. – [Shaun] Oh, yeah? Hey Scott, can I show you something next? – Yeah! – [Shaun] Adley. Let's show him the VR. With the eagle game? – Yeah, I want to play it! – [Shaun] Okay. We've been playing VR a
ton lately, and guess what? Adley can turn into an eagle and fly! So this is her little nest. Because she's too short, the
sensors don't pick her up. All right, Eagle. Your nest is ready. – Where's my headphones? – [Shaun] Oh, there's the headphones.

This game's really cool
cause you don't need the controllers and buttons, you fly like an eagle and you just like move
your head to control, and Adley is literally a better eagle than me and Jenny, huh? – She's a daredevil. – [Shaun] She flies through
all the little tunnels. All right, let's see you fly, girl! (chill music) Oh, she's in the city. Where's she goin'? – Where am I going? It must be close to a tiger. – [Shaun] Really? Yeah, you're the tiger– – You're barely missing
those rooftops, girl. – [Shaun] Careful! Whoa!
(Jenny screams) – [Shaun] You hit the light! – [Jenny] That scared me! – [Shaun] Don't hit anything.

Oh no, she's going in the building. Whoa, careful. Another tunnel! You are a crazy flyer. – Oh my gosh, through that little hole? (Shaun laughs) – It's so nice that I
can see, I'm an eagle. (laughing) – [Shaun] Oh my goodness! You're crazy. – Trees are all scary! – [Shaun] Oh, those are scary
trees, get out of there. Wait, can you fly in the Eiffel Tower? – Giraffes!
– Giraffes! – [Shaun] Hi, giraffes! – I can't find out– Come on, Adley, sure it'll work. (laughter) – Oh! You crashed.
– Ow. – Too soon!
(Adley whines) – Wait. Where is– whoa! – [Shaun] Whoa! I think
you're in the Eiffel Tower! Careful! Whoa.

– I'm not, I was at the very top of it. – [Shaun] Okay, be careful. – Whoa I'm… dizzy. – She's holding on to me! – [Shaun] She's inside the tower! – Whoa!
(guinea pigs squeaking) (laughing) She's gonna fall! You're gonna– – [Shaun] Be careful!
(Jenny exclaiming) Did she fly out the top? – Yeah! No, she flew out the side of the tower. – [Shaun] Adley, you're the
best eagle I've ever seen. – Here I come! Adley shining! (Shaun exclaiming) (guinea pig squeaks) – [Shaun] You are crazy, girl! – I think she used to be
a bird in another life. – [Scott] Yeah.
– [Shaun] Seriously. Oh no, not the tunnels. Careful! You're crazy! (laughing) – There's the Eiffel Tower, guys! Home sweet home! (laughing) – [Shaun] All right, you're
looking like an eagle. – Holy cow, what is this? – [Shaun] There's your sound. So this trigger right here. That'll make you fly faster. This right here will make you fly slower.

And then you move with your head. – Whoa! – And if there's a lot of
leaves with a letter on it, then you got to turn around, that means you're the wrong way. – [Shaun] Yeah. (laughs) – What if I throw up? – [Jenny] Oh–
(laughing) – [Shaun] There's a guinea
pig cage right there. Whoo! Whoo! – [Jenny] He hasn't died yet. – [Shaun] He's a good eagle. – I could do this for days. – You're a good eagle. – Well thank you! Man!
– [Jenny] Try to catch a fish.

Turn left on the river. – Turn left? Oof! (laughter) Holy cow. – [Shaun] Isn't that wild? – That's insane. – [Shaun] What are you doing? (kids shouting) Okay. (screams) – [Jenny] Run across, run across! Get your jammies on! (shouting) – [Shaun] What are you guys doing? (Jenny screams) What's going on in there? – [Jenny] Hurry! I'm in the closet! (Shaun screams) (lively music) (grunting) – [Adley] Hi Dad. – Hi! – Where's Vlog? – I don't know. I think we lost him. – Look, it's right there.

– Ah! Put your jammies on! (whooping) Hi! We've gotten pretty good at yoga lately, in case you guys haven't noticed. (giggling) Does that tickle? (trilling) – Yeah! – (high-pitched) What's up, girl? We're doing some family yoga. Mom, do you want to hop
on our family yoga train? – Whoa! – Oh, okay. This is pretty good family yoga. – [Jenny] Good job! (soft screaming) – They all crash. – Is he really there?
– [Jenny] Yeah, that's a foot! – Have the guinea pigs liked their cage? – We forgot to go check on them! – You haven't been checking on them? – [Jenny] No, we haven't.
(kids shouting) – Oh, my! Check on guinea pigs, let's go. (Niko babbles) Yeah, let's go check on 'em. All right.
– [Adley] Let's go? – [Shaun] Guinea pig house. Oh sneak.
(sneaky music) – (whispers) Hi guinea pigs. They're doing fine! – [Shaun] Where are they? – They're right in their play place. – [Shaun] When we left,
they were up in their bed.

Their bed still looks good. I think they like it– Oh, we should put shavings in their beds. These little like hang-out pods, you know. – [Jenny] Ooh, I have little
blankets for them upstairs. – [Shaun] Really? – [Adley] Can we put them in? – [Shaun] Let's go get
their little blankets. – [Jenny] Keep going up
and down, up and down. (Shaun laughs) – [Adley] Dad! – [Shaun] What?
– Want to see something cool? Go on two steps up the stairs. – [Shaun] Two steps up the stairs. One, two! (boing)
(grunts) Holy cow, you can jump up two stairs? (Niko shouts) Oh, let's see if Niko can. (boing) Whoa! Good job, Niko! – Do it on this. – [Shaun] No way! (boing)
(grunts) Whoa! How did she do that! (boing) (laughs) Niko, good job! – I don't even think Mom can do that. – [Adley] Hey Dad!
– [Shaun] Can you– Yeah, I don't even know
if Mom can do that.

(boing) Holy! I want to see how high
I can jump, hold on. I bet I can jump– – [Jenny] No way! – Think that tall? Watch out! Watch out! Coming through! – [Adley] Dad, you're gonna get hurt. – [Jenny] You are going to get hurt. Niko, come over here! – Oh I can jump that high– Oh I'm going to hit my head! 'kay watch this– – [Jenny] Niko, Niko! Come over here! – High chance of not
success, Niko, watch out.

(grunts) – [Jenny] Oh wow. – First time no warmup. – [Jenny] I could do it.
– How cool was that? You can't do that! – I know. – [Shaun] No way. You've got this babe, let's see it. – [Adley] You got this, babe. (screams and laughter) – [Shaun] That was so close! Can you jump that high, Adley? Whoa! – Let's see if I can jump
all the way to the couch. – [Shaun] No, no, no. Stand on the ground, see if
you can jump up to the top. It's not as dangerous. – Yikes!
(boing) (horn honks)
– [Shaun] Whoa! (laughs) (Niko squealing) – [Jenny] No!! No.

– Jump! – One, two, three, jump! Whoa, boosh!
(Shaun laughing) – More! – More!
– [Shaun] More! You crazy kids I've just got
to tickle you oh my gosh– (giggling) Wait, let's find some corn. Come here. Come sit by Niko. Vlog, we're going to teach
you how to plant some corn. Grind the fields with your tractor. And grind all the fields. And then you've got to put the seeds in. Boop, boop, boop, boop,
boop, boop, boop… I gotta let it rain, so
it waters all the seeds. You've got to till the crops. (tilling sounds) And the corn starts to grow! And it grows, and it grows, and it grows, and it grows,
and it grows, and it grows. You got to pick the corn. Pick! Pick! Pick! Pick! Pick! Pick! Pick! Pick! And then my favorite part. Mom! (crash) You've got to eat the corn! (devouring sounds)
(giggling) Okay, what blankies do we want. – I get red. – Oooh. That one? And this one? – That.
– 'kay. Here we go, we've got to
go put it in their beds.

– Take the fluff out… – Put your blankie in. Good job. Push it in. The other one in?
(guinea pigs squeak) Oh, good job, Niko. Oh, that will be so soft for them. – And then a blue one for her, Honey… – Oh, in there so they have a– that's a good idea. Put one blanket in here
and one up here for them. (Niko grunting) Okay, let's see if the
guinea pigs like them. (high-pitched) Come try out
your little homes, guys. Oh, she likes it!
– Can you do Honey? Can you do Honey now? – There you go.

See if you like it. – She can't fit. (laughter) Honey's like, "Uh, this
is a really cozy house, let me think about it." – [Jenny] (laughs) So,
I bet she could fit, she just didn't want to turn around. – Yeah. All right, should we go find
something for dinner, guys? – [Jenny] Yeah. – [Shaun] What do you want for dinner? – Wait, Vlog! Follow me. – [Shaun] 'kay. – We already filmed it but you
might want to see it again.

You might not remember it. (door opens) The babies in here! – [Shaun] Oh, yeah, Adley
filmed a fun video today where she had little baby sprouts. – All of these others,
babies, I put in there and they have their blankie on them but this is the only
one that I can't put in cause it doesn't have her blankie. – [Shaun] Oh.
(Niko squeals) She could fit in a jumper. – Go, jumper! – I have a question. Was it a fun video? – Yeah, it was super, super fun.

– Dinner-time, guys. We'll be back later. (camera drops) Oops. How're you doing that? How are you jumping so high? – [Jenny] Hey! You guys going to bed? Mom, look, I'm a rabbit. Hop hop hop hop hop. – [Adley] Look! I can walk on my ears! – [Shaun] What? You can walk on your ears? I want to try. Boop. I'm walking on my ears! This is crazy! Oh no. (singing "Jaws" theme) It's a shark. (biting sound)
– I'm gone! I'm gone. – Where'd she go? Let's both do a sea creature. On your mark, get set, go! I am a starfish. – Hi, I'm a stingray! – Hi Mr Stingray, want
to give me a high five? – [Jenny] (scoffs) That is–
– I don't wanna! – [Jenny] You look like
a bunny and a wolf.

Or a chicken.
(Shaun laughs) – No, I'm a starfish. – [Jenny] It's a chicken and a bunny. – Ooh look at this, you
want to see a dinosaur? (roars) – [Jenny] That looks like a snake. – [Adley] No that looks like a turtle. – [Jenny] A turtle, yeah. – [Shaun] Turtle, turtle, turtle. Wait this will really
look like a turtle, look. (cork popping sound) – [Adley] (giggles) Turtle!
(Jenny scoffs) – Turtle, turtle, turtle. – [Jenny] You guys, time for bed. – I'm walking on my ears! – Okay, we're coming down the vlog. (alien sounds) – (in unison) Thanks for watching, bye. Om nom nom nom. (pop music) (Jenny screaming)
– Boosh! Go again. (screams and laughter) – Nailed it!.

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