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NEW FAMILY MEMBER | Apna pet aagaya | Short movie of our pets | Aayu and Pihu Show


Friends… Aayu Pihu's pets have come. Shhhh… Let's give them a surprise. Okay. Come! Come! Friends Aayu and Pihu were waiting for their pets from a very long time. I have finally got them their pets. Come. Let's give them a surprise. They'll be very happy. And you know what friends… You've met them before Aayu and Pihu. Let's call them…

Aayu Pihu Yes mom. Come outside. Mom: There is a surprise for you.
Aayu: What? Look here. Aayu: Wow Rabbits!
Pihu: Rabbits! Pihu: For us?
Mom: Yes, these are your pets. They are so cute. His eyes are also pink. Look. They are so soft. Aayu Pihu bring them inside. How should I get them? Pihu: How should I pick him he's so soft.
Mom: Then learn. You should know how to take care of your pet. Sister what should we name them? Their name? *Thinking* This one brown chocolate and that one white chocolate.

You've also named them after food.
Yes. Say hi to our friends. Do like and share. If you haven't already subscribed, go do it now. For him. He is saying so. Aayu Pihu bring them here. He is running. Carefully, carefully. Give him to me Pihu. I think he likes your top. They're so cute. Say hello to Pihu. This one is very naughty. They must be hungry. Yes. Let's get them something to eat.
Pihu hold him I'll get something.

Say hello. Hello. I got their food. But what do they eat? They eat healthy food. Like Pizza. Like Burger. No. Green vegetables. Look. He can smell it. Did you see how he hopped on? He is licking me. Aayu give it to him also. *Nom Nom* And now it is your duty to teach Aayu and Pihu to eat green vegetables You become good looking if you eat green vegetables. Mom they are so hungry. Yes. To keep their teeth in shape and size, they have to chew something all day long If they won't chew, their teeth will grow this long. Then eat more, eat properly. Eat properly, otherwise your (rabbits) teeth will grow this long. They can chew the whole day. They stop chewing only when they sleep. What is their breed? The white on is New Zealand White. And the one Aayu is holding is Satin. Satin… Yes soft like satin. This one is also soft.

Mom, I am the youngest. So I'll keep the younger one. Sister is elder to me. So, the elder one is hers. And what about me? Aayu: You have both of us mom. Mom: Okay. Who will take care of us? Now dad has to meet their demands also. Mom how old are they? The one Aayu is holding is of two months. And this one is three months old. Now that they've eaten, I'll finish my work and you play with them. Pihu: Okay.
Mom: Take care. But sister where will they sleep? Come. Let's make their bed. How should I make their bed? It should be soft and have walls, so that they don't come out and the insects don't get in. *Thinking* Idea! Hey! where are you going? Are you going to Shimla? Friends look, we had this basket at home.

Now I'll place some cloth in it. Come with me. Aayu look. This will be their room. But sister how will they live in this? It is still work in progress. Wait. So brown chocolate white chocolate you'll sleep in this? Oh I understood sister, you'll place a cloth in this to make it softer. Yes… You understood. Pihu: How did you like your bed?
Aayu: Enjoying? He is covering half of the bed. He is smelling it. Let's take them in the room. Look this is our room and all four of us will sleep here. okay? Come out. Let's play. Come. Sit. I think he is sleepy. Look he is standing. He is smelling you. who is this? Wait sister I’ll be back in a minute.
Okay. Hello. Mom… Our chocolates are hungry. Give me some cucumber. They'll eat cucumber. Okay I'll get some. I wish with rabbits Aayu Pihu also start eating healthy. Did you like the rabbits? Aren’t they cute? You will also eat healthy with them. Sister I've given an order for cucumber.

It's coming wait wait. But we are only giving them food. We should also get some water. What should I use for water? Okay wait. I'll be back. Water is coming. Do you drink juice like us? If you drink then we are brothers. Take, I got their cucumber. Oh he ate. Eat eat. Aayu I got their water also. I gave him here by mistake, he made it all wet. Where? On the mat. White chocolate. Aayu now give them some water. Come. Let's drink some water. Come. Come. Water. Oh they are drinking it. White is shy White is feeling shy. Don't feel shy. White water, no not my hand. Water. He is biting me hand. He is licking I think. Mom come fast. Something has happened. What happened? Look where did these black pearls come from? These aren’t pearls. This is their poop. They've eaten so much, that they'll poop also. *ewww* What is this ew ew? You have to clean it. We won't do it. If you want to keep the pet.

Then you have to look after their food, water and cleaning. We can't do it with hands give us something. Yes yes. I have something for that. Look how he is lying down. Goodnight! Take this brush and dust pan. Now sweep it all into this and throw it in the dustbin. Do it. Hold it. You also have to do it. You hold this I will sweep it. That's it. It's done. Now aayu go throw it in the dustbin. Go aayu. Aayu: No sister now you will go.
Pihu: Why? Aayu will go. I've done half of the work, now you do the other half.

Now that you've eaten, we can play. Now we'll play. Aayu and Pihu please keep in mind That after playing with them, wash your hands. You should always wash your hands after playing with your pets. They've gotten tired after eating. Their stomach is full, now make them run. Run run. Mom we should get a tortoise also. Then we'll have rabbit and tortoise race. Yes. Mom… before there were four members in our house. Now we are six members. Where is he going? Mom did you tell dad? Yes. It was his idea only to get rabbits for you two. Aayu Pihu are asking for a pet. So let's get them rabbits.

Mom gets scared. He is tickling me. He is so cute. This is so hard. The threads on the face. Those are not threads, that is their mustache. Their mustache is very hard. Generally we see rabbits eating carrot. But we should not give them carrot a lot. If they eat too much it will upset their stomach. Sometimes is fine. Like you get Pizza sometime. They can have carrot sometime, that'll be their Pizza. He went inside to eat again. If you've eaten, then come out. Oh! he jumped. I'll get him. Look they're touching my feet. Stay happy! Let's click a picture with them. Oh! you want to have a photo session. Come let's click pictures. *Click* *Click* *Click* You know why Aayu and Pihu got their pets? Because dad had promised us that we'll get a pet if we reach 10 million. We got it really late but I'm still happy. Aayu: At least we got.
Pihu: Yes even I' happy. Rabbits say Okay.

TaTa. Bye bye. Love You all Mom are getting scared of them. Bye. Bye..

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