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New! Captain Snowball Animatronic From Secret Life of Pets 2


because you take care of jordan you are stronger than him doesn't matter about the age 
that's what i like to hear i hope you're not back there 
taking pictures because i'm not   ready i'm not even posing you ready there we go like i'm happy but i want nobody to know 
it because i'm not really saying nothing that means you get transformed into a puppy 
i tell you what i'll meet you over there   i'll tell you all the secrets we're gonna talk 
about all the secrets and being a puppy okay you going on the ride well have fun   i'll meet you over there i'll give 
you all the types of instructions it's gonna look like a little 
kid but i gotta tell you it's   not it's my secret face of operation 
and also in this little kid's room all right i'll see you in there 
good luck don't make a mess hi dramatic escape okay i gotta sit in there buddy that's the wrong cold oh that was the wrong color 
what could the baby i'm gonna walk up the baby   and not the animals are [ __ ] we got messed 
up i tell you what cause i'm gonna get you back so you

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