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Neglected Dog Marks The Entire House With Pee For 7 Years | Kritter Klub


7-year-old sister
Kkaetnip 10-year-old brother
Sangchu Hehe~ (giggling) Hehe~ (giggling) Hewow~ (Quite a charmer) Heh.. saw her first time today hehe (Overly Welcoming) Shall I begin too..? With a heart full of welcome Peee~ Sangchu! Sangchu! You shouldn't pee there!! Ey My god.. While mommy's cleaning the mess (Yet again..) Wa.. Wait.. The bowl pad's here..? Don't! Don't! Care!! Where I pee is 'the' toilet Babbling Ohhh…!! (Spots it) He peed on a blanket?? Ah.. (SUPER) (SUPER MAD) Ah.. Sangchu~!!! All turned putrid.. I had to throw a bed away Sofa, Sofa, curtain, Sofa, curtain, duvet, Sofa, curtain, duvet, fridge, everything.. Sangchu's_signiture_wallpaper.jpg 'Unsolved Mystery'
Why has Sangchu become a pee-niper "Been doing this (peeing) for over 7-8 years now.." When he first got here, didn't even need to potty train him Such a lovely and smart Sangchu he was.. After Kkaetnip moved in.. Sangchu began to pee habitually Sanchu, come Come over here Jumps! However..

Growling Yo lil punk… Kkaetnip acting fussy about Sangchu You kidding?? Being pretty isn't everything?! Downhearted Sanchu.. Not again tho..? Weeing, widdling, and weeing As usual, mommy's on the duty of wiping the wee Why don't ya pee on the pad? Why don't ya pee on the pad? Not on your toilet? Why is that? (No) (Excuse) -Manners maketh man Ended up wearing a nappy.. But, Sangchu feels stuffy as he can't let out his output Scratch Scratch He keeps scratching like this
to undo it (the nappy) The wounds left on the body..

:'( You're gonna wee if I undo it TwT (An ace in the hole) Giving the puss in boots eyes Ah, I feel bad if he does this 😭 And she takes it off of him.. Running away Flip! Throw it away! It stinks! Sangchu, not letting go of
the nappy in his mouth Take this instead Give that to mommy Give that to mommy
Sangchu: NO Toys I'll give ya gums NO Treats Not only the nappies, But also brought all sorts of things Obsessed Obsessed Sangchu, don't be Sangchu, don't be so ridiculous… Lee Chan-Jong, Animal Behaviorist: We need to specifically analyze what kind of 'marking' does he intend to make Will begin investigating Sangchu's urinated zones Marks significant areas The room filled with notes It's all over here (Done analyzing) He's been marking like a spider web surrounding Kkaetnip's bedding area Moreover (Eyes Focused) He keeps his eyes only on Kkaetnip But if I put her down like this? As soon as Kkaetnip's put down Sangchu starts to smell He's saying "Stay with me Kkaetnip♥" The marking he's been making to this day Was an act of wooing to gain favor with Kkaetnip to gain favor with Kkaetnip, Kkaetnip's mine♡ Sangchu's obsession towards stuff He tried to bring the resources together To be favored? Yup exactly.

It all leads to Kkaetnip Everything's up to her This and that, everything's about Kkaetnip Yes..
SHE is ma everything..♡ However Ghosting Kkaetnip acting cold towards Sangchu To let Kkaetnip accept Sangchu, Should change the recognition of mom as someone who supports STEP 1.
Boosting Sangchu's self-confidence To be confident as the older brother (Sanchu's first) (Then Kkaetnip) Reorganizing the hierarchy Well-behaving I feel confidante! STEP 2.
Can pee (X)
Can't pee (O) As we help him relax when he moves on from one marking spot to another Then he recognizes the spots as where he could be at ease which eventually can reduce the number of marking zones Doggo common sense
*Dogs don't ease nature at a place
where they lie down and relax As you repeat and repeat Marking zone Marking zone -> Relaxing zone Don't you pee here~ I now know how he thinks, so he'll be changed Bro, yo don't stink anymore? Yo fixed ur habits? Yup, I turned over a new leaf! ♥I'm all about you♥

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