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National Lampoon’s Animal House | The Best of John Belushi’s Bluto


Straight Talk to the bar oh fucking bar thanks I needed that well know much
about history don't know much biology don't know much about the frittata now I don't play
to be a student while I'm trying to be for maybe by being a student baby I can
win your don't cost nothing sergeant at arms do your duty now on your duffle talk I name is weasel
now on your name is mothball Kroger your Delta Tau Chi name is Pinto by Pinto why
not well what's my Delta Tau Chi name Dorfman you're giving this a lot of
thought now on your name is flounder pounder oh hey I think you know
everybody here great Obi Li can't you know don't worry just keep your hands
and feet away from his mouth don't you have any respect for yourself this is absolutely gross that boy is a
pea a cheap Pig see if you can guess what I am now I'm as it get it right you bastard let's
go right here hey what just lying around shit well
what the hell is supposed to do you moron
wars over man warmer drop the big one what over you say over nothing is over
until we decide it is was it over when the Chinese bombed Pearl Harbor
hell no Sherman forget it he's rolling over now that's when the going gets
tough the tough get going who's with me let's go what the fuck happened to the Delta I
used to know where's the spirit where's the guts this could be the greatest
night of our lives but you're gonna let it be the worst Oh
we're afraid to go with you Bo we might get in trouble dad was right
psychotic but absolutely right we gotta take these bastards now could fight him
with conventional weapons that could take years cost millions of lives no in this case I think we have to go
all out I think this situation absolutely requires a really futile and
stupid gesture be done on somebody's part we're just the guys to do it let's do it nice there is this great now finish it
flounder you kidding I never shot anything before my life I thought you
hated niedermayer's guts I do and what about that horse is there anything in
the world you hate as much as that horse get just blanks right holy shit there were blanks in that gun
I didn't even point the gun at him holy shit there were blanks in that gun maybe
he had a heart attack holy shit I gave my love a cherry that had no stone I
gave my lover chicken that had no bones I gave my love the story had no I sorry

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