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hey guys what's up LD shower here today I'm going to share with you a list of my favourite mods for Minecraft number one the wearable backpack smart by copy girl have you ever found yourself wishing you had more inventory space try out the wearable backpacks mod for a cute way to carry your extra items around step 1 craft the backpack step 2 dye the backpack your desired color step 3 wear the backpack another fun feature of this mud is that other players can actually open your backpack and deposit or withdraw items while you're wearing it unfortunately though the backpack does take up your chest plate slot so you'll have to decide between safety or storage this mod is great for early game before you can get your hands on shulker boxes next up is Optifine if you find that your minecraft is a little bit laggy this mod can help you boost performance it also adds in this handy-dandy zoom feature which I use way too often to spy on my friends from afar and finally this mod adds shaders so you can download different shader packs to change how minecraft looks and look at what a difference it can make this is regular minecraft this is shader pack minecraft the shader pack I always use is called Rudo plays and it is guaranteed to make any build look ten times better moving on to the next mod inventory pets by purple-ish Ascar this mod adds 52 pets that exist only in your inventory each pet has a unique ability which can be activated by placing the pet in your hotbar for example the Ocelot pet scares away creepers the nether portal pet teleports you to the nether and the creeper pet explodes you can acquire the pets by crafting as each one has a specific recipe and as you use them you'll need to keep feeding them at their favorite food so they don't get hungry and stop working I will say that this mod is a little bit overpowered as you can use multiple inventory pets at once giving you some insane advantages that just aren't possible in vanilla and the next mod on my list Moe bends it changes the way players do certain actions for example running around falling swimming firing a bow climbing a ladder using an axe and punching with your fists and the coolest of all attacking with a sword it also changes the way that mobs move around giving them mo bends in their limbs and just look how grotesque this spider has become if you really want to laugh though take the smart over to a multiplayer server and just watch other people move around next on my list is mo creatures by dr.

Jacque this mod adds 40 new creatures to Minecraft so there are dozens of tamable creatures that you can keep as pets and some creatures that you can even ride around on once tamed my favorite out of all of them are the fairy horses which come in a variety of unique designs and with mo creatures there are mo ways to die you might stumble upon a big cat in the wild a Komodo dragon in the swamp or even an ogre in a cave there's so much more to this mods that I don't have time to mention it all so if you're bored of taming wolves and ocelots in vanilla minecraft this mod will keep you busy next moth marred by a chain this hilarious mode lets you transform into any mob all you need to do is kill them up to add it to your library and now you can transform into it anytime you like now you have the same health as the original mob and you adopt their size too so if you become something bigger than a player you won't be able to walk through a door on the other hand if you become something small like a silverfish you'll be able to fit through smaller spaces and finally the most amazing part of this mod is that it doesn't just work for vanilla mobs if you use this mod alongside one that adds other creatures to the game you'll be able to transform into those two thank you next just enough items this mod is super simple but it will change your Minecraft life if you forget a crafting recipe you can just search it up and if you already have all of the items in your inventory press move items and it will instantly put them all in the right place this is especially helpful if you're using lots of mods with craftable items because it will show those recipes too I also use the item browser a lot when I'm stopped in survival mode on a server and I want to look through all the different blocks for some decorating inspiring and the next mod extra columns by sky j1 is a fun mud that makes basic vanilla golems so much more interesting you can create a golem from practically any block in Minecraft and each one is special in its own way a diamond golem has tons of health and a powerful attack a seal Anton golem lights up the area around it and a crafting golem can be used as a crafting table and there are so many more so definitely try out this mod if you're looking for ways to spice up your village defences moving on to the next mod deco craft by Razzleberry fox is my favorite decorating mod all you need to do is fill up this deco bench with modeling clay to unlock all these amazing decorative items there are so many detailed items in here that you can use to transform a space and make it look so much more realistic next wings mod bipolar 1 adds name craftable wings that allow you to fly simply press art into flight mode and soar around the skies be careful though because your hunger level will go down and eventually you will fall to craft these wings you first need to find some fairy dust or while mining and each pair of wings has its own unique recipe different types of wings also have a different type of animation so butterfly wings will flutter whereas angel wings and bat wings will flap this mod is adorable and also really useful then of course there's the googly eyes mod by I turn quite simply this adds googly eyes to every mob in Minecraft yes even the ender dragon next up the baby animals mod vanilla baby animals are cute and all but this pod makes them adorable these may be animals function as normal the baby sheep come in all the usual colors and they can all be tamed like vanilla animals moving on to the next mod Terra health damage indicators by Toro crafts another simple but useful mod Tora health shows HP bars for mobs when you look at them now you know exactly how much HP your pets have left how close to death that zombie is and you can also see how many hearts a player has left next Biblio crafts buy new chairs and various furniture items into the game like tables and chairs and this functional bookcase but the best part about this mod is the paintings place a canvas into the painting press and you can select paintings from vanilla Biblio craft or your own custom library just add the pictures you want to your mod file and you'll be able to use them in-game just print the painting onto the canvas and place it in a frame on the wall and that you can scale them to whatever size you would like moving on to the next mod the flew craft mod from Fred Targaryen if you love Harry Potter you will love this magical mod that allows you to travel around the world using a network of fireplaces simply throw your flew powder into the fireplace tell it where you want to go and you'll be magically teleported to your destination next is the quark mud from vas key this adds so many cool things to Minecraft but my favorites are these shingle blocks which come in every color of the rainbow these stunning pastel rainbow planks quilted versions of each color of wool variations of slabs and stairs for existing minecraft blocks five new variations of bookshelves and rainbow candles the simple harvesting feature harvests and reflects your crops at the same time making farming very easy sign editing allows you to make small changes to science without having to start all over again and putting a mop head on a note block will make it emit the sound of the mob this is a must-have mod it's so amazing and the next mod biomes o plenty adds blocks trees plants and more to Minecraft replacing the vanilla biomes we're all a little bit bored of with dozens of unique custom biomes like this giant lavender field this deserted wasteland cherry blossom Grove a bayou these insanely high mountains are the Alps and my favorite the mystic Grove and there are so many more biomes to discover making this one of the best mods for world exploration on to the next mod the chisel and bit smart buy algorithm x2 is great if you love building allowing you to chisel away at full blocks to make new shapes or even build your own blocks from scratch you can then pick up your new custom block in your inventory and duplicate it Joel and I use this mod all the time in his build vs.

Series to make custom decorations or just to add detail to vanilla minecraft blocks next up one of my favourite mods the very light SMUD by paulo 1x fairy lights to Minecraft you can hang a string of colored bulbs such as these or some colored bunting you can even spell out words or you can make your own string of fairy lights using whatever bulbs you would like just combine them all in the crafting table to make the string and then add glowstone if you want them to twinkle then just hang them from the ceiling and you can use string to make them droopier or a stick to make them tighter Xero's minimap is an essential mod for minecraft survival mode it shows a small map and your coordinates in the corner of your game which you can use to navigate it also adds a waypoints function so you can mark important places and find them again later and if you have it enabled you can teleport to any way point custom NPCs by knope's adds an item called the npc wand which allows you to create lots of different NPCs you can customize how they look changing their model or giving them different features and you can give them a custom skin then you can choose what they do you can make them speak move around or give them a job to do like trading this mod is great because you can make loads of NPCs to really bring your game to life this mod is called mob player models and it gives you lots of options to customize your player character you can make it look as weird as you want and the good news is that this is compatible with multiplayer so everyone else can also see wherever unholy combination you created next is the baby mob smart this adds baby versions for all the horrible creatures that want to kill you and guess what the babies are even better at killing you as a lot of them have special abilities the baby which spawns with a baby cat and it's really vicious the baby Enderman have laser eyes baby creepers are super fast and baby blazes can shoot a constant stream of fire at you so if you want a bit of a challenge give this model girl next is the nature's compass mod the recipe for a nature's compass is super simple and it allows you to locate any biome just select it from the list and the compass will point in the right direction you could walk all the way there or if you have cheats enabled you could just teleport to the coordinates very handy and finally is the gravestone mod in the unfortunate event of your minecraft death when you respawn you will receive a piece of paper detailing exactly where you died and what you dropped then if you can make it all the way back to where you died you will find a little gravestone sitting there and breaking this gravestone will give you all of your items back this means that they work despawn if you don't get there quick enough you can also craft your very own gravestones and rename them for decoration so those are my top 25 favourite mods let me know in the comments what your favorite mod is and maybe I will check out thank you for watching don't forget to leave a like and I will see you next time

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