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Oh no! Oh no. Umm, I made a big mistake, I 
made a big mistake. Uh, besties,   this does not appear to be 
going according to plan. Hello my friends and welcome back to the nightmare   legacy challenge. Now today is actually 
really exciting because we have a new house. And more than that, we also are kind of 
starting a new generation starting today. We've officially handed the legacy over to Pepper, 
I mean granted, her parents aren't dead yet. One of them is, um, Anna is dead, but Blake's 
not dead yet, Blake still has a little bit of   time left, although they are an elder and 
they are going to die probably really soon. But I feel like this is Anna [PEPPER]'s house,   you know, we're kind of starting Anna 
[PEPPER]'s generation now at this point. I did make a youtube video building 
this house, so if you want to see it,   I'm going to link it down below, but 
I'll give you a quick tour anyway. I kind of tried to go for like, desert farmhouse 
chic with this build, and I think we managed.

I think it turned out actually pretty cute. 
Please ignore the fact that the Grim Reaper   is still here, that's because of 
the incident with Peter last week. Yes, I almost killed him, but he's not dead. 
I brought him back to life, so it's fine. This is the back of the house, I am so happy with 
the backyard. We got a lot of things kind of set   up for Pepper's future wife, obviously she doesn't 
even live here yet, but she's eventually going to   be a farmer so I've got like, some bees and some 
crops and also an entire greenhouse for her.

We got our dead cowplant, we got our beautiful 
fairy lights, we also have a little grotto back   here for the murder pond. We have a big pool, we 
have some chickens, I put a bar down for Pepper   because she's gonna be in the culinary career, 
we also have like, a little fire pit and stuff. I've got a lot of stuff going on out here,   and honestly we aren't even that broke 
afterward, we still have 6,000 simoleons. Anyway, so on the inside of the house: when 
you first walk in, you come in to like,   a living room area. There is a huge diagonal 
section in this house so obviously the shape   is a little bit weird, but we got this cute 
living room space, I did put up all of our   photos and everything, we've got lots of 
like, collectibles in the shelves here.

We still have our massive TV. We also 
have a little corner here for the cat,   this space belongs to Cookie which she deserves, 
and then in this little area, I made this cool   sort of pink room for Pepper, and she also 
has an ensuite bathroom which is pretty nice. We have a little computer space 
back here, we also have a little   bathroom downstairs with the cat's toilet as well. I have a Pepper for piano as well, 
she had like a — I've got a — wait.

I said I have a Pepper for piano. No, 
I've got a piano for Pepper as well. She had one in her old room, but I never once 
used it so we're gonna actually try this time. The kitchen is huge and so nice, I love 
this little area here with like, the   coffee nook and stuff, we also have a big 
dining table, gallery walls everywhere,   this area back here, this 
room has the fire toilet,   this is the one that will probably kill 
another sim so stay tuned and be warned. And then this room here belongs to Blake and 
Anna, they have like, a little patio space too. Upstairs we've got two more bedrooms, I feel 
kind of bad because the teens have to share a   room.

This house is actually smaller than the last 
one so they don't have their own rooms anymore,   but I went for like, an ocean theme and 
then hopefully once Peter moves out,   they can take over his room and we'll split 
them that way, but that's the whole house. So today, we've got a couple 
things to do. I think number one,   we need to actually start dating Tomi 
because we're not yet, we just have like,   a little bit of romance and I'd 
like to properly work on that.

And also I kind of want to find Peter somebody, 
maybe we can do some double dating today,   but I'd like to get Peter moved 
out so I can steal his room back. Um, although at a certain point, we're gonna need 
a room for the kid that we're probably gonna have   soon, so basically we've got too many Sims, we 
need to start kicking people out of the house.

And Anna can't leave because I'm trying to bring 
her back to life, so this should be interesting. Anyway, it's a Friday night, I'm hungry and 
I'm gonna go try and hang out with Tomi. Ask on date. If she says no, I'm gonna be furious.   I will cry, I just built an entire house based 
on you so if you won't date me, we're doomed. Oh, and now you're sad about your 
birthday, oh my god, calm down. Ugh, I think she said no. She said no. 
What am I supposed to do about this? Tomi! She was even here. Oh, I called her on a date 
and she was here and she still said no? Are you   kidding? You're gonna talk to me in the front 
yard, I hate to say it, but you have no choice. Uh-oh, why did you look angry? 
I'm scared. Friendly advice.   Pepper remembers when Tomi listened to her 
problems and shared some thoughtful advice,   wait! That's really sweet. Well, it's a 
shame that you won't actually like me.

Blow a kiss. We're not sad right 
now so I'm gonna try and do it fast. Make a flirtatious joke, perhaps. Compliment appearance maybe, 
get to know, I don't know. I've been trying to date you 
for like, weeks! Oh, flirty! And of course I'm sad. Ask 
to be girlfriend, come on,   come on, come on. Tomi! She ran away, she 
fully ran away. Oh! Okay, we're dating. I feel better now, I feel like this has been 
solved a little bit, we had a big problem.

Do I have a camera anywhere? I 
kind of want to take a photo.   Who did I give it to? Is it gone? Oh no. Anyway, we had a big problem, 
she wouldn't talk to me,   but I think we've gotten past that. I think 
we're over that hurdle, so that should be good. Maybe I'll just take one with my phone,   we can hopefully hang it up this way. They 
look so cute together. I'm so excited. I've really got some big plans for them too, so it 
was gonna be a big problem if she wouldn't date me   because I've got like, lofty plans. I've fully based my entire life on 
the fact that I'm gonna marry Tomi   because I want to bring my mom 
back to life, so I'm the chef,   she's the gardener, together we make ambrosia and 
if she won't date me, I'm gonna have some issues.

So it's a real good thing that I've got her to be 
my girlfriend because otherwise, we'd be doomed. All right, Pepper needs to 
actually join her career too. Honestly. Wwe did get Peter a job already, so 
now it's Pepper's turn. You're gonna join the   culinary career my dear, it is now time to work 
for the rest of your life. Hope you're excited! And also have terrible hours, that sucks.

Oh well. Do you want to come cook something for the 
first time in the new house? Let's do it. Cook, um, I don't know. Oh, what if we tried one of the 
new items. We just got this. Oh,   that cabinet's gonna annoy me, isn't it? Oh no. 
Okay, well, we just got this new food item so   I'm gonna try and cook it. What's that? One 
of you made camper's stew? Okay, that's fine. We need to like, get some extra stuff anyway. 
Oh my goodness, also: Anna, while you're here,   can you fill the dog's food — I mean the cat's 
food, it's a cat, not a dog, sorry.

My bad. Wait, why are you eating the camper's 
stew? We just made this. Pepper, why? She sets the freshly prepared 
meal down on the counter   and then grabs something out of the fridge. Great. All right, anyway, it's kind of late so I 
— oh, you're sleeping in the wrong bed. I'm so sorry, I just redid 
their bedrooms too. They like,   both just got a nice brand new room and I'm 
already — uh oh, that's not your bed, Blake. And now I force them into this place 
where they have to share a room. Anna, you go to sleep. You 
get your own room, lucky kid. And Pepper gets the nicest room in the whole 
house. All right, auto lights, all lights,   everyone to bed. Why are you here? Sir. I'm busy, go home. Shoo! Look at how pretty   all the fireflies look.

Isn't that 
nice? I'm glad I placed those down. I love the new house, I think it is 
genuinely beautiful. While we wait,   I might check on some neighborhood stories. It looks like a toddler was adopted,   Hilary and Hector welcomed their 
new baby so Tomi's sibling was born. Father Winter household has moved to Britechester, 
Daddy Winter's going to college, okay, okay. Then that's it. Sure. Lovely.

Fantastic. What? What? Already? Oh my god! She did it autonomously. We just can't win 
with this, can we? All right, that's fine,   I'll replace it. Toilet already on 
fire, John in use? No, it's not. And now we're all in the — okay. Okay. Are you even good? Are we all 
good maybe? Here, you know what,   you use the bathroom, take a bath, calm down. I guess they're mostly fully 
rested, this is unbelievable. I feel like it is a good way to 
welcome in the new house though,   you know? There's something about it that 
just feels right so I suppose that helps. Everyone needs to take care of their needs, 
I'm so sorry, here, you're eating something,   you're gonna have to eat after you pee, 
you're all stressed because of the fire,   I'm sorry, you know, you did die in a fire 
so this actually is kind of traumatic I bet. Every time it happens it probably brings it all 
back. You want to take a little shower maybe? I'm still not sure I understand how she gets so 
dirty, considering she's literally a ghost.

Like,   it doesn't really check out in my 
mind, but whatever, that's fine. You're good too, I mean it seems like 
everybody's good. Maybe we should try   and have a little New Year's Eve 
party today, that could be fun. Pepper has to throw a dinner party anyway   for her aspiration, although she has to earn 
silver so we can't even do a gold event when   it's a holiday, so it doesn't actually 
matter, but that's fine, we can plan one. Let's do it, I'll host a little party. We'll plan 
a dinner party, Pepper can host as a way to like,   celebrate the new house. We'll invite 
the family, but also Tomi and Jace. And apparently nobody else because 
I can't. Okay, that's fine. I don't need to hire a caterer because I 
am the caterer, and we'll just do it here,   maybe I'll have it at like, 7:00pm? 
I think that should be fine.

Okay, well he's all inspired still because 
he didn't die, he's got his brush with death. I'm proud of you bestie, I am. You know what, I might have them all 
set resolutions, yours can be to get   a significant other and I'll probably have 
Pepper's be hm, maybe just to raise a skill. Anna's can be to write a book, I will do that, 
that's easy. No problem, I'll do it right now. Seriously, I want to make sure everybody 
has one. Yeah, I'm gonna have Blake retire. I think it's about time, you don't have to 
keep going in there Blake, I'm so sorry. You're old enough as it is, you 
can stop, it's fine, it's all good. Oh, I should get a decoration box too.   I sold my old one so I'll need to get 
a new one so we can put up some decor.

Are you just sleeping right there Cookie? Okay,   that's fine. Let's put up 
some decorations, that's cute. Oh, I think I like how the house looks 
with decor on it, that's pretty nice. All right, I know it's only like, 9am,   but it's now a bad time — oh, it 
is, because I'm stinky. Never mind. I was gonna say is now a bad time to invite 
over that guy so we can try and date him,   but I'm too stinky, hang on, one second. And then I will invite over 
Jace. He will be right over. Wait, Hilary and Hector? No, the baby 
that was born was his sibling, not Tomi's.

I'm so sorry, I've like, falsely attributed 
the kid to the wrong family, my bad. I knew it was somebody important. Okay, can you come publish that book 
really quickly Anna? Love you the most,   but come sell it to the 
publisher. Jace is here, okay. Try to cheer up, oh, did somebody die? 
What's going on in your family Jace? I have to check, I'm sorry, I have 
to go into CAS and check. Oh, Greta,   also Dylan my new little sister and I've 
got a little brother as well, interesting. They've got a big family now.   I love story progression because 
that's two kids they've had them have. I forgot he had the 
spellcaster aspiration, oh boy. Oh boy. He's feeling flirty so this is 
my time. Before the sadness comes back,   we have to move quickly. I'm serious, we have like, not a lot of time 
to go from here. All right, we're all right.

Kiss hands, sexy pose, embrace. 
We have way too many sims,   I need to kick him out. I hate to say it, but 
like, it's too much. It's too much for me. They kissed. Right here in the kitchen, 
Blake's sitting right here, I would — no,   there's no way. Sims are so bold. If my parent was right there in the room, there's 
no way I'm having my first kiss with somebody.   That's his first kiss ever, just right there in 
the hallway next to your parents bedroom.

No way. Shall I ask him to be my boyfriend? Offer rose 
perhaps, confess attraction, ask to be boyfriend. Come on, there we go, problem solved. 
I have completed my resolution as well. And of course my mom's right there again. Oh no,   I'm so sorry, okay, well he's gotta paint 
a little bit so I might come work on that. I know Jace is still here, but 
like, that's fine, not my problem. I'm gonna come paint a little bit. Actually 
until we have our party start tonight,   I might have everybody work on skills 
a little bit. It certainly won't hurt. You for example, would you like to 
do maybe a little school project? I'm so sorry,, but you want to go start 
working carefully maybe? What is this? Oh my god, I'm sorry, the way 
it like, forced me up to Blake,   I got so scared. I thought 
Blake was dying, I really did.

Oh my gosh, look at that! That's a poor quality 
one? No, it's not, that's the best qua —   is that supposed to be like, a fail? 
Because that's the best one I've ever seen. Oh, I'm keeping that forever. I might also 
put this thing in here. Oh, I could cry. Blake, do you want to go do some more knitting? 
You could come sit out here. You want to knit me   a pouf perhaps? I might actually 
cook. I'm sorry, I hate to say it,   but like, I'm trying to max the 
cooking skills, both of them. I may actually give myself some lot traits 
to benefit that, like the chef's kitchen one,   maybe homey as well to get cooking and 
gardening faster. That'll be useful. If we're gonna bring Anna back to life, we're 
gonna need to max those skills so we can make   the ambrosia so we actually have to get a 
move on with that.

We need to move quickly. Anna finished another book. Come on, sell it 
to the publisher, we're trying to get rich. Oh,   Blake mastered the knitting skill! Oh, Blake, 
congrats! Retirement's treating you nicely, huh? Oh my god, Alex is old. I seriously — 
when Alex dies, I'm gonna be devastated. I know that you all know that, but I'm gonna 
be so sad. Oh, Blake finished that one too,   not bad. And alex has spread some juicy 
gossip about Gerald? Like, dead Gerald? You're gossiping about dead Gerald? 
That doesn't seem right. I'm sorry,   but that does not seem right. You 
leave Gerald alone, that's mean. Okay, the dinner party starts at seven so I'm just 
finishing prepping everything really quickly. No!   Are you kidding me? Oh my god, this is the second 
time today. You're gonna burn the new house down! Ah! Blake! Stop! Stop! Stop! 
Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! What do you mean fire? Can 
I not extinguish myself? That was terrifying.

I think 
it was a visual glitch,   I guess maybe they weren't actually on fire. Besties, this fire toilet may have been a 
mistake. I know we've had it this whole time,   but every time I think about it, 
it just makes me want to cry.   How did it happen twice, like, so fast? Oh 
my god, you look so cute in that outfit. Oh, we should give her some new looks. I love 
that. Okay, well, the dinner party has begun. You're eating and the cat is stepping — okay,   you're eating leftovers and the cat just 
walked right through it, that's great. Do I even have any guests? Okay, Jace is 
here, that's good. Did Tomi even come? Maybe I'll have Anna invite over like, the 
family, we can start the little club gathering. Oh, there's an empty spot in the 
club because one of them died. Oh no. Oh, speaking of which, maybe I should buy 
— oh, I don't have enough points yet.

Mmm, what if I just cheated it to 
upgrade the club perk? Who cares   if I cheat club perks? We're not like, 
doing a Get Together let's play, right? I just want to have some more space in the club,   I feel like that way we can 
have the whole family in it. I care more about that than 
like, actual club gameplay. Umm, now that I think about it, 
I don't have any other family.   Well, once we move out Peter, we're gonna 
need him in the club, so that's fine. Congrats, Peter was accepted into Bell family.   No, that's terrible. Peter, don't 
worry, you've always been accepted.

I'm so sorry. Okay, I did call people to the meal,   I don't actually think I've 
got enough food for it. This is so fun, are they going to come 
sit and eat? It makes me want to cry. Oh, look, Tomi looks so pretty. Thank for 
coming, embrace, make a flirtatious joke perhaps. Okay, I'm still eating, all right, 
now I'm gonna talk to her, finally.   Finally now I will speak to her. Share New Year's Eve spirit maybe, ask 
about food or something, embrace again. I'm sorry, I'm just trying to like, get our 
relationship up a little bit more because   I'm trying to get engaged soon.

What's going on 
here? Oh, Cookie is not doing well, not at all. Oh, and I'm tired. I don't I don't know if Pepper 
is gonna make it 'til midnight for New Year's Eve,   I feel like she might not make it. It's fun, they're all watching 
the countdown though. Like,   people actually came in for 
it which is kind of cool. While we're here, I may just start 
cleaning up a little bit for them.   Sorry to say, but. I also might end the 
dinner party so I can make sure we do like,   our New Year's Eve countdown. Come here, watch 
the countdown to midnight, everyone's watching   it. Okay, apparently Peter is not watching it. 
You can watch it, you're not even tired, come on. Shashubi. I wanna see it. Cookie come quick, you're gonna miss it, come on. This is so so boring, what a sad 

It's like, not even nice.   They're gonna love it though, 
we're gonna have a great time. I'm glad we had this party. I think it 
was worth it getting to see everybody. 15 minutes. You're not really counting 
down like, in unison, you all kind of suck. You're early, Perry. Come on, five minutes, five minutes, five minutes. Vlad came — oh, Vlad made it for 
it! Come on, two minutes, one.

Woo! Shashubi! Nobody else even reacted. 
That was terrible. This was actually like,   the worst New Year's Eve yet. Well no, we've 
probably forgotten about it before. Maybe it   wasn't that bad. It certainly wasn't 
good though. I'll tell you that much. Okay, everyone can go to bed now, I'm 
sorry, thank you for entertaining me. Did you not — oh, I was gonna say,   if you didn't watch it I was gonna 
get upset, but she did, it's fine. Way to ring in the new year, two 
fires and a failure of a dinner party. I honestly can't think of anything better. You 
can't get better than this, you just can't. Okay, I'm gonna end that club gathering 
because I don't want these people here anymore.   Bye! Get out of my house so I 
can go to sleep, thank you. Bye. You too Vlad, thank you, okay. Maybe I'll add him to the club. He can be 
part of the Bell family for all I care. He basically is already, I 
mean his grave's here, so.

All right and the cat is sitting 
in my dirty plates, thank you. All right, let me just make sure I sell 
all the rest of these plates. Come on. Vlad is playing my piano before I 
even got a chance to play my piano,   that's terrible. Go away! Okay, 
now we're all asleep, peacefully. Lori died? Lori heard a dad joke and laughed 
a little too hard — I'm pretty sure he told   me yesterday that Lori got a new job, and I didn't 
read it 'cause I thought it didn't matter. I like,   cut it out because I was like, eh, no 
one cares about Lori getting a job,   and then Lori died the next day. 
I should have brought it up. Lori, I'm so sorry. Oh, I feel terrible. Oh, look, so 
Lucia and Mateo did have a baby so   Tomi does have a sibling. They 
were both pregnant apparently. All right, I'm up at 5am, I'm eating pasta 
apparently, I respect that. He needs to pee,   I'm gonna use this toilet instead 
because it's safer. Thank you. I've posted on the penpal forums, now 
to wait and see if anyone responds.

You autonomously posted on the penpal 
forums? Oh, that is so cute. Aww,   that could make me cry, I'm serious. And it's the first day of spring, hopefully 
things start getting green again. Aw,   Blake got their first retirement 
money, 84 whole simoleons. Okay, well the first thing I want to 
do today is actually — oh my god,   is deal with the fire because there's another 
one. Are we good? I think we're good. Okay,   the next thing I want to do today 
— that's three, by the way. The next thing I want to do today — 
oh, Blake, go take a bath, I'm so sorry,   I'm so sorry, I just wanted to get some chickens.

I really really wanted to get some 
chickens. Just a couple chickens. I   might come scatter some feed nearby, look look 
look, look who it is. Okay, I gotta name them. Eggbert and Snuggles, all right, I 
don't vibe with those. If you could   in the comments leave some better chicken 
names for these two, that would be great. I might get some more as well so if you 
have any good ones, we could get like,   six chickens or something, 
I would be fine to do that. So if you have any chicken ideas for better 
names better than Eggbert and Snuggles,   I kind of like Eggbert, but 
I don't like Snuggles so   just give me some alternate suggestions 
and we can add them in next week. Okay, you need to pee. Shall I use 
the fire toilet? Fourth time maybe,   let's place our bets.

Come on, catch on fire. PFFT! Oh no! Oh, that's terrible, I'm sorry, 
I'm so sorry. I didn't think it was actually   gonna happen. Oh no, okay, are you good? 
Are you on fire? No, you're fine, all right. Oh, and the cat needs to go to the vet, all 
right, I'll do that too. Oh, this is bad. This is real bad. Oh, do I not have any 
more vet treats? Ah, I might be out. Does Anna have them? Oh, okay, Blake has 
them, we're fine, we're fine, don't worry.

I do have a wellness treat for 
you. Don't worry Cookie, I got it,   you're good. You're good, and luckily 
we make a lot of money from Anna's books   because otherwise this fire would 
be a big problem, but we're fine. I'm still making gourmet food, I'm trying to max 
that skill. We just gotta keep cooking as often as   we can.

We also have a lot of Sims so I'm gonna 
need food anyway, we just gotta keep it coming. Level four, there we go. Just 
gotta get all the way up to 10. You know what, she has like, 2,000 points. 
Maybe I'll try and spend some of them. Honestly, I might buy frugal 'cause our bills are 
gonna be pricey. Although we have Anna and she's   gonna be immortal so she's gonna make us 
a lot of money, we actually might be okay. Maybe I'll buy like, incredibly friendly or 
independent so my social need goes down lower.   Shameless is good, you never get 
embarrassed. Maybe I'll get shameless. Speaking of embarrassed, I'm gonna try and ask   Tomi on a date again. Hopefully she'll say yes 
this time because we're actually dating now. I want to go to the beach. I'm really hoping 
the weather won't be too bad because last time   it was not so good, so I'm hoping 
that it's a bit better out today,   but I want to go to the beach 
and hang out, that's my dream.

Blake and Anna did this once 
when they first got engaged   and it was really sweet and I want to do it again. All right, we're good, it's sunny. It is 
actually nice out today. Give a pep talk,   talk about the sunny weather. Tell a joke 
about aliens maybe, give some repair tips. This is riveting content for a date, 
riveting conversation. Neither of you   are really in beach clothes, to be honest. 
You know what I'll do actually, oh my gosh. MC dresser, let's change them 
both into their swimwear. Oh,   I forgot I gave her that one, that's great. And let's get a little photo because we're here, 
we might as well. Take a picture with Tomi. Ohp,   and apparently that girl. Oh no, you know what, 
I might take one with you. That's kind of cute.   Okay, let's try and crop her out because 
I don't really want to put her on my wall.

Oh, this one's cute, of course her head's 
in the way. Aww, I'm so excited about this. Okay, I'm really glad we came to the beach, 
even if we just get pictures, that fine by me. Let's go swimming. Splash, come on. Splash. There we go, okay. I feel like I did a couple fun things, 
I got the most out of my beach day. That sim is Leah Scott that was in my photos,   should I take a picture with her or 
should I befriend her or something? I mean I might as well, we could be besties. 
Oh, Jace is here! He's a fan.

Who are you   gonna fangirl over? Why won't you come introduce 
yourself? I want to make a friend. We don't have   that many friends. No, don't leave, are you 
singing? Is that supposed to be singing? Oh,   it is, she's singing. Wow. Okay, I'm like, stuck 
in the water. Get out. Teleport. Come on! Okay. Oh no! Oh no. Umm, I made a big mistake, 
I made a big mistake. Uh,   besties, this does not appear 
to be going according to plan. No, I'm serious, what do I do about this? 
If I reset her again is she good? Okay,   it's fine. Everything's fine. Okay, Leah, 
I wish to become best friends. Thank you. I know we just met today, but I like how you 
were singing and I think that's pretty fun. This could actually be nice, it's good to have 
friends, we don't really have a lot of those. Oh,   we got promoted! Nice job Anna. Did she 
leave? Oh, I think Leah left. Like, left-left. I think Leah's gone. Okay, never mind. I did want to check and see what 
Tomi's little sibling was like,   I think we haven't seen their name yet.

Raylan! So you got two new brothers, 
Raylan and Charlie, that's pretty fun. Actually I'm really glad that 
happened because otherwise we   wouldn't have had many people on that side 
of the family, like, when we get into like,   the next gen of the legacy, so it's nice to 
have some more siblings that will have like,   kids hopefully eventually, it's good 
to have family around, you know? Oh my god, it brought me back 
to the wrong place.

That's fine. I was pretty much done at the 
beach anyway so whatever. Oh,   we're making more stuff on the grill? Look 
at you making some franks and beans, wow! Okay, that seems like fun. 
Ah! It's almost Blake's time,   make the most of these final days? No, no, no. I don't accept that. How are we doing? 
Eugh! I don't accept that at all.

I'm not okay, with that. No no no no no. 
Hang on, that's not okay, that's not good. Oh, and they have to pee, watch 
this, fire again, let's go. Oh, it didn't catch on fire that time! 
Hey! Only four, that's pretty good.   Wait, excruciatingly fatigued from working 
out. Lazy sims hate activity — you were   in the pool when I got home, I didn't 
tell you to swim. That was your idea. You're the one who went in the pool. Oh look, 
the chickens are over here, or one chicken   is at least. Could you imagine if one of them 
dies from the chicken? That would be hilarious. I'm gonna scare it on purpose and see 
what happens, I don't think it worked. Like, imagine before Blake dies of old age, they 
die by chicken. That is a real thing by the way,   if you didn't know, your Sims can actually die 
from chickens and rabbits in this game, both.

They can be attacked and killed 
by them, I'm not making that up. I wouldn't be surprised if this save had it 
happen to them, that's all I'm gonna say. Probably should stop talking about it 
though, I'm gonna give myself ideas. I don't need any more ideas. Okay,   well Pepper looks like she's pretty 
much good for work tomorrow. Hello. My aspiration is glitched, I 
know I finished those things.   Come back. I'm level six of the 
cooking skill, why is it doing this? I bet if I reload it'll fix it — uh-oh, they 
all use this toilet, I'm genuinely concerned. Somebody's gonna die in that and 
probably soon. Okay, well, you know what,   I kind of want to end the part right here 
because I don't want to risk Blake dying.

I know that they won't die today, but 
I'm really out here trying to like,   stretch out as many episodes as 
we can get before Blake dies,   and I'm looking at this bar and I'm getting 
nervous so I might end the episode right here. Like I said, if you want to watch me build 
the house, I'll link that video down below,   and if you're new to the series, 
now really is a good time to start   watching because we kind of are starting 
a new thing, so feel free to stay tuned,   I'll have the playlist listed down below 
too in case you want to watch that. I love these Sims, I am truly obsessed with them, 
they have brought me so much joy in the past   couple of years and I know that a lot of you love 
them too so I'm glad we get to have this together. And I think with that being said, I'm gonna go.   Have a wonderful day and I'll catch 
you all tomorrow.

Bye everybody. You know who's not having a 
wonderful day? This family.   Four fires, four in one 
day, that is not wonderful. And yet somehow it's not even that unlucky 
compared to a lot of things that happened to them. [ JAZZY OUTRO MUSIC ].

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