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My First Dog vs Family | BakLol Video


Finally I got the exact puppy which I always wanted If I hadn't reached on time then someone else adopted But now It's mine Have a seat dad See, How cute ! Cute, right ? Take it from here I can't tolerate it for one more second Yes Take it from here Today you got a dog in house Tomorrow what if you gonna have pig Then onwards an elephant You think our house is a zoo ? Just listen to me I won't listen anything Take it out Right now Hello I want to return this puppy to you Dad, he went to his village for two days for some important work I will return this puppy after two days Okay Two days only After that I don't want to see it for a second here [Music] Damn, How much do you pee ? Go down, Let me clean all this mess [Music] I am sleeping here in your room Your mom is arguing me there on that room How is this wet ? Dad, I was drinking water So it fell down here a bit [Music] Pankaj ! It's all because of you Did it also pee on all these ? No Then why are you giving all this to clean ? Because it pooped on all this [Music] [Music] Mortu ! [Music] Mortu ! [Music] Mortu, What are you doing here on mom's room ? Leave it ! Don't tear mom's saree Hawwww, you tore mom's saree Don't make me in trouble huh Wait Pankaj, see what you Mortu did ! Tore all this ! How did your stomach went so heavy ? Mom, It's all because of tasty food ! Let me see Tore all my saree ! I won't leave you ! Mortu ! See, What I have to face just because of you How much slaps do I need face ! Huh Just stop Mortu ! Don't you dare to spoil my slippers There gonna be no harm to your slippers Come with me Pankaj, it spoiled my slippers Pankaj ! You made me in trouble so much Now you will be in this box until you leave our house Pankaj ! Pankaj ! Yes dad ? Where is my charger ? I don't know I am sure, Your dog took that Dad, I kept the dog in a box..

Oh, That's how you kept it in a box ? Huh It spoiled my charger into two pieces Now I should charge both my phones from these two pieces, Right ? Amazing huh Yeah, sounds cool Shut up ! Mortu ! Are you mad ? You just spoiled the dad's charger Now do you want to spoil my mom's mobile ? Stop pushing me in the sea of troubles Mom is here [Music] Where is your Mortu ? I don't know I am also looking for him What happened ? What are you doing ? No nothing Just like that *woof woof* Why there is a sound of bark from you ? Mom, There is a function in my college So I am preparing for the role of dog by practising the sound of the same *woof woof* [Music] Your dog is not here, right ? Mom, it's name is Mortu I don't care what it's name I just don't wanna see it around dining table Mom, I locked it inside the room You bring the food Okay [Music] Today, I was punished so much just because of you Even family members are in problem just because of you I can't even keep you here in this home as well Once this night is over I will return you tomorrow We will be seperate from each other tomorrow You will be at someone's else place and we won't meet onwards I don't know how could we live without eachother But every moment that I spent with you is really so beautifull [Music] You dropped it ? Okay have your meal now I am not hungry You guys carry on [Music] Son, have your lunch You haven't ate anything since morning Mom please leave me alone for some time I am not hungry Please [Music] [Music] Why aren't you eating your meal ? I don't feel like to have my meal Shut up and serve the meal I am not hungry I don't care if you are not hungry Serve rice to me Rice are in big bowl Bring from there [Music] Now let's have a family photo [Music] Hey guys if you like the video do hit the like button Comment and do share it with your friends And I have uploaded the bloopers of this video on instagram So do follow on Instagram, it will be fun If you haven't subscribed our channel then do subscribe the channel by hitting the red button It is free Do hit the bell icon Bye guys!

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