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My Daughter Has 24 Hours to SAVE A PUPPY *emotional*


today my daughter salish starts her first day 
of work at the local animal shelter but when   she meets romeo a sweet two-year-old husky she 
decides she'll do anything to get him adopted   for adoption today is salish's first day 
volunteering at priceless pets animal   shelter in costa mesa california i have a lot 
of work to do first i have to take care of the   cats they're so cute you want to go in the crate 
they put them in the cage while they're cleaning   it so they don't escape guys you need to adopt 
these cats they're adorable now i'm setting up   the cat's home so let's start off by feeding 
them this is meat which is a little gross she chose this job now let's put this right 
here then we need the dry food the water   the litter box this little bed with a blanket 
and toys in it then i'm gonna try to fit this   scratchy thingy in okay that looks good enough 
now i'm putting thea in her little home go ahead perfect wait i have to do dishes i'll put a soap   okay ew i wonder what that is i guess working 
at an animal shelter is more than just playing   with the puppies are you just gonna stand there 
are you gonna make yourself useful i need to go   start helping with the puppies you do the meaty 
ones over there and i'll do the cleaning why do   i have to do the meaty ones because you're not 
a vegetarian this isn't even my job i ever said   no to anything with her way to go dad i'm proud 
of you i might hire you as my assistant one day   and now i'm gonna hose down the play area i have 
to clean this patty off because the dogs pee on it   what no actually no get rohan i quit i think next she gets to scoop a bunch of poops 
so no that's what they're doing you can do it   no i'm sure they're going to have you 
officially hire you as my assistant you got it next was the moment i've been waiting for 
meeting all the dogs i walked up and down   the hallway looking at each dog in their kennel 
they were all so sweet and i wanted every one of   them to have a help but when i saw the last dog 
i had an even stronger feeling he looked at me   and i immediately fell in love with him i 
decided right away i had to get him adopted   here we go hi this is romeo he's a sweet love 
romeo is a two-year-old husky who was brought to   the shelter after being abandoned it's really hard 
for the huskies to get adopted because they're   large dogs and they have a lot of energy but come 
on i just met him and he already wants to cuddle   i'm making it my mission to get romeo adopted 
shelters rescue lots of animals but it's not   a home romeo has already been there for three 
months and he really needs a new family come on   look at how sweet he is somebody has to adopt 
him today i'm making it my mission to get romeo   adopted this shelter is giving us one day to 
take him out so i'm gonna do everything i can   first what we have to do is groom romeo come on 
romeo let's get started we have to get you looking   making fresh huh i didn't think i liked big dogs 
but she is so sweet please romeo you grow a lot   of hair i wish my hair could be as thick as his 
now some shine conditioner slash perfume spray   okay he's looking all good now let's move on in 
order to get romeo adopted we have to get him   some clothes oh he's so good with dogs let's go 
get you dressed romeo we have to find you a new   fashion he's got fur his fashion is fur romeo what 
do you like do you like pink that looks small well   we have to try things on dad we're gonna get a 
couple colors and you're gonna show me which one   you like i'm gonna bring him over and whichever 
one he sniffs that's the one he wants to wear   okay oh there's this oh that was oh he's even 
stood on it we're gonna dress him up then take   a photo and hang it everywhere he's a really 
strong dog so if you adopt him you might want   to start working out pretty part goes here 
then yeah because then there's the little   hood we gotta get this through each leg okay 
i got him good job and now we're good okay yay dad i think we need a bigger size the green isn't 
that bold and i feel like he needs something both   right so i think the camo is going to be perfect 
and i am definitely getting this for boomer   no no we are not having a 
dog that wears clothes yes now let's get them changed whoa you look so 
good that's actually that looks good oh you look   so good i do not think dogs should wear clothes 
and now we have to take a photo of him from you   whoo romeo sit stay stay okay that was pretty 
great right there now we're gonna make this into a   poster i think this is a pretty thingy make a copy 
scan or fax time to print and i got my debit card   printing 999 copies that should be enough 700 okay 
let's maybe only do 50.

They're too many oh no   ah fresh copies oh wait i 
forgot the most important part   three two one that looks so pretty time to let 
everyone know about romeo right there's good one two three good thing i do push-ups every day this is going to be a workout only 49 more to go whoa don't try this at home kids i'm almost a teenager 
here's a flyer that you could think about it's a   dog named romeo and he's up for adoption it turns 
out i was allergic to dogs so i couldn't have the   dog no problem but i hope you find a nice one 
congratulations fingers crossed someone gives   us a call as we wait for someone to call let's 
get romeo a delicious treat romeo has no idea   but he's about to get the best dog treat ever 
this is rocky this is his store the dog bakery   and it's like a candy store buffer dog are you 
ready to be an official pet chef i am here we go   step into the bakery i need you to taste some of 
these delicious treats so you know which one's   good and i need you to have romeo taste some of 
these treats so he knows which ones are good okay   let's try the peanut butter oh my famous peanut 
butter cookies go ahead are they all vegetarian   all vegetarian absolutely okay i'm not saying 
your cookies are bad it's just like i wouldn't   think to try a dog treat like if you gave them 
to me and said here's a cookie i would eat it   that's good it's pretty good huh 
should we let romeo try some of   these yeah i was solely expecting her 
to make me eat it and instead she just   oh honestly i'm just eating the treats now your 
dog's gonna be so upset when he sees this video   sorry boomer we'll bring some home for you rocky 
has an awesome youtube channel where he helps   dogs in need by giving them dog's day out it's 
so cool he did one with sailors you gotta go   check it out on his channel after this video and 
one of the staples of his videos is he lets dogs   pick their favorite treats so we're gonna do that 
now with romeo each of these treats has different   ingredients and we're gonna find out which one 
romeo likes the most romeo do you want cookie no you don't want that one okay 
okay you don't want that one   try the peanut butter once you want this one 
oh he loves this oh he likes the peanut butter   now we know that we can tell his new owners that 
he likes peanut butter that's very important fresh   baked peanut butter cookies for romeo to take 
home we didn't get a single call so i have a   different idea what's better than a picture of a 
dog the actual dog time to go on a walk with romeo   you'll get adopted in no time go to priceless 
pets to see if you stop for adoption excuse me   this dog is up for adoption his name is romeo we 
already have two of our own actually we're trying   to get this really beautiful husky adopted 
any chance you're interested in having a dog your mom's allergic yeah okay thank you would you 
like to adopt him my place isn't big enough and   i don't have my own place yet but soon i won't be 
able to drop the dog that big she said soon we're   gonna get a yes soon i feel it excuse me would 
you like to adopt him i can't right now i'm sorry   would you like a second dog they look like 
they could be really good friends i live in a   small condo so it's it's hard for one yeah and 
see he's really good with other dogs come on guys excuse me would you like to adopt a dog 
he's cute right i don't know spanish oh pretty dog thank you yeah this dog is up 
for adoption i have a really old dog and i   don't think he would like another dog obviously 
if anybody says yes to adopting him they're gonna   have to go through the proper adoption process 
at the shelter we wouldn't just hand him over   this dog is romeo and he needs a home i'd 
love to but we live in bend oregon it's   harder than i thought he must be really 
hungry he needs a break for a puppetino   romy are you ready for your 
puppuccino oh is that yummy good job you liked it huh you licked it clean 
dog for adoption who wants to adopt a dog excuse   me excuse me would you like to adopt this dog this 
dog is beautiful for his options he's really sweet   husky that'll be a bit hard for him that would 
be a long flight anyone want to adopt this dog   excuse me would anybody like you this doesn't 
work i've got a plan i have only 30 minutes   before they take him back to the shelter so 
we're gonna make an instagram reel and post it   everywhere and hopefully someone will see 
it and adopt romeo the first thing i gotta   do is get some awesome photos of say in romeo 
together oh can you give him a kiss oh oh my gosh oh oh okay thank you romeo i 
got a kiss listen to this asmr oh yeah they say look another husky how about we 
ask her yeah if somebody has one husky they might   want to right excuse me whose husky is that 
we've been trying all day to get him adopted   i was thinking if you have one husky maybe you'd 
be open having two um literally they're twins   the same color and look he really likes you hello 
say hi nova yeah i would think i would definitely   consider it really there's only one thing better 
than a husky and that's two huskies we need   some video content too we've got the footage now 
it's time to make a video and post it everywhere   i really hope this works this is my last chance to 
get him adopted the next morning salish posted the   reel on instagram this is romeo i have one week 
to get him adopted somebody has to adopt him i   volunteered at an animal shelter and romeo is the 
sweetest two-year-old husky we have to get you   looking amazing fresh huh you gotta get adopted 
he was abandoned by his owner and has been at   the shelter for three months i know how incredible 
it is to give a rescue dog a home and you could do   that for romeo a lot of people saw it but will one 
of them adopt romeo it's time for romeo to go back   to the shelter i think i did everything i could 
to help him get adopted but will it be enough   it's been a week since i've seen romeo and 
i posted photos and videos everywhere i've   been so excited because so many people have been 
wanting to adopt romeo and i know a lot of you   couldn't but thank you so much for commenting 
and making him feel really loved out of all the   incredible comments that you guys made this 
one was my favorite romeo got adopted yay   i cannot wait to see him again and 
i'm really excited to meet his owners   now i'm gonna bring this little basket full 
of a lot of cute things he's gonna love this we are on our way to meet his new family and i 
get to see romeo again i'm so excited i really   hope he's in a good home this might be the last 
time i see romeo but if he's happy i will be too oh my god there he is i'm so happy that romeo found 
his new family he's gonna have   the best time here and be happy forever we 
are so excited to have romeo and spoil him   and give him a good home here make sure 
to adopt from your local rescue shelter

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