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we are here today because Rebecca zamolo 
needs a babysitter and Salish wants the   job she will have to complete all the tasks 
on this list and there will be a secret test   to make sure she's honest and at the end of 
the day Rebecca and Matt will decide if she   got the job okay here you go wait yeah 
let's take her this is gonna be awesome   um she's so sweet how hard could this be ew 
what smells so bad well you know after zadie   eats she will um this is on your list say oh I'm 
not doing that what it doesn't smell that bad is   it actually part of babysitting yes and trust 
me that's like seven times a day huh okay I'm   gonna distract her you open oh okay yep you're 
doing great wipe it okay you got the new one   on new one on new one on oh that's really 
smelly don't worry it is part of the job   yeah put it there oh this is so sweet because 
I remember when say was a baby and she needed   her diaper changed and then one day she's gonna 
be like a mother and she's gonna be changing oh   I'm actually surprised that Salish was willing to 
change zadie's diaper I would not have done that   if I was her age and she gets bonus points because 
she threw a diaper in Jordan's face how many times   a day why I want to be a babysitter I have always 
wanted a little sister one day I really want to   be a mom I love little kids earning extra money 
would be awesome Matt and Rebecca are so cool well   responsibility stop these 
are all ingredients that can be used in baby food   puree good luck kid go get him wait what I you 
Salish make good choices okay Adam choices there   are a lot of foods on this table that Sadie does 
not like it's gonna be hard for say to win this   round cream cheese that goes in the maybe pile 
that looks way too hard for her to bite Salish   has to pick the ingredients make the baby food 
and then feed it to zadie if she likes it she wins   this round those are carrots did I mash them oh I 
guess not oh we didn't watch those though next one any kid I babysit it's a vegetarian maybe not 
this kid this is definitely okay for us okay honey   hmm I planted a trap for say 
babies cannot have honey because   of the bacteria so if she picks 
that she will lose this round   is this natural it's sweet better than the maybe 
thing and no matter what you don't eat honey okay   prunes I think she could eat cream Salish 
what do prunes do they make you regular yeah   corn syrup that might be like a little too much 
for a baby so that goes in my mouth ew these have   gelatin in them and they look way too like chewy 
I don't know if she has teeth you'll find out when   she bites you this is me but there are some things 
that aren't me this is your first time opening a   Lunchable yeah I've never had a Lunchable wow 
okay I feel like she could have this she's gonna   give zadie a Capri Sun she's saying that like 
she shouldn't have it are we really gonna let   Salish babysit Z it's not a good idea right now 
so what's this thing actually you would feed a   steak a ice cream cone I don't think so firstly 
out this is what you have to look forward to Matt   fantastic Sour Patch Kids says artificially 
flavored that does not sound good for a baby   any baby of mine is gonna be healthy if she's 
not your baby it looks too hard for her to eat   it's a microwave what do you mean it looks like an 
oven you're trying to trick me well look we have   ovens here we don't have two ovens in different 
places whatever I'm gonna put it in a mini oven   it's a microwave literally a microwave Sadie 
gets hungry and she gets angry okay if you want   to be your babysitter you have to feed her all 
day you're going to pick me I know baby isn't   supposed to eat spicy food I mean come on I can 
barely eat spicy food next is broccoli okay let   me like take the top off no with your mouth that's 
a very gassy food so wait you're eating gassy food little trick if you mash it up it will make it 
softer Salish that's not even a little bit of a   chicken bruising it okay oh I'm saving you 
from yourself that's really soft now that   actually kind of worked Sam impressed get over 
it this might actually work out I mean we need   a babysitter anyways and she has a lot of energy 
she's a little young she's not even a teenager   guys I'm right here okay guys this is my no's 
this is my maybes and this is my yes I feel like   cream cheese isn't good for babies because like 
the milk so that goes as a no I've seen a tick   tock video about honey it says like it's not good 
for babies because of all the bacteria so that's   enough were you guys trying to trick me what wow 
Sadie is getting hungry you can tell okay Sadie   how much yogurt should we make I think zany kind 
of likes you Salish she's like so that yummy that   doesn't mean anything okay look at your future 
Babysitter Is that broccoli is that yummy wait   prunes in oh okay she's gonna poop oh my gosh 
do you like mango she's getting angry carrot   it's hot we need to put some water in I think 
it's enough zadie you're gonna love this right   want to step back a little you want to try it oh no if you're a baby you know you wouldn't want 
her uh you know yeah I don't want to get her mad   dad just put it in that little mouth of yours 
we all know I'm gonna do it airplane airplane oh oh how is it wow there's a there's something at 
the end there she's ready if she eats this Salish   wins this round are you gonna eat this smells 
pretty bad okay zadie do you want to try it   I think she might oh yeah wait wait you 
like it let's move from spoon number two oh   it looks like she liked it she thinks she's 
special that's babysitting goals right there   if I'm Sadie's babysitter she's gonna be a 
vegetarian eat healthy and eat a lot and I   knew I would nail that but I bet you they 
tried to trick me with the honey she picks   Sadie's food made it fed it to her zaidy liked 
it and she did not use honey I'm giving her a   thumbs up right now I'm still not convinced 
okay I guess she's all done well no she has   to have a bottle but she just ate say this okay 
okay yeah sometimes before her bottle she gets a   little cranky oh have you ever done this no but 
I think you just put it in there you gotta hold   her wait here here he's gonna babysit you have 
to learn how to hold yeah now put it back good can salish hold you now see you've got this say 
and then just move the bottle up you like it   I think she likes it wow I thought four-year-old 
Milo is hard this is so much harder they can't   tell you what you want because they're a baby 
so you kind of have to guess as you get used   to ziti you'll learn like what she likes and what 
she doesn't you see how she keeps staring at you   she likes you but she has to trust you hanzadi 
babysitting is such a great job because you get   to see zadie grow up she's about to crawl soon 
like you could be there for her first moments   her first crawls her steps I mean it's crazy it's 
really rewarding I hope I get to do that obviously   zadie likes Salish but she can't even feed her a 
bottle yet she needs your help I barely got that   when I was a mom I think she has the potential and 
she really wants to and zadie likes her she's not   even a teenager I think Salish could babysit I 
want to believe that but I'm not quite sure yet   ladies I'm your babysitter you're gonna be strong 
ready do you really know how to do a push-up and   push back up push back up yeah now it is time for 
nap time and swaddle wait what's a swaddle this is   a swaddle okay okay I'll be able to do it just a 
little practice and I can do it tuck those little   arms forgot this foot oh okay yeah okay okay don't 
don't I can do it I can do it see it's perfect the   shoulder being out is a fashion Choice okay zadie 
you have 10 seconds to get out of this swaddle   don't worry that was my plan now I have to do it 
for real I don't want to rush you but it is she's   gotta go you gotta be on a schedule if you're a 
babysitter put your head there how important is   this for a babysitter to be able to do the naps 
dictate the sleep and we want her to sleep the   full 12 hours what what's that what's that lady 
oh she is telling me that she doesn't want to be   in the swaddle see Rebecca you have to listen 
to your baby oh I do do I see Rebecca this is   obviously what you have to do oh a sleep sack you 
know I did take care of his four-year-old for a   whole day I think I know what I'm doing you nailed 
it look good night I'm proud of myself good night   Daddy I'll be back after an hour okay so Salish 
didn't quite get the swaddle but she did come   up with a good idea of the Sleep sack and zadie 
seemed to like it I feel like she's trying and   she's eager I don't know though I don't know if 
I want Salish to babysit zadie yet I don't know   sayla she's waking up she's not going to sleep 
she's gonna go to sleep she's gonna go to sleep   are you sure yeah I even tucked her in like I put 
on the Sleep slack she'll go to sleep I got this   oh she put her to sleep so I'm not sure 
about her as a babysitter though a fun part   of us when the baby is asleep 
oh yeah oh this is so relaxing is asleep is when we get work done so 
you're doing laundry with me wait what   I'm a little tired over here come 
on babysitter you busted I actually   really like doing laundry and I do it 
all the time at home so this shouldn't   be a problem but I got this don't worry about 
this sometimes babies have a blowout okay and you got it wait come back stay it's just Nutella I think she 
failed that round oh my God I'm so tired when do   I get my nap time to learn your CPR CPR oh no 
if I'm gonna leave my baby with you I need to   know that you're gonna be able to save her okay 
I'm going to teach you how to do CPR CPR means   chest compression procedure I think the last 
one's an R but it's okay 30 chest compressions   two breaths okay 15 16 17 18 19 17 23 4 
27 okay just let me do this no no no no   hold on you're not gonna do it on this 
baby then who am I going to do it on   okay Jordan I didn't tell you to go that realistic 
hi baby this is ridiculous you're a baby you can't   talk get on the counter oh what does this baby eat 
he's a little bit on the heavier side get on your   back no on your stomach I mean flip on your back 
check the pulse check the pulse no pulse whatever I used to be a cool photographer 
look at that picture   Look At Me Now cool stay safe so I know 
you want to be a babysitter and part of   that is making sure that the mom is okay 
and I'm kind of thirsty right now okay   can I get water yeah did you grab me some 
yeah perfect I'm doing a test on Salish I   have a nanny cam set up and I placed a hundred 
dollars on the table let's see if she takes it she took it salish shook the hundred dollars I 
didn't think she was gonna do that okay here's   the water thank you very much Salish oh 
and here's the hundred dollars that you   tried to prank me with I mean come on I 
would never steal what yeah I set you up   when she passed oh zadie's awake let's go get her 
look at that smile I have such a good idea for the   final thing on my list you want to do a tick tock 
yeah that sounds so fun right I'm Gonna Make You   instant famous but first I have to get a ring 
light I got the ring light this isn't working okay zadie do you want to start you know okay this is gonna be your first reel it's 
gonna be so popular wait you're verified   you have a hundred fifty thousand followers 
you're only six month old Salishs finished   all the things on her list before they tell 
you whether or not she's gonna be their new   babysitter make sure to check out Salish controls 
Rebecca's life for 24 hours on Rebecca's channel   right after this video Rebecca Matt what's the 
decision is she your new babysitter at first we   were a little unsure but you worked really hard 
and we saw zadie really liked you so after much   consideration before you say that I have one thing 
to announce so zadie is really really cute and we   got along great you know but okay I'm only 12. 
so I don't think I'm gonna take the job I think   I'm a little too young yeah okay but I'll see you 
guys later wait goodness wait what about in like   like sweet we can do it again no 
we don't have a babysitter we don't

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