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Minecraft Live 2020: Full Show


[MUSIC PLAYING]  [BUZZING] [PECKING NOISE] [ROARING] Hey, what's going on? My name is Anthony,
or BigBStatz, and welcome to Minecraft Live. I'm going to take
this time and explain a little bit about myself
and my relationship and history with Minecraft. It all started back in 2012. I didn't have a PC to where
I could run Minecraft, so I waited for it
to come out on Xbox. I got it and I just
fell in love with it. I went to events. I met a lot of people. And I get a chance
to do this right now, all because of
Minecraft, that's allowed me to have this opportunity. I was also a part of
the Minecraft Live show back in 2018, which
was the first time they brought on creators. And it was just incredible. But it's a brand new year. And this is just going
to be phenomenal. Now this year is the
Community Preshow, so you're going to hear a little
bit about what's coming today. Also, we're going to hear
from a few of our friends and what their
year has been like, and what we'd love to see coming
to Minecraft Live this year.

Now if you do speak another
language besides English, don't worry. We're working with
community re-broadcasters who speak other
languages that are helping localize the broadcast. So head over to
Minecraft.net/live to view the list of re-broadcasters. Now there is a
very special person I want to introduce you to. And this is a person that you
can just feel their energy through the screen. You know, if you ever just
look at someone, it's like, wow, this person
has so much energy, they have made my
day feel better.

And this person is
going to be Shubble. So here she is. Thanks, BigB. Hello, I'm Shubble, and
welcome to my house. I hope you're all
staying safe and healthy. You might recognize me
from last year's event. Or you might not, I
was blonde back then. I'm a longtime
Minecrafter, YouTuber, and lover of all things that
let my imagination run wild. I'm also a known cat lover. And I would love to
show you one of mine, but every cat owner knows, you
cannot tell them what to do. Anyway, we're going to
start with the preshow where we're going to look at
the last year in Minecraft. I've got my own exciting
year in Minecraft. I was crowned a
Minecraft Champion twice. And then later,
we're going to join some of the members
of the community, and some members of the Mojang
team to see what's coming next. I'm most excited
about the mob vote.

But I heard there's something
big being revealed right at the beginning. So don't go anywhere. I'll be here watching too
to find out what it is. So grab a snack and some
water, and let's get into it. Was that good? Did I do good? Should I have worn the crown? I tend to demand more respect
when I'm wearing the crown. Hello, everyone. I'm Mariel, also
known as @MarielItai. You may know me from a
couple of Minecraft series that I participated in, like
Harmony Hollow, MarielCraft, and Gamecraft,
just to name a few. But I'm also known in the
community for my innate ability to break the game.

Randomly, for no reason
whatsoever, it just happens. Completely out of my control. Completely out of my hands. I've had so many
bugs and glitches happen to me that it's
become this running joke on my channel. And it's hilarious. Now, this year has actually
been a pretty exciting year. I was able to participate in one
of the Minecraft Championships, and I also made a
ton of new friends playing Minecraft Dungeons. That was pretty
cool and awesome. But today, I'm here at the
Minecraft Live Community Preshow to talk to you all
about something very exciting: the mob voting process. Turns out that Minecraft
is bringing three new mobs for all of us to check
out and get to know. We have the Moobloom from
Minecraft Earth, the Iceologer from Minecraft
Dungeons, and last but certainly not
least, the Glow Squid, a mysterious new mob that's
also from Minecraft Earth. But you may be
wondering, which one's going to be added to the game? Well, that's up to you,
the community, to decide. Because throughout
the show, all of you are going to be able to
vote for your favorite mob on the Minecraft Twitter page
as long as you're signed in.

There's also going to be
multiple voting rounds, so make sure you keep
an eye on the vote because things can
change very quickly. And we need to make sure
that the best mob wins. And that one, in my
opinion, is the Glow Squid because that's the one
that I'm rooting for and that's the one that
I'm going to be voting for. Anyhoo, that's going
to be it for me.

But be sure to stick around to
find out more about these brand new Minecraft mobs. Thanks, Mariel. Well, I just wanted
to say, I actually want all the mobs, if
that's even possible. Can we make that happen? Now one of my favorite things
this year to come to Minecraft is the 1.16 Nether update. There wasn't much to do in the
Nether in my personal opinion. And this update, I think
everyone enjoyed it. Me personally, I was
already a little bit afraid of the Nether. But now, I'm even more
scared but in a good way. It makes me want to go there,
makes me want to do things. And there's so much that
you can do in the Nether. And the fact that
this is the same game, they make the updates
so great that it feels like a whole
new game and you get that whole new
experience all over again.

But that's just my story. But here are some more stories
from a few creators and friends around the world. Hello, everyone. My name is GeminiTay. I am a Minecraft builder
and content creator on both YouTube and Twitch. I love using Minecraft as
a platform to create art. And this year, I've had a
particularly amazing time doing so. I was invited to the early
access beta from Minecraft with RTX on Windows 10 Edition. And, oh my gosh,
it was incredible. Minecraft with RTX adds so
many new amazing properties to the game. The new reflections and light
emissivity is incredible. Being able to use light as
a building block in the game is something I've looked
forward to for such a long time. And it's finally here. Definitely have had
such an amazing time using that to my advantage to
create more depth and dimension in my Minecraft worlds.

[NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Hey, everyone. I'm @MacNCheesePlz, a Minecraft,
YouTube content creator and Twitch streamer. My favorite memory from
Minecraft this year has got to be when
we defeated the Ender Dragon for the very first time. I have never seen
this fight before and had no idea what to expect. We spent hours and
hours preparing, and defeated the Ender
Dragon our first try in about 15 minutes. It was so much fun. I cannot wait to see what
Minecraft has in store for us this year. [MUSIC PLAYING] [ELECTRIC WHIRRING]  
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Hey, Minecraft Live. I'm Nick Pickett. And I Elliot Choi. And we built a one-to-one
replica of the University of California, Berkeley with
200 of our fellow students, faculty, and alumni, and hosted
a virtual graduation there. During the ceremony,
we had the pleasure of working with the
university, a production company, and dozens
of our own builders to produce a graduation
unlike any seen before.

We had seven speakers
join us that day, including our school's
chancellor and Minecraft's own Lydia Winters. In addition to the ceremony,
we invited the global class of 2020 to a two-day music
festival with over 60 artists performing back-to-back
to celebrate. With the help of some of
the most talented builders and developers, we hosted it
all in a re-imagined version of Berkeley's Greek Theater. This project grew to scales
that we never expected. On top of all this, we decided
to take all this attention we were getting and put it
towards a good cause, which is why we partnered
with a charity to raise thousands of dollars
to support pandemic relief. From all of us on
the Blockeley team, we hope you're enjoying
Minecraft Live.  
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OK, so we've heard about how
2020 has been for a few people within the community.

But what's next for Minecraft? Now, there's already a lot
of things in Minecraft. But if there was one thing
that I would want to see is something that would fly. Some type of creature,
maybe a monster. And you would be walking out
on just a nice, sunny day, you know, maybe just mining or doing
some cropping or in your farm. And next thing you know,
something would swoop down, not a phantom, and it
would actually pick you up and take you through the sky. I think that would
be really cool. But maybe that
will never happen. Now the community
has always speculated what the next big update
from Minecraft could be: a new mob, a new
boss, a new biome. And as you're making
your guesses right now, I would assume, we're
going to go ahead and throw some more ideas in the mix. Well, hello there,
Minecraft Live. GoodTimesWithScar here, and I am
a content creator and a member of the Hermitcraft Server.

And I have now been playing
Minecraft for 10 years. This is my 10 year
month anniversary. What better way to celebrate
10 years playing Minecraft but to hang out with you
here on Minecraft Live and to speculate on what we'd
like to see added to Minecraft. And way back in
the day when they added colored glass
to the game, I thought, how cool would
it be if these naturally generated in caves as if
they were crystals, just color crystals hanging
from the caves just to add a little life, a
little energy to the caves.

And I thought that would be fun. But let's take this up a notch. Say we're down the caves,
and we break open a wall into a gigantic cave
with cathedral ceilings, crystals hanging down
from the ceilings. And these crystals
come in all the variety of colors in Minecraft. And we'd pick out
one that we like, say we're going to pick
out the orange one. And we knock down
that orange crystal, and we can take the fragments
of this orange crystal and put it in a torch,
or put it in a lantern, and we're now casting
orange light in Minecraft.

That is right. We can now cast colored light
of all varieties in Minecraft via torches or lanterns
to add more atmosphere and more design possibilities
with our builds, just imagine your
builds now, but being illuminated with color light. How amazing would that be? Now another thing I'd love
to see added to Minecraft is some way of auto
loading and ejecting a music disk from a jukebox. So now, we have colored
light in the game along with auto-playing music. We've basically, together here,
created a disco on Minecraft. And that sounds
absolutely amazing. So let me know what you
think of those ideas.

And I cannot wait to find out
what, for real, is coming soon. ALL: Hey, everyone! It's Krew. We have been huge
fans of Minecraft since the very beginning
and have so much fun creating videos. From silly build competitions
to our epic survival series. Creativity is literally
limitless in Minecraft. Mm-hmm That's why we're so
excited for the Glow Squid! ALL: Whoop! Ooh, we could build a
glowing underwater city. Yeah. That'd be so cool. Yes. I wonder what we'd
be able to craft? Maybe, we'll be able
to craft glowing armor. Mmm. Ooh! I wonder what sound
the Glow Squid makes.

Like this, pfft. Blub, blub. [ALL LAUGH] I'm going to make it my pet. OK. [ALL LAUGH] ALL: BYE! [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Hello, my name is @Iskall85,
and I'm a Minecrafter. And today is a big day. It's an omega big
today because it's one of these days
where we get to know the latest on the greatest
surrounding Minecraft. Now, being a big
action RPG fan, I've obviously been completely
stuck with dungeons since it came out. And we've already got
lots of new stuff. Like, we got the
wind drop thing, we got the jungle update. I wonder if they're going to
make another themed upgrade. Maybe mountains? Like, dungeons goes Everest. Or maybe, an oceanic update. That would be– that'd
be kind of weird, swimming around underground
and stuff like that. Anyway, personally, I'm
hoping for two things.

I'm hoping that we'll
be able to customize our little character
a little bit more, like the visuals
of the character. I'd love to see being
able to get a skin that's outside the game into the game. That would be
absolutely amazing. And I would really, really
like to be able to change up that little base area. Add things, maybe put
things on the wall. You find a cool sword? Put it on the wall, memorize it. That would be
absolutely amazing.

You know, that's
a very good point. I wonder, what's coming
next in Dungeons? Well, I guess we'll have to see. Thank you from me
and everyone you've seen so far for
watching the preshow. Minecraft Live is
just about the start. But we're such a small
part of this community. So let's see some
other great moments from this year in Minecraft. Thanks, everyone. Bye!  
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I earned this
crown the last time. I get to wear it
until I am dethroned. Which means I can wear it
the whole time until then. There's a lot more rainbow
because it is in honor of it being Pride Month. * [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] So I don't know if I
mentioned this already, but I really want to
use the real Minecraft hearts that come
out from the pets when you give them a treat.

So I just went into
Feather Adventures, and I made a green screen
inside of the dog's house, and for feathers as well. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] I mean, how can I not get
excited about transforming the look and feel of Minecraft
from this scene with RTX off, to this with RTX on. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Ooh, aah! They're there! The little beasts are there! [GASPS] Are new animal! This is, this is kind
of blowing my mind. What a cool update. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] We've added these
new adventure crystals that allow you to experience
adventures in your home, in your backyard,
or wherever you are, instead of needing to go
out and discover them. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] I'm a bee! Did y'all see that? That was insanity! Yo, we stingin' up in here. Check it out! I got a whole mess of power.

Y'all seem em? It's bees. You could just keeps
spawning in all these bees! I'm literally just
right-clicking constantly. Now, the bees– [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] * MALE GAMER 1: Get up, I have
like four zombies on me. FEMALE GAMER 1: Ooh! I found the mobs. I found them. [CHUCKLES] MALE GAMER 1: Thanks,
well you found them. FEMALE GAMER 1: Excuse
me, I don't appr– no, no, no, no, no, no, no no, no! MALE GAMER 2: Cool, I gotta
show you how to play my game. [FEMALE GAMER 2 LAUGHS] Are you watching? FEMALE GAMER 2: Ah. Whoa! The bees are really angry! MALE GAMER 2: Are you watching? FEMALE GAMER 2: Dude,
what did you do? FEMALE GAMER 3: Dude,
the bees are so mad! MALE GAMER 2: Aah!
Ooh! I'm just going
to leave you to it. Perhaps, one of these other
huts has something helpful in it instead.

Dan, Dan, steady, study steady, steady, steady. What do I do with it? What do I with it? [MALE GAMER 3 GIGGLES] It's on my head and I don't
know what to do with it.

[MALE GAMER 3 GIGGLES] OK, give me an opportunity. Set me up. MALE GAMER 3: Oh,
there's a lot of zombies. Throw it!
OK MALE GAMER 3: Throw it!
Throw it! Throw it In the middle. And then– ooh! Did It work? MALE GAMER 3: Here we go. Look at that! Yes! [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] HSTUDIO: [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] UFOSXM: [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] KENDAL: [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] THEPINKDIAMONDDIVA: Speaking of
food, num, num, num, num, num. MALE GAMER 4: I got it. THEPINKDIAMONDDIVA: What? Don't take all the cakes! You gotta pay for those. TORTILLASQUAD:
00:20:47,792 –> 00:21:04,727
RADDAR: [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] PIXLRIFFS: There they are! Look at them, oh,
they are so cute. And that right there,
ladies and gentlemen, is our first bee nest.

MUMBOJUMBO: Look at that! I love seeing the
haze, the light beams. Oh, no! SPOONERISM: Out of the way. [LAUGHS] Teleport to Spoonerism. Where did you die? SPOONERISM: Why would you
want to teleport to me? Oh, I'm doing it now. Oh, no. [KARA CORVIS LAUGHS] SPOONERISM: How are you alive? What? All right. [KARA CORVIS LAUGHS] SDAISHEY: (SINGING)
Cause I want to swim. And when the waves
come crashing through, oh I will let them
pass around me because I feel so sick with you. And I want to feel at peace.  
00:23:17,190 –> 00:23:20,550
Hello and welcome to
Minecraft Live 2020. I'm Lydia Winters, your
host and chief storyteller from Mojang Studios. We're coming to you live
from Stockholm, Sweden, the birthplace of Minecraft. Some of our amazing team
members couldn't be here today, so we recorded the Minecraft
Earth and Creator Tool segments in Redmond earlier this week. We are so thankful
you're joining us. Before we get started,
we want to acknowledge the number of challenges
around the world right now, as well as the mental,
physical, and emotional toll those challenges are
taking on all of us.

With that in mind, we want
to give the opportunity today to take a breath, have fun,
enjoy the games we love, and celebrate all of you, our
incredible Minecraft community. It won't all be easy. You'll have to decide which mob
to vote into the game, which based on votes in previous
years, will be super tough. You'll not only get
to hear about what's coming to your favorite
Minecraft games, you'll also hear directly
from the development teams.

We want you to
leave today knowing about the exciting additions
coming to Minecraft, and also, why our team
has made those decisions. An insider's look at what's
brewing at Mojang Studios. Today, we're kicking things off
with the announcement of the– we're going to
tell you right now. [DRAMATIC MUSIC PLANING]  
00:24:51,200 –> 00:24:52,330
Hi, Agnes and Brandon. HI. Hello. LYDIA WINTERS: Let's do this. So OK, the next
update is the update that we know that so many of
you, and well, so many of us as well have been wanting
for such a long time. It's the Caves & Cliffs update. [MUSIC PLAYING, FIREWORKS
00:25:16,815 –> 00:25:20,330
It must feel amazing to be
able to tell everyone that. Seriously. I'm so excited about this. I mean, even before
I joined Mojang, I was always thinking about,
like, when is the cave update going to come? And this, this is it. But it's also got
the cliffs as well. It's got the mountains. Like, this is such a big update. And I'm so excited.

you feeling, Agnes? Great. Like, it's so good. So we have been working on
this update for quite long. And we're like, we can't
wait to tell everyone. And now, we just announced it. And, it's amazing. LYDIA WINTERS: We're actually
getting our first live look at some reactions. Oh? Oh. [FIREWORKS CRACKLE, CHEERING] [AGNES AND BRANDON LAUGH] AGNES LARSSON: OK,
that's very cute.

BRANDON PEARCE: It's so cute. AGNES LARSSON: They look happy. Those mobs are
very, very excited. This year, we asked
some of our communities to submit questions that
we'll answer across the show. This first question definitely
feels like something everyone wants to know. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Why has it taken so long? Like Brandon, I've been
waiting a long time, too. [AGNES AND BRANDON CHUCKLE] Yeah, that's a
very good question. So since this update
really is the update, like, we have been dreaming
about it for so long, so it felt so important
for us to do right. Like, we don't want to rush it. But now, now we feel
it's the right time. Like, we have spent the time
we need to really understand the vision we have
for the update, and also to make sure
that we understand what the community actually wants.

And we've also planned around
it to make sure that we really can work together with the
community to make this an as epic as possible. And we have also hired some new
amazing developers to the team. And you're one of the
amazing developers, Brandon. Yeah, I joined
this year in January. And I actually came
from the community. I used to do modding
for 10 years. One of the first
mods that I worked on was the Ava, which was
like a dimension that had sky islands and stuff. And yeah, I'm just so happy to
be here and work on an update this epic. AGNES LARSSON: We're
so happy to have you. [BRANDON CHUCKLES] We have another
creator question.  
00:27:28,370 –> 00:27:31,280
Hi, I'm ThePinkDiamondDiva,
and this is my question. Are you making the caves more
advanced for older players so they can mine
deep, or are you making them more
accessible and easy to navigate for newer players? Such a great question.

Hmm, yeah. I mean, with this
update, we're making sure that we can have as much
for variation as possible within the actual
caves themselves. But we want to make sure
that the old caves are still retained as much as possible
to keep that classic feel. Yeah, and we really also
looked into to make sure that we have something
for everyone. Because, we have such
a huge community. And it's also a very
diverse community. And that's such a
beautiful thing. So we really want this update
to have something for everyone. So actually, we made sure to map
all the features in the update to different player
styles to really see that we fulfill that goal. That's so cool. And you had such a
big thought process on how you decide
what even goes into– Yes –an update this big, Yeah, we have spent
quite a lot of time on just making sure
that we have a very good fundament for the update.

For example, we did the
player-style mapping. And we've also worked
with design pillars. So the design pillars,
they kind of describe the vision of the update. So for example, they help us
whether we, like, prioritize between different
features, and also when we design each
specific feature. And we have three
pillars for this update. And the first one
is actually all about the spectacular
mountains, the slurry of snow, and the mysterious goats.

Because at last year's
Live, the players voted for these features. And we felt like it's important
to deliver on that promise. So we actually wanted
to have it as a pillar. Yeah, and another
pillar that we actually integrated into this was
adding strategy to mining. So of course,
Minecraft already has plenty of strategy in mining. But we wanted to see
if we could push that just a little bit further and
add even more mechanics that make it interesting for
players to mine in the caves. Yeah, and the third pillar
is to create an underground of marble for the players. And that pillar is a lot
about adding variation to the underground and
contrast, and to inspire players to craft their own
underground adventures and build underground.

And one thing we have done
to fulfill this pillar is that we have added
new cave biomes. And one of them
is the Lush Caves.  
00:29:45,655 –> 00:29:49,148
00:30:02,621 –> 00:30:06,114
00:30:15,096 –> 00:30:18,589
00:30:29,110 –> 00:30:30,590
It's so beautiful! It doesn't feel cave-like. Yeah, I mean, we wanted to
make sure that, of course, in Minecraft, all
the original caves, you know, they're
pretty much the same. There's not much
variation in terms of vegetation or different
features inside of it. So for this, we
wanted something which is a bit more light and lush
and actually has vegetation. And, I mean, I think
it looks amazing.

It's gorgeous. What was the
inspiration behind it? So we were thinking
about it, OK, how should it feel when
you are in a Lush Cave? And we want it to
be like, so you feel very tiny, inside like
a big garden or a big forest. So like when you look
up, it's actually like vegetation above you,
it's vegetation around you. And one source of inspiration
we had is actually a Swedish painter
called John Bauer. Because in his paintings, it's
always, or often, at least, like a tiny character, and
then it's like a huge forest and you see the
bottom of the trees because the vegetation is so
big compared to the character.

And you're adding so many
new plants in the Lush Caves. Yes, so I don't
know if you saw, but there was this new
tree that was actually above on the Overworld. And this is called
an Azalea tree. So it's a unique type
of tree that it'll be easy to spot for players. And if you actually find this
and start going down its roots, you will find a Lush Cave there. So this is another part of
adding strategy to mining where there are certain
landmarks which will allow you to understand
what you're doing in the game. That's cool. And another one
of the new blocks is a block called Spore Blossom. And you maybe saw
it in the video, it's a big, pink
flower that you find in the roof of the Lush Cave. And it will drip particles
from that flower. But it will also actually
fill a big volume around it with particles. So it's similar to the particles
that we added to the Nether biomes in the Nether update. But the cool thing
here is that you can move the flower
if you want to and get these particles
anywhere you want in your world.

So you can actually be
very creative with that. That's so awesome. And the Lush Caves have
a real glow to them from one of the plants. Yes, so there are vines in
the plant, in the Lush Caves, and they have glow
berries on them. And these are actually
a light source. And you can also pick them
and eat them if you want to. LYDIA WINTERS: Nice. AGNES LARSSON: Mm-hmm. Yes. And another plant we actually
have is the Dripleaf plant. And you can actually
see that they can grow from water or anywhere else. And they grow quite
tall, but they have a little plant on the top
that you can actually hop onto. So the idea of the
mechanic behind it is that the leaf will
actually tilt down when you stand on it too long. So this will actually
make you fall through. However after a few
seconds, it'll come back up.

So it's kind of this
platforming block that allows you to just
continue platforming over and over again, which I hope
is really exciting for content creators making maps. AGNES LARSSON: Yeah, yeah, you
can build your own platforming levels and then they
will repair themselves. That's kinda neat. BRANDON PEARCE: Yeah. It's so beautiful in there. And there's actually a mob
coming to the Lush Caves. [BRANDON CHUCKLES] Yes there is. But we will actually not
tell you about this mob now because in the
end of the show, we will show even more features
coming to the Caves & Cliffs update, and then we're
going to show that mob.

BRANDON PEARCE: This is so much. This is the first time we
have so much that we're actually splitting the update section
into two, at the beginning and towards the end of the show. It's amazing. [AGNES GIGGLES] Yeah. Yeah, it's so exciting. You've also worked on
improving the cave generation. Yes. BRANDON PEARCE: Yes,
so as you can see here, this is drastically different
to what caves used to look like. And there's definitely
still the old style of caves where we
wanted to make sure that there was much more
variety in the sort of caves, and the shapes and the
sizes you could get. And even here, you can see that
there's some water underground. AGNES LARSSON:
Yes, so we actually added something we call
local water levels. So in one cave, you
might find a cave lake, and another cave might
not have that one. And this also means that
we get naturally generated waterfalls, which is so pretty.

And also, it gives new ways
to traverse the underground. You can actually
go cave rafting. BRANDON PEARCE: Yeah,
so you'll see in a bit that our player here will
actually use a boat the raft. AGNES LARSSON: Mm-hmm. BRANDON PEARCE: And that is just
such an exciting opportunity to be able to traverse the
caves in a very different way than you used to. AGNES LARSSON: Yeah, actually,
we haven't play testing, and then one of the devs was
like, [GASP] look at this! It's so fun! And all of us just started to go
with the boat on the waterfall team. It was a lot of fun.

another thing to note here is that you could see
that a lot of the oars are actually glowing. This is just for
preview purposes. Oars aren't going to glow now. It's just that the caves
tend to be quite dark and we want to make
sure that players can see the shapes of the cave. Now will that only be
for the normal caves, or will this run across
all of the new cave biomes? Yeah, so the really cool thing
is that the new cave shapes and sizes is
completely independent from the new biomes. So that means that we
have so much variation. Because for example
in a Lush Cave, for example in a
super narrow tunnel, but it can also
generate a huge cavern. And that creates completely
different atmospheres. But it's still the same biome. So, yeah. We're really going to have lots
of variation underground now. You've been calling two
of the different cave types "spaghetti" and
"Swiss cheese," like, that that's how varied
the caves will be? [AGNES LAUGHS] Yes, there are so
many different variables with how the variation works.

And it has even more variation
than the Overworld itself. It's just crazy. It's a lot. Yeah, some of the
caves, for example, have really cool pillars,
and some are more flat, some are tall. Lots of variation. LYDIA WINTERS: Very nice. And you have another new
cave biome to show us. Yes, so we have the
Dripstone Caves biome. And whenever I think about
the idea of a cave update, the image of stalagmites and
stalactites comes into my head. But adding these are
pretty difficult. It's a very unique
shape that Minecraft isn't really accustomed to. But I think the way that the
artists put it into Minecraft works quite well. And of course, there's some
mechanics surrounding this. So you can see that someone
destroyed the block at the top. [GROWLING] And so the Dripstone fell down. [ZOMBIE GROANS] And also unfortunately
for the zombie here, if you fall on these
Dripstones, you will get hurt. AGNES LARSSON: Or a zombie. There's another
interesting mechanic in the Dripstone Caves. Yes, so maybe you
saw in the video that from that
stalactites, you could see there was dripping water.

So actually, if you put the
cauldron under a stalactites, it will fill up with water. So it's renewable water. And how do you remember which
is stalactites and stalagmites? Well, that's a
very good question. It has been really
tricky to remember that. But I think I learned. So we actually, yeah, it's
hold on tight to stalactite. [AGNES GIGGLES] I was
going to say the wrong one. Yes, so stalactites
is in the roof, and stalagmites is on the floor. LYDIA WINTERS: Perfect. Yes. LYDIA WINTERS: We've been
practicing that, all of us. Yeah Yeah, for a long time,
even in the office. And you have
something really amazing in this update for the
Redstone engineers out there. Yes, so we've actually been
thinking about this Redstone block that lives in the
Deep Dark, a new biome at the deepest
depths of the world.

We're not going to talk about
this biome too much today, but we are going to show some
of the blocks, and maybe later, a mob that comes from it. So if we look at the
video, we can actually see that it's
basically this growth. And this is called
the Skulk Blocks. And one of the blocks is
called the Skulk Sensor. This is the new Redstone block. As you could see, when you
place or destroy a block, or if you have footsteps,
it will actually detect the vibrations around,
and then a Redstone signal. So this is going to be very
interesting for Redstone players.

We even have a
mechanic around it, where you can actually use
wool with wool occlusion to essentially prevent
signals from being able to get into the skulk sensor. So let's take a
look at that now.  
00:38:56,680 –> 00:38:58,630
And as you can see
here, I walked next to the skulk sensor, and it's
actually doing an infinite loop where the piston is
causing a vibration, and then it's activating
the skulk sensor and going over and over again. But here, I've actually
put a wool block in between the piston
which prevents the signal from going to the skulk sensor.  
00:39:17,980 –> 00:39:21,040
This can allow you to even do
directional skulk sensors where you can put wool
blocks on each side and only allow it to detect
vibrations in front of it. And vibrations can be so
many different things. It can be a snowball hit,
it could be an arrow, it could be footsteps, it
could be blocks, anything.

So cool. Yeah. And another thing,
we actually– well, we had a bit of a happy accident
with this because we realized that we get wireless Redstone
thanks to the skulk sensor. BRANDON PEARCE: Yes. AGNES LARSSON: And we
didn't even plan to add it. But then when we started
playtesting, we were like, wait, we got wireless Redstone. And that's so exciting. And well, you can just build
so many cool things with that. So it'll be exciting to see
what the community will build. Yeah, you're really looking
for community feedback to make sure this feels
great for everyone. Absolutely, I think because
this is such a unique mechanic, we really want to make
sure that we get it right.

And we love the
Redstone community. And we want to make sure
that we do it right. So any feedback you have,
any ideas, send it to us. And we will work with
you to make this the best block that it can be. And now, we said there's
another mob coming later, but I think it's time
for a new mob coming to the Caves & Cliff's update. It is. And this is a very scary mob. And it lives in the
deepest of the underground, in the Deep Dark. And this is a very dark place. And the cool thing is
that this mob is very well adapted to the environment. So it can't see anything. So it's the first
blind mob in Minecraft. And that's very interesting
because it gives such interesting mechanics. So instead, it will
react to vibrations, just like the skulk sensor block. So if you're aren't
very careful when you walk around in the deep
dark, you might upset that mob.

Yeah, with this
mob, we really wanted to make sure that we recaptured
that feeling of the first night of Minecraft. And we can often
forget that Minecraft can be a pretty scary game. So we wanted to make sure
that we go back to that. I mean, caves can be scary. They're dark. And all I'm going to say is that
when you go into the Deep Dark, I want to make sure
that you're very quiet.

And watch closely
for The Warden. [TENSE MUSIC PLAYING]  
00:42:31,846 –> 00:42:35,332
00:42:38,818 –> 00:42:42,304
00:42:56,248 –> 00:42:59,734
00:43:01,228 –> 00:43:04,714
00:43:07,204 –> 00:43:10,690
00:43:30,760 –> 00:43:33,720
What did we just see? It's a very different mob. I'm really excited for this
because not only is it trying to be scary, it's– we had to keep a balance to it. It was very challenging
to design a mob like this. Another thing that's
really important to know is in that video, I was
wearing full Netherite Armor. So it's very powerful. That's a dangerous mob. You definitely want
to watch out, yeah.

Which I think involves
such an interesting gameplay. Because if you want
to, you can avoid it. But then you need to
really be careful, like sneak all the time to
not make any kind of movement that it will detect. But that's a lot of fun. And you're just like,
[INHALES SHARPLY] a little scary,
but in a good way. And you wanted
to take everyone back to their first night
experience with The Warden. Absolutely, I mean I had
such an amazing experience when I first played Minecraft. Like, it was
terrifying listening to zombies underneath my
house and in the caves. And hopefully, we can
bring that back to players, but you know, 10 years later. Yeah, but that
will be just amazing. Because you hear so many
lovely first night stories.

It's such a big thing. And I'm also very fond of
my first night in Minecraft, so we hope to give
that experience again. But you really
balance the look of it. It's like it's almost cute. [AGNES AND BRANDON CHUCKLE] But also, really,
really terrifying. How did you decide? Yeah, we actually
worked a lot on, so, how does scariness
look in Minecraft? Because we want it
to be very scary, and we didn't want to
take away from scariness. But we felt, let's add
some derpiness to it. So it's like a mix.

So for example, we
added the mouth. I love the mouth. And some actually reacted
like, oh, it's so cute! Which, mhm, I think
it's more scary. But I think we found
the perfect balance. Yeah, absolutely. Amazing. The best character. Yes, definitely. Well, you've been
sitting up here, you just announced an
update that everyone has been waiting for. And we actually have some
Tweets that have come in.

that's amazing to see. So much excitement. Oh, even more Tweets. [AGNES AND BRANDON CHUCKLE] So, it's lovely. We really developed this game
together with the community. And now, to see that people are
so happy, that's feels so good. Yeah, honestly,
it's such a privilege to work on a game like this
and an update like this. And we just love this game. AGNES LARSSON: Yeah. BRANDON PEARCE: And we want
to make the best update that we can for everyone. AGNES LARSSON: Yeah. Thank you so much,
Agnes and Brandon. That was a lot of
amazing new things. Don't forget that we
have another segment full of even more cave
updates later on in the show. Now let's head over
to our Minecraft Live correspondent, Vu Bui. I hear he has a first
look at something you all voted into the game last year.

00:46:30,600 –> 00:46:33,340
Hello, Minecrafters
of the world. I am Vu Bui, and I'm here
once again to help all of you at home to choose a mob
that will go into Minecraft. But first, we have a message
from our good friend, Max Brooks, author of our
first Minecraft novel, with some exciting news. Hey, Minecraft community. It's Max Brooks, author
of Minecraft: The Island. Thank you so much for
embracing my book. And I hope you enjoy the sequel,
Minecraft: The Mountain, where our character leaves
the island and paddles to a strange,
snow-covered world, and discovers another cast away. And together, the two of them
have to find their way home. Minecraft: The Mountain
coming out in 2021, available for
preorder right now.

And as always, thank you for
embracing all Minecraft books. That sounds awesome. Another Minecraft novel. And this one's
called The Mountain. Speaking of mountains,
remember last year's vote? It was a fierce competition,
but the mountains won after two intense
rounds of voting. Well I have a sneak
peek into what your vote is
bringing to Minecraft on the cliff side of the
Caves & Cliffs update.  
00:47:52,150 –> 00:47:58,230
Goats, they're both mischievous
and adorable at the same time. As you can see, they
live on the mountains. And if you aren't careful,
they might knock you off. [GOATS GRUNTING] They also have excellent
jumping skills.  
00:48:09,920 –> 00:48:12,450
We'll also get better
mountain generation with spectacular
and more dramatic mountains with
height-dependent generation. That means things like
treelines and mountain tops that will be more challenging
with lots of snow and ice. And speaking of snow,
yes, it will be snowier. We will also have a new block
called "powder snow," which will be a kind of trap block. It looks similar to snow, but
if you or a mob walk on, it you will fall right through.

Now, let's talk about
this year's vote. We have three awesome mobs
for you to choose from. And to introduce
them, we once again have Tiny Agnes and tiny Jens. Let's see what
they have to show.  
00:48:57,390 –> 00:48:58,740
Mooblooms are friends. Just like we are, right, Agnes? TINY AGNES: These friendly
cows live in the flower forest biome, yellow with sunshine and
covered in beautiful flowers. What's not to like about
these beautiful bovines? TINY JENS: We are
friends, right, Agnes? TINY AGNES: [AGNES SHIVERS AND
CHATTERS HER TEETH] Why do we have to record these
videos on an actual mountain? They are animated! TINY JENS: The Iceologer
is a new illager that lives on mountaintops.

It's a hostile mob that attacks
you with clouds of flying ice. TINY AGNES: [AGNES SHIVERS AND
CHATTERS HER TEETH] You did pack the supplies we
need to survive the night up here, right, Jens? Do you ever wish Minecraft's
oceans were glowier? TINY JENS: Not me, I always
wish for world peace. TINY AGNES: Sure you do. Well, wish no more. Meet the Glow Squid. BOTH: Wow. TINY JENS: What was
I meant to say again? (SLOWLY) Vote for Minecraft? TINY AGNES: (SLOWLY) Can't talk. Must admire glows.

TINY VU: Agnes, Jens, it's
really (SLOWLY) distracting. [CHUCKLES] They're so tiny. And they're so susceptible
to distraction. Hopefully, that
won't happen to you. Now let's go over how– [PHONE RINGS] Hello? [INDISTINCT CHATTERING ON THE
LINE] Yeah, no, I'm live right now. [INDISTINCT CHATTERING ON THE
LINE] Oh, OK. Well, you really shouldn't read
too many internet comments.

LINE] OK, bye.  
00:50:36,170 –> 00:50:40,100
Tiny Agnes would like everyone
to know that she and tiny Jens are in fact good friends. OK, where was I? And why do people keep leaving
phones around the studio? Now let's go over how you
can be a part of what is likely to be an epic showdown. Don't let this decision be
made without your voice. Be ready to cast your votes. First, make sure you
have a Twitter account. If you don't, go to Twitter.com,
sigh up for an account, and make sure you're logged in. I'll let you know when
the voting starts. Then you'll need to go to
the Minecraft Twitter account to find the latest poll. Think carefully, debate with
your friends and family, make a decision,
then click on the mob you want to make
it into Minecraft.

There will be two
voting sessions, and I'll let you know
when each one begins. For now, just be ready, and
keep dreaming of victory for your favorite mob. [MUSIC PLAYING]  
00:51:41,620 –> 00:51:44,830
My name is Yesenia Cisneros,
and I'm the gameplay producer from Minecraft Earth. I am so excited to be a part
of Minecraft Live this year and to share this wonderful
experience with you, our amazing community. It's been so fun
seeing what you've been doing with the game.

I've seen lots of
creation shared each week. And I wish I were that creative. I mean, wow. While everyone has been
discovering new hobbies, I have been logging in each
day to collect a new adventure crystal which lets me
play life-size adventures in augmented reality in
various parts of my home. My dogs are very confused,
to say the least. It seems like I'm not
the only one who's been going on lots of adventures. We've had more than
5 million adventures played throughout early access. Holy Moobloom, that is amazing! I've also been completing
season and daily challenges to collect mobs, even
more adventure crystals, and exclusive character
creator items that can also be used in Bedrock. Sometimes when the weather
is just right in my house, lightning strikes,
and a new mob is made. Later this month,
we have two new mobs joining Minecraft Earth. And I hear they're going
to make quite a splash. Speaking of mobs, our beloved
Moobloom from Minecraft Earth has a chance to be
brought into Vanilla.

How cool is that? Now, I'm not going to tell
you who you should vote for. But what I am saying
is one of these mobs is definitely way more
adorable than the rest. So choose wisely. In our last couple
releases, you may have noticed that we added
slimeball and slime blocks. With that, I'm
super excited to let you know that we are adding
pistons and sticky pistons to Minecraft Earth. Be on the lookout next
week for a content update. And I can't wait to see
the awesome creations you make with blocks, items,
and now Redstone contraptions.

Our friends,
MumboJumbo and Green, recently took a
Minecraft Earth road trip and made their own
awesome creations. Let's get a sneak peek
at what they discovered. MUMBO (VOICEOVER):
Hello, everyone. My name is Mumbo, this
is my friend, Green. And this is my 1974 VW Bus. MUMBO: There's no
air conditioning, there's no heating,
there's no radio, there's anti-locking
brakes, no power steering. There's no seat belt. MUMBO (VOICEOVER): I've owned
it for about four years. And to be frankly honest,
it needs to be enhanced. Times were definitely
different in the 1970s, so it's ridiculously
slow and it's definitely lacking some of the modern
comforts you would usually expect to find in
a car these days. GREEN (VOICEOVER):
We are embarking on a grand tour of England,
going from the South Coast up to Wales, and it's going
to take us three whole days. MUMBO (VOICEOVER): I'll
be honest, Greer, mate, would you cast that
as a grand tour? GREEN (VOICEOVER): Well, yes. We have no radio, so it's
going to feel a lot longer.

see, this isn't a regular road trip and a rubbish old van. This is a Minecraft Earth road
trip in a rubbish old van. With Minecraft Earth being a
game you can play on the move, we thought you would travel to
a bunch of different locations in the UK. Some of them are iconic. Some of them just
feel very Minecrafty. And some of them are barely
linked to Minecraft at all, but we just really wanted
to go to them, so we did. Oh, he took it out
on the guy next to him. [BOTH CHUCKLE] GREEN (VOICEOVER): We also
had a go at integrating Minecraft Earth with real life. Minecraft Earth Frisbee
is a bit of a challenge. There is goes. [LAUGHS] GREEN: Sorry. GREEN (VOICEOVER):
Minecraft Earth badminton can be quite
dangerous to onlookers. Ooh! Sorry, Jones. GREEN (VOICEOVER): And
real life sand blocks are alarmingly
difficult to construct. GREEN: If I just
film this angle. [MUMBO GIGGLES] There we go! There's our sand block. GREEN (VOICEOVER): All in
all though, the road trip was a huge success and
we had a lot of fun.

You can expect to see the full
length episodes appearing on our channels very, very soon. Wow, it looks like
MumboJumbo and Green had quite the Minecraft Earth adventures. At Mojang Studios,
we've also been making more original
content than ever before on our Minecraft
YouTube channel. Our goal is to create shows
that give you inside knowledge directly from our team. We're even giving away
all of our secrets in a new series called, How we
make Minecraft, which honestly feels sort of risky. And guess what? We have lots more awesome
Minecraft content on the way.

Here's a look at what shows
you'll find on our channel. [MUSIC PLAYING] FEMALE ROBOTIC VOICE: Here's 10
things you didn't know about. MALE ROBOTIC VOICE: Yo. Yo to the yo yo. Yo my name is– FEMALE ROBOTIC VOICE
2 Wait, no, stop! [MUSIC PLAYING]  
00:56:13,250 –> 00:56:17,780
How can Steve punch a
cactus without getting hurt? I know cactus has
pricklies, but punching a tree probably hurts, too. [ALL LAUGH] Everyone just
starts panicking.  
00:56:29,600 –> 00:56:31,500
[ELECTRIC BOOM] Please like and subscribe. I've always wanted to say that. But really, you should. It's good stuff. In 2017, you voted for the
terror that is the Phantom. And I personally have not
forgiven you for that. In 2018, the Taiga won your
vote with fantastic foxes. Last year, it was the mountains,
with our soon-to-be friends, the goats. What will you, the Minecraft
community, do this year? Let's review our
choices once more. I was inspired by some of the
amazing handcrafted things I've seen made by our
community over the years.

So I decided to make my own
versions of our three mob choices– hi, babies– for
illustrative purposes. I think I did a
pretty great job. It took me three months each. Anyway, all the way
from Minecraft Dungeons, we have the Iceologer. They make clouds of ice
that smash down on whomever they are attacking. Not quite as chill as they look. From Minecraft Earth, we
have adorable Moobloom. I hear they may come with a
new flower, the buttercup. And I'm pretty sure they'll
be best pals with bees. Also from Minecraft
Earth, the Glow Squid. As the tiny trio
will surely attest, they sure are
distracting to look at. The first voting poll is now
live on the Minecraft Twitter account. Make sure you're logged in. Go to the poll right now and
click the mob you want to win. We'll check back
in before we start the second and final poll. Now though, I'd like
to welcome Laura to my desk to talk about
the dongeonest Minecraft game ever, Minecraft Dungeons.

Hello, Laura. Hi, thanks for having me. Very excited that you're here. And I. So what do you do
at Mojang Studios? I am my game
designer, which means I am the one that gets to decide
how difficult the bosses are. So I'm sorry about that one. You can blame me for that. I think people will
blame you for that. That's OK. While I have you
here on the stage, which mob are you voting for? I think if I don't say am
voting for the Iceologer, my team will kill me.

But it's an amazing mob. It brings a lot of
fun to dungeons. And I think it will bring a lot
of fun to Minecraft as well. OK, I figured you would
say that but I had to ask. [LAURA LAUGHS] So tell me about the launch
of Dungeons this year. Oh, wow, that
was quite the ride. It was such a crazy launch.

I don't think anybody in the
team expected to ever release a game from home. So we were all sitting in
this massive Teams call and sharing streams with each
other, and sharing videos, and comments from players. And it was very good. It was fun in a different way. What would you say
was your favorite thing from the release? I think it was how people
came together to play the game. It was very fun to see parents
show their children dungeon crawlers, and children show
their parents Minecraft. I don't know, it was very
nice to see everyone just sit together and play and enjoy. That sounds wonderful. Yes. Well, let's take a look at
what the community has done with what's come out so far.

Yeah. [STATIC] Cannot actually believe that
we got close to the end and it was like, no, time to be
blow up by more creepers. They absolutely hate
you, those creepers. Oh yeah, Tom, you're
welcome to join us. GAMING KAZU:
[NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] So the village merchant,
a really cool merchant. Simple, straightforward
items, and definitely a nice addition to the game. A good replacement for
the wandering trader. Now let's go check in with our
friend the blacksmith here.

This is definitely something
that I'm looking forward to because this is one of
the coolest things that has possibly come to the game. VINNICCU513:
[NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Oh boy, oh boy. All right, all right. I see what's going on here. I see what's going on here. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Stop killing the
pandas, you monster! Stop killing the pandas! Dude, we have to
save the villagers! [gasps] Wait, our
villagers are right there. You are free, villager! You must find the
caravan of other villagers. That's foul. Ooh, I got
invisibility potion. Ooh. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Holy smokes! Boom! You all right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I put my– Dude, this is– Ooh, look, look,
there's a pig! What the heck? Hit the pig! Get the pig! Oh, no! Red!
No! Back! No! Oh, God! [ALL LAUGH] That looks so fun.

Yeah, it's so cool to see
people have fun with the game. VU BUI: And it's fun
to play and watch. Yes, I hope so at least. But this week, you
also had another launch. Oh, this month has
been a crazy month. We haven't stopped
doing things, I Feel we released, first the
crippling winter together with our new merchants and
the new daily trials, which was awesome. I hope everyone loved it. We launch for
xCloud, so now people can play on mobile,
which is so fun.

I really like that. And this week, we just
launched in China. So now we get to welcome
our Chinese friends to the community. And I am super happy about that. That's really exciting. Well now we have a question
from the community for you. All right. [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] OK, he snuck two
questions into that. Yes, but they were
great questions. And thank you for sending them. Regarding the first
question, I think we were very excited to
see how fast people found the secret mushroom level. I was very confused about
it as well because we had worked very hard on
making it very secretive and having little snippets
of things everywhere. But players are so smart. They found it so fast. So if you haven't played
the mushroom level, go check it out
because it's very fun. And the second question? Right, so that's what we
are here to talk about today. We're going to talk
about our upcoming DLC the that we prepared with
our friends at Double Eleven, and that's called
the Howling Peaks. So we're going to the mountains
with Dungeons, as well.

That's awesome. Yeah. Why don't we take a look
at some live gameplay? Yeah, let's check it out. We are very lucky today
that we have four members of the Dungeon team with us. Here's Mariana with
the Nintendo Switch. Hello. Here's Chris at the PC. Here's David at
the PlayStation 4. And at the Xbox
One, we have Annika. So we get to show you here
for the first time cross-play, which we're very excited about. So people can play
together from everywhere. VU BUI: That's exciting. LAURA DE LLORENS:
And yeah, that's our first look at the mountains
biome coming to dungeons. VU BUI: Already, I see
a goat right there. LAURA DE LLORENS: Oh, yeah. Yeah, we were so happy. We asked the Minecraft team
if we could bring goats to dungeons, and they said, yes. So we get to release them
a bit first in Dungeons.

So we're super
excited about that. They're equally as mischievous. [GOATS BELTING, VU BUI LAUGHS] Yes. VU BUI: So I see a lot of wind
coming out of these grates. LAURA DE LLORENS: Yes,
wind is a mechanic that we're going to explore a
lot in the mountains missions. And the players will be
both challenged by it and we'll be able to use it. So the wind will
push the player, so you need to be a bit careful. But at the same time,
you'll be able to use it to solve puzzles, push
items, and open doors, and stuff like that. So, yeah. VU BUI: That's awesome. What is this we're looking at? LAURA DE LLORENS: Right, so
yeah, our mountains biomes are so, so tall
that the player will need to find new ways
to traverse the levels. So that's a mountain lift. And there's going to be full
of this little contraptions all around. VU BUI: That seems like a
really fun new mechanic. LAURA DE LLORENS: Yes.

Yeah, the goats are all around. And you need to be careful
with them, because– VU BUI: Yeah, I saw them attack. LAURA DE LLORENS:
Yes, they're really going to push you out of the
edge if you're not too careful. VU BUI: So leave
the goats alone. LAURA DE LLORENS: Yes. [VU BUI CHUCKLES] Let's leave the goats alone. That's very important. And as you'll see in
a bit, the Iceologers that you can find
in this mission, and in all the
mountains missions, are very ready for the weather.

So they are wearing their
little cozy clothes. And they're wind resistant,
which means that while the player will be challenged by
the wind, the Iceologers won't. VU BUI: Oh, what are these? LAURA DE LLORENS: These are new
mobs called the Wind Callers. And that's a ravager,
coming for the first time to Minecraft Dungeons. That's another Minecraft
mob that we get to welcome. There's quite study. VU BUI: So what do
the Wind Callers do? LAURA DE LLORENS:
Right the Wind Callers spawn a draft of wind
right under the player, and they push the player up so
the player gets fall damage. VU BUI: Oh, OK. LAURA DE LLORENS:
It's very important to deal with them
quick or run away because they're going to be
painful to combat otherwise. VU BUI: Well, they're
doing a pretty good job against the twin towers. LAURA DE LLORENS: Yes,
our adventures are strong. [VU BUI CHUCKLES] VU BUI: OK. LAURA DE LLORENS: Ooh. VU BUI: And then there
are three ravagers.

LAURA DE LLORENS: Yeah, that's
going to be an interesting one. But so far, I can see
that all the consoles are working very neatly together. We're super happy about that. It's been progressing
very nicely. And we hope that everyone
can soon play together. Oh, that was an Iceologer,
I wanted to say– [VU BUI LAUGHS] –that's my favorite mob. But he went too fast. VU BUI: But it didn't
stay around too long. [LAURA LAUGHS] LAURA DE LLORENS: Yes. VU BUI: All right, we're leading
up to this big ravager battle. LAURA DE LLORENS: Yes. But I think we can let
our adventures deal with the ravagers. [BOTH LAUGH] VU BUI: Not very well. LAURA DE LLORENS: No. [BOTH LAUGH] Yeah. So with all of this, you also
have a new game mode coming. Yeah, the game mode is
coming very, very soon. And it's going to be for
all the players for free. And that's called
"Apocalypse Plus," which means that we're
making the game just, you know, harder,
a bit of the time.

Yeah, for every player. When you call
something "apocalypse," It sounds very hard. Yeah, and "Apocalypse Plus"
means that it gets even harder. So hopefully, players get
to find new challenges. And we found different
ways to tweak the balance so the challenge is
different every time. OK, that's a lot of stuff. You're working on even more
new things for dungeons. We're working
on a ton of stuff. I feel we've been so busy. It's crazy. But yeah, we have
today a little video with a lot of work in progress. Work in progress, though. VU BUI: Very work in progress. Yes. But yeah, I think we
should look at the video. VU BUI: Wait, that's my line. Mm, I'm sorry. [LAURA LAUGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING]  
01:08:22,855 –> 01:09:16,810
* One of my favorite things
we do at Mojang Studios is Minecraft Education Edition. Students around the
world are able to learn in exciting and interactive
ways using the game as a learning-based platform.

Students and teachers in 115
countries around the world are able to collaborate,
learn, and share together. Minecraft has always been
a way to connect people, and we've seen that
now more than ever with Minecraft Education Edition
being used in remote learning. When you're in the
game, you don't have to feel so far away
from your classmates. From creating graduation
ceremonies in Japan, to creating first
day orientations for American universities, to
teachers doing virtual meetups, we've seen students and
teachers using the game in incredible ways. Today, we're launching our
first ever Minecraft Education Edition Global Challenge for
students around the world to build a better world with us. LYDIA WINTERS (VOICEOVER):
Over the past few months, we've seen wildlife
roam through cities while humans stayed inside. Without cruise ships and
ferries around, dolphins visited the Port of
Cagliari in Sardinia, Italy, and wild boar roam the
streets of Barcelona.

But what if animals could
share a space with humans all the time? Today, we're kicking off the
first ever Minecraft Education Global Build Championship
and asking students around the world
to design and build healthy spaces for humans and
animals to co-exist together. What will you build? Hey, I'm Ayannah. I'm a developer on
the Minecraft ream. If I were to participate in
the Global Build Challenge, I'd built a series
of underwater tubes so we transport things without
disturbing me the aquatic life. Hello, everyone. I'm OMGChad. And if I were to design a build
for the global championship, I would make a house with a
habitat for my cats on top. And I would call
(VOICEOVER): Design an build your own solution in
Minecraft Education Edition for the chance to win
Minecoins, awesome Minecraft gear, and a video chat
with Mojang Studios. The championship opens today.  
01:11:43,050 –> 01:11:45,930
You can register today and
download the championship world template.

We can't wait to see
your amazing ideas. And Jens and I can't wait to
see the winner on video chat. We get the awesome prize of
chatting with you no matter who wins. For those of you who don't
have Education Edition, we have something for you, too. Our Education team has already
added amazing free lessons to Minecraft Marketplace. We've also been working
with some amazing educators on a new series about diversity
and inclusion coming this fall. Hi, Minecraft Live. I'm Kenneth Shelton. And along with my fellow
educators, Felicia Ford and Natasha Rachell, we've been
building a series of Minecraft lessons that will
help people explore topics of social justice,
equity, identity, and tolerance. The first of these lessons
is called Good Trouble, and it's based on the life
and philosophy of congressmen and civil rights
activist, John Lewis.

The additional lessons continue
teaching about social justice from across the world and
through time, from Black Lives Matter, to Malala's
quest in Pakistan to achieve equal education
for girls, to the Civil Rights Movement of 1960s
America, to the women's suffragette movement, and more. We can't wait to share
these important lessons with the Minecraft community. I'm looking forward to
playing through the Good Trouble lessons myself. Together with the
Minecraft community, we commemorated Juneteenth
with contributions to the Black Lives
Matter Global Network Foundation, Equal Justice
Initiative, and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. We're proud to continue
supporting organizations that fight for equity and
equality in the world by making an additional donation
today to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. This brings our
2020 contributions to over $2 million. Beyond this, we continue
to look within our company, our products, and ourselves
for how we can help create a more inclusive world. [MUSIC PLAYING]  
01:13:45,910 –> 01:13:48,790
Now it's time for a brand
new segment of our show. You may have missed our next
guest during the Minecraft update segment. But not to worry, you're about
to get some dedicated time with the one and only @Jeb.

Hello! Hello, thank you very much. LYDIA WINTERS: It was very
different not having you in the Minecraft update section. Yes, yes it's a
little bit different this year since we always want
the ones that are actually working on the
features of the games to be the ones that get to
talk about them because we feel like it that's more
genuine in that way. So what are you
working on then? Yeah, that's a good question. No, of course, I still
spend a lot of time with Vanilla and
Agnes and the team. But I now work with
all our products, all our games, like
the board games, and trying to support our
developers and designers to capture the Minecraft feeling
and make them fit together.

But honestly, everyone
is so talented, so it's actually
quite an easy job. But it helped everyone, both
in Stockholm and in Redmond, I wrote a book, a
Minecraft game design book. LYDIA WINTERS: Are you trying
to sell that to everyone in the audience watching? No, this is only for
Mojang Studios employees. It contains a lot of secrets. But it was helpful when the
team grew to explain my thoughts and ideas about Minecraft. And for Vanilla in
particular, there are some guiding
principles that are going to help us
continue updating the game for many years to come. LYDIA WINTERS:
But you did decide to share some today so
people can see what's in the @Jeb game design book. Absolutely, so one of
these guiding principles is, it maybe sounds obvious,
but that is it's always one block at a time. You place one block. You remove one block. You pull one lever. And your trigger one TNT. And of course, that
causes a big explosion. But at the core, the interaction
is always one block at a time. And it's not only important
for the way you play the game, but it's also and if you're
playing together with someone.

Let's say you're building
a house or something. LYDIA WINTERS: Mm-hmm. Then I will be able to
observe what you're doing and quickly understand
where you're going, and then I can help you. And every block counts. If you would just copy/paste
or make templates and such, then it would be a little
bit harder to collaborate. And also, Minecraft is a lot
about the journey to create a massive castle, or whatever. So it is important to be
able to retain that feeling. And you have
another principle, but it applies pretty directly
to a community question that we have.  
01:16:59,500 –> 01:17:11,680
community inspired me to try to take
on a new language. But I have a long
way to go, honestly. But about the question,
if we're going to add things like
natural disasters, that contradicts one of our
other guiding principles, that bad things happen,
but they're technically the players' fault. LYDIA WINTERS: OK,
they're the players fault.

Yes, in the sense that it
was either caused by a player, like a griefer or
summoning the weather, or a player was nearby, such
as when a creeper explodes. So whenever something
bad happens, we want to make sure that the
players are either actively taking part of
that or have a way to prevent it from happening. And an earthquake or a
tornado would obviously destroy something that
you've spent hours building. But there's definitely
a few I can think of– JENS BERGENSTEN: Yes –that maybe fall
outside of this principle. There are still a few cases,
like a man can grab a block and maybe break
up some Redstone, or you can have an unlucky wolf
running into your sheep garden. [LAUGHS] But there's
also the worst thing is, of course,
lightning strikes. That can set your
whole house on fire. But I'm hoping that
Agnes and the team may have a plan for that. Mm Exciting. JENS BERGENSTEN: Mm-hmm. So what's the last feature
you were active in developing? Yes, the last feature I did
was the Netherite feature. And I thought that was a very
important part of the Nether update.

But I wanted to
help wherever I can. But since I'm working with so
many different projects now, I don't want to do something
halfway and then leave it to the team to fix my bugs. [CHUCKLES] So I try to be a
little bit hands off. But recently, I've,
of course, also been working a little bit on
making a combat test snapshots. That leads us to another
community question. Hey, I'm DanTDM,
and I would love to know what kind of combat
mechanic changes are being made to Minecraft Java Edition.

Yes, and that's an
excellent question.  
01:19:42,600 –> 01:19:47,930
We currently have a problem that
on the two different editions of the game, there are two
different combat mechanics or combat systems. And that's bad, both
for us as designers that have to take both
systems into account, but also bad for the
community that wants to have the same experience. So the main objective
is to reach parity. But I still want to make sure
that we make a system that fits with the building,
that doesn't distract too much from building,
but still gives us this depth that allows us to
design interesting behaviors. Also, I want to make sure that
it works good in both players' environment, That means
adventuring and players versus player. And I want to make sure
that it feels good playing both with mouse and
keyboard, and when you're on a
controller, you don't get tired by frequently
pressing the trigger. And we also want to improve
touch, the light touch experience. So it's a lot to do.

[LAUGHS] But you said you weren't
working on feature development. but then– Yeah. LYDIA WINTERS: –you
are working on combat? Yes, of course,
it's a little bit hard to keep your hand out of
the feature cookie jar. [BOTH LAUGH] But in this case, I
also felt that this was an area where I could help
the team so they could focus on doing the content updates. But at some point in the
future, I will of course dump this on the team. [BOTH LAUGH] OK– SO exactly what you
said you don't want to do. Yes, yes. And they will have to carry
it over the finish line. LYDIA WINTERS: Nice. Now speaking of combat, we just
had a really cool announcement about Alex and Steve coming
to Super Smash Brothers. Yes, and that is so amazing. And just like I said,
like my job gets easier because everyone's so talented. And just in this case,
Sakurai San and his team, they really understand
Minecraft and have made an absolutely amazing
Super Smash Brothers fighter.

And Sakurai has also
made a really amazing video for all of us in the community. [MUSIC PLAYING] [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] That was a really
big secret to keep. Yes. [LAUGHS] And it was
a really hard secret to keep even in the
studio because it was super, super, super secret. But it has been so fun,
so much fun to work on. LYDIA WINTERS: Yeah, it's
amazing to see the community reaction.

Yes. OK, so we're going
to switch gears here. You have a famous saying
within the office, which is, "The world would
be a better place if everyone played Minecraft." And why do you think that? Yeah, I suppose the quote
this gotten a life of its own. LYDIA WINTERS: It
definitely has. But yes, I think Minecraft
unleashes people's creativity and helps them collaborate,
but also teaches them certain things, like
geometry, languages, and math. So yes, I do think that the
world would be a better place if everyone played Minecraft. But I know that you
also are very engaged in building a better world. You're interviewing
me now, Jens. [JENS CHUCKLES] Thanks. I feel so privileged to work
on Minecraft because of all the amazing things
that people do with it, from Education
Edition and something I'm extremely passionate
about his Block by Block, which is our
partnership with UN-Habitat.

And it's really helping people
re-imagine their public space and then have it built. [MUSIC PLAYING] I love this place. It's such a nice area. But it has not always
been like this. [TAPE REWINDING] [SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] FEMALE 1: Well before, the
area felt very cold and unsafe. FEMALE 2: Basically, it was
just an abandoned place. Block by Block is a
program created by Mojang and UN-Habitat where we use
Minecraft to help community members redesign
their neighborhoods.

Kosovo has been impacted
by years of conflict. And in those
situations, we often see communities divided and
public spaces neglected. It was a really cool project
because even the little kids like me could help out to
make the city a better place. They got to use
Minecraft to sketch and try different solutions about how
the space could be improved. It was very fun
because you felt like to be able to help the
city while just playing.

After that, the ideas were
presented to local architects and city planners. And later that year,
construction started.  
01:25:50,240 –> 01:25:53,720
It's been five years since
we participated in the program. And this street, since then,
has become more developed. And it is now more
frequented than before.  
01:26:02,900 –> 01:26:04,940
It seemed kind of
unbelievable that this was made with Minecraft. So seeing my own idea
as a kid changing a whole area in my city,
it was very special to me. It's unbelievable that
we were able to make reality what was once only an
idea in our computer screen. Finally, decision makers have
changed their perspective, because maybe they realized
that we can make a change. In a democracy, you
want all the people who live in that community to
be asked about what's going to happen in that community. So this is a perfect example. The community was asked. The community decided. The community designed. And the community is using it.

I'm probably going
to be really happy and be like, hey,
friends, I made this. I walk here almost every day. And every time I
see it and I see a lot of people
spending time here, it's a very gratifying feeling. I just hope it will become
real as soon as possible. The reaction of the
community was great. And to me, it was
a great feeling which I'll never forget. I came up with the skate
park idea and some trees surrounding the park.

It is possible
to change the world and make your dreams come true.  
01:27:15,430 –> 01:27:17,640
It's felt like
I was being heard. And being heard and listened
to is one of the best feelings that you could feel.  
01:27:27,180 –> 01:27:29,340
I actually was
able to go to Kosovo at the start of that project. And it's just amazing to see the
transformation using Minecraft. Yeah, it is,
It's amazing, yes. Jens you must've seen
a lot of amazing things because you're about to hit your
10 year anniversary at Mojang Studios in two or three months Yes, it's true.

Yeah, it has been an amazing
journey, this these 10 years. And I have had so much
fun working on Minecraft. But of course, I am
also a Minecraft player, and we're all with
the community. And in the end, it's really the
players and the community that gives everything its purpose. Yeah, absolutely. And from myself as
part of the community, I just want to say thank
you for the 10 years and all that you've done for Minecraft. It's made a huge
difference in my life and I think many people
watching right now. Thank you. Thank you so much, Jens.

[LAUGHS] Last year at Live, we
announced the Nether update. Maybe since then
you've been wondering about what it would be like
to attend another ballet. Wonder no more. Our friends at Element
Animation will dance us through all the new
Nether features. [CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING]  
01:29:52,519 –> 01:29:55,998
01:29:58,570 –> 01:30:02,080
The results of the first
round of voting are in. The round which determine
which mob's dreams would be dashed with no hope of
making it into the final round.

And it was intense. But sadly, let's all say a fond
farewell to the poor Moobloom. Then, forget it ever
existed because it's time to vote again. We are now down to the
Iceologer and the Glow Squid. And in the first round,
they were quite close. I'm quite interested
to see where the voters of the
Moobloom will go. If you missed the
first round of voting, make sure you get
in on this one. It determines which one of these
two makes it into Minecraft.

I know who I'll be voting for. The final voting
poll is live now. This is your chance
to have a say in what goes into Minecraft. So don't leave yourself out. Log into Twitter and go vote. [BUZZING, THEME MUSIC PLAYING]  
01:31:05,340 –> 01:31:08,220
Hello, I'm Quinn, head of the
Marketplace Partner Program. And I'm joined by two
of my favorite people. How about you guys
introduce yourselves? Hi, I'm Fanny. I'm a developer on the
creator assistance team. And the work with
do is create tools for our creator community. And some of them
are very visible, and we're going to
talk about them later. Some others are more
behind the scenes and that help our
creators make content that is more efficient and
reliable, like the Shulker command that is coming out soon.

I'm Jason. I'm a developer in
the engine team, and we've been
responsible for a lot of the modding-type
capabilities that have come to bedrock over
the last couple of years. That's super cool. So your teams help
make creator tools for all of our incredible
marketplace partners all around the world to
help make content for you. (upbeat music) (foreign language) Whetu Pritri from Piki Studios. Here at Aotearoa a team of three making
content for the Marketplace and Minecraft Education. (upbeat music) – I'm Beanie from Zombeanie. And I run a small studio
based in California. We create lots of market place content, and I've been making tutorials for the last seven years. To teach others how to make
their own Minecraft skins (upbeat music) – (foreign language) My name is Marc from Kubo studios and we are 15 working
here in the Philippines. (upbeat music) – Hi, I'm Tian from Everbloom Games and we have 38 people
working here in England. (upbeat music) – Hi, I'm Liping Lin. This is Linscraft and we hope you like our
stuff on Marketplace. (upbeat music) – Hey everyone. I cannot believe I'm part
of Minecraft Live this year.

My name is Yasser aka StarkTMA_ from MCTexels and we are super, super
excited about the new outfits. I'm Vicki, also known as
Vicki pixels from Nether Pixel studios and I get to spend
my days making content and working with awesome people. (upbeat music) – Hi, I'm Dran for GoE Craft and we are 20 people working
here in Israel. Shalom! And the best part
is all these features can be used by all creators. So what do you have
to show us today? Yeah, so for the
last couple of years, we've been doing a lot of work
with the entities in the game. So this time, we've
doubled down and gotten it so that we focused
on items and blocks. So as part of that,
I've made a custom crop to show off a lot
of capabilities. So over the summer,
everyone at Mojang Studios was given tomato
seeds to try and grow a tomato plant at home.

So I thought that was perfect
inspiration to go make a crop. So you can interact and place
the seed, use the crops. See, they're kind of growing. We got a couple of them
getting the flower stage. We got a few now that
I can actually go pick. So in this case, I've made them
work like the sweet berry bush where you can just
right-click on him. But I think tomatoes
taste disgusting, so I thought it was
better to make them as something you can throw.

So Quinn an I had some fun. We were throwing them around. It's harmless, or
sort of harmless. QUINN RICHTER: Yes,
totally harmless. JASON MAJOR: Yeah. QUINN RICHTER: (LAUGHING)
You knocked me in the lava. FANNY VADILLO HERRERA:
That's so mean. JASON MAJOR: It was
mostly by accident. But tomatoes will actually
rot on the vine as well. And if they rot
for too long, you get a little rotten tomato
monster they can spawn from it. And I'm going to going
to fight him off here.  
01:35:38,170 –> 01:35:40,900
But yeah, he throws
rotten tomatoes. They don't fly as far
as a regular tomato, but they knock you
back a lot more.

But based off all this
stuff, I think tomatoes maybe aren't the best idea. So I'm going to get
rid of all my plants and never grow them again. Yeah, I agree with
you on this one. Yeah. But they're so healthy. Eh. That's true, they
are pretty healthy. [ALL LAUGH] So with all of these
new custom crops, creators can go and make some
really cool farming-style maps. Oh, definitely. I think crops are a great
example of showing off how they all can come together
because you get the items that you can get there.

Normally, you would eat the item
or you can make projectiles. But they also have
the ability to get events that are fired from
things like a tick event. So as that event is fired,
you can make the block run through multiple
stages of growth. And eventually, we
get it to the point to where you can
choose what loot spawns at various stages of
growth and stuff like that. Yeah, I was really
quite cool how you could interact with them
like a normal berry bush. Yeah.
But then get the tomato out. Yeah, it's just
another interaction, it's an interactive event
that you can key into. Yeah. And then there's a tomato
monster there at the end, too. Yeah, I call him "Tunnel". [QUINN AND FANNY CHUCKLE] Yeah, it's so cute. It's not even scary. But yeah, it's an
example of what you can do with combining
events and commands.

That's one of the
features that our creators have requested for
so long, just having commands to be able to run
them when something happens. So now, in addition to
doing it with actors, you can also do it with blocks
and items, in this case, as the flower was rotting,
you can disappear that crop. And also, someone
had tomato ones. Yeah. A tomato monster,
a Tommo monster. Yes. Well, that's really cool
because I can totally see creators using all of
those combinations of features to make some really cool
adventures and maps. Yeah, for example, the
little adventure that we can show you where we were
going through the desert, and then we found this
mysterious golden skull and also an equally
mysterious pedestal in the middle of the desert. So we decide to place our
golden skull over there and see what happens. And yes, we have a
mountain that is hollow.

And as the brave warriors that
we are, we went exploring. And obviously, we found
some creepy monsters inside. Luckily, we have our trusty,
custom sword to fight them off. JASON MAJOR: Oh, that helps. I'm not sure if we
even survived that. Yeah, that doesn't
seem very safe. No. No, not at all. But that pedestal,
I know that's one of the most requested
features, block models. Yeah, so I've been super
excited that we've finally be able to get block models in. It's something that we've
been wanting to do for years. And we're finally able to
work on them and get them in.

So we've got it working
with using the same formats that we've been using for the
entities, so the same tools that people have been using
to build custom mobs they can use to build the blocks with. Oh, that's cool. So you don't even have
to learn a new skill, you can just continue to– No, it's almost identical. That's awesome. And I noticed on the hot
bar with the golden skull, there was a little red triangle. What was that? Yes, it's a set of features
they we're calling "item lock." I don't know if you've found
yourselves something just going through some content and
you have this special item, and then you die and
you lose it or maybe you drop it accidentally.

Now, we've made it so
that creators can actually lock something on your inventory
so that when you die or you press Q, it won't go away. That way, you don't lose
your mysterious golden skull to unlock the next stage. Yeah, that's so. I was going to say,
that makes it super easy because I've definitely
been in an adventure map and I lost the key
on accident, and then I had to go and
try and fix that. Yeah. And the when you
place the skull, there was a lot going
on in the background. Mm-hmm, there's three features
to talk about right there. The first one is we wanted to
give more power to creators with cameras. And even if it's just a
small one where we just shake this screen, I don't
know if you noticed that one. And then you can help players
convey something like, there's an earthquake
going on or maybe something is about to fall over you. So you can do that
with these new tools. JASON MAJOR: Or dinosaurs.

Or dinosaurs. JASON MAJOR: Maybe
that's the first steps. Yes. The second one that we noticed
there is in structures, you can now place
them using commands. Whereas before,
you had to be using a structure block, which is more
complicated and time consuming. Now, you can do it
much more easily. And as part of
those commands, you can now animate the
structure placement. For those that noticed
the mountain was opening, and that was just a
structure animating.

We provide a couple of effects. One is just a 3D
printing animation, and the other one
is layer by layer. And yeah, you can combine
them to just achieve very cool effects. Yeah, I can see
craters using those to add just another level
of polish to their world. Exactly. Absolutely. And then I recognize
the scorpions. Yeah, well the
desert theme, it felt appropriate
to bring them back.

They've always been one of my
personal favorite custom mobs that I've ever built. Yeah, well after watching
that video for so long, I ended up having a nightmare
about having to rescue my mob– Oh, really? –from like aliens
riding a scorpion. It was crazy. I'm sorry, that was
not the intention. [ALL LAUGH] It was creepy and funny. Yeah, well speaking of aliens,
I know our team put together a really cool sci-fi
parkour map that, well, they made you run
through, Jason. Yeah, I'm pretty
sure they knew this when they asked
me to run through it.

But I'm pretty awful at Parkour. So it took a few tries to
get a clean run through. But at the beginning here, it's
a pretty typical parkour map of running and jumping. But we definitely have
some twists up ahead. And here's the first one. Even I know I can't
make that jump. So let's see what's
in the chest. And we got a sliminator. So I'm pretty sure you
know what to do here. So now, hopefully
I will jump and be able to clear, clear this gap. And please– yes! So I get up so you get
teleported the next section. Try to make it along and see
what next obstacle we have. Now I know the chests have
useful things in them, so we've got a block in here,
and we'll throw that across, and get a little platform. Now I can make this jump. Even I can make that jump. [ALL LAUGH] And we got the hot dog or the
cyber dog, and blow it up.

But it poisoned me, so I
needed to use the antidote to rescue me there. Make it across and
get through here. Now we got a wall in
the way, so let's see what tool we have to
get through the wall. I've got this wand,
and insta-presto. And get through here. Keep going along.  
01:42:13,480 –> 01:42:15,570
And this should be our
last obstacle here.

But I can see the teleport pad. But I can't quite get to it. But that shaft up above
looks promising along with the ladder. Let's go up and see
what we get here. We fall down. And the block breaks so I
can get to the teleporter. And Fanny's already there. FANNY VADILLO
HERRERA: You made it. JASON MAJOR: Of course. Yeah, finally. Wow, that's super cool. 86 times. I love just the
aesthetic of that, too, as well as like all
the art and things. So, those teleport blocks. FANNY VADILLO HERRERA: Mm-hmm It does seem like
a really cool way to add another
level of immersion to the worlds you're creating. Yeah, with data-driven
items, some blocks, we get so many new events
that you can act on. Like for example in the
case of the teleporters, you can of step on it, and
then an event would trigger.

And you can react
in so many ways. You can add particles, or
in this case, for example, you run a series of commands
and just teleport you to the next area. That's awesome. And I love the sliminator,
the blockinator, and the magic wand. Yeah. I've never seen
items do that before. Yeah, so see,
that another example of how combining the same
tools, you can achieve so many different effects. For example, the sliminator
was just using the even, and then replace, sorry, and
the field command, right? To replace the blocks at
the bottom with the slimes. And then the next
one we have the wand, and that one is just
replacing blocks with air. And then we also
had the blockinator which allowed you to walk
by, replacing some blocks, replacing air with blocks.

So just by combining
events and the same command in different ways, there's
just so many cool effects. Yeah, so just small
little simple things you can combine in
lots of different ways. Mm-hmm.
Yeah. You get a wide
variety of results. And even that blockinator
allows you to make that jump. Yes. And Then I also saw that there was
messing with mob effects, too, as well. Yeah, so we had an example
of custom food in there. But in addition to
just satisfying hunger like a food normally does, you
can add and remove mob effects. So we had the cyber dog,
they gave three effects: the levitation,
nausea, and poison. And then we had the
antidote that would actually only remove two of them. So unlike bucket of milk
that removes all mob effects, you can make things that
remove very specific things.

Yeah, and it
seemed like you got, after you used that
or after you used the magic wand to
get to that wall, it seemed like you were stuck. But there was something else
that was going on there. Oh, yeah. So there is the block
that was in my way. So we made it so that
another one of these events, similar to the on, step on,
is we also have it on fall on. So in this case, it
was just on fall on. And you can set what distance
you want the event to trigger. So you have to fall at least 10
blocks or something like that. And when you land
on it, we then break the block, similar to
what the tomato plant. Mm-hmm. And other things
that we saw earlier. Yeah, and it seemed like
it took you quite a few tries to make it through. But Danny was able
to do it first try. Yes, unlike others, 86 times. Yeah. Yeah. One new feature that we
have is that on broad text, you'll be able to show the
names of the players that are of interest at that
moment and also show scores.

Like in this case,
we were tracking how many times Major was dying. Yeah, well thank you both
for coming onto the stage and talking a little about these
creator tools and new features that are coming out. And with these new
features, there is going to be a pretty
amazing new thing coming out later this year for
all Minecraft players. [MUSIC PLAYING, SIREN WAILING]  
01:45:31,010 –> 01:45:32,690
PA: Remember, GDL will not be held responsible
in the event of a likely death. * Your descent will
begin in 3, 2, 1.  
01:45:58,235 –> 01:46:01,686
01:46:04,700 –> 01:46:08,010
We know you've waited a
long time for this update.

And if you thought the first
set of features for the caves were awesome, it's time
for even more awesomeness. Agnes and Nir from the Vanilla
Minecraft Gameplay Team are here to tell us
what else is coming to the Caves and
the Cliffs update. Hello, welcome. Hello. Hey. How does it feel? It's so amazing. It's so awesome to
finally be able to share that with everyone. Yes, it feels great. And we have looked a bit at
Tweets during the break, and– LYDIA WINTERS: We
have some more Tweets.

Oh, we have more Tweets? LYDIA WINTERS: Yes! [AGNES LAUGHS] NIR VAKNIN: Wireless
Redstone, of course. AGNES LARSSON: Oh, yeah. Yes, there will be so many cool
things you can build with that. And The Warden, it's amazing
to see all the excitement. NIR VAKNIN: It's so cool. Nir, you recently joined
the Mojang studios team. Yes, I joined this year. But honestly, I'm not completely
sure how that happened. And not just joining
Mojang, I'm not really sure how I'm here in Minecraft Live. Because just last
year, I was home, I was glued to
the screen, just I had to know what the next
thing is coming to Minecraft. And today, it's
not only that I get to share that, it's I got to
work on some of those things. So it's fairly incredible. But yeah, I've been
I've been developing games for a few years now. And more recently,
I've actually worked with this non-profit
organization called Games for Peace, which is an amazing
organization which basically uses games to promote peace.

He takes kids from areas of
conflict all around the world and sits them down
to play Minecraft. And sometimes, these kids, they
don't even share a language so they can't talk. So Minecraft is the
language they share. Minecraft is what
helps them connect and get to know each other. And it creates
friendships, right? It was amazing
being part of that. It's so cool. Sometimes I feel
like, oh, I know all the amazing things that
are happening with Minecraft. And then you described
that to Agnes and I, and we both were like– Yeah. –we've never heard that. And it's so, so cool. It's so beautiful. It's amazing. Absolutely beautiful. So in this update, you've
been really looking at like filling out
the caves even more. Yes, so there are even
more things to show. And in the things
we showed so far, it a lot about improving
the journey underground. But of course, we always
want to add new things to find, like new resources. And one of them are crystals. [FOOTSTEPS, DOOR OPENS]  
01:48:53,435 –> 01:48:56,914
01:49:09,340 –> 01:49:11,435
They're so beautiful! Yes.

Yes. The moment you turn
the corner and you see that glowing thing, that's so– Yeah. It's just, it's incredible. The aquifer in
the crystal geode– Yes! –it's like mystical. Yeah, they're so pretty. And we were thinking
a lot about what is the purpose for
crystals in Minecraft? And one thing is like,
they should have a use. And we will talk more about
one of the usages soon. But the other thing is a
lot about just adding a lot to the experience of exploring. We want them to be quite rare.

So when you find
them, it's really going to be magical because
they're just beautiful. And when you walk
on the crystals, you hear these sounds. Yeah, we talked
before about the pillar of the underground of marvel. I feel they're just the perfect
feature for that sort of thing, right? Yeah. But you can't just
take them with you. Right, so you can break the
plant we saw in the video, but they actually grow
from a very special block. And that block is unobtainable. It's sort of like you think
about spawners, right? You cannot just take it
and put it in your vase. It makes you go and build
farms all around your world. And that also encourages you
to create tunnels between them and find out ways of
transferring those items from place to place. And I just love those sort of
features that really encourage other gameplay in the game. As an explorer myself, I'm
very excited about finding all of these. Yes. And you mentioned
a usefulness to them. Oh, yeah. Yes. So from those crystal plants,
you get crystal shard items, and you can actually use
them to craft a telescope.

01:51:11,970 –> 01:51:13,570
That is amazing. It is. It's such a useful item. It's really cool. And the cool thing
is that– so yes, you use the crystal
shards to craft them, but you also need
something more. And that's also a new
thing that we added. [DIGGING]  
01:51:49,700 –> 01:51:52,220
It's copper! That's amazing. Yes, it's a new ore.

01:51:57,680 –> 01:51:59,560
You saw the copper in the video. And a very interesting
thing with the copper ore is that it generates
in a different way. So normal ore is often
like an orb blob, but copper is different. So imagine that you are out
mining and you see copper ore. So you're like, OK, I'm
going to mine the copper. And then you see some stone. It's like, hmm, they
look a bit different. So you're counting it to mine. And then you find
another copper ore, and you probably go like, OK,
I think I found a copper vein.

So we're actually adding
ore veins to Minecraft. And they really add
so much to mining. It gets so interesting
because it's kind of like following
a trace when you mine, and they tie so
well to the pillar we have about adding
strategy to mining. Yeah. LYDIA WINTERS: That's amazing. And you've personally
wanted copper in the game since you start, maybe
before you started. Yeah, uh-huh. Yeah, you mentioned
it once or twice. Well, maybe a few times. [AGNES AND NIR LAUGH] But, yes. So I think I got inspired
by the pretty copper roofs in Stockholm. NIR VAKNIN: Oh, yes. And they're all
green because we have so many old buildings there. And we've actually added that's
mechanic to Minecraft as well. So if you place a copper
block, it will first be orange. But after a while, a pretty
long time, it will turn green. And it's something,
ah, I think it's so cool because it actually
adds history to Minecraft. Because for example, if you have
a really old Minecraft World, then you can see on
a house and like, oh, their roof turned
all green, and then you know that that
house has been there for a really long time.

01:53:36,028 –> 01:53:39,514
01:53:57,970 –> 01:54:00,740
And copper won't only
be used for the telescope. You actually have another
really cool thing that you'll be able to craft with it. Yeah, so Jens talked a bit
before about these design principles that we have in
Minecraft, and one of them is that if something
bad happens, the player either caused it
or it has a way to avoid it. And one of those exceptions for
example is lightning striking. Now some people like to build
wooden roofs in Minecraft. Some even build
wood– wool roofs. Are you looking at me? [LAUGHS] I might. Not at all like the grandest
castle in my realm actually has a roof fully built up wool. NIR VAKNIN: Yeah,
that not a good idea. We built it before fires. [NIR LAUGHS] Yeah, so to try to help
the players with that, we are introducing
the lightning rod.

01:55:18,260 –> 01:55:22,010
That is very useful for
all the wool roofs out there. [ALL LAUGH] Yeah, I think this is
a problem that happened to a lot of our players. Even personally, I
had this peaceful game that I played with my partner,
and it was so peaceful. And we went out and we we're
looking at animals, collecting a few animals to our base. And we came back, and
our house was gone. And I was quite
confused because I consider myself
to be someone who knows a bit about Minecraft. And there are no creepers,
there were no endearment, so what happened? We figured that probably, a
lightning strike hit and burned down the house. And we were quite traumatized
because we were not prepared for this.

So I think this lightning rod is
really going to help with that. Yeah, and now you don't have
to worry about that problem anymore. No. I'm going to put lightning rods
everywhere on my wool roof. Good, good. It will be perfect. Now you've introduced
a lot of things already. And players already
have a lot of trouble with their inventory– True. –and the amount of items. But you have an idea for that. Yes, so as you know,
we keep adding new blocks and new items all the time. And that do create a bit
of an inventory problem. And we're aware of that. And we've actually been
thinking quite a lot how we can solve it.

Because we want to have
good gameplay solutions, we want it to be
balanced, and we actually have an item in this update
that will be really helpful, and it's the bundles. [MUSIC PLAYING, FOOTSTEPS]  
01:57:17,448 –> 01:57:20,920
01:57:25,880 –> 01:57:28,450
[DOOR CLOSES] Bundles! Yeah, this is awesome. It's such an elegant
solution as well. And I love it. I think we spent a lot of time
talking about the inventory problem. And I think one of
the biggest takeaways there was that this is
not actually one problem. It's constructed from
a lot of sub problems. For example, hot bar
management is one part of it. Getting a lot of blocks for
your huge build somewhere, that's something the
shockers help with. But I think there is a third
sub problem where every time you leave your base to
go exploring someone, your inventory keeps
getting full of junk. Like, this lot just
has two flowers, this lot just one seed, right? And I think the bundles
are really going to help with that problem.

Yes, so the
thing with a bundle is that you can place many
different kinds of items in one bundle. So many different kinds of
items in one inventory slot. So for example, I can take
these two flowers and one seed and put them in one bundle. [AGNES AND NIR LAUGH] It's great! And you could kind of use
them like presents, too. Oh, yes. I'm so excited about seeing
what players do with them in a shopping district, right? You can have the
bundle of the day which has a bunch of things with it,
or you can have secret bundles where you have three
of them in the chest, but you get a random one. I think it's really
going to be cool. Yes. And for example if your
friend has a birthday, you can put your prettiest
item in the bundle because it looks
like a gift wrapper.

And then you can
give it to a friend. That's so cool. We've talked so much today on
the really game design side. But how do you work
on the art side? We actually have a
very close collaboration with the art team. And it's great. [MUSIC PLAYING] MARIANA SALIMENA
(VOICEOVER): So my job is basically to get
an abstract idea and imagine how it would fit
into the Minecraft universe, and then start sketching it. So once a sketch
is finished, I sent everything to
the 3D artist that is going to model it and
animate it to make it alive. My job is to bring
sketches to life and make them move in 3D space. To work with a game that has
such a special look is amazing. It's a challenge. It's fun.

It's sometimes frustrating,
but it's very rewarding. I love it. I make the pixel
art of the blocks. And usually when I create a
block texture for a new rock type, it's going to be a lot. Like, I'm going to make
50 iterations of one block because I want to make it right. Every block is a building
block for people's imagination, right? So I try to like put a
little love in each block to make sure that people
can create what they want. So I think my favorite
thing about the Minecraft look is that it's very unexpected,
very unconventional.

And that's where the
"special" comes from. Minecraft, in
terms of game art, is special because it
has such a unique look. And it's very restricted. It has to be 3D pixel
art, and we can only work within those boundaries. So we have to think inside the
box, but also outside the box. I've been working on
this exciting new mob. This new mob we'll be
the cutest predator ever existed in Minecraft. This update is incredible. People have been waiting
for this for so long. And we're finally
going to do it. I hope that the community is
really, really happy about it. I hope they have a lot of
new stuff to play with. And I hope that they're excited
to see some concepts, as well.

It's so lovely when
you can think about all of the different jobs
within game development. I love seeing the artists
and developers, and we all, across the show, there's so
many different types of roles that people have. Yeah, and it's really
awesome to interact with all those roles and have
a lot of the back and forth. We're very open in
Mojang and getting ideas from all over the place. And specifically working
with the art team is amazing as well. You throw one idea to the
air and he draws something, and you're like, oh, what
is that white thing you're drawing?
I didn't even think about it.

And it starts so many
awesome ideas going. And we even integrate it
into our prototype process. And actually, I think until I
saw those sketches by the art team, I didn't really understand
what archaeology in Minecraft even means. Archaeology? Yes, so we're actually
adding a new system called "the archaeology system."  
02:01:41,580 –> 02:01:43,650
In this system,
you're basically going to find these excavation sites
all throughout your world.

You can make this new
tool called "the brush" that is going to help you
uncover the mysteries of all these dig sites. So you come to one of
these ancient structures and you can use the
brush to clear away some of the rubble that may have
collapsed in those structures. And sometimes, you might
even find something shiny inside them. But, and this is important,
if you are not careful enough, like in real life, you
can't destroy that artifact. And when that artifact
is gone, that artifact and all the secrets it
held are gone forever. But if you're careful
enough, if you take your time and you're deliberate,
you can get some of those hidden artifacts. And for example, here,
we got a ceramic shard, which is basically
how whoever lived here used to tell and pass
on their stories. AGNES LARSSON: I love the
story side of the archaeology because we often
talk about that we want to deepen the
mystery in Minecraft, and when you find
these hidden artifacts, you find like
connections and hints. And we will never
tell the full story, but these will
inspire the players to tell their own stories about
their own Minecraft worlds.

NIR VAKNIN: Exactly. I think it's going to be
really exciting to see what players do with them. For example, here
we see an excavation that someone built
for this where he can compare all the
different clues he finds, right? And try to preserve
whatever was down here. And he can compare what we
found with whatever new thing and try to connect
the pieces, right? And here we see those pieces
connected in a clay pot, actually trying to
reconstruct them back. And you can create that
wherever, however you like. You can create your
own stories or try to guess how those
pieces used to connect. AGNES LARSSON: Yeah,
it's also going to be very creative
with these new pots because you can put the
charge in any way you want. NIR VAKNIN: Exactly,
and when you're pleased with your creation,
you can fire them up, and you have your
own painted clay pot.

AGNES LARSSON: It's pretty! So Nir, is this
programmer art, still? [AGNES AND NIR CHUCKLE] Yeah, the art we're seeing
is still a work in progress. But I personally
like the dragon. I think it's cute. Yeah, I didn't say
programmer art isn't pretty. Yeah. The problem is the
artists are way too good. Yeah. They just make us
look bad, I don't know. [AGNES CHUCKLES] archaeology is amazing. The excavation site
is so incredible. I'm so excited about this. I've spent a lot
of time about it. And I actually got to do a
lot of awesome conversations with actual archaeologists
from all around the world. And it's been
honestly, I feel like I got so passionate
about it myself that their passion stuck to me.

And it was so amazing to
learn more about this. And I'm really excited to
see where it goes from here. And you have a Dev Diary
coming out on our YouTube channel where you kind of
explore all of the archaeology even more. Oh, yeah. It's honestly really,
really exciting. So I had so much fun with
this and I learned so much that I decided that
it can't stop with me. So we're going to
do a Dev Diary when we're actually going to talk
to those archaeologists. And actually, we might
even get to visit some interesting locations. That is amazing. Well, it feels very sad, but
we're almost out of time. But we've been
hinting at a new mob, like over the course of the
show, like three or four times.

So are you going to tell
us about it now, please? Yes, now we're
going to tell you. It's the cutest predator
you will ever meet. [RUSHING WATER]  
02:05:47,128 –> 02:05:50,586
02:06:04,430 –> 02:06:06,280
I feel like there's
only one sound I can make after seeing
that, which is like, squeee! [ALL LAUGH] Yes, it's so
adorable, the axolotls. LYDIA WINTERS: How did
you decide on axolotls? So when we add a
new mod to Minecraft, we really want it to have
its own unique character.

We want it to have purpose. And it's also a very good thing
if it happens to be ugly-cute, and axolotls is perfect. It has all of these things. Well, I guess on
the ugly-cuteness, it might be quite a big emphasis
on the cute side, but still. [AGNES AND NIR CHUCKLE] And we actually had A
brainstorm in the team. So we were like, OK,
we're going to add goats, but we want to add
another animal. And then, one of the
developers posted a big picture of an axolotl,
and we all went like, yes! Yes, this! This right now! It's perfect. It's like the
definition of ugly-cute. It's like made for Minecraft. NIR VAKNIN: Perfect. And then we also found
out that the axolotls are endangered in the real world. And we think it's good to have
endangered animals to Minecraft to create awareness around that. So that's also a good thing. Like with the bees. Yes, like with the bees
last year, for example. But, yeah, so with the axolotls,
as you saw in the video, they live in the Lush Caves and
they really add a lot of life to the Lush Caves.

And there is also
bucket of axolotls. [AGNES AND NIR CHUCKLE] Look at it! LYDIA WINTERS: I didn't
think it could get cuter. AGNES LARSSON: Neither did I. [AGNES AND NIR GIGGLE] That is just so cute. I don't know, but it's so cute. So when you're walking
around in a Lush Cave and you see some
axolotls, then you can actually scoop
them up in your bucket and take them with you. So maybe, you build like
a pretty aquarium for them in your base. Or maybe you bring them
to your ocean adventure. [WATER SPLASHING]  
02:08:09,823 –> 02:08:11,490
And now, I see why
you're calling them "the cutest predator
you'll ever meet." Exactly. So when you scoop
them up in a bucket, you can actually create your
own axolotl army basically, and charge into the
oceans with them. And they will help
you fight various– well, they'll attack
cute fish, as well. But they'll help you fight
the drones and the guardians. And they're actually quite
useful when fighting guardians because they have
this special ability that whenever they take
damage, they play dead.

And when they're
playing dead, no mob will actually attack them. So they have this time to region
back help and then jump back into the fight to
get it with you. And if you learn how to
cooperate with them really well, they might even heal
you during the battle. That is so cool. But OK, so you
added these two mobs that are as
different as possible with the warden and the axolotl. AGNES LARSSON: Yes. So this update is actually
a lot about contrast.

Which is great because it
creates a dramatic player experience, which is so good. So we're updating the
highest highs of Minecraft with the mountains,
we're updating the deepest of the caves, we
have this terrifying warden, the cutest axolotl. And also in the caves. Like, the lush caves are
very light and welcoming, and then the deep dark
is scary and challenging. I guess we can't forget
our little goat in there. Aww.
Right. It's kind of the in-between. AGNES LARSSON: Yeah, we
shouldn't forget the goat. Yeah, I guess it's in between. It is still very cute,
but, mhm, in between. No one can be cute as axolotl. No, I don't think so. Before we tell everyone
the winner of the mob vote, let's take a look back at
some of the exciting things that we've talked about today. [MUSIC PLAYING]  
02:11:25,350 –> 02:11:28,130
Before we get to our
mob vote, I think there's one more question
people are really going to want to
know: when are we going to do is get the
Caves and the Cliffs update? That's a good question.

So we plan to release
it summer 2021. And this actually
is really good. As I mentioned in the
beginning of the show, we really want to
have a lot of time to work together
with the community to gather feedback, see
all the great ideas, because the community always
has so many good ideas. So it feels good that we
now have a lot of time to actually work
together on this update. Amazing. And the community
decided on a new mob that will enter the game. So which one of you gets
to do the honors today? So I think Tiny Agnes has
been a bit mean this year. So I think you
should open it, Nir. You should announce
the winner, yes. [AGNES GIGGLES] Can I look first? LYDIA WINTERS: Yeah. You're going to know
before everyone else. Mm-hmm. It's the Glow Squid! Wow! [AGNES CHUCKLES] [UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING] AGNES LARSSON: Wow.

02:12:33,910 –> 02:12:36,720
I guess everyone was
mesmerized by the Glow Squid, not just the tiny ones. No, wow. I was really not
expecting that. That is so awesome! Yes! I didn't expect it at all. But it's great. And Glow Squid will look
so cool in the caves. Like, the aquifer– Exactly, they fit
this update so well. Yes, imagine it's
all dark in the caves, and then you see the Glow
Squids swimming around. LYDIA WINTERS: It
will be so beautiful. It will be so good. LYDIA WINTERS: Can they be
friends with the axolotls? Er, the axolotls are
predators, so I'm not sure. But we'll see. Oh, the axolotls might
actually attack the Glow Squid. Yeah. LYDIA WINTERS: Oh no. NIR VAKNIN: We'll
see, we'll see.

I'll talk to them. We'll think about it. Yes. LYDIA WINTERS: We have
committed to a lot of things, so I think we need to get work– We need to go to work. LYDIA WINTERS: –on
all of the things that we have shown in the show. Yeah. LYDIA WINTERS: For
all of you watching, Minecraft wouldn't be what it
is today without all of you. From all of us at Mojang
Studios, thank you so much. Bye! [MUSIC PLAYING]  [THEME MUSIC PLAYING]

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