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Meet My New Puppy!!! ūüź∂ Expanding My Family to 8 Dogs!


What's up everybody? welcome back 
to my channel! hi, how are ya??   oh my god you guys.. hi how are you? now oh my god 
since my last video we launched jeffree star skin!   the world is is a lot's happening in the world 
it's march by the way 2022 is zooming by i can't   believe i have skin care i have a line it's out 
oh my god and the feedback has been astronomically   amazing so thank you guys so much for such a crazy 
launch i'm like my head is still spinning and   we're back baby i needed a week or two to clear 
my head i have so much on my plate business-wise   which is the best thing ever i'm so blessed and 
grateful to be busy but you guys hi i missed you   it's been a few weeks how are you okay so today 
you i mean hello you saw the title i have a new   family member oh my god and i've been keeping it 
a secret and i've been really naughty so i'm sorry   yes it was time you guys i really wanted to expand 
my family now that i'm living in Wyoming and i   have a lot to show and reveal today so i have been 
doing a lot of vlogging a lot of you guys are like   jeffrey vlog more so we've been vlogging we have a 
lot of stuff and this video is a little journey so   before we dive into my new family member you guys 
how is everyone doing life is crazy it's the years   is is creeping by it's about to be spring so much 
is happening and i'm like oh my god so we have a   lot of stuff coming for jeffree star cosmetics 
i know a lot of you're like jeffrey you haven't   had a palette out in a minute well baby i have a 
lot of photo shoots i'm going to be jet setting   i'm actually going to the houston rodeo next week 
and then i'm back in la for meetings photo shoots   and then always back to wyoming that is my happy 
place where of course now i have eight pomeranians   and 95 yaks yes i'm sure you all have seen me at 
the tractor supply with me and my yaks we've been   having a blast you guys and i think they need to 
go on a little tour soon farmer jeff is officially   activated okay it's time for me to shut up so you 
guys can meet my new baby i have eight pomeranians   now you guys and i'm so excited for you guys 
to go on a little journey with me so sit tight   grab a red bull let's roll okay you guys i had to 
have a little fun but don't tell them hey pumpkin   okay so i've been keeping a secret from you guys 
there's been a lot of secrets happening a lot of   a lot of stuff has happened in the last 
six months but in my heart in my soul   life told me it's time for a new baby so yes 
donatella turned one on my birthday we share   a scorpio birthday november 15th and you guys i 
got a new baby it was time donatella is a year old   we're at a new residence of course we're in 
wyoming and i have a lot of help you know the   dogs have a security guard they have a nanny they 
have me and i love raising puppies so do you guys   want to meet my 10th puppy go on oh hi everyone oh 
my god my heart is so full this has been the best   few weeks it's been so hard to keep this a secret 
but you guys this is little drizzle lynn starr   say hi mr man now he just woke up from a nap he 
is a sleepy boy he has been playing so much with   his brothers and sisters oh did you bring his 
ducky um but you guys this is my eighth dog now   my 10th puppy i've ever had you guys know 19 was a 
crazy year so i love animals you guys know so much   and life was like it's time for another baby so 
we have had the best time here at the star yak   ranch with our new pomeranian davinci come 
here boy now they've been playing a lot oh   vg you like your brother drizzle is so 
cool oh you like your brother get him bench   look how sweet da vinci is but you 
just want to play huh go get him breezy chris how do you feel about my coca-cola crocs   they're crazy do you want to throw 
up or do you like them i love them   oh he's so precious here let's get him to come 
out here come on drizzy [ __ ] my voice drizzy he is so precious we're having the time of our 
lives with him she's getting boy get him dean   where's your baby that is so cute tommy come on oh look oh my god those vicious i know 
some people may find it a little wild   to have eight dogs but we obviously have the 
room i have a lot of help and i have a very   big heart and i love animals so much and it's 
so cool to see them all this playing together   drizzle is getting along famously with everyone 
and i really think that my oldest diva he has   such a young spirit because of all the babies 
so we are having the time of our lives out   there and this is my first time raising 
a dog in the winter with snow so drizzle   he's been loving the snow and we'll show you 
guys that soon but look at how adorable they   are they're all just getting along and my heart 
is so full look at diva diva hi beautiful man when we showed you the last wyoming vlog diva's 
eyes looked really crazy and people were like what   is going on he had a lot of severe medication on 
his eyes his cataracts had been removed for like   what a few weeks now it's been months and 
he's doing so well he's not blind anymore big boy dessert what are you yelling about 
okay you guys this is little drizzle you have   officially met him he is such a cool little boy 
huh you crazy man all right i'm about to put on   some winter clothes and it's time for you to have 
a nap mister huh um i do have to feed the dogs and   then it's time when you when you live on a ranch a 
lot of stuff can happen and we actually have terri   back who is our animal trainer she's amazing and 
last time we really worked a lot with the yaks i'm   gonna throw out some footage right now and you see 
us haltering and i'm pulling on that yak it's so   fun and haltering is really important we'll dive 
into that later but it really calms them down and   shows the manner so as you see they struggle 
for a minute because they're learning and then   they really get it because yaks are so smart all 
right drizzle mama has to go be a rancher so you   guys i'll be right back all right you guys we're 
back we're in a little more uh appropriate attire   now tomorrow i'm flying back to la there's 
a lot happening i have makeup to review and   then i'm jetting off to paris for work and i'm 
so excited um louis vuitton is flying out me   for virgil's last runway show ever rest in peace 
[ __ ] icon and legend he passed away recently   which was devastating for the fashion community um 
and he has done so many extraordinary things for   baton in some of my favorite collections so we're 
off to paris to see his last show ever but before   that we're gonna go do some yak chores and i gotta 
pack my suitcase and get back on the gym so let's   get it moving all right so when you get a dna test 
back from a yak they are officially registered   so mr swiss chocolate here our chocolate bowl he 
is getting his official ear tag today and he's   been doing so great at halter training um let's 
make him a real official yak look at his ear chris   he's official big boy imagine when he's older 
we're gonna ride him right that'd be so cool yaks love their ears scratched 
you like your ears were gone hi girls look at all my girls chris hi ladies now a lot of these have already halter trained 
and this is in my home pasture which is so   cool i get to have yak surrounding my house 
like not [ __ ] crazy that is my milkshake   he's so sweet oh [ __ ] all right you guys 
another beautiful day in wyoming it's windy it's   gorgeous but i'm off to paris in a few days and 
i'm gonna miss this baby so much but mommy will   be home in six days but i'm gonna be vlogging 
these crazy adventures so see y'all soon oh my   god how adorable is little drizzle you guys now i 
think a lot of people always ask like jeffrey you   travel a lot how do you manage and have so many 
dogs now you guys my assistant and my ranch hands   um they give the dogs love 24 7 when i'm not there 
and i obviously love to be home i'm obsessed with   my animals and if you guys didn't know i facetime 
them about 10 times a day my assistant may want   to slap me upside the head but i love seeing them 
they hear my voices on the phone and i love i mean   i face them at the airport at the restaurant i'm 
[ __ ] obnoxious about it okay now besides drizzle   you guys of course i've done a few really amazing 
trips and i did some vlogging on the way to paris   um and actually was shooting a video that day in 
the airport and everything so i'm gonna take you   on a little journey to paris let's dive in into 
the jeffree star ex paris louis vuitton adventure   oh good morning everyone we are here with mr luis 
torres he came over today to get me ready for my   mystery box shoot yes [ __ ] can you believe 
valentine's is around the corner and i have   no idea when y'all are going to be seeing this 
footage but oh my god look at these eyes honey   so cool my hair is bleached makeup is almost done 
and she's feeling the fantasy and literally in   three hours we're going to paris so we're going 
to go on a full vlog journey today um jeffree   star is behind the wheel of the camera what was 
your inspiration today because this is sickening   my inspiration is la little not a little a big 
pink moment like being religion yes but meets   like runway because you're going to wrong way 
we are yeah it looks amazing i'm obsessed with   it all right you guys so we're going to get to 
it and get to filming and i'll be right back   airport my passport got my id got a mask 
makeup got my [ __ ] new selfie light we   have our computer we have headphones 
we have a airmes sleep suit glasses   um and yes y'all we're going to the airport 
i just got dressed now we are of course going   with louis vuitton so you will only see me in 
louis vuitton um look at the pattern on this   so cute i love this but boom should be here in 
a minute we're gonna go to the airport together   um and normally someone packs for me you guys hi 
when you work this hard you have a lot of help   um not that i can't do it myself because today i'm 
packing myself um so let's get upstairs real quick   finish packing look through all of our stuff 
and then we really need to get to the airport   and get this show on the road i have all my makeup 
packed boom is bringing his full kit and he's   gonna get me ready every day um but i had to bring 
some essentials and also i have a lot of makeup to   test when i get home like this new gucci eyeshadow 
palette it's like over 150 dollars i'm like   girl but i'm a little winded because you know 
this house is way too [ __ ] big so i'm running   from room to room oh my god okay so i don't 
travel with like high-end actual suitcases so   you're gonna see me with suitcases from ross 
and walmart [ __ ] because they get beat up   like that right there imagine if 
that was louis vuitton absolutely not   so we have our bags packed hi i think everything 
i need is here i really want to take this though   this is brand new that virgil designed like 
it's so unreal if anyone else travels a lot   you know you always forget something definitely 
that's probably going to be me but i'm just so   excited for the trip i haven't been to paris in 
a few years i'm trying to think the last time   i was there because with beaumont and also a 
meet and greet with mary you know so we've done we've done a lot but it's time to get back 
on the road it feels so good i don't know if   anyone else felt like this but 2021 it was kind 
of hard to exist sometimes so no matter who you   are it was just kind of hard to exist so let 
me close this vault up and let's get to lax   all right miss boom lin is coming super easy 
first time right he's so excited first time wow   sickening he's packing our full [ __ 
] kit he also brought me shake shack   so we're about to get into this little 
cookies and cream shake the real meals yeah i don't like airplane food but i gotta 
tell you the food in paris is [ __ ] amazing   we all know i'm a picky eater but baby you can 
eat some exotic [ __ ] out there okay it's giving   octopus horse some crazy ass [ __ ] but you all 
know i'm gonna stick to cheese bread and chocolate   mainly that's my meal i got mexican food for me 
you did i live for you please show the camera what   you got you [ __ ] i got birya tacos on top damn 
okay it's right next door to uh shake shack really   oh it's right by the top yeah we're not eating 
at lax we're gonna eat at my house but we have   five minutes before we're we're on time now if 
you don't know me when i eat a cheeseburger i   don't like the top bun so this top bun needs 
to get the [ __ ] out of my face this girl oh my god i can't wait for you to see the eiffel tower in 
real life i'm excited i like it as hidden hills   i'll see you next weekend it's off to paris 
we got our louis vuitton and our shake shack   and that's really [ __ ] all we need oh my lord 
all right house until next time see you later hi there good how are you all right 
vaccination cards approved yes let me know what test you need first 
i have jeffrey's and mine look the   sign looks so pretty right now look at 
this eye shadow [ __ ] lax are giving me   all the [ __ ] lighting i need girl they're 
checking our negative coated test right now   hi blumenthane she's feeling 
negative look how sickening you look i don't want to break a nail the diamonds on 
my face are everything waiting for tonight   wow thanksgiving time is dancing okay all right 
[ __ ] let's get this luggage in and it's time to   go to the lounge oh hi we got lighting here so 
we're off to paris just me and blac chyna yeah and   we're gonna we're gonna [ __ ] some [ __ ] up yeah 
we're gonna behave too we are we're not gonna get   kicked out we're not getting arrested we're just 
gonna go have a few moments at some fashion shows   you're not vaccinated get the [ __ ] away 
from me okay so guess what that means   and get the [ __ ] away from her that's what that 
means all right i'm this is a 12-hour flight yeah   so i may do your makeup oh we made you maybe we 
have my kids yeah we may do each other's makeup   cause we got a long flight all right we're about 
to do a photo shoot bye we are off to our gate   so excited okay it's happening 
anthony how are we feeling amazing yes um i'm having flashbacks of when i used to do music 
and i traveled for 10 years in the very back of   the plane um definitely feeling grateful we have 
a 12-hour flight ahead of us so i'm gonna hang out   with boom for a little bit and then we're gonna 
sleep baby we're gonna go into our cryo chambers   and we're gonna wake up in paris and i cannot 
wait you guys so i'll do some check-ins and   before i go to sleep we can't we can't sleep with 
makeup on y'all know my number one rule of life   don't sleep with your makeup on so we're gonna 
go in the bathroom or we're gonna set up a little   light right here when the plane takes off and i'm 
gonna deface so i'll see y'all shortly all right   we're in the air and we have some food now this 
is the appetizer now y'all know i'm a picky ass   eater so i stole bloom's extra breed because i'm 
a cheese poor um and this is the appetizer the   dinner is like a whole chicken moment and then 
like a little juvenile i have some apple juice   we have some white wine some 
champagne yes champagne cheers   salud amazing all right y'all let me get this 
in my belly but i really need the chickens okay   now boom has also never had caviar so we're going 
to take him to one of the sickest places and he   goes he's going to have some real caviar perry 
let's see y'all here's what the first class meal   thanksgiving minus my broken upper bread what is 
this chicken and mashed potatoes mashed potatoes   obviously and then what's this is this baby 
food what is this it tastes like you hate it   i just tried the mashed potatoes and it's like 
so grainy no brainy really rainy girl like rocks not rocks i guess i'm gonna try it don't make me laugh is it real potatoes we're on an airplane we're not 
at the [ __ ] four seasons okay   all right i got my sleep suit i got my socks i 
got my sleeping mask and i got my outfit okay   so i'm gonna go into the bathroom and change 
and then we're gonna take off this makeup now i put on the sleeve suit it's just 
really soft and nice and light now   frank can i show you my mask since we're social 
just and alone up here you already see the inside hey look at that we need a little 
more steady purposes she was set it's   the humidity this [ __ ] causes true like 
setting spray setting powder setting dick so friend i may need you to 
help me get these stones off not too bad those workout lashes are beautiful that was so sweet she said i was 
really beautiful each way i was like   looking like two-faced little friend hi i'm a man [ __ ] is a new year come see the different 
side of jeffrey lynn jeffrey lynn stanninger   the star of the fifth of the house 
of targaryen pomeranian [ __ ]   i have a real eyebrow this is so weird tenth 
grade me is disgusting did it just get darker   in here yeah they wanted to go to sleep 
all day wants to go to sleep okay oh my god all right you guys make up this off it's 
time to go to sleep i love you so much   see you in paris all right you guys so 
here's the crazy part about paris is that we   really enjoyed the trip and i didn't vlog at all 
so like you guys jeffree star flopped we had in   like the most amazing incredible beautiful time 
it was so surreal and i almost felt like i was   being disrespectful by bringing a vlog camera in 
one of the most prestigious fashion shows ever so   uh i kept my camera in the hotel but the journey 
there was really funny thank you guys so much for   watching um and there's so much more coming you 
guys and little drizzle oh my god i i i can't he   and he's already so big because we shot that 
like a month or two ago and he was born november   4th so he's my third scorpio dog and yeah it's 
march he's already four months old oh my god so   it's time to get back to wyoming jeffree star 
skin launched there's so much more happening   but it's time to get to the ranch see the yaks 
and i'll see you guys on the next video bye guys

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