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Meet Addy’s New HORSE !!!


– [Lucy] Vinnie ? Is Addy's horse? – Yes – [Lucy] Oh, my goodness. (upbeat music) – [Lucy] Oh my goodness (upbeat music) – Hi Vinny? (upbeat music) – [Lucy] Hey there, Vinnie? – Hi. – Hey there. – Hi Vinny – So we have some pretty exciting news to share with you today. – Addy? – Yes – Who is it? – Vinnie – And who was Vinny? (laughs) – Oh Vinnie come here hold him. – [Maya] No – My pony – Your pony? – Yes – Your horse and Vinnie really
wants those Buttermints Addy like really. (laughs) – Hi Vinnie? – Guess we hit the jackpot. – So Vinnie, is Addy's horse? – Yes.

– Oh my goodness. (laughs) – A couple of weeks ago, Addy's riding instructor
reached out to us and told us that Addy is pretty much
progressed as far as she can with the lesson horses
that they have at the barn. The lesson horses that they usually ride at the barn are older there. – Vinnie? – Oh my goodness. Vinnie? – Well, that was a little scary when he just took off
running the other way. Luckily, Addy's instructor was nearby and she helped Addy gain control of Vinnie and they're walking and getting
him all ready now to ride. This is just one of the many
lessons that we're going to learn as we are having a horse now. (upbeat music) – Hi Boo. (upbeat music) Hi my buddy. This is my buddy Boo and
he lives here at the farm. – Come on Boo,Come here buddy. – Come here Boo.Oh hi Boo. – So Addy rides horses and
Maya plays with the puppy? – Yes – Is that right? – Mm-hmm – And Beau is one of three that live here. – Hi Boo and there's also some kitty's – Oh (laughs) – He wants a belly rub.

– Belly rub (upbeat music) – Vinnie is a wild horse
and Boo is a wild dog here. (laughs) – So as I was trying to
explain before Vinnie ran off, Addy's instructor reached
out to us a few weeks ago and said she had reached
the point in her lessons where she couldn't progress
much more with the lesson horse. The lesson horses are generally older. They are probably around
like 17 or 18 years old. So they can't do as many
jumps or other things that a young horse can do. So we were presented with the
opportunity to lease a horse. And this horse named
Vinnie came to the barn and we have the opportunity to lease it, which means we would
have it for a full year. And Addy could use the horse
and shows she could come to the barn pretty much
as much as she wants and practice riding the
horses and actually learn how to care for horses much more than she would get from an actual lesson.

So we spent a lot of time having
discussions as a family, conversations with Addy,we
asked a lot of questions of the horseback riding instructor, because we realized that just being able to take weekly lessons and spend that time at the barn is such a blessing. And we really wanted to get
across to Addy that even if we just continued doing this, you
know what a blessing that is, what an opportunity. We spent
a lot of time talking about, do you really want to
go to the next level? Does she want to compete in
horse shows,does she want to learn how to do more challenging jumps? And if we do all that,
can we keep our grades up? Can we still do our chores at home? Can we keep up all the other
responsibilities we have? And after a lot of discussions, we decided we were going to
give this a go for one year.

(upbeat music) So we basically are leasing Vinnie, kind of like you would lease a car, but for leasing a horse
and we have this lease for a full year through, we're going to give it our
all for the whole year. We're going to get to the
barn as much as we can. We're going to take this
wonderful opportunity to learn all we can about. caring for a horse about
the show with about anything and everything, horse related. And then after a year we can re-evaluate. Should we get doing some math now? – Okay (upbeat music) – We're trying to take advantage of this beautiful fall
weather while we have it because doing homework at the barn and this beautiful environment
is just so peaceful and tranquil and lovely, isn't it Maya? – Yes (upbeat music) – [Lucy] What are we
working on in math Maya? – Multiplication.

– [Lucy] Multiplication,
what problem are you on now? Lets see it A fly has six legs. How
many legs do four flies have? How do we figure that out? – The multiplication – It's the same thing as six
plus six plus six plus six – Yep, and six plus six is 12. So it's 24. – So six times four equals? – 24. – 24, good job girl. (upbeat music) – Come on Addy Go Vinnie go (upbeat music) Hi,guys? Hi. I see oh, yes. I see you Wonder what your name is? (upbeat music) – They are so soft right here. – Are they? – He's shaking. – He's shaking. – Yeah(mumbles) – Is that what he does? – Yeah – You guys done? – Yeah – How Vinnie do for you? – Good.

– He calmed down a little bit? – Yeah. – Oh (laughs) He's giving you some attitude. Vinnie,what are you doing? You're gonna bath him now. – Yeah. – Yeah,get him cool down a little bit? – Yeah – All alright (upbeat music) – so Addy, what are you doing now? – Basically right now,
I'm just untackig him – Untacking him? – Yeah,so I can give him a bath. – Hi Vinnie? – Because he needs a bath. – So untacking means what? – Like get all the gear off him – All the gear off of him? – Yeah,I just got the bridle
off of him, I usually do this.

I usually get the bridle
off him in the stall because whenever I'm over there,
where those two horses are. – Over there, okay. He goes into Ivan's stall. – Oh oh(laughs) – He just rides into Ivan's stall. – Vinnie – So I learned that right
way is to where I have to get his bridle off when
he's in a stall,so yeah. – You kind of a stinker. You kind of a stinker
Vinnie ?I think you are. I think Addy is going to
learn a lot about horses from caring for Vinnie,
because Vinnie is not quite as easy as a lesson horses are.

She's going to have to
really learn to control him. – I just getting really
sweaty, so we need to do there. Just put it in the laundry room – And you do his laundry too? – Well, we don't do it,we just
put it in the laundry room – (laughs) – And I don't know who does the laundry. Okay,there we go. – It's a tall horse, isn't he? – Yeah – A lot taller than you are Maya.

– (mumbles) – Do you think you might want to do horseback riding again someday? – No. – No, not Maya's thing. That's okay, though. – Yeah – Why not? – I'm scared of heights,
when I was on my horse, it was really scared because it was tall. It was a really tall horse and I just don't want to ride horses. – Well, that's fine
girl,you don't have to. (upbeat music) – You think Vinnie likes his bath or not? – Yeah,I think that. (upbeat music) – I think we are all getting
a bath, aren't we Maya? – Yeah – Gotta back up. Now we can say we have five pets, right? – Yes – We have Sandy, three
hermit crabs, and Vinnie. Although do the horse count as a pet? – Yeah – It's a pretty elaborate pet. I don't know what he's doing
with his pow right there, but it makes me a little nervous. Horses are just so big
and strong and muscular. And I don't know what all
their body language means.

And that's kind of scary. (upbeat music) – We're walking Vinnie back
and I'm a little bit nervous because this is where he went
a little crazy the first time so he's really testing us. It seems like he's trying
to push those limits. (upbeat music) Get in there Vinnie (upbeat music) we did it. – Yay. – You got him back. That was a success. – Yes. Thanks – Want to gave him some Buttermints? – Yes yummy. – They both want Buttermints I think. (upbeat music) How did you learn that
horses like Buttermints? – We were actually going
to get Benji one day and he was really finicky.

Some christian pulled out, my instructor pulled out some butter mints and yeah everyone was after
them except for Benji. – Wow, they love their
Buttermints, look at this. They want more Buttermints – Take,you guys want some more? (upbeat music) He keeps putting my hand in his mouth. – (mumbles) – He just tried sucking them in all. – Look at them,they want more Buttermints. Can I try feeding one of them? – Mm-hmm – Keep your hand flat. – Keep your hand flat.

– Right. Okay, I'm really nervous. (upbeat music) Oh I did it That tickles. Well I think it was
overall a successful day, but boy Addy, Vinnie has some personality. – Yeah – Doesn't he? – Yeah he does – Way more personality than I
think the lesson horses did. – Yeah. – You think you can conquer
and tackle that personality? – Yeah. – And learn to work with it? – Yeah I have a year to, so. – I think you're gonna
have fun with Vinnie – Yeah (upbeat music) Thank you so much for
watching Tic Tac Toy Family. Don't forget to subscribe
and subscribe to Tic Tac Toy and XOXO Gaming as well.

We'll see you guys next time. – Xo-Xo – Bye..

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