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ME TIME | Official Trailer | Netflix


-I love you. -Love you, Dad. Sonny, you have no life outside of your kids. My wife's an architect. We made a decision for me to take care of the kids. It's called a system, which works. Yeah, a prison system. That's what it sounds like. -What's up, Huck? -Sonny baby! My birthday's coming. You haven't been to my parties. -You guys were so close. -And then I grew up. I don't wanna spend a weekend with Huck and 22-year-olds. I have an idea. I should take Dash and Ava for spring break by myself. You've never traveled with them without me. I am their mother. I will be fine. Honestly, I have concerns. -Did you hear what he– -No. Dash, get your stuff. Have fun! Every parent's dream is to spend a week without their family. -I get some "me time." -"Me time!" How was your first day of freedom? Great. I played golf with some old buddies of mine. I went to this underground barbecue spot. -You good, bro? -I'm all right. -You should go to Huck's party.

-Sonny baby! -Happy birthday! -Thank you. You look good. Hey, whoa. Hey, guys! Say hi to my oldest friend in the world! Yeah, you want a towel? -No, I'm good. -Okay. This week isn't about me. It's about us. -Okay. -In the majestic California desert! -It's our own Burning Man. -We're in the middle of nowhere. -Where the porta-potties at? -Right there. -That's a bucket. -Yeah. They work great. Hey, buddy. Aren't you a little scary kitty? Oh my God. Oh, I'll set it down. Help! I've got a lion trying to eat me! Help! Oh my God. -Oh! -You went primal, man. She might be the Big Cat, this is the Big Dog. I'm the Big Dog! -Hell yeah, Big Dog! -He's not okay. -He's out. -Okay. I feel like Butch and Sundance got back together. Oh my God! Way to make the most of your "me time," Pops. I don't know what happened, but you're a new man. I did a lot of stuff I'm not proud of. Oh my God! It looks like a hot Cheeto.

-Don't touch it! -I'm sorry. What is going on? It's Huck. He's got me doing stupid [ __ ]. We gotta do this together. It's always something crazy. I feel like this is too much. I'll see you later. Sonny! I'm coming! Open your arms like a starfish! Starfish can't fly! -I told you you could do it! -I love you, Huck! I love–


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