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MBTI Personalities As Dog Breeds


Welcome to Psychology Refresh!
Today, we’re going to go over   the MBTI Personalities As Dog Breeds
Make sure to watch each one and find out what   dog breed represents your personality type!
   Ever wonder which dog breeds best fit your 
MBTI personality type? Find out what dog   breeds have the same personality type as you 
and determine how you can use this knowledge in   reaching personal growth and self-improvement.  
Here are MBTI Personalities As Dog Breeds.   
Number 1 – ISTJ – the Saint Bernard  The Saint Bernard is unquestionably an ISTJ 
personality type since it is diligent and   protective while still being kind and 
patient with its family. These dogs have   a reputation for saving humans in peril; 
much like the ISTJ, they don't think twice   about stepping up to the plate when they 
recognize that something needs to be done.   
Number 2 – ISFJ – the Newfoundland  This gentle behemoth is renowned for its 
sweetness, wit, and might. The imaginary   Newfoundlanders have a strong work ethic, pick 
things up quickly, and use their abilities to   aid those who are in need. Numerous tales exist 
of Newfoundlands saving people from shipwrecks or   bringing little children out of frigid depths just 
in time.

They are responsible, diligent dogs that   share many characteristics with the ISFJ.
   Number 3 – ESTJ – the German Shepherd
German Shepherds are frequently utilized by the   military and police because of their high activity 
levels and readiness to learn new things. Similar   to the German Shepherd, ESTJ personalities set a 
good example, strongly support the rule of law,   and think that power and respect should 
only be earned. German Shepherds and ESTJs   are more than willing to jump into difficult 
undertakings, especially in their line of work,   but they don't work alone and expect their 
hard work and determination to be returned.  If you are enjoying our content, 
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 Number 4 – ESFJ – the Corgi  Just like ESFJs, Corgis have a positive 
attitude on life and are frequently sociable,   even a little naughty.

A Corgi is a very friendly 
dog, who doesn't like conflict. Similar to Corgis,   ESFJs enjoy arranging social events, planning 
assistance for friends and family, and making   every effort to ensure that everyone is content, 
but they also have a playful side that can be   difficult to perceive at first.
   Number 5 – INFJ – the Beagle
Beagles are renowned for having   an exceptional sense of scent, which may be 
employed for both TSA work and simple backyard   exploration. They make great household pets 
and will protect the house with all of their   might.

Both Beagles and INFJs are extremely 
tenacious; once a Beagle picks up a smell,   it won't stop searching for the source, and if an 
INFJ thinks something is important, they pursue it   with enormous conviction and vigor. INFJs are 
frequently quiet people, yet they have strong   ideas and will go to great lengths to defend a 
cause they believe in. Beagles, who are quite   courageous for their size, will also not hesitate 
to bark obnoxiously if they perceive danger.   
Number 6 – INFP – the Shiba Inu  Shibas are popular (maybe a little too popular) 
for the Doge meme, but they are also thought of as   the most "cat-like" dog due to their extraordinary 
owner loyalty and reserved demeanor around   outsiders. Similar to the Shiba, INFPs prefer 
to have a select few very close pals rather   than be everyone's closest friend. Shiba Inus are 
extremely intelligent but also obstinate and have   a malicious sense of humor; if they are upset, 
they may choose to yell loudly. Like Shiba Inus,   INFPs are fiercely independent and can come out as 
quiet and reserved, but once you get to know them,   their passion and inner spark can really shine.
   Number 7 – ENFJ – the Collie
This highly loving and perceptive   dog is renowned for saving both people and animals 
in need.

Collies, like ENFJs, have the remarkable   capacity to sense when anything is amiss, and 
because of this, they have been the heroes of many   heroic dog tales, notably Lassie. Although they 
appear kind and fun, they are fiercely protective   of the people they care about, and if they feel 
threatened, they will stop at nothing to defend   them. Collies are fantastic assistance or therapy 
dogs because they like spending time with their   family, especially kids.
   Number 8 – ENFP – the French Bulldog
French Bulldogs are friendly, active dogs   that adore being the center of attention.

are extremely sociable and will inevitably make   you grin. Like Frenchies, ENFPs really flourish 
in social settings and value the interpersonal   relationships they form. Additionally, ENFPs 
have a high degree of adaptability and may   rapidly transition from being passionate, driven 
workers to the creative "free spirits" who like   quiet reflection. They feel the happiest when 
they can emotionally connect with people thanks   to their variety.
   Number 9 – ISTP – the Black Russian Terrier
Black Russian Terriers are fierce guardians of   their family and home because they were originally 
meant to be hardy working dogs.

Unless they see   immediate threat to their loved ones, they are 
extraordinarily patient and quiet. If left alone,   they will rapidly become bored and seek some 
entertainment, which regrettably frequently   leads to furniture casualties. Like the Black 
Russian Terrier, ISTP type personalities enjoy   "learning by doing" activities and can 
become restless in idle environments.   
Number 10 – ISFP – the Saluki  The Saluki, which are known for their speed, 
strength, and endurance, exemplifies the physical   mastery that Se-dominant or auxiliary types are 
known for. The Saluki has a guarded but loving   personality. Saluki dogs, just like ISFPs are 
incredibly devoted, sensitive, and even bashful,   despite not being overly outgoing. 
   Number 11 – ESTP – the Dalmatian
Dalmatians, who are sleek, active,   and adorable, perfectly encapsulate the 
ESTP's spirit of exploration. Dalmatians are   high-energy dogs that don't have much patience 
for lounging on a person's lap. Additionally,   they have a strong sense of independence and 
a desire to travel. Because there is so much   to discover in the world, the dalmatian will seek 
out several occasions to venture outside and play.   
Number 12 – ESFP – the Papillon  Like the ESFP, this hyperactive dog is one of the 
best entertainers around.

Papillons are animated,   active, and insatiably curious; they constantly 
dart about seeking for new experiences and things   to learn. The papillon is quite talkative and 
animated, and he enjoys acting "clownish" around   his people.
   Number 13 – INTJ – the Husky  These dogs are well-known for their intelligence 
and "lone wolf" independence. As smart as they can   be, Siberian Huskies will occasionally "hack" 
their way through obedience training before   conveniently "forgetting" all they learned once 
they reach home. Similar to the Siberian Husky,   INTJ personality types dislike feeling caged in 
since they are fiercely independent and may become   upset or rebel if they are forced into rigidly 
defined positions that restrict their freedom.   
Number 14 – INTP – the Poodle  Which breed of dog is best for an INTP? Standard 
Poodles are one of the most intelligent and   trainable breeds, despite the widespread belief 
that they are "prissy" dogs.

Poodles frequently   pick things up fast and respond favorably to 
positive training techniques. The INTP personality   type is renowned for its intellect, clever 
theories, unwavering logic, and love of patterns,   much like the Poodle. Additionally, they are both 
insatiably curious and constantly seeking out new   experiences and situations.
   Number 15 – ENTJ – the Border Collie
 These dogs have a lot of ENTJ traits and are   known for their intense gaze, boundless energy, 
and work ethic. These collies, dubbed "workaholic   dogs," are not your typical cuddly couch potatoes. 
They are extremely physically and mentally strong,   enjoy getting things done, and are always looking 
to learn more. These collies have little trouble   taking the initiative and giving directions, and 
they will herd any subject—be it a person or an   animal—to their intended destination. Similar 
to the ENTJ's intuition for predicting future   trends or commercial prospects, they are renowned 
for their intuitive capacity to anticipate their   owner's desires.
   Number 16 – ENTP – the Labrador
It should come as no surprise that the   Labrador Retriever is one of the most sociable and 
straightforward breeds to train given that it is   one of the most widely used breeds as household 

With the right instruction, a Lab can   probably learn anything that can be taught. Like 
Labradors, ENTPs are rarely ones to pass up a good   chance to learn something new. No matter if they 
are burying a new bone or devoting long days and   nights to mastering a new ability, Labradors and 
ENTPs are both tenacious and very enthusiastic.     These videos will be really helpful for you!.

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