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Max Meets His New Best Friend 🦈🐢 Sharkdog | Netflix Jr


There really was a shark. Annabelle, I saw it! We'll try again tomorrow. Hang loose, little bud. I thought I saw it. Well, at least, now I'm safe. Hmm. Huh? Not safe. Not safe at all! Ouch, ow! I'm finally safe. Huh? I know you're out there somewhere. Come out, come out wherever you are! Huh? Huh? Get away! Get away! Stick, stick, stick, stick, stick! Huh? Wait a second. You can talk? Frozen fish sticks, this is bananas! Whoa! What are you? Whatever you are, you're super cute! Hey, my name's Max. Max? Max, Max! Max, Max, Max! Belly rub? Um, okay. What am I gonna call you, little fella? I guess you're part dog, part shark, I'm gonna call you… Dog-Shark! How 'bout… Puppyfish? Semi-Amphibious Land-Ranging Canine? Hmm… Sharkdog! Sharkdog? Sharkdog, Sharkdog, Sharkdog! All right! Sharkdog it is! That's just an owl.

It's getting late! Ugh, I really hate to say this, little guy, but I gotta scoot on home. Max? Don't make this hard on me. I promise I'll come back tomorrow. Okay? Go home back to the water. See you around. Not the puppy dog eyes! Puppy dog eyes. Friend. Sharkdog, I just can't take you home. I'd be in big, big trouble if my mom and dad ever found out… Wait a second.

That's it! You know what? I can take you home if my parents never, ever know you're there! How does that sound, little buddy? Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Perfect fit! We're gonna be unstoppable! Non-stop! I didn't literally mean unstoppable. Whoa, slow down! Here's my house. Okay, now, this is super important. I've gotta sneak you up in my room without my mom and dad seeing us. So you've got to be, like, ninja quiet. Got it? Ninja! Wow, thought that'd be way harder! Everything is gonna work out just fine. Sharkdog! Be quiet. What is that? Mildred, who let the cat out? What in tarnation? Is that a dog? Max, that had better not be you causing that commotion out there.

Uh-oh! Sharkdog.


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