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MAUSI JI KAB JAOGE | Family Comedy short movie | Ruchi and Piyush


Hello, As you saw in the last video 'Aa Gayi Mausi Ji'. Kanchan's aunt came to our house. She annoyed Ruchi, Dheema and Sureela Singh a lot. I enjoyed it. If you haven't seen it, here is its link. And that aunt is not leaving our house. She is staying for one more day. Let's see what happens, Ruchi might chase her away. Let's see, and please subscribe to our channel. It's good that you stayed at our house for one more day. Yes. Why are you sitting? What should I do? Go and prepare dinner. Yes. You know what you have to cook right. Malai Kofta. And? Laccha Parantha. How many layers? Eight layers. And listen. Yes. Cook something sweet for my son. How are you, aunt? How is your health? Dheema Singh! What happened sister? Come outside. No, sister, aunt will scold me.

She went away, you can come outside. What, she went away. Yes. Good. Aunt! I am going back in. No, you come with me. Am I a ghost that you're getting so scared of? You come in. He is been hiding in the bathroom for so long. It's all right, he is just innocent. You take a rest and I'll go change. Yes, son, go. Why are you crying? Why is aunt here? Kanchan called that she is stuck in Jaipur So she will stay with us for a day. Don't worry, we'll cook food and feed her well. The food was good. It was all right. The fried cheese balls were too tight. Your wife doesn't know how to cook well.

She cooks less that's why. Don't worry, I will teach your wife how to cook well. Will you learn from me Ruchi? Yes, aunt. They had been married for 16 years, even I couldn't teach her. This aunt will teach her in one day. You tell me. You have taught her a lot. Aunt, where are you from? I am from Ajmer. I have one friend in Ajmer. Okay. Have you visited Ajmer? Yes, we went a while ago. Okay. Listen, dear. She is calling you. Yes. Help me place the mattress. A day ago, "Piyush where are you?" she used to call him like that. And now, " Listen, dear". My poor son doesn't understand she is calling him or someone else. Will I sleep on this mattress? No, aunt, not at all. We will sleep here. You will sleep in the room.

All right, you go in and sleep. Yes. I am tired a lot. Ruchi, give me a pillow. You're enjoying it a lot. What did I do? How were you behaving? It's all right. What is all right. I am getting frustrated, what do you have to lose. It's a matter of a day, she will go tomorrow. Talk softly she might listen and then you will get an earful. I am tired because working so much, I have a backache. She did a month's work in a single day. What! What happened aunt? Will I sleep alone in the room? I don't sleep alone, you come to sleep with me. Yes, go. Dheemu! Yes, brother. Is aunt not going? No, brother. She will stay here only. What will happen to us tomorrow? I don't know. I will sleep peacefully at least. Aunt, will you take a pillow.

I don't want a pillow, keep it to yourself, I sleep without a pillow. Do you need a bed sheet? I will take it myself. Are you stupid? What, I am just sleeping. How can you sleep? Who will massage my legs? What? Yes, till someone doesn't massage my legs, I cannot sleep. Massage my legs quickly. Your mother-in-law didn't teach you anything, you're useless. I didn't teach her anything, you teach her all in one day, stupid. I started talking like that after listening to her. Didn't you eat? I did. Then where is all your energy? I am doing it. Such a moron. I have another leg too, and massage that as well. She never massages my legs or shoulders. She started massaging her legs one day. (Crying) Oh my. Why are you crying, at least don't cry now. I am sleeping, I am tired. Nowadays, daughters-in-law know how to cry. Oh Lord, who will massage my legs now? Not legs but if your neck is paining then tell me. The service is free for you. Clean the floor, stupid, moron, get up! Where's your veil, you moron, dumb head.

You don't wake up, get up! You don't do any work, you're so lazy, get up! Ruchi, wake up! Ruchi, wake up! What! what happened? You're still sleeping. It's still night. It's not, it's 5 in the morning. It's still night, there dark outside. Let's go for a walk. Who goes for a walk at 5 in the morning. Stupid, you go for a walk at 5:00 a.m., not at 12:00 noon, get up. I couldn't sleep last night and you scared me in my dreams. I just fell asleep and you woke me up.

What? I came to in your dream. Yes. How was I looking? Horrifying. Such an imbecile. Get up quickly. But aunt, will you only take me for the walk. Everyone should be healthy, look at him, he has so much belly fat. Let's wake him up. Yes, wake him up, too, we'll all go together. Listen, get up! Listen to what aunt is saying, please tell him. Yes, son, get up. Aunt, you got up? Yes. Don't you guys go for a walk? Get up! You go, I will come. No, aunt, he will sleep. I won't allow him to sleep. I told him. Yes, you tell him. Let's go. Let's go, where is your veil? Will you go without the veil for the walk? Let's go. Piyush, let's go. What did you say! Listen, dear let's go for a walk.

Yes. Let's go, it's time. Dheema Singh! Dheema Singh! Yes. Get up! Why sir? What is with the question, get up and come outside. Get up and come outside. So early in the morning. Yes, come quickly. Get up. Get up. Who is it? Let's go for exercise. What? Exercise, come on. I never did it. I will make you do it, come. Oh, man! Come on. Get up, why are you sleeping? Piyush, where are you! I am coming. Why is she making us do a parade in the morning? Come on everyone, where are you come quickly. Alright, everybody stand here. Follow me and do as I say. Do we have to do this? No, right hand. Is this right? Oh, sorry. Left. Aunt, I don't understand. You're such a moron.

I will turn around and then you follow me. Okay. Bend to the right. Left. Turn. What is this happening? We are doing it. You're not doing it. We are doing it. Then why didn't you turn? We did it. If we turn how will we see you. All right, now do this. Why did you do it? All are morons here! Right. Left. Get down, can't you get down. We are bending but the back is aching. One. Two. Three. Bend down. Please do it. Please do it. Why did you sit? Aunt, his belly is coming in between. I am making you exercise to lose weight. Aunt, my back is aching. All right, do one thing, take five rounds of this ground. 1,2,3,4, four is enough. We will take four rounds. All right do four rounds at least, you're the laziest. Aunt, you also join us. (Music) How many rounds? Five. You didn't. We will do it tomorrow. Let's go, please. All right. Look at your condition it is as if you walked for km.

I got so tired. Aunt, I need to sleep for a while. I will go to sleep. Where are you going? What should I do? Go make some tea. Who drinks tea in the morning? People drink tea in the morning only. Dheema Singh, make some tea. Let him be. Sister, you make it, I am also very tired. No, if you ask him he will prepare tea till the afternoon. He agrees too. Hey, where are you going? Everyone asked to make tea, so I am going to make tea. Does someone enter the kitchen without having a bath? Go have a bath. She dared to go make tea. Hey! where are you going? To sleep. Dheela Singh, go clean the room. You're awake now, why are you sleeping. He dared to sleep. Let's go, aunt, we'll sit.

Yes. This aunt is bossing me around too much. I have to teach her a lesson. Piyush is also behaving as her favourite, I will deal with him too. Son, where is the other bathroom? It's there. I will also have a bath. Okay, aunt. All right. (Music) Our sleep is ruined since 5 in the morning. And he is sleeping with ease. I will teach him a lesson. Listen! Get up! What is it! Yes, get up, and look at the time. What's the time? We have been awake since five in the morning and you're sleeping easily. You are so sleepy. You don't let me sleep.

You still slept. We didn't even get that. Go get breakfast for aunt. What's the time? It's 9 o'clock. It's time for me to go to the office, you make breakfast. You get it for me. No. Piyush, you always make excuses. Whenever I ask you to run an errand, you make excuses. Listen to me sometimes. Piyush, listen to me. You don't listen to me at all. Ruchi! Yes, aunt. Why do you shout so much? What? You shout so much in the morning. Does someone talk this loud? I was asking Piyush…Who? I was asking him to get breakfast. So do you have to speak so loud? He is your husband talk to him respectfully. Okay, but I was asking him to get breakfast for you. I said as I wanted to treat you to Kota's famous kachori and jalebi.

I don't like eating outside. Madam wants to treat me with kachori and jalebi. What should I cook for you? Use your brain sometimes. You just know how to order my son around. Ruchi used her last card too. To bribe her with kachori and jalebi and that failed too. Boil potatoes and make some paranthas for me. Dheema Singh, boil potatoes. Ask Dheema Singh to do all your work. Since I came did you cook something for me? I cooked food for you yesterday. I am talking about today. It's just morning. Don't talk too much, make breakfast for me. Just won't argue, and listen make tea for me. Hey! What? Your veil dropped. You don't know how to wear your veil, it slides off repeatedly. Look at how melodramatic she is. Dheema Singh just sleeps all the time. She is coming here. What does she want? She is wearing some heavy jewellry. The bracelet is nice too. A diamond ring. She is so privileged. She looks smart too. Should I say something, you're also a moron. You didn't teach your daughter-in-law anything. Does your daughter-in-law even know something? Ruchi save me from her.

Whose voice is this? You spent all your time getting ready. If I was at your place, I would have groomed her in 4 days. You didn't do anything. Aunt, get out of here. Who said it? Who is here? Did you speak? We are friends, and you're not a moron, I am, I will go from here. It was fun you proved that you're my daughter-in-law. She has been parading Ruchi since yesterday, left, right. How is my daughter-in-law tolerating her? Dheema Singh! Yes, sister, Why are you sleeping, get up. Sister, I was sleepy. Help me with work. Sister, give me an off today. Why do you want an off? I am tired. Sister, grant me a leave as well. You all take leave and I do all the work that won't happen. Sister, we are so annoyed with that aunt. Yes, sister, that aunt torments us a lot. Yes, I am frustrated too. What should we do now? I have an idea.

What? Okay. Yes. Is it all right? Yes. Okay. Let's start the mission. Yes, sister. I will go outside. Yes. You make tea quickly. Yes, sister. They are scheming something. Did you get it, you didn't, then watch ahead. Aunt, you're going. Look at this Dheema Singh, aunt is going back. Aunt is going back. You came yesterday and you're already leaving. We won't feel good at all, isn't it Dheema Singh. Yes, aunt stay for a few days, I will miss you a lot. Aunt look he is crying, stay for few days. Yes, aunt. Aunt, the gate is here. Bonehead, I am not leaving. Get the tea here. Why are you looking at each other? Why are gawking at me? Go prepare breakfast. Yes, I will go. He dares gawk at me. Aunt, why did you get this suitcase. Won't I keep my clothes back? Please drink tea first, it will get cold. If you're insisting then I will drink tea first. Take some biscuits too. Where did the cashew biscuits go? Aunt, cashew biscuits are a little heavy.

It isn't good for your digestive system. That's why I got light biscuits for you. These are beneficial for your health. It's the biscuits for sick people. It's not. And you were not able to see cashew in those biscuits. That's why I got this, this is made of wheat. What wheat are you seeing in it? There's wheat flour. I don't want to eat it. I will drink tea without it. This is bland! Yes. I made sugarless tea for you. Why? Because consuming a lot of sugar can cause diabetes. And if someone has diabetes then they can have heart issues too. And because of heart issues, there's a risk of getting a heart attack. And because of a heart attack… What! I will drink tea without sugar, I don't want to die.

That's why I made sugarless tea for you. Yes, you did well. Aunt isn't the tea good. It's fine. Is it just fine? No, you made tea really well. It's really good for your health. Yes. You also come here. His tea is also getting cold. Did you make his tea without sugar as well? No, I only made it for you, I am concerned about you. I don't want to drink tea now. You just make breakfast for me. All right. Listen. Yes, I am here, tell me. Drink tea, it's getting cold. Tea! Yes, tea, don't you drink tea in the morning. Yes. Do you drink it? Yes. Come, sit. I will come back. What can my poor son do? We are making videos for 2 and a half years. But he never got tea and today he got tea. Thank you, aunt. Didn't you have tea? I drank it, I don't want to drink tea much today. Okay. If you drink it, the tea will get cold.

Aunt, why have you taken out your suitcase. I had to pack my clothes in it. Why are you working, ask Ruchi to do it? I should also work a little bit. All right, aunt, I will leave, it's time for my office. Okay, son. Piyush, here is your lunchbox. Lunchbox? Yes, your lunchbox. Lunchbox for me. Yes, son, won't you eat lunch. Won't you eat? No, I eat in the cafe outside the office. Outside? Hold it. You must take your lunchbox. Ruchi must pack it for you every day. Yes, aunt, I do it daily You go, you're getting late. Yes, son, go, you might get late. Yes, all right, I will leave. All right. Listen, help her. Yes, I will. I will do it on my own, why bother her, you go cook. Should I make stuffed potatoes parantha with butter for you? What! No, no. Should I make a simple parantha with homemade butter for you? No, just make two rotis and give them to me with some curd.

Will you eat it with just curd? Yes, I will. And listen, don't put ghee either. Okay? Yes, as you say. She would ruin my health by feeding me so much butter and ghee. She wants to ruin my health. She has started to annoy her, let's see what she does next. That was fun. Dheema Singh. Yes, sister. Are you ready? Yes, sister. Go, now it's your turn. Aunt, should I clean the floor. Yes, do it. You don't know how to broom. Yes, aunt, I don't know it. Then? Then you teach me. What? Yes. You will learn from me. All right, I will teach you. Come here, and I will tell you how to broom. Hold the broom like this. Do like this and then go like this, watch it. Collect all the waste to one side. Aunt, I will shift this table, you clean it here as well.

Yes, do it. (Music) Did you watch? You clean like this. Yes, aunt, you have cleaned it so well. Now you should clean like this only. Yes, aunt, I will clean like this from tomorrow. My back is aching. Looks like Dheema Singh has teamed up with Ruchi. Aunt, clean here as well, in the corner, yes. My back is aching so much. Aunt, teach me how to mop the floor too. You imbecile, you will get thrashed so much! Will I mop the floor too? You told me to clean it like a mirror.

I don't know how to mop like that. Don't do it, get lost! It should shine like a mirror. Wow, that was so entertaining. What happened? It's done. Mission successful. Yes, sister. Very good. Now, it's my turn. Yes. Ruchi, my back is aching so much. What happened, aunt? My back is aching a lot. Your back is hurting. Listen do you have that spray for back pain? Yes, it is kept there. No, there's no spray. Why is she lying? Do you have a hot water bag? Yes, she has that too. No, I don't have that either. Do you have anything in your house or not? Aunt, there's no older person in our house. That's why I don't keep such stuff. You should keep it, someone might get some pain.

Okay, it's all their plan. Aunt, but you are just 41 years old. Do you get such problems at the age of 41? My age is not 41 years, it's 51. What 51 years old? I mean 5-6 years more and less. All right. Why are you talking nonsense? Go get the spray for me. Yes. Sureela! Oh, Sureela! Her age is increasing as we peel the layers of an onion. 41, 51, 5-6 years more or less. I am sure she is not less than 65 years old. She could be 66 years old. He will get it in 2 minutes. Yes, sister and aunt. Sureela. Yes, sister what happened? Go get spray for aunt. All right, sister, I understood. Yes, go quickly and get the spray. I am going. Yes, aunt, he will get it quickly. If you say, I will massage your back. No, let it be. This pain will go away with the pain relief spray.

Yes, you're ageing that's why. Don't mention my age again and again. But how did your back start aching? It's all because of your Dheela Singh! Aunt, his name is Dheema Singh, not Dheela Singh. He is a little slow-witted but his name is not Dheela. I was teaching him how to broom. And because of that, my back started aching. That's why it is said you should act according to your age. But the cleaning is not done properly. What! Oh no, I will take this. My back is aching so much, this Kanchan is so stupid. She has left me in some mad house. That's why I am angry at her. Because usually, guests are like God in our customs. But, what should we say to her? Here, I got breakfast for you. What did you get? You asked me to get curd and roti. Yes, I did. Hey lord! Just plain roti. How will I eat it? Aunt, you eat it with curt Yes, then it won't feel plain or dried. You're talking as if you got butter for me.

At least you should have put some sugar in it. I didn't put sugar because it might cause diabetes. I am not eating it, keep it, I don't want this dried rotis. Where is your driver, he hasn't got it yet, and my back is aching! Aunt, he has just gone to market so it will take him some time. I have come into some mad house, your driver is an idiot! And that Dheela is also an idiot.

And you're also a moron and the rest everyone is fine. Thank you, she didn't call me a fool. No! And that mother-in-law of yours is also a fool. Because she didn't teach you anything. What should I do? Aunt, I got the spray. He got it. What kind of spray is this? Aunt, there has been a new company in the market. Really? Yes. There's a mosquito on it. Mosquito? Yes, look at it. Can't you see there's a mosquito on it? Even mosquitoes can get back pain.

That's why there's a picture. Yes. Do you take me as an idiot? No. What? Moron. Do you take me as a fool? do you think I won't understand? What? It's Dengue written on it. Dengue? what is that? I will explain to you what is it. It's a mosquito-repellent spray. I think it was a mistake. How can this be a mistake? While annoying aunt, Sureela himself got an earful. Moron. Go get the back pain medicine for me. He brought mosquito repellent. All right. Should I give this back? Yes, I have to teach you this as well. Everyone is crazy here. I got a slap. But I enjoyed annoying her. Such a Moron! And you're an idiot, you're trying to harm me. Me? Yes, you all are trying to threaten me. No, what did we do like that? First that Dheela Singh broke my back. And then that Sureela Singh got a mosquito repellent spray. And you're their master. What did I do? You want me to starve.

Mom, I got breakfast for you. You got me this. You asked for this. All right, you tell me I will cook that. Go get Pizza for me. Pizza? Yes, cheese burst pizza. Aunt, Pizza is not at all good for your health. You don't have to worry about my health, you just order one for me. I don't want to have dried roti. Aunt, who will bring they are also crying outside? Let me cook something nice for you here. Yes, go and cook something spicy. I'll not eat anything light. Okay, fine. Can I take it back? Yes, take it. I am feeling pity for aunt. She didn't get any biscuit tea and now breakfast as well. Ruchi is doing tit-for-tat, this is what I taught her. Listen you dumb. Hey, what are you going to cook? Khichdi. Khichdi? Wait I'm coming. No aunt I didn't do anything.

Dumb have you ever eaten Sindhi khichdi? Let me cook Sindhi khichdi. Are you going to cook? You dumb, who else is Sindhi here. Come now help me with the ingredients. Listen Ruchi. Dheema Singh. Yes. What are do doing? I am cleaning the dishes. Put out rice and lentils. Alright. What are you doing? What? You all are making her do all the work since morning. She is annoying us what else we can do? She is an old lady and you haven't offered her anything to eat. At least give her something to eat. Yes, you are right. What if she becomes sick? What should I do now? Go inside and help her.

Mom, she keeps on slapping at small things. Okay, tell me if I slapped you what will you do then? I will face it. Really, are you that innocent to face it? What else I can do? Come here let me test. Why, Mom? Hey, dumb Ruchi, come here. Go she is calling you. Coming. Actually, Ruchi is a nice person. She got angry with aunt that's why she is doing all this. Yes, aunt. Would you like khichdi to be light or spicy? Whichever you like aunt.

I prefer it to be spicy, is that okay? Why are you asking him? I am cooking it for you. Don't worry it's for you as well. Yes, it is good with you. Yes. Okay, now both of you get out of the kitchen. So, we go out? Yes, sure I live all by myself in Ajmer. I cook for myself there. Okay now, leave. Sister, what happened to her? Yes, Dheema Singh, I am also confused. What if she seeks revenge on us? Revenge, how? As we troubled her this morning. What if she mixes something in the khichdi? What? I'll not have that khichdi. But what will she mix? Ruchi, where do you keep red chillies? It's there is the spice box. Okay. Chilly powder? Red pepper makes my stomach upset. Mine as well. Sister, I am going. Shut up and sit here. Coming up next we have Aunt's Revenge. Spicy Khichdi is ready for you. What? It's ready. Here you go, spicy Sindhi khichdi. Taste and tell how is it? Let me put this aside.

Taste now, If this doesn't blow your mind I'll change my name. What will you change it to? Taste it first we'll think about the name later. Aunt you didn't bring yours? I was feeling hungry so I ate in the kitchen. You guys eat or it will get cold. Yes sure. Yes have and tell how's it. It's about to blow their minds. Sister, you go first. No, you first. What are you doing, come on eat it? Eat you moron. Aunt this tastes amazing. What? Yes, aunt, this is so tasty. Didn't I tell you it will blow your mind? Change of plot. I mean how this happened? I haven't had this good khichdi in my entire life. This is Sindhi khichdi.

Aunt, I'll eat it inside. Okay, go. Isn't it good? Yes. I'll teach you the recipe before leaving. Definitely aunt this tastes really good. It's popular by my name in Ajmer. It has been two days since you came and I forgot to ask your name. I am also stupid, my name is Meena. Okay. Kanchan calls me aunt Meena. You can call me that as well. How's this possible? But aunt I don't like your one thing. What? Aunt you keep calling me dumb, stupid I don't like that. That's how we talk to loved ones. I told you this yesterday. That's our way to show the love you should never mind it. Doesn't it bother your daughter-in-law when you call her all this? What happened aunt? Aunt Meena. Aunt wait. What's wrong, where is she going? Aunt what happened? Where are you going? A moment ago everything was nice, Ruchi what did you do? Mom, I only praised her khichdi.

Yes, aunt is gone. Shut up. What happened? Something made her upset that's why she left. I didn't give her the spray. You shut up and sit. Hi Ruchi. Hi Kanchan, when did you come back? Just reached. What's with the bindi and dress? Aunt changed you in one day. Where is aunt? She just left? Where did she go, is she somewhere inside? She left the house. What is he talking about? He's right Kanchan. Did you say something to her? No, I didn't. Yes, she said. What did you say? Nothing she was annoying so we were only joking around a bit. What were you joking about? The mosquito repellent. What mosquito repellent? I told you about her on the phone. How long can we tolerate her? But what did you say? At last, I asked her if she calls her daughter-in-law names like us? What did you do? What happened? What did I do wrong? You wouldn't have talked about her. What did I say? There's a sad story about her daughter in law.

Story. What story? She used to be a nice person and she was very close to her son. Then he got married. However, within a month both son and daughter-in-law left home. Left home? Yes. Her son listened to her but the daughter-in-law didn't so they left. He didn't come back till now. Her only son left forever. That's very sad. Now, wherever she goes she does whatever she likes. And if someone doesn't work her way, she gets angry. You're right, she was doing everything in her own way. She was getting angry at small things and that's what I didn't like. Yes, I can understand but what to do, she is like that only. But we don't know where is she? Who knows where she went? Hey, dumbos and stupids. Aunt Meena! Aunt is back? I didn't go anywhere, and Ruchi I bought the house next to yours. Now I'll be staying here only.

What? Aunt is not bad at all, she only misses her family so much. This is why she searches for a family in other people. I am happy that she'll be living next to our house. From now she will make Ruchi go left to right in every episode. It'll be too much fun, we'll see what happens next..

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