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Man Trapped on Women’s Island & Forced To Make Babies


the movie begins with a young man named gao lying unconscious in a wrecked car at the bottom of a cliff zhang a native village girl stares at the car from a distance a few moments later gao wakes up and leaves the car stumbling across a stony terrain he barely walks a few meters away from the crash site before zhing approaches and knocks him out with a stone the scene shifts to eight hours before the ghastly car accident gao who is a gem hunter is joined by shauna his dealer and ken his technician as the trio stands on a sidewalk there gow spots two sketchy men in a car closely watching him from down the street and immediately realizes that their hired thugs gow bids shana and kin goodnight before entering his car and driving off as he anticipated the men also start up their engine and closely tail him gao hits the gas and speeds off prompting a fierce car chase which causes the accident back in the present gao wakes up and finds himself in a primitive but strange village here women are the dominant gender as they hunt and provide for their families while the men do chores and take care of the kids fathers are the home keepers and cook the meals while the mothers serve as guards and soldiers protecting their husbands the village is a secluded area completely cut off from the outside world as they have no technology or knowledge of any scientific products gao also learns that sheng is the queen of the tribe and is astonished to discover this initially gow disbelieves her and assumes that the villagers are just nerdy cosplayers with great costumes and a perfect setup he curses at shang and the rest of the women which annoys the beautiful tribe leader zhing is pissed at his attitude and keeps gow in a wooden cage as punishment later gao realizes that they are indeed real people and decides to return to the city as soon as possible however yun-hee the tribe's astrologer tells gao that he can't leave the village without shing's permission after a few hours gao begs shang to release him from the cage and take him to his car shang though skeptical decides to have mercy on him and obliges the two head back to the crash site as gao searches his car for useful supplies gao finds a metal bad in the trunk and playfully swings it around mistakenly he hits shing on the head causing her to pass out on the floor gao seizes the golden opportunity to escape and wears a backpack as he runs into the nearby woods a few minutes later the car's fuel tank starts leaking and soon ching is surrounded by a ring of blazing flames the villagers spot the fire and quickly rush to the scene as they pour buckets of water to extinguish the flame gao hears the villagers screaming from the woods and feels guilty for leaving shing behind he rushes to the scene and pours a bucket of water on himself before entering the fiery ring and carrying shing out of it right as they leave the site the car explodes and the duo lands in a nearby pond much to the villager's relief in the following scene gow is back in the village and finds his phone in his backpack he plays a song on it which attracts xing's attention as she rushes into the room sheng fears the strange device and tries to smash it but gow assures her that it is harmless he offers her his earphones and the duo listens to the music together as shing falls asleep moments later gao lays a sleeping shing in bed after which he frantically searches the room hoping to find a map that can lead him back to the city in the room gowick statically finds a sapphire gemstone and decides to ask xing about it when she wakes up the next morning sheng tells him that the sapphire was a gift from her dead mother a greedy gal offers her several items such as a bowl of instant noodles a novel and even his phone in exchange for the stone however sheng refuses to part with the gem explaining that it is her most prized possession gao is disappointed but resolves to steal the gem instead later that day shing asks gao to meet her in an open field at night so they can watch the stars together gao accepts the offer as shing sheepishly smiles and leaves his shed that night the duo lay on the grass and stare at the starry sky suddenly shink pounces on gao and tries to remove his clothes much to his surprise he throws her off and the two get into a heated argument gao is shocked to discover that in the village to watch the stars means to have sex hence why sheng pounced on him suddenly gao sprints to the village to escape with shing in hot pursuit xing is angry at gao and imprisons him when they return to the village gao explains to shing that he didn't know the phrase's hidden meaning and took it at face value he also states that where he comes from people express their feelings romantically like confessing their love when it snows shang finally understands gao but still has him spend the night in the cell while she returns to her shed back in the city shauna and ken earnestly search for gao to no avail they check the road where his car swerved off the cliff but are disappointed to find nothing kin uses a drone to search the area but a magnetic field disrupts the aircraft and causes kin's monitor to go blank when the duo return home they meet lee anne a businesswoman with whom gao signed a contract the contract mandates gao to meet with leanne every 15 days and failure to do so attracts a 60 million fine so far it has been 13 days since his disappearance so leanne has come to find him shauna lies that gao took a trip to the mountains and will be back soon lyan is unconvinced but gives the duo 48 hours to find gao before she takes action back in the village shing takes gao to the woods shane confesses her love for him and asks him to marry her as she dumps a bucket of chicken blood on him apparently shane misheard him last night and thought he said blood instead of snow as both words sound similar in chinese gow is pissed at her and walks away in frustration but is caught in a trap shortly after gao desperately begs shang to free him from the trap however shing asks him to accept her wedding proposal before she does this and a defeated gal ultimately agrees on their way back gao finds one of the blades of kin's drone lying in the bushes seeing this he registers that his friends are looking for him and decides to escape from the village as soon as possible that night gao and shang converse and decide to get married the next day gao asks xing about the village's terrain and learns that there's a secret cave in the forest he figures that the cave is an exit from the village and plots to use it to escape gao also learns that the village has a wine reserve and begs sheng to take him to it she obliges and the duo heads to the village's central pantry without her knowledge gow drops some sleeping pills into the wine barrel as a ploy to knock out all the villagers during their wedding later the couple returns to gow's room and shing offers him her sapphire stone as an early wedding gift gao feels guilty but collects the gem anyway the following night the couple has their wedding ceremony and observes the tribe's unique rights as shin goes down on one knee and confesses her love for gao gao accepts her to be his wife after which the villagers sing and play a love song as the newlyweds dance in unison to end the feast gao proposes a toast and urges the villagers to drink their respective bowls of wine the unsuspecting natives swallow the drug to drink but gao tosses his away when no one is watching a few hours later the villagers all fall asleep while gao packs a bag and leaves the village he goes through the woods and eventually reaches the cave which connects to the outside world determined gao enters the dark cave and begins his journey to the city the next morning he finally reaches the end of the cave and races to the top of a mountain smiling as he sees a nearby road back at gao's house leanne arrives with her man as the 48-hour deadline is almost over leanne asks shauna and ken about gao's whereabouts but the duo reveals that they have no idea where he is hearing this leanne offers shauna a contract that would transfer ownership of the house to her shauna refuses to sign the paperwork but leanne gives her no choice the woman signals her men to hold the duo hostage as shanna is forced to sign the paper with a thumb print fortunately gao barges through the front door right in time to stop them kin takes advantage of the distraction and swallows the signed contract while gao speaks to leanne ultimately the businesswoman leaves the house and promises to keep in touch when she leaves gal freshens up and shares a meal with his friends who ask where he's been this entire time gao wants to protect the villagers from the outside world so he tactfully avoids their questions and lies to his friends after their meal gow shows them the sapphire gem he got from shang the duo marvels at the stone in disbelief as they haven't seen a sapphire of that size in years finally gao hands the gem to shauna alongside a soil sample from the village for testing later that day the trio visits gao's uncle when at a nursing home and puts on a clown costume to entertain the elderly occupants that doesn't look entertaining that looks scary as hell in the following scene the villagers wake up and frantically search the area for gao shing is heartbroken by his disappearance and soon after figures that he escaped along with the gem overcome with sadness she decides to go to the city to search for him the villager's astrologer yun-hee initially disproves of her heading to the city however when sheng begs her yoon hee takes shang to the cave's entrance and warns her to be careful of the city people before the queen departs when sheng arrives at the city she runs into yi tian a famous astrology social media influencer who is searching for a female co-host xing's strange attire and quirky behavior pique his interest and he offers to sign her to his company yee asks for her manager but a confused shing merely hands him a card that gao left behind in the village yee finds a number on it and traces gao to a nearby nursing home at xing's request yi drives her to the revealed location to look for gao when they arrive at the nursery gao spots sheng from a distance and runs before she sees him he hides behind some bushes and observes shang as she searches for him ching eventually gives up and walks towards the home's exit but immediately turns around when she hears gao sneeze from a nearby bush gao pops out with his clown costume but shing doesn't recognize him and merely watches as he jumps away sneezing bushes and clowns the modern world must seem bananas to shang moments later sheng joins yi in the car and the duo drives away from the home while conversing yi tells an ignorant shang that clowns aren't real creatures but are mere humans wearing masks shang is astonished by the revelation and figures that the strange clown she saw at the home was indeed gao she begs yi to return her to the nursery and the media influencer obliges sadly when they reach the nursery gao and his friends are long gone and sheng is left disappointed once again yee volunteers to take shang to his house but the tribe leader refuses and sits on a pavement in front of the nursery declaring that she'll wait for gao to return ye he desperately tries to get her to leave but she refuses and even remains seated under the pouring rain meanwhile gao feels guilty for hiding from shing and gets kin to find her location a few minutes later ken informs him that xing together with ye is still at the nursing home gao thanks kin for his help and immediately drives back to the nursery there gao spots shing sitting in the rain with yi beside her he pulls up in front of the duo and winds down his window sheng is shocked to see him and immediately grabs him by his shirt gao frantically begs her not to punch him and comes up with an absurd lie stating that it is wrong to hit people in the rain shing is naive so she believes him and enters his car as he drives her back to his house immediately after they arrive shing points her crossbow at him but gao manages to calm her down and puts the weapon down shang asks gao to return her sapphire however the cunning gem hunter distracts her by offering a cake sheng tries the sugary treat and forgets about the stone as she viciously munches on it savoring its foreign taste when she's done with her meal shing spends the rest of the day exploring the house as she adapts to the new environment she shoots an arrow at the television set thinking it to be a monster but gao explains that it's simply a gadget that can't hurt her xing is fascinated by the modern world and celebrates as she swings a punctured feather pillow making a mess of his house the following day shauna visits gao and is shocked to find the living room in a mess shortly after shing approaches her while eating a bowl of instant noodles shauna snatches the dish from shang and demands to know who she is and what her relationship is with gao shing is pissed off by shana's attitude and grabs her by the face as the dealer screams in fear gow is woken up by the scream and rushes downstairs to find out what happened he finds shauna wrapped in a blanket with a cloth over her mouth gao quickly frees her and is horrified to learn that shing is responsible shanna is furious and asks him who the strange-looking girl was immediately gao grabs shauna and takes her to his room upstairs then he comes clean and reveals what happened when he went missing gao explains that xing is the queen of a secluded matriarchal village where women rule and men are submissive shauna initially disbelieves him but realizes he's telling the truth when gao shows her shing's native crossbow in the living room shing hears a knock on the window and is shocked to find ye outside the house she rushes to the door and tries to open it but can't figure out how with yi's direction shing finds the door handle but uses brute force to turn it thus breaking it eventually she gives up trying to open the door and breaks it entirely gao and shauna hear the sound of the crashing door and rush downstairs to find what happened gao is livid to find ye in his home and drags him out before locking his gate however ye refuses to leave and reveals that he knows shing is from a secluded island gao is shocked to hear this and threatens yi to stay away from her as he heads back to the house with shing the following day gao takes sheng to a fashion store to get some new clothes sheng tries on some outfits while gao steps out to give her some privacy outside gao is astonished to see lee anne approaching from a distance and is scared to have her discover shang hence he immediately hides behind a wall and closely watches as the stern woman enters the store to see what happens next watch the second part in series recap

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