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Making a better Animal Crossing house with real interior design


having a beautiful home in Animal Crossing is the dream but there are a few things standing in the way of me and a perfect virtual home that will make all of my friends jealous two of them I can't change these tiny square rooms and how much I can find for sale in my shop each day but the third and final barrier is one that I can fix it's my lack of knowledge about interior design because even in a virtual space like Animal Crossing real-life interior design tips can help you maximize your space for comfort and snazzy nests and you got into something then you can create like a better a better space whether that's your city whether that's your home or whether it's your virtual space and Animal Crossing I invited Diana buds who has covered residential and interior design and architecture for many publications including curbed to the island of Cuba – – tell me how I can make my house more like a home and the less like a box that I saved the game in our instinct might tell us to put large pieces of furniture like couches or bookshelves up against walls to maximize floor space but that doesn't actually make this space feel any bigger let's take a look at someone who has no idea what they're doing Pat's tiny brain tells him to keep as much floor open as possible by lining the walls with furniture but that just creates an even smaller pen for this uneducated swine instead you should bump that furniture out and create zones in order to delineate a space within a space you could think about arranging a vignette furniture so that it makes you feel like this is a corner like where I would like to read so you could have like a chair way up next to you a table to put your coffee or a book on I think that our the way our brains work we kind of like need a place to rest we need a place to work we need a place to kind of socialize and we have one space the challenge is figuring out ways to create those little zones in my place I've already created zones for sleeping sitting and working I don't do any of those things because this is Animal Crossing but they make me feel nice using Diana's advice about bumping furniture out from walls can make these zones that's stronger if I was like designing this space um something that I would do is trying to make the bedroom feel a little bit more private and I might put a screen in between the dining area and the bedroom you have a little bit more privacy and it feels like a different room there you know how else you can strengthen your zones the TR version is I think like people often have like rugs that are like way too small for their spaces and that does make everything feel like you're it just says the proportions are all off dinguses think they might only need a little rug run under their coffee table or something a fast and loose rule of rug sizing is that it should cover the entire zone you're furnishing that's why even if you have a small room a small rug isn't always the right choice and if you want things to feel much more organized I think that is where proportion really comes in look at the difference in the way the living area looks when I use one small rug versus a medium one versus this large one that covers the entire footprint of the zone now unfortunately for everyone but mostly me I only have three highly aesthetic rugs that don't match anything in my space and Sahara is nowhere to be seen but let's work with what I have since this is my biggest drug I'm saving it for my living space and I'm ditching this little rug in the dining area since it doesn't really serve a purpose it's just too small but just because this cursed witch rug clashes with my stuff doesn't mean that I should be afraid of the bold patterned promises it's making some people say you shouldn't overwhelm a small space with big patterns and those people can suck it because this is all about personal taste there are guidelines to pattern and color mixing but it's also one of the most subjective areas when it comes to designing your room especially in Animal Crossing where you can blithely experiment with such delights as white chocolate wall and lunar floor in my own space I chose a herringbone floor and a striped wall I thought the combination of colors might make the space feel bright and airy but when I showed it to Diana the first thing that kind of like caught me off was the difference in the direct like the herringbone floor and then the stripes on the wall and she was right I was using the stripes to avoid my one true love the powerful jungle wall which I assumed would be too dark and freaky but they Anna loved it green is a color that makes us feel like very relaxed and very calm and it also makes your space feel a lot bigger so it is an image that has some distance in it and it kind of makes it feel like you're just in this very scene and a jungle while we're going big and the going home having lots of small things in a space can make it feel really cluttered whereas if you have one larger piece that can achieve a similar function it can sometimes make it feel much more spacious that's right feeling a tiny space with tiny furniture doesn't help it feel any more spacious especially if you're really packing it in carefully chosen large pieces will help fill the space without clutter now that I've sworn fealty to the powerful jungle wall my windows have disappeared a casualty of war so we pivot the living area away from the view and bring in these fruit chairs from the dining room seating is a great place to flex those larger furniture choices like using one bench for seating instead of a whole flock of chairs which take up a lot of space in real life and even more space in Animal Crossing thanks to the grid system the make it big recommendation applies to vertical space too if you have shelves that reach your ceiling it actually makes your room look taller fortunately this is not a problem in Animal Crossing look at these bad boys this is a hard one for me and Animal Crossing and in real life because I have so much cool stuff that I want to show off but filling every available surface with stuff does make a room look packed one of the benefits of Animal Crossing is that I don't really have to worry about things like storage Island is my storage and for that reason I shouldn't be displaying all of my stuff all the time the trick is to be intentional and think about what I really want from the room a solution might be to swap out my decorative fossils on a daily basis or just when guests come over here's something you don't have to worry about putting holes in your walls for that reason you should use wall space instead of floor space when you can if you want to show off things like special outfits I'm minimizing clutter by installing these wall-mounted lamps instead of packing my floors and tables with lighting and finally if you really love plants and you could be in the jungle I think that the wallpaper is like turning it into like a jungle a wallpaper is something that feels som like if you're obsessed with them if you're obsessive plants in real life why not have like a room where you're like living in the middle of like a jungle diana is right I am obsessed with plants and that's why even though it's hard to see my foliage against my foliage patterned wallpaper and my foliage patterned rug I'm leaning into that aesthetic I think what's really interesting about the game when it comes to interior design is that you do have to make all of these decisions about like what's actually available to you what I like about it is that you can be so creative and it you are thinking a lot like an interior designer has to think which is thinking about colors thinking about different materials thinking about patterns thinking about the little touches that make it feel like home for yourself so I mean how many of us actually get to have that much control over our homes like it's fully you can kind of live out that dream of designing your own custom home like in the game I might never be able to live inside a dark steamy jungle home in real life but honestly just you [ __ ] watch me but Animal Crossing lets us go hog-wild with our dreams so I hope these tips help you get out there and live your tastelessly patterned truth [Music]

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