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– Uh, you guys! Wait, what is this? – [Missy] Oh my goodness! – Ow, he got it.
– Oops, sorry! – Pro tip, do not pull Puss in Boots tail. (Bryan and Finn screaming) – Check out what we just found! ♪ Wherever you are ♪ ♪ That's where I wanna be, yeah. ♪ ♪ That's where, that's where ♪ ♪ That's where, that's where ♪ ♪ That's where I wanna be ♪ ♪ This is home ♪ – Good morning, guys! Whoa, check out my ears. And look at your ears, and
your ears, and your ears! – And your ears! – Yeah!
– Yeah, we all got ears! – [Everyone] Good morning! – Hey guys, and welcome to our channel. Be sure to subscribe to it if you are new. Sometimes we start vlogs
waking up in hotel rooms. If you guys missed yesterday's video, go check it out, because
yesterday we let everyone in front of us decide what
we were eating for the day, and it turned out hilarious
and the boys actually had a little surprise in the end.

And we'll give you a little
more context of why we're here. But we have some very exciting
things going on today! – Woo, we're going to go
see Secret Life of Pets! – [Ollie] Yeah! – [Brian] That's right you guys, we are going to go see
an advanced screening of Secret Life of Pets 2. They gave us this goodie basket with all of these amazing things in it.

– I like this one,
– All these cute critters. – I like this one.
– That one's cute, huh? Wait, what is this? Uh, you guys, there was
something else in the basket. – [All] What? – It's tickets to Universal
Studios Hollywood! (Missy laughing) – [Bryan] You wanna go to Hogwarts, bro? – Yeah! – [Bryan] Or go see the Minions? – Yeah! – We get to do it,
that's where we're goin'! I think they're in shock, they
don't know what we're doing. We're going to Universal
Studios, you guys. We're going to go ride rides
and go meet characters.

– Let me see it, let me see it! – See? See those tickets? That would've been bad. – Okay, so, at Universal Studios they have Harry Potter
World which is Hogwarts, Harry Potter rides, wands,
magic, candy, everything! – [Bryan] Everything Harry Potter, bro. – I already know those candies 'cause remember the
pictures and the inside? I already know those candies. – Okay, you wanna know what else? – [Ollie] What? – They have Jurassic World,
dinosaurs, everything. Does that sound awesome? And Dr.

Suessland. – [Ollie] I'm so excited! – I know its gonna be so fun. I'm so excited. It's gonna be a really
really cool day for us, huh? – [Ollie] Yeah We're going to have so much fun together. – Eat hair. – I don't want to eat my hair. – [Bryan] All right you guys so we sneaked on to this Universal
lot and check this out. We're trying to find our building so we can go see Secret Life of Pets. You guys excited? – Yeah, look at Max. He has to go to the vet where Katie says, "Hey Max, do you wanna go on a walk?" But then Max says, "You tricked me" 'cause she saw a dog that said,
I don't wanna go to the vet.

– It's crazy, Ollie knows
more about this movie and he hasn't even seen it yet. It's so funny.
– I only seen – You've seen all the previews, huh? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Minions, minions. – Look at his–
(funny noises) – [Missy] Oh my goodness. – Look at this, you guys,
we have a private theater all to ourselves where we get to watch the new Secret Life of Pets. – [Missy] This is so cool. They even hooked us up with snacks. – We got donuts and coffee. – Yeah.
– Where should we sit boys? – [Missy] I think we should
all sit in separate places. Okay, you can just go sit somewhere else.

– I'll sit up front. You take the very back. – [Missy] Okay, I'll be back here. (laughing) You gonna sit there? Honestly, it's really cool
especially when you have kids because it can be a little stressful going to the movie theater with kids and now they can just run around and talk and do whatever they want. I mean, I'm gonna be really
into the movie though so hopefully they don't bug me too much. – I think I found the spot. – All the way up here.

– [Missy] You gonna sit up there? Okay. Woo, that was so amazing. – Yeah, so we just got out
of Secret Life of Pets 2. What'd you guys think? – It was so awesome! – [Bryan] It was good and
now look where we are guys. Universal Studios Hollywood. – Whew, you guys the movie
was literally so cute. It actually reminded me so much of Karma that I almost started crying. I loved it. ♪ – Universal Hollywood Studios. ♪ – Ollie, do not fall in that. You are definitely going to fall in, no. Anytime Ollie is near a fountain
we tell him not to fall in. He almost falls in all the time and he actually has fallen in. It's pretty hilarious. Come on, Finny let's go! – And a guy ran to me and
gave me hot chocolate. – I know, right? If you guys haven't seen
that video, it's hilarious. I'll have it in the i Card but he totally fell
completely into a fountain and it was the best. Come on, come on. We gotta get to the park. – Hey mama, look at that fountain.

– [Missy] Yeah. – Hey mama, where do we live? – Where do we live? – Yeah. – On the whole world? – I'm kidding, that's made out of metal. – I know but actually
I can tell you, ready? Coming up, that right there! – [Bryan] Cali! Right above the word studios,
that's where we live. – Woo. – Just made it in to Universal Studios. You are walking the red carpet buddy. Isn't that cool? Walking the red carpet into Hollywood. You brought the tickets right? We didn't forget them? It'd be kind of hilarious, come all the way and
then forget the tickets. (upbeat music) It's Fang. You can get your own Fang, that's cool. Hey babe.
– Yeah? – If you need a Father's
Day gift ideas, broomsticks. Flying broomsticks. – You're crazy. – I'd get to the studio faster.

– Hey daddy, you know
owls can turn their head all the way around? – [Bryan] Really? Show me. Whoa! (Missy laughs) – Dude, that is the vampire. That's Dracula. Isn't that amazing? Let's go say hi. – Come on.
(laughs) – I make my movies, Hotel Transylvania. – You like Hotel Transylvania? I think Ollie's a little freaked out. You wanna get a picture with the vampire? Look it's Puss in Boots and the Donkey. – [Donkey] Come on in, here we go, your friends like, look at this. Loving every minute of it. – [Missy] Oh my goodness.

– [Donkey] How you doin' guys? Good to see you. – What's up Donkey? – [Donkey] What's going
on, good to see you. – Donkey in the house. Ollie, lookie he's got his tail. (Boing sound) Ope sorry, sorry I pulled on the tail. Puss in Boots got so mad at
me cause I pulled his tail. Did you see that? He literally almost whipped
out his sword at me. Pro tip, do not pull Puss in Boots tail. It's Pinocchio. – [Missy] Can we get one ticket please? – [Bryan] One ticket
please to Kung Fu Panda.

– He's like, I'm asleep. (upbeat music) – Look at this you guys. Look at these snow capped buildings. I think we are walking
alongside Hogsmeade right now. Maybe we'll get a glimpse
of Hogwarts later, okay? – Yay. – [Bryan] Check this out, you guys. Ollie is wearing a Slytherin bag. – [Ollie] I got all our stuff in it. – Yeah, he's got all his stuff in it.

Proud Slytherin right here, right buddy? You're my proud Slytherin. We're in this really cool
hallway now with all these movie posters. Boss Baby, Turbo, whew! – [Penguin Character] There we got better, all right boys, lights, lights. Let's put on a show. – Hey everybody, get ready
for the Donkey and Shrek show. – Ugh, you mean the Shrek and Donkey show? – You're both wrong, it's
the Party Madagascar show. – Aw, come on. I know you all are here to see me, right? – The Kung Fu Panda show. – [Donkey] Say what? – All right, Finn are you ready? He's in his own seat and I
think the seat is gonna move. Are you ready, you're
gonna go on a big ride. Be on a rollercoaster. Finn, what did you think of that? Was that a little scary? (laughs) That lip. Ollie, what'd you think? – The whole room like filled up with water and our chairs were
like, moving like this.

– [Missy] Yeah, it was really cool. – I got a little wet. But it only was like drops. – Like sprinkles, yeah? Bryan, look what I see. – Ah! It's Hogwarts. – [Missy] Do you see? – Yeah. – [Missy] It's Harry Potter World! Ah! – What's so cool about this Hogsmeade is you can actually see Hogwarts over it. – [Missy] Wow! Look at Hogwarts. – I don't think it's like that in Florida. – Hey, um I built that in Legos. – Yeah we did. And we built this in Legos. – [Missy] Yes. What?! – I totally want an extendable ear. (laughing) That's a great Father's Day present. – [Missy] Okay. – Look at the skeleton.

Look at all the crazy cactus's and plants. – [Missy] That totally looks
like what was in the dirt, that's crazy! – [Bryan] This is a
mandrake from Harry Potter. – [Missy] It's so cool. – Totally inspired the visuals
behind dirt by the way, if you didn't know. If you didn't pick that up (laughs). Finn I found the sweets. Whoa, look they're actually
pouring tea in those cups. – [Missy] Is it really? I'm so confused. – That's crazy. There it is you guys, there's home. Where is it? Hogwarts! Comment down below, which
Hogwarts house are you guys in. I am a Ravenclaw, Ollie's a Slytherin, Missy is a Hufflepuff and Finn– – He's a Gryffindor. – I'm a Slytherin. – [Bryan] You're a Slytherin,
look it you got your bag too.

– Hufflepuff. – Rocking the Hufflepuff.
– Hufflepuff for life. (enchanting music) – Go through the magic wall. – [Bryan] Okay, go ahead. Whoa, he did it. – Where'd he go? Ollie? (magic chimes) – [Missy] What? Ah, I found you!
(Finn squeals) – We're going on Flight of
hipca, uh I can't say it. (laughing)
– Ah it's okay. You guys, we are going on
the Flight of the Hippogriff. – [Missy] Ah! – Ready to go fly on a Hippogriff? – Yeah! – Let's go buddy. – Have fun.
– Slytherin just slid away. – [Missy] Bye. – [Bryan] It's okay
Fang, it's just me buddy. You hear him?
– Yeah. – [Bryan] That's Hagrid's puppy. (enchanting music) [Voice of the Ride] Bow your heads. – Look who it is! Bye Buckbeak. We are on Flight of the Hippogriff. Look, there's Hagrid's house
and there's the castle. – Going all the way. – [Both] Whoa! – [Bryan] Woo we are flying dude.

Whoa! How was that dude? – Good. – [Bryan] You did pretty good. – Can we go two times? – [Bryan] Look at this big ol' lion. (laughs) Aww. Do a high five. Finn look what's in front of you. Super silly fun land. (happy music) (minion noises) – [Ollie] Mama, what
ride are we going on now? – Um, I don't know it's
like a monster ride. They got weird teeth and crazy eyeballs. You're in charge of vlogging right? – Yeah. – And I'll be in charge
of this going up and down. Daddy and Finn are up there. – [Ollie] Hi. – We go all the way up. – All the way up! – Oh my goodness. – Ah! – Mama and Ollie are up in
that bug, they're chasing us. Finn hurry go up so we can see 'em. They're after us, Finn hurry. – [Ollie] It's raining. – It is, it's sprinkling on us. It's pretty funny. – Whoa! He's making us go so high. Wow, look there's a helicopter up there. – [Ollie] I think I broke it on accident. – You think you broke it. – I don't know.

– I'm all the way up.
– He thinks he broke the ride. – Ah, I think it's broken. – I went in the air. – [Bryan] Was that cool? – Uh huh. – I think we're stuck up here Ollie. – No we're not. – I don't think we're gonna
be able to make it down. I think we're gonna be
hanging out here for awhile. – No!
(laughs) – We survived! – Check out what we just found. It's like a minion waterpark that they've turned all the water off and now you can just walk
underneath everything and you don't get soaking wet. It's so cool. Wow! It's basically an abandoned
waterpark, look at this.

– [Bryan] See like these normally
have like water and stuff coming out of 'em and they don't. It's all dried up. What else do you see? Oh yeah, see these? – [Ollie] Yeah. – [Bryan] You should be able to pull these and water should come out. Nothing's working. Finn, come up here buddy. (laughs) Whoa! – [Missy] Ollie what do you think of this. – Uh. – [Bryan] It's kinda lame,
there's no water coming out. – It's cause it's not even open.

– Hey
– Just don't have any water. – Where'd all the water
go in this waterpark? – [Ollie] It's raining. Maybe because it's cold. – It's so weird seeing it with no water. – That minion over there is supposed to be like buried in water but he's like sticking with his head out. – So neat. If this was covered in water, I most likely would not be up here.

– We wouldn't be able to vlog. – Oh yeah, definitely. And I'd be sitting down there
watching the kids because. – You remember that other
abandoned waterpark? – Yes! – It was like crazy.
– So cool, so cool. – We actually explored
a really, really cool abandoned waterpark. We'll have it linked above in the i Cards. – That was really neat. – That was crazy too.
– That was a fun summer.

– I'm definitely getting
like the same kinda vibes. – [Missy] Yes, for sure. I'm gonna get you. – That's where the buckets should be. – Hey, minions. I like your waterpark. (upbeat music) You know how the Great Wolf
Lodge has a secret door. Come over here, I wanna show you. – [Missy] Okay, you show me. What, you just found a
mini secret magical door? How do we get in it? – [Bryan] Who, look it you guys. It's the pets from Secret Life of Pets and Missy's giving them a walk. – Just taking my puppies for a walk. All right so we just had so
much fun at Universal Studios. Finn, what did you really
think of that ride? – I like panda one. My not like the bad guy. – [Missy] Oh you didn't like the bad guy. – Uh uh.
– Totally. Ollie did you like that ride? – Yeah.

I like the part where it was
trying to cut your hand up. – Oh, I know that was fun. We actually saw a special effects show and the boys loved it 'cause
there was all kinds of like crazy stuff. We have a long drive ahead of us though so we are heading out. We had a blast. We did all kinds of fun stuff today, huh? That movie, was seriously so cute.

I'm not a big cartoon person but I will definitely be watching that
– I cried you guys. – I definitely teared up,
especially at the end. – Like why do I cry at the
end of every animated movie? Let me know if I'm not
the only one or if I am because I just feel like I'm crying at all the animated movies. You know what's gonna happen
when we see Toy Story 4 right? – Oh yeah, that one will definitely get– – I'm shedding some tears in Toy Story 4. – Well and you think about
dogs and then there was an animal that was being hurt.

I don't even care if
it's a cartoon animal, I'm still like very invested. – It was seriously super cute though and Secret Life of Pets 2 was amazing. Probably one of the best
animated movies this year, I bet. – Yeah. We got a long drive, we gotta head home. You ready? You gonna fall asleep on the way? Okay, he says he's not. Do you believe him? – Oh, he totally is. What are you putting on Ollie? – My Adidas. – [Bryan] (laughs) You like your Adidas? Yeah. I got those for him and
I've never seen Adidas that small before and I was
like you have to have those.

Those are so cute. Cause I live in mine basically. (Ollie singing silly) – Aw Luna's giving you kisses. Oh there's Luna. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did be sure to
click that thumbs up button and click any of the other
videos that are coming up on your screen. We will see you manana. – Bye guys. Bye poopy diaper. – [Bryan] I was really afraid
he was gonna hit the camera. K, bye. – Where do you think Ollie is Finn? – I'm almost done with school. – You know who would really
enjoy this sunny day? Draco. – So this is a leash
for your bearded dragon. – I think I got a idea, we can give a– – [Missy] Go ahead and
give him a little push. ♪ I am home. ♪ ♪ Na, na, na, na, na,
na, na, na, na, na, na ♪ ♪ I am home. ♪ ♪ Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na.


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