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MAGIC DOG WAS ADOPTED BY BILLIONAIRE FAMILY || Rich vs Poor | Coolest Ideas for Pets by 123 GO!


Surprise. Whatever you want, it's your's darling. Oh, it's empty. Who's the cutest… this is empty too. Don't worry darling. It'll be ok. Try over there. Aw. He's so adorable. I want this puppy. Then he's yours. Urgh… he needs a bath. I need some mouthwash. Let's go. I wuv you so much. Oh no, it's the paparazzi. No pictures you vultures. Well, make sure you get my best side. Is it clear? Let's do this. Watch it. I knew I should have gotten a new partner. Just get in there. Hey, this place is nice. Come on. Ouff. That could have hurt. Luckily, I landed on my head. This is it. This will set us up for life. Grab as much as you can. These flowers are delightful. What are you doing? But it's so squishy. We're after the valuables. Uh.. sorry boss. There's more gold over here. Hurry up.

Take everything you can. Seriously? Knowledge is valuable too. Are you seeing that? What is that? I don't know but I'm scared. Hold me. Let's get out of here. Move. What's going on in there? Are you ok Precious? Oh my. What a mess. What happened? Oh Precious. There you are. My sweet little pup. Are you ok? I was so worried. Why's the window open? Ssh, stay quiet.
Aaaaaaaaah! Hey Precious. Who's a good dog? You are. I've got a special treat for you. Nothing but the best for you. Enjoy… huh? I guess you were hungry. Arrrgh… I mean… how did you get there? You gave your old man a fright. Ok, you can have some more. More? There you go. Wow. Precious You have to chew your food. Darling, I'm ready. What did I just step on? Hmm, I don't remember this being here. Why do I smell poop? Urgh. So gross.  Huh? There's more.

It's leading that way. I suppose I better follow it. This smells so bad. It's getting stronger. Ew! I need to get rid of this. Precious needs to be toilet trained.  Hold on. I mean… it does look good. The girls at the spa will be so jealous. Here you go Precious. Eat up. Mommy needs more gold rings. It's just divine… we need to do something about the smell though. A little brushstroke here. I'm really capture your inner beauty Precious. Marvellous. Hello dear.  Give mommy a hug Precious. Finally, my masterpiece is complete. Darling, it's your best work yet. It should be in a gallery. What do you think Precious? No? You prefer watercolours? Sorry honey. Such a harsh critic.

Oops. Now look what I've done. I tried my best. It's just so upsetting. Down you go Precious. Don't worry dear. You can always buy art. You're right. I mean, I am rich. Wow, look at that. Precious, you're a genius. It's stunning. Just look at it. It's natural talent. The tonal change between black and white… it's just perfect.

Oooh. It's just wonderful. It moves me so much. Oh hi. Darling… mwah, mwah. And Precious is looking just gorgeous.  Let's put you down here. It's time to be pampered. I so need this. Oh that tickles. Ah a manicure feels so good. I love this style. I look amazing. The latest design from Paris. Aw, you look beautiful. Mommy loves you so much. I've done it again. You've earned this. I'll just check it's all here. Honey, you're a little short. I love my job. Ciao. We're just leaving the salon.  Lunch? It sounds wonderful. Precious! Sweetie, come back. Where did he go? Precious! Oh no.  Precious.

Get out of there. You're ruin your look. That's so disgusting. I've just had my nails done. Yuk! Come here. You're beautiful fur, it's covered in trash. This is why I employ people to do this stuff. Ok, time for some fun. Can you fetch this bone? Ready? Go get it. Not again. We've been over this. Oh I know. You rang madam? Oh good, you here. I need you to fetch this bone. I'm trying to teach Precious. Go get it. See Precious. This is what you do. Got it madam. That's it. Give it to Precious. Good boy. You want to try it too? Ok. Let's try it again. Here you go Precious. Your turn. Coming sir.

There you go sir. How's this sir? Satisfactory? I am trying my best sir. I'm so proud of you Precious. And you. That feels good. Thank you sir. Hi guys. I thought I'd jump online to share this gorgeous look. Lalala. Precious you're so cute. Oh. Check this out. You're the best dog ever… oooh weee. Wow. So many likes… wait. What's happening? I could kiss you all day.  You're so soft and fluffy. Oh, I get it. This gives me an idea. Whoa! This is amazing.  We're famous. I mean, you're famous Precious.

I always wanted to be a pop star. They all love you Precious. You're the best dog ever. And we get ten percent of all sales.  We're making so much money. Rich or poor, no matter how much money you have, a four legged friend just makes life better.  Do you have pets? Tell us about them in the comments below.  Don't forget to share this video with your friends and remember to subscribe to our channel for more fun videos just like this..

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