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Lucy, family dog shot and killed by motorist


larson is serving a life sentence the minnehaha county sheriff's office is asking for your help in finding the person who was shot and killed a family pet last friday take a good look at this pickup authorities say someone inside that truck shot a chocolate lab named lucy about four miles west of wall lake on friday evening neighbors heard a gunshot and then heard a dog yelp and that they got pass the house then backed up again and that's when we believe that their family was shot by individuals in that pickup around that pick up a child discovered lucy the next day the family is now offering a reward for information leading to arrests make any sense now it's just a fun fun there's a lot of but it's just hard to understand why why we would do that john and cuyler bryony just very lucy last night out in past year below this lone tree she was part of our family you know and she was a best friend to my daughter's dog and my son's dog in she was great with her grandson john says lucy a three year-old chocolate lab was friendly to everyone he says she even like to play soccer we have basketball that she had basically torn on show off of him and she would run and she would shove she would dribble with their feet and what you get close to you just kick it to you i was crazy as they come on let's go that's why it is so puzzling as to why someone would want to shoot an innocent dog who was just plain in the front yard brian deese were out of town on friday when they got a call from their neighbor heather is a pickup stopped in front of place and then we heard a gunshot and a dog out one of their security cameras caught a glimpse of the pickup when the gunshot went off the chickens all scatter so we knew something that happened one of their children lucy the next morning underneath this tree where she bled out be better if if somebody is stolen or you know given or a decent life but they didn't think killer what to come i hope he gets help first of all in the if he's that broken that he's going you know just some stray to the yard you know there's something's broken that person that he needs to find someone for some time i don't know what i'd do if i found them i'm hoping that i don't find them the brine is haven't said how much reward is going to be at this time but if you have any information that could lead to

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