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Lucky Stray Animals That Happily Found A New Family ūüėĽ


Hi there!
There are so many   stray and abandoned animals in the streets.
And all of them badly need love and care.
  I’ve learnt some very touching stories 
about the people who decided to adopt them,   changing their lives for good.
Let’s meet those heroes.
Little is   known about the past of this dog, according 
to veterinarians it was about a year old.
  At first, she was picked up by rescuers 
from Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas.
  When it was revealed that she was 
pregnant, she was handed over to
  Caitie from the Caities Foster Fam, 
where she and her offspring could
  count on proper care and attention.
On the joint broadcast of Caitie,   Ella and baby Grogu, Caitie answered
questions from subscribers and unpacked gifts.
  Two days later, on the eve of the upcoming birth, 
the beauty Ella had a wonderful photo session.
  She gave birth to eight healthy puppies 
without complications: Derby, Cheddar,   Gouda, Feta, Minibell, Blue, Brie and Colby.
When the kids became independent enough,   Ella finally got the
opportunity to step out of the   role of a mother, and it was time for her to
become the carefree puppy that she could have   been before.

  Rescuers from the Ukrainian 
charity fund ‚ÄúObnimi Sobaku‚Ä̬†¬† ("Hug the Dog") found a group of¬†
puppies in a dump near Obukhov.
  One of the rescuers, Olga, took the weakest 
puppy, who received the nickname Sonic.
  He could barely walk and was severely emaciated, 
his entire body covered with hordes of fleas.
  Just one week of nurturing, grooming, 
medication, and a restorative diet   literally got him back on his feet.
After 6 weeks from the beginning of   the search for his adoptive parents.
He walks for the first time on his own:   without fear, with delight rushes
about the lawns, sniffs everything he can,   excitedly looks around and
often gets confused on the leash.
  He became very close to Olga.
For six months of her life with Sonic,   she never received a single call.
Therefore, it was unanimously   decided that Sonic would forever remain
with his adoptive mother, who became his   real one.

  At Rolling Oak Goldens, a local family 
of golden retriever breeders had an
  amazing event.
Their dog gave birth to 11 puppies at once,   all of which were girls.
However, one of the puppies   was born without a front paw.
Dog breeder Barb Felt received   many requests for the adoption of a
special baby, but she wanted the puppy   to get into a family where there is
a person with a similar trait.
  Coincidentally, a Facebook post 
with puppies was stumbled upon by a
  woman who had previously received 
a pup from the Barb family.
  This woman was an occupational 
therapist for seven-year-old Paxton,
  whose leg had been amputated.
Having received an offer from the breeder,   Blaine Williams, the boy's
father, immediately agreed,   and he and his family came to look at the
  During a couple of weeks of communication 
between Paxton and the puppy,   who he, being a fan of the 
Avengers, nicknamed Marvel.
  They became good friends, and Marvel 
remained forever in the Paxton

  Rescuers from the Love Furry Friends 
channel saw a photo on the network.
  There were two puppies sitting in the 
rain in a box near a garbage can.
  It was raining heavily that day.
And the poor things were there   for no one knows how long, hungry, 
drenched and shaking from the cold.
  When the rescuers returned with 
the puppies to the shelter,   a terrible picture opened up before their eyes.
Both puppies were covered with hundreds of fleas.
  After washing, even wrapped in a 
towel, they shiver from the cold and
  nuzzle each other to keep warm.
On examination, wounds from worms,   fleas and other parasites were
  They will start the first day of their 
new life with a cup of food, toys and a
  warm bed.
After a short time at the shelter,   they both found new families, as 
well as names – Betty and Richie.

Rescuers from the Flatbush Cats   channel found a feral cat along with
  They decided not to touch the kittens, 
but first to catch their mother, and
  for this they used the cage 
in which they put the food.
  The feral mother does not tolerate 
unnecessary attention, so they set up
  a small surveillance camera.
In their situation,   a simple broom turned into a 
multifunctional tool with
  which they could safely 
interact with rescued animals.
  At the onset of 8-12 weeks, when 
the babies became quite independent,   the rescuers sterilized the mother-cat.
And also fully prepared her to return to her   usual environment on the
  Now the babies themselves will be sterilized.
And until a new home is found for them,   it remains to enjoy the time
spent with them.
  Since the kids Jasper and Harley were 
too close, the two were accepted
But Phoenix went alone to a new home,   to her new parents and brother.

  In 2014, a girl named Gabby rescued 
an unusual puppy, who turned out
  to be suffering from a rare genetic 
disease, mucopolysaccharidosis.

  It had been progressing over time, 
limiting the baby's movement.
  Therefore, now Gebbie is the mother of such 
special dogs as Walter, Winslow and Benjamin.
  And for more than 7 years has been 
maintaining an Instagram account
  dedicated to them.
Usually, dogs with a similar disease   live very shortly, from six months and
in rare cases up to 5 years.
  But this is absolutely not the case for 
Walter, who loves to live too much,
  and therefore is not going to leave his parents.
Baby Benjamin appeared in this caring   family in 2018 and has already
celebrated three of his birthdays.
  Like Walter, he is a very tender and 
affectionate meatball, and also suffers
  from mucopolysaccharidosis, but 
of a slightly different type.
  He, like any other dog, 
loves walks and enjoys them.
  With the birth of Gabby's baby, Benjamin 
has a best friend with whom he
  loves to spend a lot of time together.
As you already understood, nothing can   stop the strong-minded little ones
who love life with all their hearts and   enjoy it.

  The animal rescue service Animal Pad received 
reports of a puppy brought to veterinarians.
  It’s owner did not have the desire and 
ability to care for the puppy due to   its deformation of the paws.
When he first came to them,   the first examination revealed anemia, heart
murmurs and many other health problems in addition   to his paws
  As it turned out, he does not have 
a single central paw pad to carry
  weight when walking.
And his toes have grown together.
  Little Forrest turned out to 
be very talkative and playful.
  And fortunately for everyone, Winnie 
and Otis loved this little one very
  much, supported and protected him.
Therefore, he, along with his   foster family, went to Oregon, where
veterinary students from Oregon State University   Vet School are ready to
accept him.
  Now, in order to help Forrest run, they 
are raising $ 35,000 to carry out
  all the necessary surgeries that 
will help the baby get rid of the   deformity.

  The Yukon is a dog with a 
difficult history and destiny.
  A dog whose story of salvation 
has won the hearts of hundreds of   thousands of people on the Internet.
And also opened the eyes of many to the   terrible conditions in which stray
dogs are.
  On August 15 of last year, caring 
subscribers sent Caitie from Caitie’s
  Foster Fam a heartbreaking photo of a 
disfigured dog roaming the streets.
  Despite all his wounds and pain, he 
turned out to be a very loving dog,
  ready to receive affection and love 
from any person, and not only from
Caitie's followers actively followed   the development of the Yukon's history
and many of them sent him gifts.
  After unpacking, Yukon tried each toy many times,   his happiness knew no
  At Caitie's house, Yukon was no longer 
in danger, cared for, and had a lot
  of furry friends of different 
breeds to play with.
  Just a month later, Yukon has turned 
into a charming, beautiful looking dog.
  I can say that he has completely 
recovered, and now he is prescribed
  sterilization, in order to send 
him to a new family afterwards.
  A little later, potential adoptive parents came 
to meet him, and they completely suited Yukon.
  So after a couple of days they officially 
took him into their family, where
  he had a loving mother, a caring dad, 
and also a sweet little sister.
  Did you like the stories? If you did, 
let me know in the comments below.

  See you.

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