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Loyal German Shepherd Helps Family With The Chores: SUPERPOWER DOGS


Barun superpower is his amazing loyalty and how helpful he is around the house [Music] Baron is a two-year-old German Shepherd who's lived with dog trainer Linda and her four-year-old son Alexander since he was just 12 weeks old I first started training Baron the day we got him Baron is very smart he catches on very quickly German shepherds overall are very eager to please and they want to learn but super smart Baron has been learning some rather unusual skills he can help load the dishwasher help wipe the windows he likes dusting he can sweep the floor and he can mop he can unload and load the dryer and washer he can put the toilet seat down behind Alexander when he forgets you can do the light switches on and off so I don't push him too hard we kind of just have a good time with everything that we do Alexander and Baron have a very special relationship they are joined at the hip Alexander will have Baron clean up his toys or he'll take him up to his room and have Baron pick up Alexander's toys and clean his room the more Alexander can get Baron to do stuff the stronger their bond grows [Music] byron isn't just eager to help out with the household chores he's truly part of the family Baron is like an overprotective dad when we are out in public in it's three of us Baron will be on the outside of Alexander pushing Alexander into me when people come up to talk to us or greet us he'll he'll cut them off and he stands in front of the people kind of giving that barrier anytime we're out his eyes are constantly on Alexander he does not look away he's all that matters if Alexander falls down and he cries he's the first one there even after long days he's still wagging his tail drooling all over me bringing a ball for me to throw he's just always making me laugh he's very loyal I have no doubt that that dog would give his life for us if he had to I love there he's my best friend super-powered dogs a giant screen 3d movie will feature more amazing dogs like Baron find out how you can help make the movie possible by joining the super-powered dogs online community today you

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