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Loyal Dog Family Rescues A Homeless Stray Dog|Tiktok Video【Smart Dog】


Please give me something to eat,
boss I haven't eaten in days There's nothing to eat. Get out of here How pathetic… Let's take out the trash first Are you ok I am so hungry ah Ah… It's too poor Why don't you come home with me Ah? Is it true? The stray dogs out there are pretty dirty We don't know if there's an epidemic In that case….. I'd better go.. I wonder what happened to
my sister Go get her something to eat Where did
Duo Duo go Go and see Sister,
I brought you some
food Brother, this is delicious Sister,
I have a toy for you today! Thank you for your brother It's okay! Ah?
My sister? What's wrong? DuoDuo. There's no time to explain. Just come with me, Dad The stray sister
out there is gone It's okay. Don't worry. Just go home It's on fire. Can you find it at home? How can I take my time Don't worry,
Look over there Hello, brother! I'm sorry
I worried you,
brother You don't have
to send anything
anymore Oh, it's okay.

We'll just have
to get her checked
out Do a good deed also sneaky, afraid I steal your credit Thank you, Mom!.

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