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Little Dog Brother’s Attention-Hogging Kept His Family Together | Dodo Kids | Best Animal Friends


Taz is what you might call an attention hog. Or should I say an attention dog? “Oooh. Taz!” And when you’re an attention-seeking
pibble like Taz, the worst thing that can happen
is someone else getting all the attention. Your attention. Especially when the attention-taker
is your own big brother. “Whatcha doing, Bones?” “Taz, get down!” Taz is like, “Bones! How could you?” Taz is such an attention dog,
his parents need to keep him inside just so Bones can have a
little attention of his own. A situation Taz finds…unacceptable. And he makes sure everyone knows it. He’ll run to every window in every room until he finds a way to get in on whatever fun
he thinks is happening without him.

“Taz, want a toy?” Nice try, Dad, but this will probably go
smoother for everyone if you just give him what he wants. These two brothers are very different, even if they look pretty similar. In case you need a hand, here’s a trick. Bones, black spot. Taz, no spot. Got it? Bones used to get annoyed at his little
brother’s endless attention seeking, but then he realized it was his brother’s
showy antics that kept their family together, because their parents hadn’t planned
on adopting two puppies. Which means Taz and Bones
were almost separated, until Taz used his attention-grabbing
skills to send them a clear message. Taz and Bones are a package deal. And while they’ve always been puppy
partners in fun and occasional puppy partners in crime, “What’d you do?” these two besties are still brothers, who sometimes have issues.

But a minor skirmish over a toy is nothing compared to… (doorbell ringing) a visit from Grandma, because Grandma belongs to Taz. Well, at least that’s what he thinks. And whenever Grandma tries
to show Bones a little love, Taz is like, “Um, Grandma? I’m right here,” or, “Grandma, pay attention to me!” “Me, me, me, me, me.” Sorry, Bones.
Looks like Taz is cutting in again. It’s OK. You know, Grandma loves you both. But there’s another reason Bones
lets Taz hog the spotlight. You see, he knows that as much as Taz
needs his mom time, dad time and grandma time, he’s always gonna need his Bones time most of all. And this loyal big brother, tug-o’-war opponent, hiking partner, snow buddy and fearless adventure pal is never gonna get tired
of his little brother’s attention.

Probably. Even if sometimes he wants to say, “Brother, I love you,
but I need a little more space.” “Like, literally, some space on the bed.” “Just an inch would be nice.” “No? All right. It’s fine.” “Really. I’m used to it.” (laughing).

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