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Lincoln Vlogs: Q&A About Family, Pets & More! | The Loud House


Hey Loud Crowd! A lot of you have
been asking questions about me and my family. So I want to give
you some answers. Ready, here we go with
the first question. What do you think
you and your sisters will do when you grow up? I can't speak for
my sisters, but I'm going to move into a place
with my own bathroom. That would be amazing. Speaking of amazing, you
guys also wanted to know, do you have any hidden talents? What are they? Removing my underwear
without my hands. It's not as weird as it sounds.

Moving on, what's
your favorite TV show? "ARG!" Oh! The ghost just ran
into the bathroom! Tune in tomorrow
when I flush him out! Arg! Awesome. So you guys also wanted to know,
what's your favorite color? It's orange. As you can see. [BELL RINGS] Here's the next question. Why did you name
your dog Charles? He's named after a
great cartoonist. In fact, all four
of our pets are. Here's a follow-up question. How did you get Charles? Same way we got all our pets. Lana found him and cried
till we got to keep him. Now here's a question
about another sister.

What's the spookiest
thing Lucy has ever done? How much time do you have? Let's just move on. What's the strangest
food you've eaten? Couch bagel! Ugh. Next question, please. Describe a recurring dream. [LAUGHS] You think I
can sleep in this house? It's a good thing there's
a lot to keep me busy. Which leads to
our next question, what are your favorite hobbies? Playing video games,
watching "ARG!", reading comics in my underwear. Clyde keeps trying to
get me into baking, but that's a no-go. Sorry buddy. Here's the next question. What nicknames you have? L-Train, Linky, Loudie,
and Stinkin' Lincoln. But I'm really trying to
get rid of that last one. Next, what's your
favorite Luan pun or joke? You don't want to egg her on. Uh-oh, did she hear that? Now she's going to
throw an egg at me.

I'd better scramble! Oh no, now I'm doing it! I should just wrap
this up for now. Hope you enjoyed! Leave more questions
in the comments below and check back
here for more answers. Later dudes..

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