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Letting The Person in FRONT of Me Decide What We Eat for 24 HOURS Challenge!


– So we are gonna let the
person in front of us order our food for the entire day. Okay guys, come on in! There's a giant gorilla!
– Ahh! Can I order just exactly what the person in front of us ordered? ♪ Wherever you are ♪ ♪ That's where I wanna be ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ That's where, that's where ♪ ♪ That's where ♪ ♪ That's where I wanna be ♪ ♪ This is home ♪ – [Missy And Ollie] Good morning, guys! – [Missy] Good morning! – Good Morning! – You've got a red nose! We are packin' up the car right now because we are headed out
of town and Karma here, – I think he's protesting. – He refuses to get out.
– No! – Look at his angry eyes, he's totally got his angry eyes on right now.
– No, no no! – Why are you leaving again? Come on, Karm, you've gotta go! Is this not the saddest thing
in the whole wide world? You guys give this video a
thumbs up if you think Karma is the cutest dog! He's got such a personality! Come on Karma, gosh you guys.

This boy is getting so old too! He is officially eight years old! Don't get any older, okay? I really don't want you to get any older! You can't come. It's not really a place
for doggies to go, okay? Come on, come on, let's go in the house. No, no, no! No! (laughing) Ugh, those eyes! Luna, on the other hand,
is like "See you, guys! "Have fun, goodbye!" She actually is out here, she
loves to sit in the courtyard and the reason is, is that
the cat sits in the courtyard a lot, as you guys know,
the cat actually caught, baby bunnies the other day, and it was like, the saddest situation.

I did vlog about it, so if you
guys want to watch the video, it's up in the iCard. Yeah, so she hangs out here because the cat hangs out here, and she is literally best
friends with Winston. She loves that cat so much,
and the cat loves her. I really think that Luna was meant to be a little momma, huh? You shoulda had babies 'cause
you just love everything! (Luna whimpers) Aww! Anyways, I actually have
a clip from last night, where the cat and Luna
were out in the drive way, literally just snuggling together.

So I'm going to show you
guys that clip right now. It's the cutest thing
in the whole wide world! Like what cat and dog snuggle? Oh look, there they are! She's like "Oh I found him!" She loves this cat. Please don't catch any
more bunny rabbits, okay? You can catch like,
mice and rats, you know? But like, bunnies, those are off-limits. – All right, we are off, and
we have not eaten anything! We're gonna be doing our food a little bit differently today boys. So we're not gonna actually get to order.

So we are gonna let the
person in front of us order our food for the
entire day, for 24 hours. We're gonna be getting breakfast, and we're gonna be getting lunch, and we're gonna be getting dinner. How's that sound boys? – Good!
– Tasty! – [Bryan] We're gonna go to Starbucks, what are you hoping you get? – Um, I'm hoping I get a cake pop – Lemon one! – [Bryan] You want a lemon cake pop? – [Ollie] And I want a vanilla cake pop.
– He's so his Dad.

– I want a vanilla cake pop. – Okay, let's see, I don't
know if people really usually get those this early in
the morning, but we'll see. I'm definitely hoping I can
get a breakfast sandwich, I'm sure Missy needs like, some egg and protein this morning. – I would love a Sous Vide
egg, aw those are my favorite, a yummy coffee would be great. – Yeah, so, let's see what happens! We have arrived at the Starbucks. – I just saw she's looking back to see what the people in the back want, so that means there might
be like, multiple orders. – [Employee] Hi, welcome to Starbucks, what can I get started for you today? – [Missy] Can we just order exactly what the person in front of us ordered? – [Employee] All right, thank you. – Okay, thank you. The suspense is killing me,
what do you think they ordered? I hope it's food. (Bryan slurping loudly) – Coffee would be nice. – But I am really picky about my coffee because I really don't
like it super bitter.

– Yeah, Missy's picky. This isn't a challenge for the picky. Oh. – Oh.
– She just handed them two – Very. – bright pink drinks. – Maybe I should pay for
the people behind us. – Oh, yeah, sure. – Don't look at them! – [Employee] How ya doin? – Hi, good!
– Hey! (Missy laughing) – Can I go ahead and pay
for the people behind us? – [Employee] Yeah, sure! – I think we're being really annoying, so. (Bryan laughing) – We needed food you guys, we're hungry! This is not enough for breakfast. – [Employee] All right, you're all set. – Thank you!
– Thank you! – I've never had a dragon drink. – I had one of these the
other day, it was delicious. – Oh, did you?
– Not really something I want to drink bright
and early in the morning, but let's go for it. – [Finn] Cake pop, mommy! – I know! – What did you want Finn? – A cake pop! – I know! – I wanted a cake pop, too. – Well we got two dragon drinks! – Who wants a dragon drink? – You want to try it? – Who wants to try it? You wanna try it, Finn? – Yeah, I'm gonna try it actually.

– You haven't tried it? – Uh-uh, this looks so weird,
this is not my kinda thing. – [Bryan] I know, you just
started liking coffee. – Weird! It's almost like a smoothie.
– It's like tea and coconut milk I think, right? – [Missy] This is weird, well. – At least it's got the fruit and stuff. – I think I might actually be able to handle this for breakfast. (Bryan laughs) – Maybe lunch will be better.

(Missy laughs) – He knows I'm filming him. He's out. Okay you guys, we have another
long drive ahead of us. I know we were just in the car, but we just stopped, we had
a meeting that we ran into and now we are back on the road because we are going to
somewhere really, really cool with the kids and I'm
really, really excited. But I'm really hungry because, – I'm starving! – There was no food at that meeting. So we're gonna try and find food now. And maybe when we order what
the person in front of us got, we'll actually get some food.

– Yeah, I'm thinking McDonald's because people who go to
McDonald's order food, 'cause it's like super cheap.
– I wanna go to McDonald's, and I wanna go behind
someone who looks like they are headed into the Dollar Menu. You know,
– Yeah. – like, I can do some
damage on a Dollar Menu. – Yeah.
– Okay. – A dollar? – So I wanna find someone who's got a bunch of kids in their car, and I wanna like follow them in and order what they ordered. – Oh look, a Chick-Fil-A! Oh that's pretty good too. – That'd be a good one. What if they get pickles, like we say no pickles,
– Oh gosh. – that would be really
hard to get Chick-Fil-A. (Missy screaming) But you guys should comment down below, what is your favorite
fast food place to go to? I definitely think I am
a big McDonald's fan. It's always consistent, it's always hot, it's always warm, I love it. – Bryan's definitely converted
me over the last month or so, I've been going to McDonald's
a little more lately. Confession!
– Missy likes Mickey D's! – And I've been kinda loving
it, it's been pretty good.

– And the boys have just
been snacking all day. – Yeah, they've been cheating!
– You got some snacks? – Popcorn. – Cheating on the 24 hours! – You guys are cheating,
that's okay though. – [Finn] We found McDonald's! – We found McDonald's! We're going behind the Nissan Rogue, don't do us wrong, Nissan Rogue! – I think this one has kids! I see kids, I see kids! – Yeah? – We need food for the kids, guys! We need chicken nuggets! – Yes.
(car beeping) – I'm really hoping for
a McChicken, though. – Yeah, I need a
McChicken in my life, now. – Oh, it is. – If you hear that beeping, that's our car saying that
other things are around us.

– Annoyed. – It has space issues. – Whatever that person
orders, you have to get it, and you have to eat it. (Missy sighing) – [Bryan] Ha! – [Employee] How may I help you? – Hi, um, can I order just exactly what the person in front of us ordered? – [Employee] Excuse me? – Like exactly what the
person in front of us ordered? – [Bryan] Whatever they
had, we'll have it. – Whatever they had, we'll have. – [Employee] Oh, okay. Exactly the same? – [Missy] Yes, exactly the same. – [Employee] Anything else? – Nope that should be it, as long as that's everything, thanks! – I want chicken nuggets!
– It's $20! – $20 worth of food! – We spent $20 at McDonald's! – [Bryan] We got food boys! Food's comin', food's comin' – Food! – Receipts! – Hi.
– Hi! Thank you.

– What is this? – I don't know, I think a coke? Oh, two cokes. – [Finn And Ollie] Diet coke. – These are huge regular cokes. – I'm not drinking that, that's soda. – You don't really drink soda. (both laughing) – [Ollie] I drink soda. – Okay, you can be the one
– When you sneak at – To taste test these sodas, okay? – [Ollie] What is it? – We don't know. – [Employee] Sorry about that, can you park for three minutes? – Okay.
– We're so special that they're gonna let us park. – [Finn] Taco! – Finn's like, uh Taco Bell sounds better. – [Bryan] Taco Bell, Pizza Hut. Never in a million years
seen Taco Bell, Pizza Hut. So we're waiting here in our spot at McDonald's to figure out what the person in front of us ordered. I'm really hungry. I'm hoping there's a McChicken
in there, or some McNuggets.

Yeah, that's regular coke. – We don't really let him
drink soda, but he can try. – I like it! – Well, yeah, it's pure sugar, bro! Nothin' really beats a cold
coke and a cheeseburger. It's kind of just like
an American classic. – He's so funny when he drinks, he's like. Okay, so we were waiting for so long that Bryan actually had
to use the restroom, and as he was walking
back in, he got our food.

Did you get us food? – Okay, I got our food. – Oh! I mean, to start off, just the top. – French fries! – Tons of french fries. Who wants french fries? Large fry for you. Wow.
– Let's see what else we got. Another large fry. (Missy laughing) – Oh my gosh. McDonald's french fries.
– Oh, I smell something! Six piece chicken tenders! – Oh.

– I could totes eat those. Those look really good.
– Finns about to cry 'cause he's waiting for his cheeseburger. – Oh, I think. I see cheeseburgers! Hang on, Finn!
– He's so upset! (Finn crying) – Cheeseburger! – [Missy] He's so upset! – You don't need to cry,
I got a cheeseburger for you right here!
– It's right here baby, look! I think he's really hungry. – [Bryan] Finny is so happy because he got a cheeseburger, didn't you? Tell me what you think. – [Bryan And Missy] Yeah! – Success you guys, we got chicken strips, we got cheeseburgers,
plenty of french fries. I think that's gonna give us enough fuel for the rest of our day because we are going somewhere really fun. What? – Oh.
– Yeah, we had to modify it a little bit
for you, is that okay? It still tastes good, right? Yeah, this is kind of perfect, though, because look, it's pouring rain and we're all trapped together in our car, as a family eating fast food. No, seriously, I remember
as a kid driving around in the rainy day with my
mom getting McDonald's and just sitting in the rain
and eating food, you know? – [Missy] Yeah.

– It's fun. – We have enough fries
to feed a lot of people. – We have plenty of fries. These chicken strips, really good. Whoa, Finn, what is this? – [Missy] Is that a dress? Would you wear that, Finn? – [Bryan] No? (laughs) – Mom would wear it.
– Look at this dress, I know. (upbeat music) – Look at this mirror, mama,
it has the crate on it. – [Ollie] That's Harry Potter! – Whoa!
– What! – You guys, there's Harry Potter. – Whoa.
– That's crazy. – You're a Harry Potter fan.

– [Bryan] Yeah, I am. You are too. – Uh-huh.
– Mister Potter! That's Hogwarts, Ollie. – It is?
– Hmm! – You think we're near Hogwarts? – No.
– I wonder what we're doing. – I don't know where we are
at, or what we're doing. All I know is we've been eatin' everyone else's food all day. – Yeah, we've been driving forever. – Now that Ollie's old enough, he can actually read
the numbers on the door, and it's so cool. So we're lookin' for 806, buddy. – Eight,
– Eight. Zero, six. – Is that what we're lookin' for? – I think so.
– I think they found it! – Okay, guys, come on in! – Whoa! – What! – [Bryan] Doesn't it smell sweet in here? (upbeat music) What is this, you guys? – It's the new – [Missy] Secret.

– Pets!
– Life of Pets! – [Bryan] New "Secret Life of Pets 2"! Look at, Finn is literally holding Max. Look at that. He's literally holding a Max. – [Missy] Oh my God, they hooked us up! – And it's Captain Snowball! – That's amazing! You guys, we got hooked
up from Illumination. Look at this, "Secret Life of Pets 2"? All these awesome goodies
in our hotel room.

Oh, I love the ears you guys! So we just got this huge
"Secret Life of Pets 2" surprise in our hotel room. You guys, there's a note. – [Missy] There's a secret note! – Should I read the note? – Let's read the note! – Okay, it says, "Welcome Lanning family. "Universal Pictures invites
you to a special screening "of Illumination Entertainment's
Secret Life of Pets 2". – [Missy] Woo, we get
to go watch the movie! – Do you boys know what this means? We get to go see the new
"Secret Life of Pets" before anyone else! – No, not here, over there.

– That is so cool! Thank you so much Illumination
for hooking this up. I am so excited. We got this huge cake we can mack on. Hey, Ollie, you know what this says? – What? – [Missy] Day – De, de,
– Bump! – [Missy] (gasps) You can read! Daily Bumps! – Daily Bump. – It says Daily Bumps, isn't that awesome? I'm gonna eat the B, – For Bryan.
– Because that's what my name starts with.
– I eat this one. – You're gonna eat the exclamation point? – Uh-huh. – [Bryan] Or it could be an I. – You can be Max.
– Oh, yes, I wanna be Max. Oh, hi, I'm Max, and I love you. Ahh! We got all the ears, we got
all the plushies, all the toys. – Oh my goodness! Oh, we even got doggy
treats for Luna and Karma. – [Bryan] Oh, that is so cool! – [Missy] Ollie, that's not real! Spit it out! (laughing) – Ollie was tryin' to eat the giant cake.

– That's paper! – I didn't know.
– Ollie! (Missy laughing)
It's okay, it's okay. If you want a cupcake buddy you
can grab one of these, okay? – [Missy] (laughing) He took a bite! – [Bryan] He took a bite of the actual "Secret Life of Pets" sign. It's just fondant. – I'm sorry, I didn't know!
– It's okay, it's okay buddy. It's okay, it's fondant, it's edible. It's totally fine. Go ahead, grab yourself a cupcake, buddy. We've been on the road, you deserve it. That is so cute though that
they thought of Ollie and Karma, and they have little treats for them. Isn't that cool babe?
– Yeah. Finn, are you excited? – [Bryan] Look at up there, Finn. Dragons! There's a giant dragon! (Missy laughing) Come on, come with daddy! – [Missy] You gotta run through it! – [Ollie] No, you do it! You do it, you do it! (Finn screaming) – We are at Universal CityWalk. – Yeah!
– We are so excited to go explore this area.
– Check this out! There's a giant gorilla! – [Missy] Ahh! He's even got red eyes.

– Put your hands up and see if you can, – [Missy] High five 'em. High five! I think we're still doing the
24 hour challenge, though. So that means that if
we go anywhere to eat, I think we just have to ask the people at the table next to
us if we can just have whatever they're ordering. I don't know, actually.
– Look at, look at, look at! – We haven't eaten since
McDonald's so we might get hungry. So who knows where we're gonna end up. There is so much delicious food here. – I know right? We should get some food.
– Where are we going to eat? – I don't know. Look at, there's Iron Man! – [Missy] Iron Man! Ollie, they have iFly here,
do you know what that means? – It means you, it means a
bunch of air and you fly.

– [Missy] Yeah, would you do it? – Um, no, I think grownups
are only supposed to do it. – [Missy] Oh. – [Ollie] Whoa, that is so cool! – [Missy] Would you do it? – Yeah!
– Yeah? – Yeah. – Would you do that, Finn? – Yes, I dare myself to do it.
– Yeah. – Yeah, I'm gonna do it! Yeah, yeah! (Missy laughing) – [Ollie] Please! – Okay, you guys, I'm
whispering because I don't want the kids to wake up. We came back, we were
gettin' a little hungry, and I was thinking, we should
order some room service. So we called, and we were
like, "We'll take exactly "what the last person before us ordered." Well here's what we got! Okay, ice waters, Pepsi, I don't drink Pepsi,
I normally drink Coke. Chocolate ice cream, a beer. Oh, quesadilla. Don't mind if I do. If you guys enjoyed this video, be sure to give it a big thumbs up. I think we're gonna smash this
dinner and then hit the hay because we have a really big
day tomorrow, so stay tuned. Hey, if you guys have
not seen the lyric video for my new song, "Dirt",
it's available now.

We'll have it linked up in the iCard and you can download it on iTunes with the link down below
in the description. Thanks so much, we'll see ya later. Bye! Boop. Uh, you guys. Wait, what is this? – [Missy] Oh my goodness. – [Bryan] Hit it, ow, he got it. – [Missy] Oh, sorry. – Pro tip, do not pull Puss in Boots tail. Whoa! – Check out what we just found. ♪ I am home ♪ ♪ I am home ♪.

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