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Learn Family Animals: Cat, Horse, Cow, Chicken, Duck – Farm Animal Sounds – Part 2


Cats Cats are very cute animals Animals that are close and affectionate with people Cat breed is a species with relatively high fertility, giving birth to 2-3 litters of kittens a year New born kittens only weighs about 100g and fits easily in the palm of your hand Horses are smart, wise animals Mother horses as young as 3 years old can start breeding Spring, when the grass begins to thrive , an abundant source of food, this is also the right time to give birth to ponies Newborn ponies can stand up and walk after only a few hours Cow Cow is a herbivore, ruminant Cattle are widely kept by humans and spread all over the world An interesting feature is that cows have the ability to cry just like humans Cow's eyes provide her with near-comprehensive vision this is a way to protect against Predator Duck Duck is one of the small water birds.

Ducks can swim, walk on land, fly, and even dive underwater in search of food . This membrane makes it easier for them to swim in the water. Duck legs don't have nerves and blood vessels , so ducks don't feel the cold . Chickens Chickens are the most common meat-producing poultry In chickens, there is a clear difference between roosters and hens. Roosters often crowing in the morning or at fixed times of the day with large crests, shiny and colorful feathers . Hens often cluck. noisy after laying eggs and when calling chicks.

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