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Kusa Not Quite Dead Yet Family Battler All Undead Pets


this is how it is defeat kusa using all the dead pets for the not quite Dead Yet part of the family Butler achievement your first pet is mr. bigglesworth with pounce and ice to your second pet is scraps with claw super bark and consume corpse and then any undead pet start with mr. bigglesworth cuss pounce until baits is defeated [Music] once beat is defeated roll the endless cast one pounds followed by ice – even though Rolly uses Beryl this will still apply the table now use pounce until defeated [Music] once mr.

Ellsworth is defeated bring in scrubs spam claw until Raleigh is defeated what's Rawley is defended sting around us start with superbark and then use claw until the fight is done use consumed corpse if your health gets law hope you found this video helpful thanks for watching [Music] you .

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