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Kusa Machine Learning Family Battler All Mechanical Pets


this is how it defeat kusa using all mechanical pets for the machine learning part of the family Butler achievement your first pet is an iron stylus I think all breeds apart from the health health breed should work here you drop a comment below if you have trouble with a particular breed with wind-up power ball and supercharged and your two remaining pets any with a window or launch rocket type of ability should work fine start your I installers cusp our ball this should make you faster than beats follow this with wind-up the charge [Music] supercharged and then wind up to hit this should finish off baits and roll the endless start with Powerball Raleigh well then use burrow and be unattackable cusp line of the charge followed by supercharged [Music] and then wind up the hit they should finish up Raleigh and stinger and us cussed windup the charge and wind up the hit depending on your health you may get a second wine milk charge and hit off or you could just Powerball instead if you don't think you have the help to make a second one once your eye install it is defeated bringing your bag of pets and you window or alternative ability until the fight is done hope you found this video helpful and thanks for watching [Music]

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