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Kusa Fun With Flying Family Battler All Flying Pets


the south is defeat kusa using all flying pets for the full moon flying part of the family Butler achievement your first pet is a Toro claw hustling with claw dodge and ravage your second pet is Iggy with savage talent black claw and flock and your final pet is a day big hatchling with savage talent and predatory strike start your tour a claw and cuss claw followed by a second claw then dodge followed by ravage the second round of ravage should finish off beats and give you a small heel once beats is defeated Rolly endless cask law until Raleigh has low health you can pass on the beer or drowned if you like then ravage to heal when Rolly is low on health sometime shot Tarak law can be low on health dude are and Jane being critically hit so can occasionally be defeated early by a pass until defeated to show you what to do if this happened [Music] so if your torque law is defeated early bring in your iggy because black law if black law is dodge due to burrow cast it on the next round followed by flow this should finish off raleigh and stinger enters [Music] wit for any remaining rounds a flock to finish and then repeat the black claw flock combo [Music] if a key is defeated use your debit credit restrike to finish up the fight hope you found this video helpful thanks for watching [Music]

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