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Kevin Hart Follows in Hero Eddie Murphy’s Footsteps with The Secret Life of Pets 2


-Let's talk about this movie,
"The Secret Life of Pets 2." -So excited.
-I loved the first one. I went to see it with my kids. And this one is just as good, if not better,
than the first one, probably because
there's more you in this one. -Well, yeah, of course. I mean, look, we said, "We got
to add some more Snowball," and that's why I said, "I'm in." First of all,
this is an amazing opportunity that I do not take for granted.

I mean, when I look at, like,
what my comedy hero has done — You know, I'm one of
the biggest Eddie Murphy fans to be on this Earth. I love Eddie Murphy.
Love everything about him. -Sorry. I thought you were
going to say me. -What?
-It's all right. No big deal. All right. Yeah, you just started off
and you kind of looked at me a little bit
and then you went off to Eddie Murphy. -Well, your face is in
the camera eyeline. That's why
you probably thought that. -Yeah, 'cause you were saying
your comedy idols, and I go, "Oh, this is
going to be — I'm probably gonna get
a little emotional here." And then you didn't
say my name at all. -Okay. Well, I'm glad
that you didn't react like I was going to,
'cause I wasn't. I was saying Eddie. Eddie Murphy is where
I was going, okay? -I can see, in the back of
your head, you're still thinking about
me a little bit.

-No, no.
-Yeah, it's okay. -No, I'm really not. It's like the furthest —
-It's all right, though. -Yeah, but —
-It's okay. -Yeah, it's cool. Whatever.
Agree to disagree. [ Imitates Eddie Murphy's
laugh ] -That's how I laugh.
-That's not your laugh. -That's how I laugh.
-That's not. -[ Imitates Eddie Murphy's
laugh ] Come on.
Just like me a little bit. You're so funny in this.
My kids were going nuts. They loved you so much.
-I love it. -You play this tiny, little
bunny called Snowball, if you've never seen
the first one. -I don't think you need
to say "tiny." He's just a — I think you can
say he's just a bunny. -He's a bunny. Sorry. -Yeah, but the way you did,
like, I was this big.

It was like, "You play this tiny, little bunny,
like this big." No, it's not — I'm a bunny. -Yeah, you're a
normal-sized bunny. Sorry. -Yeah, like a regular bunny.
It was just — Yeah. You can just say "a bunny."
I play a bunny. -You play a bunny. Absolutely.
-Yeah, yeah. -And everyone else
in the movie is a little bit larger
than you are. -Well, it's just like in life. People are bigger than a bunny, but it doesn't mean
a bunny is a tall bunny. Like, for a bunny,
I'm a big bunny.

-All right, all right,
all right. -You get what I'm saying?
-Issues. Somebody call his therapist. So, but what
happens with this one is — you're now —
You're owned by somebody who's dressing the bunny up
in different superhero outfits and cute things
that a bunny would wear. -Yeah. -And so you actually believe
that you are a superhero. -Well, I mean, if it happens
enough, you start to believe it. You know,
I'm now in a household. In the first one,
I was a villain. And, you know, this is why
the role made sense for me, because I'm such a good bad guy. And now that I'm done being
the villain, because I got love, I'm in a household with
a little girl that loves to dress me up. Now, she doesn't dress me up,
like, you know, in stuff that I don't like. Like, it's like —
I'm like a thug. If you really look at this, if you really look at
the inside world of this, in the superhero costumes that
I'm being dressed in, I believe it, and now Snowball
is no longer Snowball.

He's Captain Snowball,
which is very realistic. -He has changed a little bit, but he's still got that
thing in him. And, man, oh, man, it is funny.
You have a great voice, buddy. You know that. But we have a clip from
"The Secret Life of Pets 2." Let's take a look at this. -Listen! ♪ Black X6, Phantom ♪ ♪ White X6, panda ♪ ♪ Pockets swole, Danny ♪ ♪ Sellin' bar, candy ♪ ♪ Man, I'm the
macho like Randy ♪ -Snowball, I'm back. [ Laughs ] Mm! ♪♪ ♪ Bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny ♪ -Yeah.
-He still thinks he is. -Yeah.
-Kevin Hart, everybody.

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