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Keeyo Fun With Flying Family Battler All Flying Pets


this outfit keel use an old flying pets for the fun with flying part of the family Butler achievement your first pet is add a big hatchling with Falcon sauce warm iron skin and predatory strike your second pet is icky with savage talent black claw and flock and then any level 25 flying pet just as Butler this is unlikely to be used start with iron skin followed by thoughtless or sworn predatory strike and then you'll usually need an extra faultless lost one to finish off plus b1 suppose biggest defeated take it enters with for any rounds of thought the sauce want to finish and then cast iron skin if you defeated but speak with predatory strike Casa felt the sauce warm when teacher enters an iron skin once it finishes after use an iron skin cast another fat sauce one followed by predatory strike and then you thought sauce one toll taker or your day big is defeated if your day big was defeated bring an itchy cuss a beach towel until Tiger is defeated once Tigre is defeated my lord owners if your day beat was still alive used Falcon sauce one until defeated if a key is your active pet cuts black law followed by flock this will win you the bottle usually on the second round a flock hope you found this video helpful thanks for watching [Music]

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