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Kade Sneaks a Secret Pet into the House! Kids Fun TV & Aqua Dragons


Moose toys paid us to make this video Operation pet dragon is underway. Don't worry I've got this. No one will even knows it's here. What a pet dragon?!? No way What's up Ninja?!? Oh you scared me! Guess what Jazzy..Kade just snuck a pet dragon into the house! What a dragon? Yeah, you know how Kade's been begging Mom for years to have a pet? Mom can I please have a cat? Kade you know, that's impossible, your Daddy has allergies.

A dog then? No way mister. I am not having a dog chew up my furniture. A rat? Eww gross! A snake? Never! Come on Mom, please?!? Why? Pet's just aren't for us…they stink, they slobber eww gross… No, no, no, no no, no, no! Yeah Well I think Kade has finally cracked. I heard him talking about dragon eggs. But dragons don't exist. Yeah, that's what I thought too until I overheard Grandma say she would take Kade to Walmart to go get dragon eggs. What is this world coming to? You can buy dragons at Walmart and Grandma is in on it? Yeah! Yeah and Mom's gonna freak out. Okay ninja I'm gonna join you.

Ok you ready…let's go! You go first..no you go first… Grab that dragon. (Kade talking to himself) Look at this dragon egg… I can't wait for my Aqua Dragon's to hatch! What the?? Jack you weren't kidding. I told you Mom's gonna go ape! Now that I've got your tank set up, it's time to feed you! Oh, no, we got to stop him! Let's set a trap for the little buggers? Um, how about we just tell Mom? What if she grounds Kade for life?! Good that will teach him a lesson.

Oh, this is gonna be awesome! I hope I get 100! He's gone Mad. What are we gonna do? I can't wait for you to grow and start swimming around! I just can't get a good look. And then I can name you! Who is it? No way! What? What? It's Paxton he wants me to come over to see his new Aqua Dragons. What is this world coming to? Hey guys what are you doing? Kalia I don't want to freak you out, but I think there's something wrong with Kade.

Wrong with Kade? Yes, just now Kade's snuck a pet dragon into his room. You really saw this?!? Yes Ahhhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!! What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?!? I don't know but if Kade has a baby dragon, it's only gonna get bigger We got to keep the baby dragon in his room then. We need to stop that dragon from going anywhere else in the house! Wait a minute that's my room too! Ahhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh! Keep the dragon in his room. Hmm. I wonder if the dragon is afraid of something? Let's see what we can find out about them. Wow look at this. It says here that dragons are scared of aluminum. Okay, we'll have to cover this place with aluminum foil. Let's do this! Well, I think that's the whole house. Not the whole house what about the office? Hey Dad can you get up? Yeah, we need to put some aluminum foil around here Aluminum foil what for? I'm not sure how to tell you this, but…

Something's wrong with Kade and he's acting so weird! Really what's wrong with him? well for starter Kade has a pet dragon in his room and he's feeding it right now! And we think Grandma's the one who bought it for him. Pet dragon?!? Grandma's crazy! Give me that No way! Dad you look pretty thorough.

Jazzy help me! Foil me! You're Foilman! Dad there's no way that the dragons are gonna get you! Doesn't he look a little thick? Daddy you're shining! Jazzy quick…we have to defend ourselves! Run!!! Thank you It's Mom. Hey, babe guess what? I just got you in the kids an awesome surprise. I got some Aqua Dragons. Ah! Oh no, your Mom's not herself! She's picked up a baby dragon and she's heading here to the house! Quick hide! No way Mom would never bring home a baby dragon! It must not be her someone's taken over her body! Ahhh! Ahhhh!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! Ahhhhhhh! No way Mom would never bring home a baby dragon! It must not be her someone's taken over her body! Ahhh! No dragons gonna take over my house! All right kids you go to the front of the house…and I will be in here! Can't wait to surprise the kids with these Aqua Dragons! Um, hello? Someone's home and it must be Mom.

Is anyone home? Ahhh! Stay back spooky dragon! What's going on? What's going on here? We don't know who you are! But you better start talking, we know you're not really our mom! What are you talking about Jazz? How does she know your name? I don't know….lucky guess! That's not all I know. Jack.. I know you like whipped cream on your cereal and Jazzy you sing in your sleep…and Jack I know who you are crush is…it's Lex…Dont say it!! Okay, it is Mom Now what is this all about? Well we heard that you bought a pet dragon.

So we assumed something was wrong. Not a dragon! Aqua Dragons! Let me show you. Whoa!!! Aqua Dragons! Whoa what is this? Aqua Dragons Wait, but what are Aqua Dragon? Real dragons? No way! Hey guys…want to see my pet dragons? No no no don't worry they're Aqua Dragons. Wait…why do you have Aqua Dragons? Cuz Grandma got me some last week. We thought you had a real dragon. Yeah from Walmart. Well let's see them. Don't worry kids! I'll save you from the dragons! Whoa…

(Fall) Are you okay? What gives? Where's the dragon? Turns out it's not a dragon. It's Aqua Dragons! Aqua Dragons! Ahhhhhh!!!! Mom do you think Dad's hiding under the bed again? That's where he goes when he's scared. Don't you think we should explain? No, let's just leave him there for awhile. You guys are gonna love hatching your own Aqua Dragons! I can't believe we can have Aqua Dragons for pets! Whoa! Guy's look at this! Look there's Aqua Dragon eggs, food, a magnifying glass, a spoon for the food, a pipette and a cool aquarium that lights up! Before you can hatch your dragons, you gotta fill it with bottled water to this line.

It's time to hatch your eggs.. hundreds of eggs will start to hatch immediately. Here it goes… That's so cool! Do the rest. How long does it take before I can see them? They start to hatch right away, but you can see them within 48 hours. No way! That's only two days! What's this? Oh, it's their food. You do one level scoop to feed them. You can feed my Aqua Dragons right now. Whoa! Have you named them yet? This one is Bob. This one Shaggy and Marshmallow.

I think I'll call this one hmm Hey, you should name one after your crush. Oh, yeah! Noooooo! Whoa, look at them swim. Whoa! You can learn about the lifecycle by watching it with your own eyes. The kit includes everything you need to raise your own baby Aqua Dragons. Hey, what's this for? Use the pipette to add oxygen to your tank. Cool look at the bubbles! Look how much they've grown! No way! Sweet we get to name some more. How about Shelley? How about Crabby? Oh I know… let's name one Dad! This is so awesome we can grow our own pets at home! Mom thanks so much for letting us have our own pets! Make sure to LIKE and subscribe below and parents You can buy Aqua Dragons at Walmart or find out more in the description down below.

Moose Toys paid us to make this video..

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