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JENNY’S DREAM COME TRUE!! Family Swims with Sea Turtles in Hawaii and we feed our new Pet Horses!


– [Adley] Two jungle boys. (everyone laughing) – Push us apart!
(laughing) – Yes! We got a coconut! (everyone cheering) – We got a coconut!
(upbeat music) – [Shaun] Oh yeah, She's looking good. ♪ Welcome to another
best day ever in the ♪ ♪ Hawaii beach ♪
(maraca shakes) – [Shaun] Skittles! – Yum, yum.
(laughing) – [Shaun] Hey! Quit eating my music! – It's also a snack.
(laughing) (maraca shakes)
♪ Looking' for turtles ♪ ♪ We're gonna surf and Boogie Board ♪ – Hulk you ready to feed some horsies? – Look at him rip out of it!
– Whoa he's a Hulk boy! (crunching a carrot) – Olaf.
(laughing) – They're the chickies.

– [Shaun] Hi baby chicks. – Horsies.
– Yeah! – [Shaun] Hello Hawaii horse. – Give me a carrot.
– Good job Nave. – Hey look over here! Don't eat me.
– Whoa! Good job Niko! Look at that cute little horse! (children laughing) (water bubbling)
(upbeat music) N, I, K, O. – Niko. – [Jenny] Niko! (coconut falling)
(laughing) – [Shaun] My little baby coconut boy! Milk, milk, milk, milk, milk,
milk, milk, milk, milk, milk. (laughing) Oh yeah, oh that's a big guy! Pirate crab. (everyone talking) Whoa! He's such a pirate crab. (everyone screaming) – Stop it! (wind blowing) – [Shaun] Whoa big one! We're surrounded by pirate crabs! (upbeat music) What's going on over here? – I'm making a music list.

No one has chosen the small shaker yet. – [Shaun] Wait what did I choose? I thought I chose the shaker. – Oh no, these are the other shakers. – [Shaun] Okay. – You chose this shaker. – [Shaun] See Dad chose this one. I've got a can of, where's
my can? Can I show them? – Yep, its just right over there. – [Shaun] Okay. So here's our musical instruments. – Ill show you how to use them. You can go like this with it.
(maraca shaking) Or like this.
(maraca shaking) – [Shaun] Ooh! How did you make that. Adley made these instruments.
– I finished my chips so I put skittles inside, put paper on, and wrapped it around like this.

– [Shaun] Oh hi! – And then you got a shaker. – [Shaun] Ooh I like that, what are some of the other instruments? (tapping pots) Colby did you sign up for the music show? – I did I'm the clapper.
(hands clapping) – [Shaun] You're the clapper? – And he has to do this.
(Adley blowing raspberries) (blowing raspberries and clapping) – [Shaun] Oh! Its gonna be a musical best day ever! (gasps) Best Day Ever the musical. We just sing, the whole time. I love it, oh, and who's
playing this? The ukulele? – Me. – [Shaun] You're playing the ukulele? – Uh huh. – [Shaun] What's Naves playing? – Uh, Naves gonna play the mini shaker. (baby babbling) – [Shaun] Oh, you want your glasses? Oh yeah, Adley, look at Naves. She's looking good! (laughing) We're taking them all down there? – Yep. (maraca shaking) – Okay the musical is starting! – Elise, and Aria.

– [Shaun] Oh, Aria's
gonna be good at that one. What one are you doing Naves? – [Adley] She wants my ukulele. – [Shaun] You want the ukulele? (bag unzipping) She's doing it! Ooh. – Okay. – [Shaun] Well, is that one yours? – [Jenny] Okay what are
me and Navey, Adley? – [Adley] Hey Mommy, you got this. – [Jenny] Okay.
– Its a shaker and Navey you got that. – [Shaun] Oh a shaker? – [Jenny] Ooh! Or they're bracelets. – [Shaun] Pretty. – There's yours. (maraca shaking) – It's actually skittles in there. – [Adley] Okay Niko.
– Skittles? – Um, Niko is a lot better at this, watch.

(scratching sounds)
– Ooh. That's pretty good.
– Okay. Niko's doing that one and I
only have that easier one. – Oh perfect I need something easier. (gasps) Yes. (maraca shaking) – [Shaun] Oh yeah! That was a good idea! ♪ Welcome to another
best day ever in the ♪ ♪ Hawaii beach ♪
(maraca shaking) ♪ We're gonna have some
fun with our family ♪ ♪ We're gonna see some turtles
and some dolphins yeah ♪ (baby babbling) – [Jenny] She's singing.
(everyone laughing) ♪ Gonna build some sand
castles on the beach ♪ ♪ With our friends and family ♪ ♪ Yeah ♪
(maraca shaking) (laughing) – [Shaun] Yeah!
(maraca shaking) – I have a rule for you.

– What?
– Since you have the loudest instrument here, play softly or just drum it. Everybody play your instruments. (everyone playing instruments) ♪ Surfing' the seas catching some weed ♪ ♪ Lets sing everybody right now weeds ♪ – Woo! And welcome to another
best day ever on the beach. The family's still in
Hawaii and its gonna be fun. You are looking dirty.

– [Jenny] She found
what's inside the shaker. – What's inside?
– Mommy! – [Shaun] Skittles?! – Alright Nave we've got to fix this. This is a musical instrument,
it is not something to eat. (everyone laughing) – [Shaun] Oh Naves you are
not supposed to eat that. Uh Nave? Hey! Quit eating my music. – It's also a snack. (everyone laughing) So now that we practiced
we're gonna march around and do it everywhere okay? – [Shaun] Navey's ready. ♪ Catching' the waves
catching' some seas ♪ ♪ Everybody follow follow me ♪ ♪ Looking for turtles we're
gonna surf and Boogie Board ♪ ♪ Everybody surf everybody see ♪ ♪ Everybody follow follow me ♪ ♪ Catching' the waves catching' the seas ♪ ♪ Lets all see the family ♪ ♪ Dipping our toes in the sand ♪ ♪ Looking at the sky
and feeling the breeze ♪ ♪ Love the sun and love the sea ♪ ♪ Happy to be with the family ♪ – You're losing some cereal
(screaming) – My instrument! – There's holes in your shirt! (laughing and screaming) Did you poke it with the pencil? – Yeah.
(everyone laughing) – Aria, don't do that.

Yeah. – [Shaun] Look at this creation. Oh that looks like the ultimate snack. Can I try it, just one piece?
– No, no, its not done. – [Shaun] What's in here? I see some pretzels, some watermelon. – That's the thing it's a fire. – [Shaun] It's a fire? – Uh huh. – [Shaun] Oh and those are like the logs, and then the watermelon's the fire? – Mhm. Everybody its a snacky snack. – [Shaun] Adley made snacks for everyone! (everyone whoaing) – Its a Hawaii fire. – [Shaun] Ooh I want one of these. Oh wow. (laughing) Mm is it yummy? (everyone laughing) it's a Hawaii fire. How did you get the
fire to stick together? – Go like this. – [Shaun] Ooh. That is delicious. Good job! Oh yeah girl.
– I'm gonna be a chef when I grow up. – [Shaun] A chef? I like that idea. A musician, a chef, a video maker. – Hey Daddy, this literally feels like there's a crack between my big toe and it needs to be in there.

It literally feels like that. – [Shaun] Really? (carrot crunching) – Olaf.
(laughing) – We got carrots we're
going to feed some horsies. Are you gonna feed the horsies miss? – [Adley] Raise your hand
if you like my mustache. – I love it. – [Shaun] Hulk you ready
to feed some horsies? – [Jenny] Oh yeah Hulk. Look at him rip out of his
– Oh he's a Hulk boy! – I'm gonna jump. – Okay.
– Ooh he's gonna jump. Ooh Hulk jump. – Horsies, horsey. Baby
chicks. Its baby chickies. – [Shaun] Hi baby chicks. – You got the carrots? Daddy daddy! Daddy! – [Shaun] Ooh there's a horse coming. – Horsies.
– Oh yeah! – [Shaun] Hello Hawaii horse. – Horse, horse, look down there. I wanna see how you do it.

– Pull it. Pull it. – Good job horsie – Pull it.
– Okay let go. – [Shaun] Oh we've got some yummy apples. – The humans are giving
you a snack right now. – [Jenny] Navey do you wanna feed him? – [Shaun] Oh yeah. – Give me a carrot.
– Good job Naves. – Good job!
– I wanna feed them. – [Shaun] Oh look the little
chickies are loving it. Look at that little pony coming over. – There you go little pony.
(laughing) – [Shaun] Aw are you a pony whisperer? – So cute. – Hey pony, look over here! There's a carrot! Carrot! You want a carrot!? – [Shaun] There's a carrot from Niko. – Don't eat me.
– Whoa good job Niko! Look at that cute little horse.

– [Adley] This is my horse Daddy. – What one?
– This one. – [Shaun] Oh that one's your horse? Oh guys look! The little chickies! Hi chickies!
– Oh its so cute! – (indistinct) won't give me a carrot. – [Jenny] Oh that little one's lost! (laughing) – Hey. – [Jenny] Here can you reach? – [Shaun] Good job. – He's bowing to me too. – [Shaun] They're so nice. – I wanna ride it. – [Shaun] I know. Would you just hop on it? – Yeah I would. – [Shaun] Go for a Hawaii ride? No, no, no, no, no! – This is my horse. – [Shaun] That ones your horse Niko? – I'm gonna name him, Dinosaur. – [Shaun] You named him Dinosaur? – Hi Dinosaur!
– Hi Dinosaur! What did you name your horse? – Sparkle Junior. – [Shaun] Oh hi Sparkle Junior. Bye Dinosaur you good horse. Bye Sparkle Junior! – Good job Naves.

Good job!
(laughing) – [Shaun] Bye! Did you pet the horse? – Is that a horse? Bye bye!
– Bye. – Hello home! Hello everybody!
– Aloha home. We're here to hit the beach. – Wash our hands. Give me soap.
– Wash our hands. We got horse hands. (water running) – Washy washy washy wash. (waves rushing) (wind blowing) – [Shaun] You're snorkeling.

– Yeah! – [Shaun] Out there. – You wanna come?
– The wild waters. – Yes. – I think I'm gonna come with you. The kiddos are good they're just playing. Lets do it. (relaxing upbeat music) (waves rushing) (water bubbling) (relaxing upbeat music) – [Shaun] What are you eating? – Cookies! – [Shaun] That looks so yummy! Kiddos are just so cute though. We got all showered and that
was super awesome swimming.

I think we're gonna go out there a bunch and find sea turtles. Look at this, me and Adley
are having a twinner lunch. What are you doing? – Cutting the butter.
– Careful. Okay. Twinner lunch but separate toppings. That's how we roll. Delicious. – We get the butter.
– I mean nut-o's are honey, these. With an English muffin, I've been obsessed with English muffins. I've lived my whole life
without eating a whole bunch of English muffins now I know,
eat more English muffins. – It's cause I got a good
toaster and I started eating it and next thing you know,
– I know. All my English muffins
– I'm having like, are gone.
two or three a day. Been going through them.
– Yeah. – [Shaun] This is what
we're having for lunch. – Wow. – [Shaun] We're gonna choose
honey or butter and cereal. – That's a lot of butter Adley. – Butter my biscuit.
– Mommy will you spread it? – Yes.
(laughing) (silverware clinking) – [Shaun] Ready? – Wait Daddy, don't put yours in yet.

Put that spoon back. Yeah. – [Shaun] What? – The Daddy spoon. – [Shaun] That's the Daddy
spoon I can eat half my bowl, alright. Lets go. Where are we eating? – By the TV. – [Shaun] What are you having for lunch? Are you saving some for later? – No. – [Shaun] Look at this messy chip eater. Oh this is what Navey's having for lunch?
– Thank you. – [Shaun] Did you want a bite of roll? No?
– No. – [Shaun] Do you want a cereal bite? Oh Navey loves cereal. – [Adley] We're sharing a blue plate, we both got blue bowls
and Niko had a blue bowl.

– [Shaun] Twinners! – [Jenny] Niko! Your fingers! – [Shaun] Ooh. You're a messy boy! – [Jenny] Now you just
got Cheetos on my back. – [Shaun] Are you sure about this? – Yes I'm sure, cut the coconut. (laughing) Colby film! – All right so, when we went to the place they said that this is
how you open up coconuts. They have a sharp stick, I can't find any sharp sticks so we found the sharp knife stick. – [Colby] Oh bro.
– Back up! Watch out Adley. – [Colby] We're opening this coconut. (everyone laughing) – Alright that's how
you open up a coconut. Uh how did they do this. Guys I got bad news. I think
we're inside the coconut. – Hold on! – Yeah they used a stick
should we go get a, do you think I bent my knife? – [Jenny] What are you guys doing? – Opening a coconut. – [Jenny] Hit it on that rock. – Yeah. – Try the knife again.
– Okay now we just gotta open it up.

No big deal. – [Adley] You got it Daddy you can do it. – [Jenny] Hit it on that
right there, that's sturdy. – Daddy, I see sticks down there
and ones buried in the sand go get that one. – This is for the heart of Tafiti. (laughing) This is not even close to getting open. – Move.
– Watch out! – Watch out. – [Adley] Daddy! – Dad try this its very pokey.
– Okay.

– [Adley] This is heavy. – Didn't work. – [Adley] Daddy this is really
heavy you should try it. – Didn't work. – I know how to do it. Ill show you. I'm gonna show you. (laughing) – Close. I know doesn't it feel
like its doable right here? – [Jenny] Its working! – [Shaun] Its working! (yelling) We are island men! ♪ I'm an island boy ♪ – [Jenny] Is there anything in there? (jumbled talking) – A tiny baby coconut. Be born! (grunting) – [Jenny] So small! – I don't know I think it's pretty big. (everyone laughing) – I think it needs to be
bigger before it gets milk. – Dad cut it out lets get it it's ready. – I think that's just raw outside. I don't think there's an inside. – Go and ask them if
we can have a coconut. – Yeah. A brown coconut. – Think in the middle of
the night we wait for the wind to knock one down and then
we gather it in the morning. – That's definitely it. – Yeah. – That's a great idea. We could knock on their door and ask them. – Lets go ask them.

– Not it. – Not it.
– Not it. – Oh Niko! Niko you have to go ask them. – [Adley] No lets try it again. 1, 2, 3. Go. (all together)
Not it. Colby!
– Colby! Colby go ask them! (everyone laughing) – That one looks good. Yeah this one looks great. – [Colby] Okay. We found a new coconut. You think this ones gonna work Niko? – Yeah. – You're it. – [Jenny] Can you? – Yeah. – I can get it. – [Niko] I can do it. I can do it. I can break it. – [Jenny] Okay bud, break it. (everyone laughing) – Okay. – All right. – [Adley] We got the coconut open. Two jungle boys. (laughing) – Push us apart! (everyone laughing) Pull that side Adley. (everyone ooing) – [Jenny] Its not shriveled.

– Yes! We got a coconut!
(everyone cheering) – We got a coconut! Ew! There's rolie polies in there. How do we, oh did you guys hear that? That sounds like a raw coconut sound. Ah coconut juice! – [Adley] Don't drink it. – [Shaun] Wait get a straw! Go get a straw for reals. Here's a coconut. A little baby coconut boy. Oh there's the coconut, oh
there's the coconut juice! Who's gonna drink some? Does anyone wanna try the coconut meat. – Oh I just ate it. – Is it good? Tastes like sour milk that
kittens have already drinken and then spit back up.

– Yeah. – That's what it tastes like. – It tastes like hair. – Hair? Do you see the milk in there?
– Does it smell rotten? – No, well I don't know, can it be rotten? Is this bad to even drink it? – [Jenny] I don't think so. – Does that look rotten look in there. – There's some weird floaties in there. I think that's just coconut. – [Jenny] I think that's just coconut. – Yeah.
– There's like black floaties. – Well lets just pour it in
and see what it looks like.

Alright do you know how to milk a coconut? How? – Just pour it over. (laughing) – Milk, milk, milk, milk, milk,
milk, milk, milk, milk, milk – All right everyone drink it.
– Alright! I usually like my coconut
milk with a little cereal but. – Does it taste rotten?
(Shaun spitting) – I wouldn't even drink that
if I was a kitten in Hawaii.

(yelling) – Yeah, its rotten.
(laughing) – This is no good.
– Stop it! (laughing and yelling) – Is no one else gonna try this? Colby! – Oh god. (laughing) – [Shaun] Who wants a
coaches Gatorade shower? – No! – [Shaun] You do? – Niko wants to smell it.
– You wanna smell it? – I will pour it in the ground. (yelling) – [Shaun] You're gonna kill the grass! (laughing) Well, there you have it our
first real coconut experience. – [Adley] I actually, I
actually liked the smell. – [Shaun] Look at this. – [Adley] This is actually
pirate gold cause. – [Shaun] We found this coin
on the beach right here. – Its pirate gold cause look. So it says 1788 and the
bottom one says 2000. And then this one says 1788 and 2000. – [Shaun] Its the exact one! – Its the exact pirate gold! – [Shaun] That's pretty cool! We're just finding tons
of cool stuff today. Whoa. Oh wait I'm stuck now! – [Colby] Pull him out! – [Shaun] Thanks buddy. Ah Niko? Guess what Mom made. Do you see those words? N, I, K, O. – Niko. – [Jenny] Niko! – [Shaun] Hey that's pretty cool! Is this your beach? – Lets spell a K.

Niko! – Yeah! – [Shaun] What's wrong? – [Jenny] I almost stepped
on that giant cockroach bug. – [Shaun] What? Cockroach.
– There's two of 'em. – [Shaun] We're on a crab hunting mission and so far we're not even
out of the house yet. – Just get those away.
– Adley's asleep she won't be coming on the crab mission, she tried to stay up for it. – Scoot them away. – [Shaun] Get out of here. – [Jenny] They're so freaking fast. – [Shaun] Alright, everyone's okay. – [Jenny] Now I'm scared,
I wasn't scared before, – [Shaun] I know. Imagine there's a big
Ol' cockroach out there.

(laughing) – I can't see. – Wait. – [Shaun] Shh. – What the.
– What the. (everyone talking) – Wait really what is it? (jumbled talking) – [Jenny] Its already in there. – [Shaun] I don't wanna step
on a crab but I wanna see one. Guys they are more scared of
you than you are of them okay? – [Colby] True. It bit me. (laughing)
– It bit you? – [Shaun] I actually did whip around. I haven't seen anything yet. One crawled over here. Right there.
– Right there. – What's up little guy?
– Aw its a baby. (yelling) – Oh yeah.
– Oh that's a big guy. Sup big guy? (laughing) – [Jenny] He's so white
and clear its crazy! Yeah they only walk sideways. Oh here's one right here. – Ooh. He'll be a pirate crab. (everyone yelling) – Did you see what his eye just did?! – Gross! He's such a pirate crab! I knew it.

I'm so scared right now. – [Jenny] I know me too. (everyone talking and yelling) – [Shaun] They're all around us! They're all around us! – [Jenny] I can't do this anymore! I'm scared. (yelling) – [Shaun] This says Niko. (laughing) – [Colby] Oh look, jellyfish. – Its so tiny!
– Oh my god. – He looks just like a spider. – [Shaun] Crab versus jellyfish! – [Colby] He does not
care about the circle.

– Dude that is a big jellyfish. – I know.
– Look he's digging. – Oh big one!
(mario tunnel sound) There are big ones out here though. Those are some big holes.
– Are we ready to go back inside?
– Look at all these holes! We're surrounded by pirate crabs! – I almost stepped on it!
– Oh my god! – [Jenny] There's a baby one right there. – [Shaun] They're all over the place! – [Jenny] That ones so freaking tiny. (yelling) If you throw it at me.

– Did it get you?
– Yes I heard it. – They're all over.
– Did it pinch you? – [Colby] Yeah. – [Shaun] Its okay. We're stepping on baby crabs constantly. (everyone laughing) so many crabs in so many holes. – If somebody screams I scream. – [Shaun] Oh a big one.
(mario tunnel sound) Aw he went in his hole. – Oh he's so fast he's running! – [Shaun] Oh my goodness.

(mario tunnel sound) He's outta here. (relaxing upbeat music) (cars passing) – [Adley] You could give
her a penny for that. – [Shaun] That's pretty impressive huh? She should join our band. (homemade instruments playing) ♪ Castles on the beach ♪ ♪ With our friends and family ♪ (wind blowing).

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