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I redid EVERY ROOM in my Animal Crossing house


in a past video i decorated my entire animal 
crossing house using a wheel randomizer which   was a difficult undertaking but we made it work 
we decorated every single room and while i'm proud   of that video i just feel like the house isn't 
me it doesn't have that specific list the last   pizzazz to it and since i'm gonna be updating my 
dream address soon with the summer version of my   island i want to overhaul the house so that's what 
we're gonna do today i have really sensitive skin   all over my body native has sent me 
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for sponsoring this video i cannot wait to make   my way through all of these wonderful products 
so decorating all rooms in the house all um six   of them is quite the daunting task for me i 
gathered up a bunch of items that i think i'm   gonna use but i also did something that i thought 
was like a cool idea during my stream and i will   now present you with my idea i made things called 
mood cubes trademark instead of trying to plan   out meticulously what each room is gonna look like 
and then redoing it for my house to just make a   little cube just a little four by four square and 
then put some items in it so that i have at least   something to go off of it's kind of like a mood 
board that's sort of where mood cube comes from i   thought this was a great idea this is gonna be my 
upstairs i'm gonna make it into a little gift shop   a little bit of like a tropical gift shop vibe 
the downstairs here this is gonna be a bar a very   tropical divey type of bar look at these mood 
cubes oh i'm obsessed with them and then this   is going to be my bathroom and the bathroom's 
just going to be one of the rooms on the side   here's my plan for the kitchen sort of the kitchen 
was a little bit harder for me but i kind of like   how it came together i like all sorts of different 
flashing types of colors a little bit more of   like an eclectic style we have a little bit of a 
japanese influence as well as like tropical we're   just gonna do it all baby and this is the bedroom 
the bedroom feels very me i love all sorts of   cute colors and i wanted to keep it kind of like a 
little bit more personal but also maintaining the   aesthetic of the rest of the house the last one 
is the living room this one was the hardest one   by far the living room is always so hard for me to 
do because it's that main room that has hallways   to all the other rooms and i just find it so 
awkward to decorate in there because it's like too   many doorways that might just be me though i am i 
struggle with doing house interiors in the first   place we're gonna get started on our upstairs 
which is the gift shop ah i'm excited about that   so it looks like for the gift shop my main wall 
here is the straw wall and then i have an accent   wall of the rope net wall all right so there's my 
rope net wall i don't know what flooring i'm using   it kind of looks like it's dirt or something 
to be totally honest i don't know if i have   dirt but is that what i would really want you 
know i kind of like terra cotta i know somebody   is gonna say something about these roaches i 
will go ahead and take their lives away jesus   the thing that's already starting to trip me up 
i'm noticing is that um it's very big like my mood   cube is very very small and so what am i gonna do 
i don't know but i like how my mood cube looks and   i don't want to compromise that by having this 
be such a big space you know i could put it in   a smaller room but i don't want to be switching 
rooms around at this stage i've thought about   this way too hard and so if i start going rogue i 
think it's gonna turn out to be a disaster okay i   wanna add this fan in here but it's gonna drive me 
crazy with the noise i can't do it so before i get   too wild with it i need to just grab everything 
that is in the picture i don't have the exact   customizations of everything and i don't have 
every single item it's a little bit hard to   gather items you know in this game but i have a 
decent amount of stuff for example i didn't go out   and get a i think it's a giant water bug that's 
the thing that comes in the big blue thing but   i do have a ton of cute containers like that 
so you know what works out all right so that's   our little checkout station right now all it needs 
is a cash register and a cutesy little bag if i   have one i don't think i even considered that i 
would need one oh adorable and then in the photo   i can already tell like i love how these bottles 
are so i'm gonna keep them for some reason the   paradise planning photo i got a bunch of them 
because i just love it so damn much i can't   even help myself it's so stinking cute therefore 
it will be used everywhere in this house i also   believe that the shop would be a really great 
place to have maybe a crafting section mostly   because i can't think of anywhere else that it 
would work okay um i could put another little sea   creature i think it's a big flex to have a scallop 
oh why do i have to go light it up myself though   also is it too big for that little shelf like what 
do we think about that what's another like tiny   oh here we go goldfish pot oh that looks so silly 
lie fly is a good one okay yeah yeah yeah yeah   yeah yeah yeah i need more store stuff what 
is happening here also ate a ton a ton a ton   of vines oh that looks so good still sort of 
throwing me off how big the room is but i am   living laughing loving and learning making this 
blueprint this plan such a good idea because   look i already have half of it done and i think it 
looks pretty good now i can sort of take creative   creative liberties with the other half and this 
is where i think i'm gonna start freaking out oh   obsessed with using the jukebox oh yeah yeah yeah 
the retro ice cream case duh you guys okay wait   bathtub with yuzu this is ridiculous it's not 
gonna work i want the retro ice cream case to   be like more important than it is right now like 
i don't know where to put her besides right here   you know what that seems perfectly fine love 
abd in here yes i don't like when objects face   the like right when you enter because it kind of 
obstructs the view a little bit don't you think   when it's like an open object like this totally 
fine but having the bell machine up against there   while i think it would look cool does not 
necessarily make a lot of sense to me to be   honest i will however still put the bell machine 
there i have no idea if i have a crafting table   oh just kidding i literally just passed one 
oh it's pink oh i probably gotta change that   because it doesn't really match with the room i 
gotta finish up the walls though totally forgot   this is a toughy isn't it oh i wish i had 
more of these mounted fish and i am really   not willing to go and get them also the more i 
place stuff down the more i'm like ooh am i gonna   regret using that right now is that something 
i'm gonna wish i didn't use and want later   oh my god this is supposed to be an apparel shop 
oh jesus criminy okay this whole wall has to be   covered in fashion items oh how could i forget 
that that was like the most important part of this   whole entire thing also i kind of forgot to get 
tropical hats so i'm just gonna have to make it   work that's looking pretty cute yeah okay i have 
pretty much everything that i want to put in this   room minus a couple things like gyroids and then 
i want to do the music i need to customize this   crafting table get her place down and then we will 
come back for our final result i have a question   what is your preference here on the lighting so 
this is option one and this is option two what do   you think is more fun cool exciting and mystical 
anyways i added in the fan here we have whistloid   work in the counter it took me a while to find 
something that was tall enough for whisaloid to   be even seen over the counter added a couple more 
detail items i'm not loving that these two are   yellow right next to each other that is an issue 
for futureless i don't want to do that right now   and then on this side i changed this plant 
into a crane game because i thought it was just   visually more interesting and then yeah i added 
some more stuff to the walls what do you think   of everything as i'm looking at it i just 
am loving the idea of another vine perhaps   in this corner that seems really pretty to me i 
would do another hanging glowing moss but then i'd   have to make more and i'm feeling a little lazy at 
the moment watch me have to make more regardless   i also threw on a little ditty back here 
kk lament to be exact if you can think of   oh anyways if you could think of any more objects 
to add into the space let me know god it's just so   freaking pretty i'm loving it to me the second 
most exciting room is the basement here my mood   cube represents a beautiful little tropical dive 
bar that is what i'm going for here so let's see   if we can do it but on a way larger scale 
i like how it looks in the little mood cube   as i did with the room above more than i think i 
like it large and long but i want to be surprised   honestly i think it has potential to look 
really cool i know for sure that i want to   craft some partition walls because i do not have 
any at the moment to help sort of conceal this   jungle wall a little bit better also should 
we dim the lights oh well now we can't see   nothing but what do we think hanging glowing moss 
is a must and for now i'll just have it look like   that i guess i don't know i don't want it to be 
hugging the corner because i got this whole entire   space to fill also all of these counters need 
to be customized damn it all right i'm taking   them with me i gotta make some partition walls i 
think i have another idea that could possibly work   for this space let me get back to you so i had 
a pretty brilliant idea if i do say so myself i   decided since this bar area is so super big i got 
a bunch of bathroom stalls and we're gonna make   a little bathroom the bathroom stall item is kind 
of underrated in my opinion it's a very functional   object and i think that she deserves a little bit 
more love i also recolored these counters so they   match with my original photo those are looking 
nice and then i did get some partition walls that   looks pretty good back there also got ourselves 
a little sink for back there and why not tiny   pile of cardboard boxes is it better like this i 
don't know with just one partition wall for now   i'm gonna leave it open don't be mad we'll figure 
it out later i also was not able to turn on the tv   in my mood cube which totally ruined the 
ambiance so thank god i can turn my tv on now   i just was so sad but now look cute 
alien movie i do think that i need to   slightly turn up some lights not too much i can't 
see a damn thing and having just a little a little   boost is gonna look so nice watch watch oh 
wait don't look at it don't look at it now   i forgot about soundscapes too oh i might 
have to go back upstairs and add a soundscape   also you know what i did totally forget as 
well a depolishing do we do a polishing run   at the very end because i mean we all knew that 
i was gonna forget right ooh i kind of like this   red glow oh that looks so nice this might be my 
favorite room it's not even done yet but i think   it's my favorite room i also got some other cool 
stuff that would probably look great up here like   the game machines and i also got a pool table 
i also don't think we need every single arcade   machine here are we in arcade bar but are we but 
the pool table most definitely belongs here oh   you know what maybe i will just have one 
little guy in the corner wait maybe this is my   opportunity try out partition well round two baby 
because then i really could just have all three of   them there's not really a ton of space for like 
seating but this does not have to be realistic   all of these noises are sort of driving me 
crazy so i'm gonna hurry up and try to get   it done because i don't know how much more i could 
take but i actually can i turn these off is there   they're away call me will 
because i'm gonna find a way   no oh my god that's fine everybody one last thing 
that i'm missing from my reference photo actually   is a little seating area and i believe i could 
probably fit it still i'm really proud of this   i think it looks fabulous maybe i'll even throw 
shanty yeah i'll throw a shanty mat right there   i'm going to lose my mind with all of this music 
so i need to wrap it up i'm going to add some   finishing touches and show you my final i'm kind 
of loving the vibe in here i have all of this wall   all decorated it looks super cool from this angle 
and then of course back there is our bathrooms   i still think they look pretty cool and then in 
this corner is our bar like the actual bar area i   added a bunch of wall stuff and then of course we 
got our jukebox some gyroids drinking at the bar i   didn't put a gyroid bartender i made the executive 
decision in this corner to get rid of the really   loud games i couldn't figure out how to turn them 
off and so i thought you know it's just not worth   it i kept one game and then i added the crane game 
because it's a little bit quieter she still makes   noise but she's quieter for sure so that i could 
play something on the jukebox and have it not be   complete sensory overload because that is not 
what we want i think it is time to move on to   something a little bit easier the next 
three rooms are going to be the smaller ones   hopefully we can just boom bang them out and then 
we'll do this awkward room last i have a feeling   i'm gonna regret that because i'm gonna be out 
of cool items and then i'm gonna get pissed off   and i'm gonna hate this room we'll see that might 
be foreshadowing should we make this one into my   bedroom i swear there used to be this meme that 
everyone would put their bathrooms to the right   or their kitchens or something guess what i have 
to say to that follow your heart and your dreams   me i like to be different though and i'm 
gonna go ahead and just do my bedroom here   so i can see from my mood cube that i had it very 
very dim i'm a little too lazy to customize my   sloppy bed i accidentally made it green instead of 
blue let's get this layup up in here oh gorgeous   i mean what else did we expect truly as per usual 
i kind of just got to recreate this mood cube i'm   also making this my quote-unquote office so i have 
a desk my favorite desk in the game that needs to   go in here where is she aha here we go study desk 
she's so she is it i also thought throwback mint   chair was kind of a sleigh kind of like a little 
bit random but i like her for my dresser i picked   this rat tan ratten i'm not sure how we're 
saying it but that's the one that i picked   and now i feel like i have way too much room here 
is an idea i did this in what's her name's house   god what is her name sylvana i put this little 
partition and then put clothes on it so why don't   we add some of my favorites here of course we got 
tomate shirt very dark in this corner i'm noticing   i need to put a lamp somewhere and then a hat 
ugh i've already given up so many hats so pretty   yep see that was a good good idea okay you know 
what i'm gonna go customize the sloppy toppy bed   we have somewhere to go to customize now i love 
this little setup i i can't even believe this room   looks so good took me a minute but i realized that 
i was missing a couple other things so i had to go   obtain some other items gotta kill this roach 
and get back into it rest in peace so i fixed   this schloppy bed it's that pretty blue that i 
intended it to be can't live without this next   item the starry gwaland oh did not mean to get it 
in purple is that a blessing in disguise though   because if it's cool i'm not gonna change it you 
know why would i the paper chain ah what the i was   supposed to get that in the fun colors okay redo 
regroup you guys why did i do that why is this   room taking me longer than the other ones huh is 
it because i am a slowpoke or because i have run   into a series of unfortunate events i don't know i 
don't think i can answer that question but what i   can do is put those cutesy little garlands up i 
put two for now actually you know what i really   think that it's better with just one look at that 
room is pretty much replicated i did get this   rug the kiropi rug thinking oh you know what how 
perfect is that actually that was pretty epic   do i have i do i do have like a tall lamp maybe 
that would be good in the corner right here   and then what do i just add like a bunch of random 
ish truthfully if i walk away and it is exactly   this room and nothing else changes i'm totally 
happy but i'm gonna see if there's any additions   that i can make and then we shall regroup i wanna 
know your thoughts how would you maybe elevate   this a little bit what's really important to me 
is that i'm able to come in and change and then   able to come in and go to bed when i want to visit 
dream addresses and then it matches pretty closely   with my shorsh material looks really nice added 
a cat corner added some more stuff to the walls   i also made a pom-pom corner right over there it's 
personal okay kk robot synth one of the best new   songs and then of course i got my photo of punchy 
my favorite villager all the sanrio stuff that   i want to use is in here it looks great what's 
going to be easier the kitchen or the bathroom   neither of them they're both going to be pretty 
difficult let's do the bathroom kill the roach   got him gotta pull up my source material here 
so this is truly one of my favorite wallpaper   combos here aqua tile wall and then z matching 
bath house wall as an accent isn't that gorgeous   i got that idea from remo who's awesome did all my 
channel art and is very good at decorating islands   now i'm not loving this flooring not living that 
flooring either i think i chose like a little bit   of a darker flooring in my source material so 
we'll do that um even though it's not the exact   same and let's just go to town i tried to get most 
of this stuff just because like i spent a really   long time trying to plan out this bathroom there 
was a lot of complications just because like the   colors were really hard to coordinate especially 
with this like insane blue tile wall it was a lot   okay i had to use my brain a little bit which 
was hard but we're going for peaceful tranquil   wait a relaxing vibe in this bathroom overall 
we've got tub in the corner another reason why   the mood cube took me so long to do was because 
it was really small and i wanted to fit in all of   the elements of the bathroom but now maybe 
it might be easier honestly because i have   a lot more room to work with it's not so 
cramped something that i love seeing people do   is add huge little things into their bathtub now i 
ran out of the bottles which kind of sucks if you   look at this picture you'll see that the bottles 
if you put them on the wall in the correct spot   they'll like glitch into the tub it looks so cool 
but i'm out of bottles and i cannot be bothered   if you put these puppies in correctly they'll 
hang out in the water which is just too cute   i can't deal with that okay let's do these two 
that squeakoid's kind of drowning a little bit   if we get a taller gyroid i think i'd be 
a little bit more comfortable with that   did i not have any tall boys oh okay good 
good good good good good okay the harp is   fine we could do the cloud flooring but i don't 
honestly want to do that i would want to put like   rugs underneath it or something but i am pretty 
limited in what i can do at the moment maybe i'll   go with light herringbone because at least it's 
not like just straight lines i can't deal with   straight lines darling it's not going to work it 
doesn't need to be crowded and full of stuff like   my other rooms have been thus far because i just 
simply don't have that much stuff that is gonna   work in the bathroom i've learned my lesson you 
know it's very hard to do your entire house in   one day you would think i would have learned 
that the first time i did this but no no no   no for some reason it's just now hitting me i'm 
not looking too far off here from my reference   kind of struggling you know find some stuff to 
fill in our void here but ooh actually that's   the perfect thing to fill in our void here what 
am i gonna put on it i don't know anybody want a   bath wedding cake no a candle what am i gonna 
do with this corner what do you even do in the   bathroom like decor wise throw a bed in there we 
could do one of these like vanity things i don't   want to put a bunch of junk in here because i want 
to maintain the vibe of relaxing fun not cardboard   box you know that's not really going to work for 
me my best option i think is really one of these   the miscellaneous items are also running pretty 
low and i don't like the iridescence of this thing   but i'm just gonna have to deal with it if i put 
a big rug in the middle is it cool are we chilling   can we be even here i'm gonna be honest this room 
is not translating well instead of getting mad   about it i'm just gonna move on i'll add some 
finishing touches i gotta finish the walls and   then come back to you um remember when i said i 
don't have any bottles left yeah um apparently i   freaking lied now you can see the what the bottles 
look like when they're glitched into the tub this   is it this is the final i honestly don't think 
i can do any better if anything i would probably   change the flooring in the rug before i put my 
dream address up but if my dream address goes   up like this i'm perfectly happy so this is going 
to be the last room before we have to do our main   room which is the one i'm the most worried about 
but um kitchen is exciting so take a look at my   kitchen mood cube i hope i have everything though 
to be honest i'm a little scared looking at this   because i don't know if i have all the wallpaper 
so i don't have that fun funky little accent wall okay i have to do it i have to get it i will by 
the end i promise but we got a truck along here   i've been sitting here for nearly two hours 
already i think we got to get a move on it   that compact kitchen stove in the sloppy sink 
combo god tier if you're not using that combo   in everything i typically like it in my villager 
homes just because the villager houses are so   small it's like can you really even fit anything 
in there regardless but that's where i really   like them the most and once again i'm going to 
shove everything in the corner and we'll figure   it out in a minute especially since i don't 
have an accent wall what's nice is that we do   actually have like a lot more room to work with 
on this one which instead of being a curse like   it has been is actually kind of a blessing i have 
to customize some zen cushions get that wall and   while i'm at it i might as well go grab myself 
some bottles because i do think that the bottles   are gonna make the kitchen look really nice here 
and then what do i do with this like big corner   oh it's so tough all right um maybe if it was like 
a different table and chairs it is a really nice   space filler so i think i'm gonna have to say yes 
to the dress if i can think of some better chairs   that would be nice okay brb i took a break i went 
and i got myself a mountain dew i'm ready to jump   back into this i got a bunch of cool items too 
first thing is first is i got that accent wall   that we wanted i am gonna put that partition wall 
right up in there and how about a pillar yeah   you know what and we don't want a window because 
my reference doesn't have one and it looks pretty   freaking good without it i don't know why i 
guess i'm just anti-window lately i couldn't   really give you a reason either okay cutesy this 
is shaping up i actually got different chairs and   i customized them with some custom designs so 
that they sort of go with these zen cushions   ah and since this is my kitchen i'm gonna put 
omu rice because i love omu rice and then how   about fried rice because i also love fried rice 
stacked bags the colors here are a bit off i i   i don't disagree with you i don't even know what 
you're saying but i have a feeling that maybe   that's what somebody is saying feels so drab i 
gotta say it's probably the wall paper i just   don't think i have it in me to change it to be 
honest i've done a lot today well i was going to   say i have a spare stained glass light but i don't 
oot that would have added a lot that yellow mat   maybe the omer rice and the rice is too red cactus 
in the middle let's decorate the walls hopefully   it'll pull itself together because i don't think 
i can stare at this anymore once i added all the   decor i dimmed the room a little bit i don't 
know this one could definitely use a little bit   more work but overall i don't i don't think i'm 
mad it's kind of hard i think when you start to   mix match all these patterns and stuff you know 
obviously like my wallpaper choice and my flooring   choice makes it seem really dull and perhaps 
uninviting i think it sort of came together   in its own weird way are we ready for the final 
room the very very last room it's this one   ayo love it so much um and all of its awkwardness 
for this one i have a pretty simple plan and i   kind of also planned to have way less stuff i 
use the shoji screen wall because then i won't   have like a ton of wall decor that i need to find 
jesus [ __ ] christ this is the worst the worst   i so wish that i could just like text my villagers 
and let them come over that way but they're just   showing up all day while i'm here decorating oh 
but she brought me food that's sweet i am about to   lose my freaking mind we are going on hour three 
here get out of my house this is it though folks   i also did reuse this flooring i know some of you 
guys are gonna hate it some of you guys are gonna   be this flooring haters truthfully there's nothing 
that i can do um because i love it oh i wish i had   that stained glass lamp i just uh really just 
transforms everything it makes it so much better   and this room is just so awkward to me because it 
has so many doorways and obviously with my mood   cube i had way less doorways to work with seeing 
my storage have like easily half as many items   in it is so weird i have that green panda bear 
in my mood cube but i really don't think i got   a green panda bear i have a regular one would 
have been nice to have the green one i wonder   if i could customize it i am not backing out of 
this decorating menu until this is done actually   obviously i have some sort of relationship with 
this lamp i'm using her everywhere it's the   perfect amount of warm glow what do you want me 
to do and it's inconspicuous like it's not gonna   grab your attention in a negative way i feel 
like i'm like freaking chip and joanna right   now i'm just such an aesthetic expert should 
i partition wall i think so this corner in   particular is coming together i can't say much 
for the other ones but this one i am happy with   oh that's kind of like visually interesting how 
those are going together right there i hate that   when you hang a bag it hangs on the mannequin 
can we abolish that actually because i think   it's [ __ ] ugly i really don't know what to put 
on these wood slats i guess i don't really have   to do anything i like how i immediately started 
working on the walls because i don't know what   i'm doing with the rest of the space i think it 
looks a little strange to have this screen in the   room with the screen walls anybody else maybe feel 
that way always when in doubt i'm just gonna throw   a [ __ ] little boxes down don't mind me i am 
just looking through every single item i have   trying to find anything that i could possibly 
use it's clutter we just we need more glitter   i hate to say it you guys but i have to do it i 
gotta customize some stuff so that we can finish   this room i'm gonna lose my mind i am i really 
am i had to do it to him customize those white   bookshelves boom put the clutter around them oh 
i would love to get it perfected before i post my   dream address but i just feel like i'm in like an 
item drought i don't have a lot to work with here   don't skip the house when you're watching the 
island tour because maybe one or two things is   gonna be different i'm thinking that this 
is a great place to stop truthfully i have   a couple of finishing touches that i need to 
do overall in the whole house like polishing   etc etc so how about here let me just show you the 
final this is what i've done with the front room   i turned off the lights added a bunch more stuff 
that i had on my storage just kind of filled it   with junk i would say it turned out pretty snazzy 
if i do say so myself you're just gonna have to   come visit it in person to really see um the true 
magic that i made here in this room not only did i   go around and make edits to the rooms i also added 
some polishing and this is how the kitchen turned   out you know what for now i am happy with it 
and i think i will live gonna be honest here and   say i think the bathroom is the weakest room what 
really kills it for me i think is the flooring   and the rug situation you know i think we could 
do a lot better than this oh and apparently   i totally forgot to decorate that entire wall 
you know what this turned out fine this room is   gonna need a lot more attention though truly in my 
heart i believe this room my bedroom is excellence   the more that i look at it the more i'm like 
yeah you know what i like that it's a little   bit open it has a little less clutter than some 
of the other rooms i couldn't rave about it more   it feels very much like the style that i am kind 
of going for colorful fun unique and a little bit   of pizzazz darling this one is the kicker this 
is my most favorite room i just don't think we   could have done any better in here truthfully 
it feels like a little underground bar like i   just i can't believe it and oh i added the little 
swirlies to the gyroids so that they would look   like drunk or something i don't know cute details 
of course the bathrooms back there what a great   space filler i am not even going to undermine my 
genius on that one i think i deserve my flowers   anyways um this is probably my favorite corner 
back here with all of the wall clutter and stuff   yeah this one is uh no notes truthfully do you 
even remember this room because it was at the   very beginning of the video and i sure as [ __ ] 
did not so i would say you know maybe don't do all   your rooms in one sitting because they gradually 
get worse as you go on these first two rooms that   we did are perfection amazing couldn't have done 
any better truthfully every room in my house you   know what i i can't even believe it i've never 
had a house that i'm like wow this is perfect   definitely not it has never been my forte want 
to give a huge shout out to two of my biggest   inspirations we got crystal cat of course and 
remo whose house i toured really a long time   ago and i've never ever forgotten about okay love 
you guys thank you so much for hanging out i hope   you're having a good day and you continue 
to do so i will see you in the next one

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