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I got 2 Hamsters! Shopping at Petco and PetSmart for New Pets with Jazzy Skye!


Okay, guys we just arrived at umm Petsmart, and I convinced my Mom and Dad to get a Hamster! Oh my goodness! Wish me luck! You guys which hamster should I get? Let's see…but, before we get started make sure to like and subscribe below! Okay, let's go! Hey guys I just hopped out of the car and here we go. I'm going into PetSmart to get a Hamster! I'm so excited! Guys I just walked into the store and… here are the hamsters over here. Which one should I get? Well, they got rats right there. Oh, those are mice. Are these the hamsters? I can't tell. Hamster yeah, let's see. I don't see any hamsters up here. They might be sleeping. Those ones are brown and white. This one is completely white. This one I can't see.

Will you lift me up? I can't even see that one either. Look at that one. I was thinking about getting that one, until I saw the other ones. Okay that's one option. Oh I like that little white one. You like the cute little white one? Are these…are they full grown, or are they always going to be small like that? Oh we never will? Those one? Oh really? Oh. Wait…you'll never be able to hold them? No not those ones. Those ones are to quick. Really? Wow! That one's really cute.

What do you think Kyler? Would that one let you hold them? Yeah after some time. What do you think Jazzy? I think I want to get that one. You like that one? There's another red one…red eye'd one with white….white fur and red eyes. Look that one is in this cage, and there's that one in this cage. And there's that one in this bowl. There's the white one! Kyler should we get that one? Is that a pig? What is it? Look at him he's got like a mustache. It's a guinea pig. This is a guinea pig!? No. It looks like he doesn't have any hair on his body though. That's definitely a guinea pig! Maybe this one is too…It's just like a hairless one. Yeah it's just like another one. There are these ones. There are four. Aw that one is really playful right now. So cute! Now there is two back right there. Okay guys, I just heard that there are the hamsters over here. Well, it looks like there's four hamsters right here.

Four? Yes. Oh yeah, a couple of whites and like an orange one. Yeah…and there's two hamsters right here. Two in that one? Yeah. Okay. I like the colors on that one. I might get that. Which ones are you thinking of? That one that's buried. Okay. And that brown… You want both of the fluffy ones? Yeah I like them. Okay. Guys…Fun Squad! Which one do you think I should get!? I think I need to go with these two. So Jazzy… How about gerbils? No. The gerbils are cute and their fast and little speedy guys, but…a…

…and are very wild! Awww. Can I get a bunny? It's so cute! What is it? It's a bunny!! Can I get a bunny? There's a spider! Oh a spider in the bunny cage and a fly. How about over here? I think you should get a ferret Jazzy. No I'm not getting a ferret. Do you know what a ferret is? Ferret's are so cute. Look how cool they are. I made up my mind I'm going to get those two little hamsters. And the cage? You think you want that one too? Yeah I'm going to get that cage. Wait…can I show you something that I found? Yeah. Come over here. Look. You can walk a rat! What? No. Oh a rat? Yeah. I was gonna say not a hamster probably? Is that…that for hamster? I think that's…

For something else. A guinea pig. A rat…haha! What do you guys think Fun Squad? Should we walk a rat down the road? No. Hahaha. I think that'll be eaten by… any passing cat or dog or anything. I'm going to get… this! What is this? like a little walking ball thing? Dad I can just put one of my hamsters in there and let it loose all around my house. Alright sounds good. And I'm going to get…What should I get Fun Squad? Should I get this? Or…should I get this? Or should I get this? Hummm that's a tough one.

Does it say the size that you should put on there? Actually, your…your hamsters are smaller. So I'd say that one or this one maybe. Okay. I'm going to do this one then. That one? Okay. Let's try the…do want to do this cage too? So…and then I'm going to get this cage thing. Does it come with the cover? Oh the covers on top. Kalia what do you think about these hamsters? Good! Cool! They're gonna be so cool? So cool, huh? What do you think? I think Daddy's gonna get one of these another day. One of these chameleons. Big lizard! Do you think that would be fun? That'd be so cool? I think I might get one of these another day. These are really fun, because you can hold them and they just walk around you. But look at their funny eyes? They just look around. Hey Jazzy look? You should get a baby one. They have really long tongues that they can shoot out. Okay…so…these are the two I'm going to get right here.

Okay. Hey Dad! Hey Dad! What? I'm going to get these! Your gonna get one of those? Yeah, because I love them! How do you feel Jazzy? A lot to take on. Are you excited? A lot of responsibility. Yes. You're gonna have two little babies overnight. Little twin babies. Is that your…is that your kennel or no? They've got little red eyes. You like the red eyes? Yeah I think I'm fine. There not as red as the ones at PetSmart. Do you already have a cage for them? Guys look how long that tail is? Kalia look they're getting hamsters right now. Haha he's running everywhere! So wait…so are those gerbils. No they're hamsters. All right Jazzy show me what you got? I got hamsters!!! I'm so excited! Oh my goodness! So cool! Here's all this stuff.

Okay, guys I got my hamsters now. What should I name them? I have no idea what to name them. There's one that's white and gray right there. Well not gray, but that one right there. and then… There's that one..there's… that one in the corner right there. Oh that one yeah. Yeah. I think I want to name that one Brownie or Snickers. Okay, we decided to name the white one Sugar.

I got that one for my friend right there, and… ummm…instead of Snickers for the brown one, I'm gonna name it Cookie. I like those names. They're really cute! Okay guys I got my aquarium set up.. and let's go put them in the cage. Oh my goodness I'm so excited. Got the hamsters in there! Are they both in there? That's the question. Yep they're both in there. I'll tell you the names. Tell her the names? I think we already know the names don't we? Okay. There they are. That one's Cookie. Cookie's the brown one. And this one's Sugar. Cookie. Look at her little hands.

Haha up in the air haha! There's your new little home. Hahaha! That's what Kalia does when we pick her up right? Oh she found her little house. Sugar. There they are. They're checking out their little home. Oh one is going to eat I think. Oh he's in his little food bowl. Oh…Oh..he's going in it! Go go go go go. Ohh there he goes! Ahhhhh Go!! Yay!! Kalia, what's going on over there? He's running! He's running? Oh there is goes. What do you think Jazz? Okay ready… Sugar. He's up there. He's up there! Okay I think this one since she's…she's… the runner. Yeah. Okay after Sugar is done running or she stops. I am going to put her in this little ball. Kyler don't touch please. Hahahaha Kyler look. Okay are you ready? Here it goes. Hahaha Go already. Do you think it's too much weight? Kind of working…maybe we should have got the smaller one. Oh my goodness make sure to like and subscribe below! Do you think it was worth it to get two hamsters?! I do! Look they're totally playful! Well thank you so much for watching today's video! See you all next time!

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