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HOW TO SNEAK PETS HOME || Dogs VS Cats! If People Acted Like Dogs by 123GO! CHALLENGE


Aww, just look at these pets! I mean humans, I mean… Woah. Who says cleaning day has to be boring? Hey, watch out there, boy!! Just trying to clean here. Aw, c’mon, let’s play!! Pretty please! Not now, okay? Mmm. Hey, is that a toy? Okay, onto the bookshelves! Huh? Why’s she dusting those? I have to get her full attention!! Look at me!! I wanna play with that thing!! Woohoo!! Books are weird!! I love shoes!! Okay, time to kick this into high gear. I’m killing this thing!! And fluffy snow is my reward!! Why keep this stuff locked away? Joey? What have you done to the living room?! Are you under there?! Don’t be mad at me! Get back here!! Hi there.

Can I scratch my nails on this?! Hey! Get off the vacuum!! I really need to clean the floor!! I’m serious, Julie! NO! It’s like it never ends! Now, go!! Geesh!! Something smells good in here. Oh yeah! This bag is so cool!! I love it!! What a fabulous sound! Hey, I can fit inside here!! It’s like another universe!! I’ve escaped!!! Julie? What have you done?! This is for the trash!! NO!!! What do I do now? Finally. GAH!!! Who’s that kitty?! Hey, Joey? Watcha doing? Aw, you wanna snuggle? In your dreams!!! I was just asking.

Hey, Julie? HEY!! Julie! Can’t you hear me over here? I’ll just wait on the couch then. This thing’s comfy! What about this yellow chair? Ah, floor pillows. She’s still talking on the phone? Julie?! Can we go on a walk soon? In a minute! Was that a yes?! How ‘bout now? Fetch! Yeah, throw it, c’mon!! I’m back!! Huh? Hold on. Okay, just wait a minute longer. Geesh. I got it,! Mmm!! WAIT! Give me my phone, Joey!! I’m still on a call!! Oh man! I give up!! Here ya go!! Okay, okay. What’s with all the serious typing? And this thing looks fun. Do you mind? Give me ten more minutes. Okay… It’s much warmer over here. Julie! Guess I’m done working. Let’s go, c’mon! Whew! Your paws aren’t made for keys!! Time to pull out the big guns. Oh, kitty?? Rainbow!!! So many strings!! Works every time. Seriously?! This stuff could go on forever!! Time to go now!! You can sit next to me. Are you happy now, kitty? Yikes!! I won’t pet you, okay? So moody.

No doggie means more snacks for me! Look at all this salty goodness!! Mmm!!!! CHICKEN?! Go sit on your bed, okay? I’m sitting!!! See? You want a fry? Let’s try that again, okay? Ready? I got it!!! Almost… More please!!! Let’s try it with this stuff. Catch! OOF!!! I almost have it!! That was fun! Maybe bread will be easier. That was way off. Lemme try just one more thing. You like popcorn, right? Come and get it!! YES!!! I love popcorn rain!!! Aw, man! Okay. I’d better try a different approach. This bowl is all yours, okay? Try not to make a big mess. Gives me some time to eat in peace. He’s still making a mess!! What did I expect, anyway? Mom bought my favorite snack!! Juice! I need juice!! Snacks? Don’t mind if I do!! I sure am parched. MMM!!! Ahh! AH! Were you eating my snack?! Silly kitty. They don’t eat this. Julie? You talkin’ to me? These aren’t yours, okay? I buy special ones for you, see? Hmmm… I think not.

Huh? That’s your food!! Okay, fine. Just one. Here ya go. Seriously? What is this nonsense?! Guess I’m off! Oh boy, please don’t wake up… Please don’t wake up! Phew!! That was close. Quietly… Huh?! Are those leaving sounds?! You can’t leave me here!! Take me with you!!! Be back soon! That wasn’t so bad.

Oh! Hey!! Yeah, I’m just leaving now. Love you! NO!!!!! Can’t forget this guy! And my books! You’re leaving? Oh, I’m gonna miss you so much!! My sweet little kitten pants!! Who’s the best girl in the world?! Easy on the whiskers, pal. Ooh, I’d better get a move on! Be a good kitty, okay? Wait, what’s that? You don’t want me to leave?! You’re such a sweet kitty!!! I’ll be back before you know it!! Bye now!! Kisses!! Okay, now I’m ready. Julie?! Weird. Are you gonna miss me? Where’d she go? I’m up here! You’ll figure it out soon enough.

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