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House of the Dragon | S1 EP2: Inside the Episode (HBO)


It seemed very important
from the start
to have her engaged
and involved and interested in the royal politics. I know those men
and how they plot in their secret councils
when I've been sent away. This is a long road
and it's a long learning process and you don't just get
everything all at once.
The events of episode two
domino into everything that's
gonna happen from there. Your father loves you. He chose you for his heir. ♪ (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ We're talking about six months
since Aemma's death. We wanted to capture the idea
that Rhaenyra,
in spite of her being made heir, continued to be the cup bearer with no real change
in her life. Everyone kind of resents her
and they question her
and they belittle her. So it's a bit confusing,
I think. She feels very small. She still has to study
at her dad's feet. And that doesn't mean that
she suddenly has a voice
at the Council, and I think that all that stuff
is really important for the kind of
gradual evolution
of Rhaenyra's character.

I only meant that
we should at least– Perhaps there is some better use
for the Princess' talents. VISERYS TARGARYEN:
Why don't you take the Princess
to see about the new Kingsguard posting,
Lord Commander. A fine idea, Your Grace. GREG YAITANES: At the time
that she chooses the Kingsguard,
it's her first thing
she's assigned to. It's something
that's done off-hand that does influence
the course of a lot of events. SER HARROLD WESTERLING:
Ser Criston Cole.
She smartly sees,
and I think the thing where you
start to see the calculations of a future
sovereign political operator, is that in this time
of great peace, not many of the knights
that are gonna put before you
have any more
than tourney experience.
I choose Ser Criston Cole. She's basically saying,
"I'm gonna pick the person
who's gonna do the job right." My father should be defended by
a man who's known real combat. Should he not? She's smarter
than they think she is,
and she's trying to prove it.

YAITANES: You've got two great
female characters of the story
getting a scene together. We were aware we needed
to differentiate this scene
from all other scenes. RHAENYS TARGARYEN: I understand
the order of things.
I'm not sure you do. The important thing for us
was to look at the way the patriarchy sees
and conditions women
to believe that they are
of lesser value, and the way that women in power
treat women in power.
When I am queen,
I will create a new order. RHAENYS: How I wish
that could be, Rhaenyra. But the men of the realm
already had their opportunity to appoint a ruling queen
at the Great Council, and they denied it.

They denied you,
Princess Rhaenys. There's something
in Rhaenys that, actually, it perversely wants
to cling to this idea that it is just
that the status quo
is fundamentally sexist, and that the patriarchy
cannot be touched. I mean, that– Really,
it's the theme of the series, um, this particular story. Rhaenys is right.
She saw it happen to her
at the Great Council.
She sees the same thing
happening in a different way
to Rhaenyra. Men would sooner put the realm
to the torch… than see a woman ascend
the Iron Throne.

CONDAL: Viserys was kind of
hoping the Daemon problem
had gone away.
Of course,
that's not really realistic. Taking Mysaria there,
setting up on Dragonstone, all of it is Daemon's search
to find out who he is
and where his place is. OTTO HIGHTOWER:
This is an abomination. With every breath, you soil your name, your house,
and your brother's reign. CONDAL:
I think Rhaenyra's arrival
saves probably a lot of lives,
but it changes the tone. It's the thing that
she's been building towards
the entire story, which is wanting
to do something to show her mettle
and show her worth
as the heir to the throne,
and she does it in a unique way because she's able
to fly a dragon,
but she's also one of
the few people in the world that Daemon will listen to. SAPOCHNIK: She identifies
with Daemon very much,
in that he's trying to get
a rise out of her father. But she also feels,
somehow, that he has chosen
to kind of get at her as well. He sees her
as part of the problem,
and she didn't choose
to be heir.

She did not wish to have
something taken away from him, and I think she's venting
to him as well.
MESSENGER: Your Grace,
the princess has returned
from Dragonstone.
Dragonstone? PADDY CONSIDINE: Viserys
is very protective of Rhaenyra,
whereas at the same time can see
the potential within her. May I sit? SAPOCHNIK:
He sees in her his wife,
and he understands
that this is why she was a good choice
to be made heir. They find an understanding. And actually, it allows them
to talk about Aemma in a way that
they haven't before.

Without her… the Red Keep has lost a warmth, and I dare say
it will never recover. It pleases me
to hear you say this, to know that I'm not alone
in my grief. CONSIDINE:
The thing about being the king
is it's a very callous world.
My wife's only just
been cremated,
and you're asking me
who I'm gonna marry. And it's pressure, pressure,
pressure. There is this misunderstanding,
which is Viserys believing that he has to get married, and he
has to explain this to Rhaenyra, and Rhaenyra saying,
"Whatever you choose to do,
I'm okay with it."
what she should've said is, "As long as it's not
my best friend." Alicent's journey
is that she's holding space
for the King while he mourns. EMILY CAREY:
She does it out of kindness.
She doesn't go intentionally
to court the King. She cares,
and she has seen her father go through the same grief
that Viserys is going through.
For Viserys, it's having
someone who genuinely cares without having
an ulterior motive of trying to get closer to him.

And for Alicent,
it's just someone to be with
where she feels comfortable
and not overlooked.
CONDAL: We really needed
to take our time
to show not only the courtship
of Viserys and Alicent,
but also
the political maneuverings
to make it happen,
and to understand that
Viserys is choosing her
kind of against his own
self-interest, in many ways.
I intend to marry… the Lady Alicent Hightower. CONDAL:
You can't tell every story.
So where are you
going to iris in
and focus
your storytelling time?
It felt like Viserys'
eventual decision to choose Alicent next
was a big one, as that's gonna have
so many repercussions
down the line. ♪ (MUSIC FADES) ♪.

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