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His owner neglected him outside the house for long time until got rescued Amazing transformation!


zygomatic Ziggy was actually an owner he clearly didn't care about. The condition he was in when we rescued him (Dumagate Animal Sanctuary) was horrific. Ziggy was weak and malnourished, he had severe scabies and the worms were eating him alive, he was very aggressive at first we couldn't get close to him so we had to drug him to get most of the worms out. Day 3: We gave him the usual NexGard scabies treatment for about 10 days. Day 4: Ziggy enjoys Sunday brunch! Day 7: He really loves water. Good for his skin to get real moisture.

Day 10: Ziggy looks much better today and his appetite is back. Day 11: Ziggy is slowly starting to trust. Day 15: We think Ziggy is very young, around 2-3 years old so he recovered quickly. He still had frequent skin issues, probably because the mange mites really do affect the dogs' immune system. Day 20: Ziggy now has a mild cough but this must be combined with medication. He's getting friendlier by the day and he's now comfortable letting Doc Riv check it out Day 25: Ziggy is free! Well at least from quarantine. Day 29: It's now really friendly. He still does not like Andrew, who came at the same time with Ziggy. They get into fights from time to time. Day 50: Now it looks a lot better. It still doesn't like being carried or washed and we haven't tried to train it yet. One year later: Can you recognize Ziggy, what an amazing thing you see when you first see Ziggy's photo and now.

Ziggy is now a very healthy and friendly dog. He's ready for adoption into a happy forever home. Thanks!.

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