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Hidden Surprise in our Backyard Dog House Mansion!! Family fun with Adley and Niko!


– Hey! No playing with rocks! – Stick your tongue out! – Okay! Ow! She just goes straight for it! Look who I found! It's Nico-bear! Do you remember what I told you today? – The surprise – Who's it for? – Me and Koopa and Olive! Yep! You have a surprise! And Koop and Ol have a surprise! Deal? – Yep! Deal! – Did you get a balloon? – Oh, guys did you see his chin? He fell today at the space station and bonked his chin. Oh he got owie! – My hair's crazy! – Your hair is crazy! You look so cool! – Like you, dad! I look so cool like you! – Yeah! We're cool kids! Adley Dadley Dadley Adley Dadley! So bright! Adley look, I can film
through this balloon! – Hi! – Hi! – Welcome to the best day ever! – You guys are crazy! Hey I see you! – Okay, let's go eat, buddy! How was your day, babe? Did you have fun at the Space Station? Yeah, because Nico had a
doctor appointment today He weights twenty-four pounds! – Twenty-four pounds? – Yeah! – Is that as much as Koopa yet? – Above the charts for his head He's got a big head! Like eightieth for his body weight and eightieth for his height! – Look at my hair! – You have crazy hair! All right, your new
hair style is coming up! What kind of hair style do you want? Is it kind of like a princess look? – Yeah! – Yeah? Kind of like a crazy princess? – Uh-huh! – And voila! Your hair is ready! Oh, wow! That's beautiful! Hey! Come here, crazy boy! Whew! Do! Do! Do! Do! Got you a new hairstyle coming! – And here's a hat! – And a hat? Oh, wow! You look cool! Oh! Good job! Did you see him put that on? Good job, Adley! You're pretty cool, dude! You look just like dad! – You do! – What do you see? You are crazy! Before your big surprise,
we've got to take the dogs for a walk We've got to get them really tired You can ride your scooter – Okay! – Mom! Where's the dog's leash? We've gotta take these guys for a walk! Get em super tired! Like way tired! You guys want to go for a walk? Yeah? Should we go for a walk? Do a circle! Good job! Do a circle! Okay, let's go for a walk! – You ready, Nico-bear? – Yes! We're all ready! – We're all ready! [Upbeat Music] – All right, switch! – Yes! These dogs are dumb! – Look, daddy! – Ah! Bush! Wah! Hurry go! – I'm going to beat you! – Nico's loving it! – Yeah he is loving this! Take those dogs for a ride, buddy! – Did you wear them out? – Yeah, look how tired they are They can barely move They take like three steps and then rest – Fly goodbye! – You're almost home! Come on, you can make it! [Shaun]: The surprises are right here – Oh, buddy! – Can we open them? [Shaun]: Yeah, what do you think it is? Do you recognize that? What do you think it is? – Beds! – What!? [Shaun]: Adley's been raised on Purple She used to do gymnastics over it Holy cow! – Woohoo! [Adley]: Hiya! Hiya! – Oh my gosh! We recently found out these existed and I'm all sorts of excited! Now the whole family has Purple! Adley, the dogs have
the same beds as us now! Look! – Oh my gosh! – Put her on See if she likes it! – Oh! – Is that comfy, Koopa? Oh, she's like, "I want my own" How was this? Is that comfy? Adley, look, it feels like your bed – Is it squishy? – It's squishy – He likes it! – You like that, Koopa? Huh? – [Adley] : Now let's open all of them! – They are going to be in Heaven! Oh, we should put them in the dog houses! – Yeah that would be awesome – [Adley] : Got it! – Okay, let's open it! Pull! Olive, Koopa! Your beds! – Look how cute! – Come here, guys! – Do you like your beds? – It's the cutest thing I've ever seen! – Yeah! These are awesome! – So Jenny gets all the
credit for finding these Babe, why'd you find them? Tell us about them – Because they're awesome! – Oh yeah in case you haven't seen their dog house, look how cool
this is going to be.

Little stairs going up! We'll put their new beds in here See, we just had this like thin thingy And now they're going to have full-on beds in there Anyways! – The dogs sleep with us We have a pretty awesome bed and I thought they needed their own bed – Yep After like nine years of marriage our dogs aren't sleeping with us I'm so ready! – Dog beds! They're bouncy! – They're Nico approved! – What's cool about these is like the dogs can be outside in the rain all day – All day in the rain – Smell like gross wet dogs – Worst smell ever! – They will come inside, lay on these beds and not stink up the beds – Yep – They won't have that smell They won't have the stains They're like water resistant – They're just comfy These don't gets stains easy you can just wash them Just barely We were in Vegas with Space Station Gaming Super fun, by the way We've got to throw all that footage We filmed a little bit Very fun Three things Thing number one It was really nice not to
sleep with all the dogs I'm like, "I'm so glad
their beds are almost here" They're not sleeping with us anymore Thing number two We went to Vegas Let's throw that footage now And thing number three will be after that Mom go get it! Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! – Okay! I'll go get it! – Adley's surprise! Okay and then we'll hang here and check out what we did in Vegas Go! [Upbeat Music] – [Everyone Cheering] – Hey look, we're in Las Vegas! So we got food We are currently in third place So close! Gil, how much fun are
you having one to ten? – Ten – Alex, how about you? – [Alex] : Doing great, dude – Okay, that's great That's where Rainbow 6 will play Oh, the hype tunnel You walk down it and it
generates a lot of hype you know? Casters in there, doing
their casting thing Staff only Are you staff? And we're back! – Welcome back to my surprise – Yep we got it Okay, let's see it! – [Jenny] : All right, you ready? – Uh-huh! Thank you! – What is it? Hey! What are you doing, monster? – Thank you, Mom! – Cinderella? Ooh! So when it's hot that'll cool you off [Jenny]: In the summer it's really hot and that's going to feel so good! – Oh my gosh, the vlog's so hot! Oh, thank you! Hey, don't do that! That's like a science experiment Hey! No playing with rocks! – Dad stick your tongue out! – Okay! Ow! She just goes straight for it! All right, best part about today Those I just got a text! The rest of the family showed up! [Ominous Music] Rah! – I scared you girls! – Daddy! – Adley, guess what we're doing! – [Adley] : Huh? – We're drawing on the
walls at the Space Station! – For real? – Yeah! Do you want to color on the walls? – Uh-huh! – Come on, let's go! – Hey, Nanna! – Look they're coloring on the wall! Do you want to do it? Look, here, I'll show you how! Yeah! You can do it, look! All the boys are drawing on the wall! You can draw on the wall Can you do an A for Adley? Good job, Adley! Ooh! Is this going to be your spot? That's a good A That's a really good A! Nice to e-meet you The most common phrase sent to us in the Space Station Stefan, yo, this is amazing! Thank you! This is the guy who made it happen Found him on Instagram,
fell in love with him Fun fact, he made Pete's Pirate logo So uh he knows his stuff Pop up his Insta and everything right here – This is a spider carrying a potato! – A spider carrying a potato? That's a good idea! Who's astronaut? – Eric – Eric? I can get behind that! I like that! Jenny's going struggle muffin? – [Jenny] : Mmhm – Do it! Full send! Okay Good job, buddy, you did great! [Upbeat Music] – Aww, is this your little section? – Yeah – Hey, Alex, what we got down here? – [Alex] : Just a Space
Station dollar bill and some emails, don't you know? – Those emails? Oh my gosh, Nick, this is amazing! – [Nick] : Thanks, dude – Did you find some chocolate? Is it yummy? Hey! Mom! Look! She's eating chocolate! She's eating chocolate! And we've got Scott in
here doing his thing Look at that guy! [Upbeat Music] Gil where you at? Oh my gosh! It's a space dude peeking out! That's so sick! Oh, we've got a bus coming up here? Let's go! Oh, chicken, you're going goat? – Um, no – Is that a picture of me? – No, this is a reference
to one-point-five goats in the office if you would remember the episode – [Everyone Laughing] – You just got wrecked on your own pad! – [Everyone Clapping And Cheering] – We are officially possibly done here! Oh wow! That looks cool from far away! – [Epidemic Sound Music] – Oh! There's the funny end clip right there! Good job, babe! That only took eight seconds! – Stop! – You get a belt buckle!

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