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Help your pets to find their true love! – Family Farm Seaside


Hi Farmers! I'm Joss, and welcome to
Family Farm Seaside Studios. Unfortunately, we're experiencing technical difficulties with our equipment. So I'm sorry if I don't sound as good as I normally do. I hope you're all enjoying the new features that we released recently. Most notably, we introduced Pet Breeding, which sounds a little tricky at first, but it's quite fun to figure out, and I'm going to show you some tips and tricks, to get you started on this excellent new feature.

So before we get on to Pet Breeding, I want to give you a bit of information about Pets before we start. Firstly, as you probably already know, there are many different kinds of Pets in Family Farm Seaside, and in those different kinds of Pets you have different types. To get Pets, you need to get Pet Cards, and you exchange the Pet Cards for the Pets in the Pet House. So where to get these Pet Cards? If you go to the Pet House, and see where the Pet Cards are to exchange, you can tap on it and it will give you information on how to get those Pet Cards. Also, once you get your Pets, you need to level them up. To do that, you do it by doing Guest Orders, digging Pet Chests, and feeding them Pet Cookies.

Once they level up, you can choose to give them extra skills, extra abilities, and it will give you the option as you level up. Moving on, to Pet Breeding! So as you can see, this is my farm, and these are my cute little Pets running around, having fun, doing Guest Orders, doing things Pets do. But, what if, they want to find the love of their life? Well, now they can! We go to the Pet House, go to the third tab at the top, and from there you can see the Breeding Room. From the Breeding Room, you can add Pets to it, but first, you have to make sure that your Pets are stored in your Pet Columns.

So, if we go back to the first tab of the Pet House, we can see the Pet Slots, with all the Pets ready to leave and do the things they want to do around the farm. The second tab, on the left hand side, is the Pet Columns, where Pets are stored, and from there you can do things like dress them up, level them up, see what skills they’ve got, and change their name! All the important things. So, to make sure that your Pet is safe in the Pet Columns so you can breed it, you need to firstly call the Pet home. So you click on call home, and we can see it running back home from being out and about in the farm. We'll wait for it to come in. And then once the Pet is in, we can click
on the double blue arrows, and swap it with another Pet from the Pet Columns. And we can see it is swapped in the Pet House. So Farmers, here's a tip for you.

To be able to breed your Pets, you need to have the extra Pet stored in the Pet Column. The easiest way to do this, is to get more Pets! Get more Pet Cards, trade them in, get an extra Pet. However, if you already have three Pet Slots, and three Pets filling them, and no spare Pet in the Pet Columns, I'm afraid until you get an extra Pet, you won't be able to breed them.

And remember, your Pet must be level 20 or above to enter the Pet Breeding Room! Right, now let's get on to the Pet Breeding Room. Let's open it up, and add a Pet, let's
add Rocky. So he can find his one true love. You go to the World Pet List, let’s have
a look, see if we can find any Pets on the World List, rather than our neighbors, because our neighbors didn’t have any. Ah she looks cute, let’s have a look Hmm. If we chose to breed a new Pet, this is what we will get. If we have a closer look at the breeding preview screen, we can see that our new Pet will have the appearance of a plain Labrador, because both of the parents are plain Labradors. The skill slots that the Pet will have will be between three and six, randomly And the possible skills that the Pet may start with.

And, if we choose to have skill books, instead of a new Pet, we can have either one or two skill books, of those two skills there. So after looking at the preview, let’s invite,
ah, a Black Labrador Let’s see, that’s a really good selection
there And a Poodle, another good selection
As you can see, with the Poodle and Black Labrador, the appearance is the appearance of either the mother or the father Pet, so you will randomly be able to get a Poodle if you breed your plain dog, but also, if you breed your Poodle, you might get a plain Labrador from it, so be careful. Now scroll down a bit, and, let’s pick this
Labrador to breed with our Labrador.

We can invite this Labrador for TC, which
means that you send TC to the owner of that Pet, to convince them to breed with your Pet. And then, you can choose which reward you want to receive from breeding, either a new Pet at level 1, or some skill books, or book. Bear in mind, that once you click ok, and
breed your Pets, you will lose your Pet, you will not get your Pet back, it will run away with its true love and you’ll never see it again. So be careful which prize you wish to pick. So, I’m a bit bored of waiting, let’s
check and see if anyone has sent us an invitation, instead. From this screen, we can see the status of all of the invitations that we have sent, and the ones that we received.

We can see that one invitation has been sent to us. Let’s have a look at what we will get. We’ll get a normal Labrador between three and six skill slots, and one possible skill. If I pick a skill book, I will only get that one skill book. Well, it’s better than nothing, let’s do it! I’ll hit accept, let’s go with a new Pet, I feel like having a baby Pet.

Let’s hit ok, put the Pets into the breeding room, so both these Pets get a little privacy, and there’s our reward! Let’s tap to claim it! Ah, a nice letter, from Rocky, he has found his true love, and both me and the other farmer have picked a new baby Pet. So, if we click on claim now, we can find out what we get from this. Oh! Rocky has left me a lovely baby female Labrador. Good job Rocky! Now, what about all that TC that I sent out earlier in my invitations? Can’t see it here, let’s go back to the breeding room, and check on the invitations. Let’s keep having a look here. As you can see, they’re not here anymore. So where do we find it? Let’s go to our system messages, and from there we can see Felicia has sent us back all of our TC! So, let’s just keep claiming it, and get all of our TC back from when we sent it out earlier.

Now after all of that, you might be asking
yourself the question of, why would I breed my high level Pet just to get a low level
Pet or some skill books? Well, you do so because the new Pet that you get will have a chance
of getting more skill slots, which you then use the skill books to place the skills into
those skill slots, so over time your Pets will get more and more useful, they’ll have
different skills, there’s more to them, and it’s just a fun way of getting new Pets. And here’s a bit more information for you: When you breed your Pets, you don’t get
to choose what skill slots they have, what skills they have, and what they look like,
it’s random! Just like when you have an actual baby or when you actually breed your
Pets! And that’s it! Everything you need to know
about Pet Breeding.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below, and we’ll get back to you. Please like the video, and subscribe to family farm seaside! And I’ll see you next time. Family Farm Seaside Download now, for free!.

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