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He Snuck Something BAD into the SMART HOUSE! Mysterious New Pets Challenge!


(kids yelling) – I'm going in for the orange juice! – I'll cover you! (girls yelling) – [Girl] Incoming! (gasps) (splat) – Sorry about that. (groans) (laughs) (Noah sneezes) – You good, Noah? – I'm fine. (sneezes) (yelling) – Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew, ew! – I'm fine. (pop) – Dude, that sandwich is huge. Are you gonna eat that entire thing? (laughs nervously) – Yep! – He's acting suspicious. – Hey, at least he's not sneezing on me. (yells) – Red! Red! (coughs) Where are you, buddy? (sneezes) (Red babbling) Red! You here? You back there, buddy? (Red growling) Oh, who's a good boy? You're so cute! (boing) Oh, someone's feeling feisty! You must be hungry! Ow. Hey, I brought you something! (Red laughs) Wow, eager! (loud chewing) (Red burps) You were hungry! Huh? What's going on? (Red babbling) You made a friend! (both babbling) Oh, you're so cute.

Yes, yes you are. – [Girl] (yelling in distance) Noah! You better come clean
up this mess you made! – Okay, Hope and Eden
can't know you are here, so you guys have to stay still while I- (Red grunts) Where did Blue go? (Blue laughs) Well, at least I still have you, right? (Red babbling) Oh! I see you're still hungry! (Noah grunting and laughing) – [Girl 1] I don't know what to tell you! That much lettuce
(indistinct) is just healthy. – [Girl 2] That much
lettuce is just weird. (Blue babbling) – What is that? (both scream) – Get it out, get it out, get it out! (Blue bouncing) – What is that thing? – I think I've seen it before. It's a Plasticus Sephericus. A germ. – A germ? How bad is it? – Well, it's extremely contagious, and it causes sneezing, purple spots, voice pitch changes, and dizziness. – How do we get rid of it? – If we wear safety
gear and don't touch it, we should be safe. (dramatic music) Oh, and one more thing. Don't put it in water.

(scrubbing) ♪ I'm giving my pet a bath ♪ ♪ Cause he loves it ♪ ♪ I'm giving my pet a bath ♪ ♪ Cause he loves it ♪ ♪ Oh yeah, he definitely loves it ♪ (Red babbling) – Huh? Eh. Come on, let's go, buddy. (germs babbling) – There's more! – They multiplied in the toilet water! – Yuck. – It's okay, just as long
as they don't get out. (germs babbling) (screaming) What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?! – Uh, think, think. We should use hand sanitizer! (germs babbling) – Yeah! And I can turn these into
hand sanitizer blasters! And make a super cure! – Now you're talking. Let's cure some germs. (germs babbling) (coughs) – (high-pitched) Hey, Red. Finally finished your bow tie. (coughs) I don't feel so good. Look at all of my new friends. (germs babbling) Why is my voice so high? Oh well. I know what can make us all feel better.

You all need to take your vitamins! (germs growling) (coughs) Vitamins for everyone! (sneezes) – [Germs] Oh no! (germs babbling) – (high-pitched) Wait,
where are you guys going? You gotta take your vitamins! (heavy breathing) Whoa, I feel dizzy. (dramatic music) (germs babbling) – You better hurry with that super cure! – It's almost done, it just
needs one more ingredient. Vitamin C. – Where do we get vitamin C? – Uh, orange juice! – But the only orange
juice is in the kitchen! (germs babbling) – (high-pitched) Dizzy. (laughs) I feel awful! – [Both] Lock and load. (both yelling) – I'm going in for the orange juice! – I'll cover you! (yelling) – I did it! I got to the fridge! (angelic music) It's been an honor. – Hope! No! (coughs) – Eden. (coughs) Avenge me. (yells) (dramatic music) – Get gone, germs. (yells) (cure bubbling) It worked. You guys are okay! – (normal voice) You guys did it! – I think we got all of them.

(gasps) (Red laughs) Except for one. Noah, it's gotta be done. He's a germ. He made you and Hope sick. – I didn't know you were a germ, Red. I can't let you infect my sisters. It was for the best. – Good job, Noah. You did the right thing. – [Noah] I'm gonna miss
you, my little cutie. – We really need to get you a dog. – Oh, don't worry about that. I have a new pet, but he kinda makes me sneeze.

(whimpering) (girls gasp) – Uh-oh. Noah, you didn't. (germ babbling) (girls groan) – Green, come back! – [Both] Noah!.

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