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Great Dane Surprised with new family! 🎅🐶Santa helps Goliath the dog get adopted! -As seen @The Dodo


– Today, something very
special is happening. The world's tallest
dog, gets to meet Santa. I know, I'm excited too! Here's the best part about it. Santa is going to grant
Goliath's wish to him. A new family! It gets me right here in the heart. I love the holidays. Santa's coming to town, and we have to get ready.

Santa is coming to town and we have to make a space that is perfect for him. I thought we'd model it after
his home in the North Pole. I think I've got just the idea. I know it doesn't look like
much now, but it's a start. For all of you, who have been
following Goliath's story, I know you're gonna love this video.

And if you're new here, welcome. Subscribe, turn on notifications and let me tell you
Goliath's story, real quick. – It just so happened, that
a family was backing up a U-Haul, the front gate of the shelter, lifted it up and popped him out and they were turning him in. Nine years old, he was super emaciated, you could see all the way through. Santa is really busy this time of year. But when I told him Goliath's
story, he wanted to help.

And he reminded me that the holidays isn't just about helping one, but many. I agree, so I came up with a plan where we can get
thousands of dogs and cats in loving homes for the holidays, but I'm gonna need your help. So stick around so you
can find out how you can be a part of that. Okay, this is no doubt, my
favorite time of the year in The Dog Bakery. We get to make holiday cookies
for all of the puppers.

Now, when I think of Santa,
and what Santa wants, ooey-gooey peanut butter
cookies with some milk. So what we're gonna do here, mix all the dry ingredients together. Take your wet ingredients and
throw them in a bowl here. Apple sauce, honey, peanut butter. Take our wet ingredients
here, fold them together. Get them all mixed up. With the dry ingredients,
put a little bit in there, mix a little bit, perfect. A little bit more. Gets a little sticky. I like to get in there with my hands. What's baking for your dog,
without a little mess, right? Put a little flour down, keep working that dough a little bit. Let's taste a little bit. That's good cookie dough, right there. You scoop right out of
your dough right here. Leave just a little space in between. Just get them in a nice
peanut butter shape there. Take a fork, put it in flour. These are the little details that's really gonna sell it for Santa. I'm a little worried
we're not gonna be able to pull all this together
before Santa gets here.

We need like holiday decorations– – We can do a chair, like a tree maybe– – Fireplace. – Tree, fireplace, chair,
holiday decorations. We wanna go as big as Goliath. As big as you're thinking, even bigger. – I think we can do it. – Okay! – What is that? – Okay
– If you were Santa, would you sit in that chair? – Yeah, you're right, hold on. – Better chair, better chair. Santa is coming! What is that? Santa hand writes letters, this looks like he's at
a computer at a desk.

– He can type letters.
– Maybe he email's now. – This is a Santa chair. Kelly you want to try it out? – I'm ready for a nap. – You can nap in January
when Santa's done. – Okay, okay.
– Let's go. – Got the fireplace. – Looks like for little kids. – Got a backup plan. – I'm a little concerned
about this backup plan. What is this? That is a fireplace. Wow! This is the biggest
production we done all year, but I know that it's worth it. You smell that? That's peanut butter cookies. Wow, that is a delicious
looking peanut butter cookie. Let's give it a try. Hmm, that is so good,
but there is one thing that we need with this, hold on. Milk. This is actually goat milk. And it's really great for dogs. I think the dogs are gonna love this. These delicious peanut butter cookies didn't happen by accident and if you want the detailed recipe, join the channel. You can join for as little
as 99 cents a month. It really helps so that we
can go help more animals. Tye's on his way with Goliath.

They're gonna be here any minute. I've gotta get these
cookies in Santa's house, because Santa is coming. All right, we're ready. We've got the cookies, tree, check. Chair, check. – [Man] You're goin' in like that? – Like– Oh yeah What? I got it. Whoa. Now we're ready for Santa. Oh yes. Let's test it out. Hey everybody, I'm Santa. Let's straighten that out a little bit.

We need the tree topper. The tree topper is what makes the tree. Who doesn't love a little
Golden Retriever tree topper. Finishing touch. Perfect. It's warm by the fireplace. Oh, this is amazing. All these presents. Look at this train. It just goes around the tracks. What! I love it, but it doesn't
matter what I think, it matters what Santa thinks, it matters what Goliath and Tye thinks.

Tye's here right now,
so I'm gonna go grab Tye and see if he thinks it's
Santa and Goliath ready. Santa is coming! – Oh my God
– Goliath, hi. Santa is coming. – Santa is coming.
– This is amazing. – Watch this. – Oh my God. He likes it. – He loves it. I got one for you. I love your holiday sweater Goliath. – Oh my God. ♪ Oh Christmas tree ♪ ♪ Oh Christmas tree ♪ ♪ Your leaves are so unchanging ♪ – Happy holidays.
– It's awesome. – How's Goliath been? – Awesome, gaining a little bit of weight. – Probably another 30
pounds since I've seen him. I can't wait to hear about his new family. Santa's on his way, so we
don't have a lot of time. We've built the Santa room, but I want you to give
the final thumbs up on it and see if it's good enough for Goliath and good enough for Santa.

– Deal. – Come on, let's go, right this way. – Be right back. This is for Goliath. – That's amazing. – Especially with Hawaiian Santa – Yeah.
– over there. – Goliath can just lay
here and warm by the fire. – Dog cookies.
– Or reindeers. But I gotta know, for Goliath
and Santa, is this perfect? – Amazing! – But this–
– What? – you gotta change this– – you gotta go.
– This outfit? – I put a lot of elffort into this. – Okay.
– Much better. This is it, it's time for
you to spill the beans. Who is adopting Goliath? You gotta tell us. – I am. – No what, you! – Yeah, I can't let him go. The past dog that I adopted, Curtis, he left such a big hole in my heart, luckily Goliath is huge
and he filled it, so. – Oh my, come here man.
– Thank you.

– Oh man. – When Goliath started coming out, he'd keep coming around
to me, every single time. – He is so attached to you.
– Yeah. – But he doesn't know yet? – No, he doesn't know it yet. – Oh my goodness. – Okay, we should go grab Goliath, and– (bells jingling)
You hear that? – I think I do. – Oh Santa is here. Okay, we gotta
– I'm excited! – clear this space. – Come on, let's go, let's go. Santa is coming, Santa is coming. – Oh, hello there Goliath. Good boy, sitting on Santa's lap. My Goliath, what a big boy you are. What's that? You want some treats and toys? Would you like to try a cookie? Oh my goodness Goliath,
I'm so glad to see you. And I know what you would really love, that new forever home, wouldn't you? Santa will see what he can do for you. YOu're gonna have a merry
Christmas this year. And you're on Santa's nice list. We'll get you a nice home. – [Rocky Kanaka voiceover]
There's something so magical about the holiday and you have to think that after everything
Goliath's been through, he's hoping from the bottom of his heart that Tye is going to be his new dad.

The good news is it's that time. Let's watch Goliath get
his one true holiday wish. – I have a wonderful surprise for you. – Come here.
– Oh, there you go. There's your new forever home. Hopefully we can find
more dogs, just like you, a wonderful loving home. – This my Christmas present? Oh, yeah. Boy, you want a cookie? Okay. – Oh merry Christmas to you Goliath. You are on my nice list. Santa's so proud of you. Does he know? – Yup.
– He knows! – He knows. – Good boy! – Oh, that's a good boy! Oh, and Santa, hi! – Oh, I dropped my bag! – Yeah, here you go. – I have a present in there, big enough for a boy like Goliath. – It's a giant —
– Goodness. – dog toy, Goliath.

Wow. – He's sitting on his toy. I wanna take a brief moment to talk to you about something I'm very passionate about and I know a lot of you are as well. And that's, helping pets get adopted. The great news is Goliath
has a home for the holidays, he has been adopted. The heartbreaking news
is, there's still pets across the nation that won't
have a home for the holidays. But with your help, we can change that. I'm partnering up with
the Bissell Pet Foundation and their event, Empty the Shelters.

Empty the Shelters works with hundreds of rescues and shelters across the nation and to date has helped over
27000 pets go into loving homes. So here's the plan, on December 14th, there will be many
shelters across the nation, that will be hosting, Empty the Shelters, with the goal to send every pet home, with their new forever family. And if you're looking for a new dog or cat for your family, now's
the perfect time to adopt. Here's what I'm really excited about, I know that a lot of you
have already adopted, or now's not the best time,
but the great news is, you can still be a part
of helping a cat or a dog or a puppy or a kitten get adopted. By hitting that donate button, whether you donate a
dollar or five dollars, whatever you can donate, you will be a part of sending
a pet home for the holidays.

So to recap, very simple– Let's, Empty the Shelters, and get thousands of dogs
and cats into loving homes. I'll put the link down
in the description below, so that you can check and see if a shelter in your area is participating
in Empty the Shelter, and if you're in the Detroit
area on December 14th, come down to Detroit Animal Care Control. Cathy Bissell and myself
are going to be hosting, Empty the Shelter, come say hello. So thank you for donating, this cause is really important to me, and I know it's important to a lot of you. And by the way, if you
donate, I'll talk to Santa and I'll get you on that nice list. – Okay guys, he knows,
come on in, come on in.

Happy holidays! – Good job Tye! – Yeah, good job Tye. Follow Goliath on his new journey^. Make sure you go follow
them on Instagram right now. Okay, remember, this is for Goliath, but it's also to help send
thousands of dogs and cats home for the holidays. Be a part of that. Hit that donate button. Check out the link below. Visit a shelter in your area. – And with that, a happy adoption to all and to all a good home. So Rocky what do you want for Christmas? – Yeah, I want everyone to subscribe.

– Oh really. – Yeah.
– What a great idea. – Hit the like button. – Well, yeah, that would be terrific. – Comment below. – Yeah, I'll see what I can do about that. – Thanks Santa. – All right, good for you Rocky..

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