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Good News l Shruti Ki Family – VLOG #1 l #DIML #Family #Kids | ShrutiArjunAnand


Hey guys. I want to tell you something. It's 3 AM. Guys from so many days I wanted to tell you something but It's midnight. No one gets up, there should be no sound of crying. I'll tell you in morning. Hey guys. I have 2 good news for you. Mom I'll tell them. First we will tell you the small good news. I brought 2 videos in a week. First video is vlog video which will come every Thursday 5:30 PM. Comedy & sketch video will come every Tuesday 5:30 PM. Turn on the notifications and Subscribe the channel. If you like my vlogs do comment, like the video. Share this good news with your family. What is second good news? No I'll tell them. You have to wait little bit for this news. Till then let me get ready and give breakfast to my baby. What will be Shruti's good news? Good news? It must be.

Yes, they already have dog. I'm ready, should I tell you the good news or eat something? Let me eat something because I'm very hungry. Let's check if there is something in fridge, must be leftover or breakfast. Come. See my fridge. It is very important to have mangoes in my house. Also some other fruits like peach. These different type of chutney it is for me. It is important to have 10 type of mangoes. Let's have breakfast. Whose child is this? What do you want? Mom I want mango. Want mango? Can I eat first because I'm very hungry? Then I'll give you. Please give me first. Why? Give me first because I'm hungry. Sure? Let me listen. Tell me, which mango will you eat? Dasheri one. Dasheri one. Choose your favourite mango. This one, okay? Go I'm coming. See this is very fresh we will eat this. I brought special spoon for eating mango.

Which is a very cheap spoon. It is very slim and sharp like knife. We can easily take out like this. It is also easy to feed kids. I'll feed with this to Anaya. Baby come eat mango. How's this baby? Good. Eat, see Muggu wants to eat mango. My baby. Anaya Muggi will eat it. I'll give it to Muggi, come. Baby you want to eat mango? Please offer mango to me, I really want to have it.

Wanna eat? Come fast. Come. She ate mango and I had to work so hard. Let me eat this mango. Please tell us the good news. She is making us fool, must have got maid. As you saw I gave this small toy to Anaya. She can make so many things from that by using her mind. Children get very bored at home during summer vacations. We made tent house with bed-sheet like this. She plays there. Here I kept the colouring books. Some DIY things to keep kids busy. They will play and doesn't get bored. I give 40 minutes of Tv time to her in which she watch episode of 10 minutes. She watches 3-4 times a day. There's one more thing I do for Anaya.

If 40 minutes are invested in any activity, then one hour goes out like this. It takes a lot of time to make the puzzle. Which keeps kid busy, learn something and doesn't ask for TV. I kept all the puzzles in a box. Which is easily accessible. She can also take it out easily by her own. Always keep this type of toys specially in summer vacations. Which they can access easily and also tell them to keep it back on same place. It keeps your house clean and kids enjoy more toys. Danish, what happened? Since morning she is saying there's a good news. She didn't tell, what's the good news? Haven't told yet? It's lunch time and there's a special vegetable. Do let us know in comment what is this. This is called Amaranth's vegetable. This is specially specially made with onions. We made this in iron pan so that we will get iron. Millet flour for my chapatti. Wheat flour for everyone. Along with there is Dal and I'll only eat vegetable. Because I like it with salad. This is our lunch, let's do it.

Will I get lunch or not? Or should I leave the house? Come and eat food. Why are you not eating? Guys our Muggi is a Shitzu breed dog. Dogs of this breed show a lot of tantrums in eating food. They have to be fed by hand. They are very gimmicks. Muggi eat. Open your mouth. It's a lot of fun sitting at home. Sister sit properly. Why? Sister you are looking pregnant. I'm not pregnant. Since 2015 my daughter was born. Since then in every video people commented that "Are you pregnant"? Who gets pregnant on daily basis? I can't understand, just see this video.

I'm looking like a school girl in this. See here I was giving beauty shorts. From which angle am I looking pregnant here? I'm looking so slim in this. I'm looking like a model in this. Madam see the photo first. You looks like a mother of 4 kids in this. Come here. Who says this? Those who have 4 kids don't look beautiful? My mother irritates a lot, I have to tell you good news. Okay telling. Good news is. Mom keep quiet, I'll tell the good news. I have become elder sister, Because a small baby has come to our house. Anaya, how are you feeling? Very good, I'm always kissing and loving the baby. I'll tease the baby. A new baby has come to our house. Let me show you a lovely glimpse of baby.

How did you like our good news? I think you must have been as happy as we are. Forgive me that we kept this secret from you for so long. I think you can understand that it is a very special moment for a family. The arrival of a new member at home. I just don't want to announce I want to share this happiness with you. That's why I brought the series of Shruti Vlogs. Where I'll share happy moments of my family with you. Are you hungry? I'm a small baby so I need milk. Give me milk. Kids are asleep and I got half an hour. I'll sleep after watching the TV. A big thank you to all because people say that they love my vlogs. Now vlogs will come every Thursday 5:30 PM. Comedy/Sketch videos will come every Tuesday 5:30 PM. Turn on the notifications and subscribe the channel. If you like this video then leave a lovely comment.

If you are interested to watch my vlogs and love my family, kids & dog. Subscribe the channel. Tell me in comments who are excited for future vlogs. I'll meet you in next video till then take care and bye..

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