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Better polish up this sensor wand. Ooh, that’s a great angle! Hold it right there! We have a rule here. Absolutely no pets allowed. Oh, well, I’m just a photographer. 
Can I take your photo? Yes! Just like that! Beautiful! Those are excellent poses! You should consider modeling! Hmm, do you think we can take some without the wand? Great! This is so much better now! Oh wow! So cool! You looked amazing! Really? Oh my gosh! Well, go on through! Wait, where’s my sensor wand? Am I in the clear? Looks like it! There you go, Gilly! Let’s get you out of there.

That’s a good gecko. You are just the cutest! Hey! Is that a real lizard? Yikes. No thanks. Not for me. Don’t you listen to her, Gilly. You’re the best. There you go. Make yourself comfortable. Gilly? Gilly! Where’d you go? Gilly! Hmm, I might need a new manicure… Oh! Oh my gosh oh my gosh! AHHHHHH! Wow this job is boring sometimes. Oh, here comes someone. Wow! Your hair is spectacular! So tall! It must’ve taken you forever to style it! Oh right, no pets allowed! I’m gonna have to check you out. Hmm, do you have something hidden in that hair? Huh, I dunno.

Pretty suspicious… I guess you’re fine to go through. That hair is just kind of odd, though. I wonder if my hair could do that. Looks like I’m in the clear. There we go! Come on down, egg! Oh wow! Looks like you’re ready to hatch! Oooh, I can’t wait to see what happens! Wow! This is amazing! A baby dragon! So cool! Oh no! Look out! Run for your life! Sorry!  It’s my fault but there’s a dragon back there! Oh! Come on, you! I don’t think I’m getting paid enough… Come on, Theo. Let’s get you some food. Hey, wait! Hold up there! What do you think you’re doing? Pets aren’t allowed! But he’s such a cuuuuute kitty, right? Nope. That’s not gonna work on me. Seriously. He didn’t have to be rude. Hmmm, I think I should do some shopping.

Do you have any pets on you? Hiding anything furry, feathery, or scaley? Ohh, you’re trying to be sneaky with that hat! Ah hah! A snake! No thank you. Snakes are definitely not allowed in here! Take it and get out of here! Hmm. What if I… Yes! Owww. My poor arm. Oh, I’m totally onto your trick. You can’t hide a pet from me! Oww! Please don’t touch my arm! Ah! I’m so sorry! You can go in.

Gosh, that poor girl’s arm. Hah! She totally fell for it! Come on out, Slithers. It’s safe now. That’s a good little snake! Is that a snake?? Oh…I don’t like snakes… What was that thump? Must’ve been nothing.
No one’s getting past me! Hey. How’s it going? Ooooh! Your bunny is so cute! But not allowed! Pet bunnies are prohibited! So take your adorable bun bun and get out of here. Okay! Don’t worry, Hops! Hah! No one gets past me! Hey. I’m back again. No bunny this time. Hmm, are you trying to be sneaky? Let me just look under here! Well… Let me see that basketball.

Uhhh, okay. I guess so… Please be careful! Let’s see… Is everything okay? Can I go inside now? All right. Here’s your ball back. Go on in. Phew. That was intense. I made it in the shop, though. Come on out of that ball, Hops! You were the perfect little bunny! She didn’t find you. All right, come on out. Let me scoop you up. You are the best little bunny ever! I love your little twitchy nose! All right, marshmallows in my mouth! Oh. A customer. Hi. I’m here to do some shopping. Okay, well. We have a no pets rule.

I don’t have any pets. Well, okay then. You can go in. Phew. So heavy. But I made it in. I’ll just finish these marshmallows. No one’s around. Come on out, Fluffs! Ooh you’re such a good boy! Do you think we should get some of this? You’re right! It IS a good idea!
Come on, Tortolemew. Oh! She’s asleep! Guess we’ll just sneak in, then! Are you ready? Okay, let’s go! Who’s that?! TURTLE! That is not allowed! Okay okay.

I’ll leave. Ugh. She’s so mean. Wait a second! I’ve got an idea! This shrink ray is the solution! Hold tight, Tortolemew! Aww! Look how little and tiny you are now! So little and wee! All right, let’s get in that store. You hide right in my pocket. Attempt number two. Ahem. Can I go in the store? Didn’t I just send you and your turtle away? Don’t worry. I sent him home. No turtles here. Oh, okay then. You can go in. Yes! It totally worked! Come on out, Tortolemew! This calls for a selfie! That’s right! We’re besties! Smile for the camera!
No one gets… Whoa! It’s fine. No one saw that. Okay, play it cool… Stop right there. I need to scan you for pets. Actually, you need to stop right there! I have this. Oh…oops! It’s got to be around here somewhere… There we go. Stop right there! Uhhh, what is the badge? Oh no way! That’s right. I’m kinda a big deal. Oh wow. It’s such an honor to meet you! Oh, sorry. Let me just get rid of this gum.

Please. We welcome you into our store. Phew. I can’t believe she just showed up! Yes! My disguise totally worked! All right, everyone! We made it in! Can you believe that phony badge worked? Okay, but keep quiet. We don’t want to get caught.
This song is the best! Okay, stop. I need to check you over for pets. Let me see what’s in your backpack. Nothing in here. That’s boring. All right, turn around while I use the sensor wand. Oh no! My disguise! Huh? What’s going on with your face? Well, it’s none of my business. Go on through. Whoa. That was a close one. But I don’t need this disguise anymore. And you did a great job, Bugly! Sir! You forgot your backpack! Hey! You’re not a sir at all! Stop! How would you sneak a pet into a grocery store? Let us know in the comments! And don’t forget to share this video with your friends and subscribe to our channel’s page for more great videos like this one!

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