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For the ❤️ Love of SHELTER Pets 🐶🐱🐰


growing up my family always had a pet or two none of them ever came from a breeder our pets came into our lives either because someone was unable or unwilling to continue to care for their pet or because maybe there was an unexpected litter and then they were just very happy to hand them out for free pre-ordering a pet was beyond my comprehension paying for a pet unheard of with as many animals in need of a home today i'm surprised i don't have dozens of them running around my house we do have a few though each one of our pets has come from a shelter or a rescue group or in a couple of cases from homes where people were no longer willing to continue to care for the animal let me introduce you to the lima family pets this is sparky who'll be adopted from another family when she was five months old then there's emma who came from a cat rescue group at the age of seven months here's luna who we adopted out from a shelter when she was three months old and this is journey who'll be adopted from a dog rescue group when she was one year old and this is sushi she joined her family from another at the age of two years i've had many pets over the years and i certainly miss each and every single one of them it is always so hard to say goodbye to our beloved pets and so difficult in those moments to imagine another one taking their place but there are so many animals in need of a loving home that my question is never do we get another one but always how many do you think we can manage which is why becoming a community fundraising sponsor for the humane society of kitchener waterloo and stratford perth was the right fit for me i have a deep respect for the employees volunteers and foster parents who work so hard and give so much of themselves to make sure the lives of the animals in our communities and their human counterparts are happy ones since the kwsp humane society is self-funded donations are not just a nice gesture they are a necessity for the day-to-day operations of the organization add to that the fantastic work they do to educate and advocate in our communities as well as the extreme situations of care often needed by the animals brought into them the need for donations never ends as a part of my contributions to the kwsp humane society efforts i have committed to donating a portion of my commissions from the sale of each and every single home that is either purchased or sold with me donations given by me are assigned to be used where most needed by the organization i encourage you to check out the many ways that you can assist the humane society of kitchener waterloo and strathford curt by clicking on the how to help tab on their website thank you for letting me share and i hope to catch you at one of the many events hosted by or held in support of the humane society of kitchener waterloo and stratford perth

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