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FAMiLY POOL PARTY!! Adley & Niko Water Slide on inflatable Animals! Swimming in new AforAdley merch


– Oy. Oy. Oy. Oy. Oy. – Ah, Adley? Are you sure about this? 3 2 1! Army treasure! (splash) (laughing) – Do you just want all the floaties? – Yeah! Just throw all of them in! (comical music) (screaming) (laughing) (hands clapping) (laughs) – I'm gonna count to sixteen. – 1 2 3 4 (Screams) – All right. (screams) – You're frozen? (laughing) (bell dings) (crowd cheers) – [Dad] Niko shark! (chicken noises) (screams) – I'm not giving up yet! – She is not giving up
ladies and gentlemen. This is a race of her- Lifetime. (laughter) – Ring ring ring ring. – Hello? – Dad come here now it's.. – Where are you? – I'm just at the half
way store come here now.

(splashing) – You here yet? Bye. – Hello? – Look it's all- – What? Look at all these floaties! – I was thinking we could slide down, slide down our slide and
land on the floaties. – Are you serious? – Yes! – I'll be the floaty
holder. Pick a floaty. – Okay. – Which one are you gonna do first? – I do a chicken! – You're doing the chicken?
Okay, pass the chicken. – No I not do a chicken. – I want the turtle. – I do a turtle too! – The turtle too? All right. The first slide is a turtle slide. – I need some actually gear. – What about some goggles or floaty? – I'll take some goggles thank you.

– There on. Okay, Let's
see those muscles now. – Oh yeah. You're ready. – I'm jumping in! – I jumping in! – (engine noises) Turtle rides. – All right. Where do you want to go? (kids scream) (car noises) – Hi Mom. Do you mind throwing
them- all the floaties. Do you mind throwing them all in? – All the floaties? – Yeah just throw all of them in. – Who am I going to catch? – Me! – Me! – Ahh she missed! – Catch me dad! Yeah! – Who wants a pineapple? – Me! (bell dings) – Oh yeah. – And the flag? – Me flag! – Me! – Me! (bell dings) – Yeah, Niko! (laughter) (splash) (laughter) – Buddy? You okay? – Yeah. – Who wants a flamingo? – Me! – Me! Me! Me! (bell dings) – Ah! A tiger.

– I want- – Here comes the unicorn. (Niko Laughs) – (humming Jaw's theme) – Ah! Shark! (clown horn) (screaming and splashing) – Chicken! (Screaming) – Pizza! Who's hungry? – Pizza! (laughing) – I'm gonna surf on the pizza. (splash) – Pizza, Pizza. Jet ski! Jet ski! Where are you? I need a jet ski! Someone get me a jet ski. – Do you want a unicorn jet ski? – Yeah. (airplane engine) – Unicorn jet ski! – It's a giant chicken! – Chicken? – Yeah! – Chicken, chicken! – Alright, here we go. – Chicken! (splash) (laughter) (screams) – Adley is going to jump on. Watch out. – On the roller skate. (spring bounces) – Whoa, Niko overboard, wait for Niko. – Come back. – Oh Adley, fashion show. Stand up and show off your swim suit. (crowd cheering) Oh yeah! Let's see how long you can stand for. – Rawr I'm the tiger king! (splashes) – All right. Line up the
floaties I'm gonna try to run all the way across the pool. – [Mom] Okay. – I wanna do that to, dad. Can I go first dad? – Yeah, Let's line up all the floating.

First you have to slip
across the pizza sauce and then onto the roller skate and then onto the turtle of terror. – Okay. (screams and splashes) (laughter) – Try again. Mom, I think you
need to hold the floaties. They're kind of wiggley. – I'm going nice and slow. – Oh! Good idea. Nice and slow. – Slow always beats the race. – Are you a turtle? – No. – Oh! Wow! She's still
on it. She's still on it. Come here, little turtle. Were going to go to the next challenge.

– Ah mom help me! – I'm coming Niko! Go Niko go! Good job. Get the turtle. Good job Niko Keep going! – [Mom] Keep going. To the tiger. – I can't get up. The motor cycle. – The motor cycle. – I'm not giving up yet! – She is not giving up,
ladies and gentlemen. This is the race of her lifetime. And we go for a quick
drive to the chicken. – Get on the chicken! – Go, go, go! – Go, Niko, go! (laughter) You made it! – [Dad] And the on to the shark! (splashes) – Dad, I need to go threw the hole. – And to the unicorn. – Watch this, you spin around it. (splashes) – You okay? – Yeah. – You need some goggles.
Go get some goggles on. – I want a water dinosaur. – You want to be a water dinosaur? – All right, Adley, hop in. and I'll put these on. (splashes) Oh, Okay. – All right. Does it feel
tight all the way around? Hello? Can you hear me? – Yeah! – She can hear me.

Try to say something. – I love you mom. – Aw I love you too. Say,
"Welcome to A for Adley" – Welcome to A for Adley. – She's talking under water. – Cool. You can talk under water? – Okay. You ready? – Oh, no! Oh no. He's all water dinosaur. Oh no. They're going to meet in the water. Do-do do-do Niko, shark. We see you! Do you have a tea party
underwater? 1, 2, 3. Let's do a pizza and you
cut it and then eat it. (water splashes) – A sandwich. – A what? – A sandwich? You gotta
make the sandwich like this. And then eat it? Okay, 1, 2, 3. Hey! That was my sandwich! – [Mom] She's exploring
underneath the floaty. (water splashing) (upbeat music) (upbeat music continues) (upbeat music continues) – Guys, me and Niko have an idea. – What? – The slide.

– Up there – Up here? Like this? – Let's see. It's on. – 1, 2, 3, 4 go! – Go! Woo! – Guys it's time to
reapply some sunscreen. – Sunscreen! – All right. First, we should
get our towels to dry off. – No! – Okay. – Pizza delivery. – Oh, yummy! Oh! Is that a pepperoni? – Got ya a pepperoni. – I love pepperoni. Alright, let's dry off real quick. Ooh. I love this towel.
It's nice and long. Another pizza pepperoni. – Another pepperoni pizza. – There to dry off this pepperoni pizza? – That's a soggy pizza. – Oh, soggy pizza is my favorite. – Wait, what? Soggy pizza's are horrible. That's why you need dry it off. – Oh, okay. Yeah. I think we need a fashion show
of these towels real quick. Let's see it. – Okay! – Oh no not in the water! On dry land. Oh, no you don't. No you don't.

This is the new narwhal towel. Oh yeah. Adley designed it herself. All right, Niko! Let's show this dinosaur
towels, show them your muscles. If you wore them with
floaties, you get big muscles. What kinda dinosaur are you? – A triceratops! – Rawr, go get dad. – I got the dinosaur
and this is dad's towel – Look, look, look, it says Shonduras. – [Mom] Best day ever! – And it's so soft. – It's like one of
those microfiber towels. – You guys already seen it? Okay guys, my idea is see those
floaties by the slide. – Huhuh. – What if we slide down and land on them? – I'm in. – Do you think we can? – Wait! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! – Wait sunscreen! – Freeze. Freeze. Freeze. Ooh. Yes. I like that frozen spot. Hey, wait where'd my
little frozen treat go? – All right. (screams) You're frozen.

– [Dad] I got another escaper. – All right. You're up. – This side. – Oh look at these cute little toes. – Pepperoni Pizza. Who's up first up on
the floatie challenge? – Wait, mom needs some shoulder action. – Hold on while we're out,
maybe we can have a snack break? – Oh! A snack break? – I like what you're thinking. – Let's go! – Dad you wanna lay that towel out? – Yeah. – Okay. – Let's have a picnic. – Picnic. – So my favorite thing
about these floaties, kids cannot take them off. You have to- – They have a safety. – Yeah. You have to push
the button as you squeeze. All right, what are our snacks guys. – Oh, and I got a dad
shirt. Let me go get it. You like my shirt? This is my dad shirt. You have to walk the plank pocket T. It's got a cool skull and crossbones.

And there's a secret look, Best day ever right there. Kinda Cool. Huh? I'll take some of these – Niko, Let's get your cute
little button nose, bud. Alley, stand up. Your face matches your swimsuit now. – It's white in some spots. – Some of your fishies are
wet and some are not wet. – Me and the fish matches this part. – That looks like your face. I think for the next challenge, we go down the slide and
try and land on the floaties and not fall in the water. – I liked that idea. – Me too. (bell dings twice) – Finger high-five. Ooh a thumb. (bell dings multiple times) – Don't you and dad have a new trick? – What's our new trick? Oh yeah. Look when we learned. (hands clapping) – [Mom] Oh yeah, Niko. (hands clapping) – Next one. Oh, like this? (hands slapping) Hey! Niko! Hey! – You can't put your hand on.

Niko. – Don't smack me. Guy's don't smack me. – Don't smack you? Okay. – Guys, watch this. – [Dad] Wait for me! – [Mom] Wait for me! (spring bounces) (splashes) (spring bounces) (splashes) – All right I'm making a
pizza, I need some pepperoni, for my pizza. – I'd like to order a pizza, please! – One pizza, coming up. – Okay 1, 2, 3, 4! (laughter) – My pepperonis! (laughter) – Are you okay peperoni? – All right you're up mom? – All right. – [Dad] All a board! – Here I come! Woo! (laughter) – Next up we have a unicorn, jet ski! – Nope, nope, nope. I'm
doing roller skates. – Roller Skate? Where is the roller skate? – I'm gonna count to sixteen.

1, 2, 3, 4 (scream) (laughter) I wasn't ready. – Pepperoni! – [Mom] All right. You want a pepperoni? – Yeah! – Here comes the pepperoni. (splashes) – Here comes dad and Niko. The pepperonis! 3, 2, 1 pepperoni. (splashes and laughing) Hey – Eh! Pizza. I kick you vlog. – Wanna do the pineapple? – Yeah. – Okay, here we go. (splashes) We almost landed it, Niko. – All right. I've got
the ultimate challenge. You gotta slide through this. – On my belly. I got an idea. Why don't
you put the roller skate at the end of the tunnel.
So I go through the tunnel on to the roller skate.

– Pass me that roller skate. – Here it is. – This is gonna be a
hard one. Are you ready? I'm not! Okay on your mark 1, ( screams) – She did to, she's a champion! – No one's ever attempted this before, the most dangerous slide
on landing on the smallest tube, presenting Daredevil Adely. – I've done this before. (cheers and screams) – All right. Someone sent me up a floaty.

– This is the most dangerous of them all because no one is able to
keep balance on this chicken. – All right. Where's that chicken? On your mark. – How do you want to proceed? – Like that? – [Mom] Okay. (splashes and laugher) – That didn't work. – I can master the chicken! – She's gonna master the chicken. – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. (splashes and laughter) – She almost got the chicken. – Ready Niko? 3, 2, 1! Blast off! Yay Niko! – Go Niko! Go! All right give me a turtle. I'm landing on the turtle. – Turtle! – Turtle power. (splashes) – All right we got your Adley to land on! – No we're not landing on a Adley.

– Are you sure? It's fun. – No! Get that outta here.
We want a roller skate. – Do you want an Alley or a rollerskate? – A roller skate. – He wants to rollerskate. (cheers) Well, what should I try next? Niko, pick one for me. – Pirate ship, pirate ship. – [Dad] Oh boy are your sure about this? That looks kinda small. Is the flag gonna poke me? – Adley, I think you need to
scoot it out a little bit more. There you go. – All right. Here I come. (screams and splashes) (laughter) – Argh! I missed! Where you taking that pirate ship? – You'll see – Oy, oy, oy, oy. – Ah! Adley. Are you sure about this? – I'm sure. 3, 2, 1! Army Treasure! (cheers and laughter) – That was awesome. – I want to ride the shark down actually. – Yar! I be riding the
shark down the slide. – Ahoy! Below! Me and
my shark be coming down. Argh! (splashes) (laughter) I think your shark sideways – Your shark is upside down. – She's going upside down
she's a crazy pirate! – I'm not ready. I might just hold on! (laughter) – I'm taking me pirate ship down.

Watch out below! Taking me pirate ship! (splashes) It didn't work. – Hey mom you wanna have a tea party? – [Mom] Come on floaty. Come in our house. – I'll get it set up. – I'll put the roof on, bring it up, bring the pizza over. – Okay! – Adley, where are you going? I've lost an Adley! – I'm in my bed room. Hi! – Hello! Nice bedroom you've got here. – Thank you. Thanks for watching, bye! Mom let's make a house! – Okay. – The rollerskate can be our big house. – Hey guys! (laughs) – Our Adley merch is here and it is ready! – It's on aforadley.com and
you guys are gonna love it and it's really good prices.

Most of it changes colors
and it's super fun. – It's way fun. And the
kids are designed all of it. – With our help and the space
station crew, creative crew. Thank you for helping with Adley's merch. You guys are awesome. – Oh yeah. – Thanks for watching, bye! – Bye. (guitar).

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