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Family Pet Picture Day | Puppy Dog Pals | @Disney Junior


Now, stay clean, you goofs. This is our first picture
with Aunt Ana and Uncle Bob. I'd love to send it
to my parents. They're away
for work right now, studying ocean animals
and coral reefs. I have a picture of them,
but they don't have a picture of me with all of you. But after today, they will. Just got to get
my bow tie first. Did you hear Darius? He wants to make sure that Leo
and Buster stay clean. That almost sounds
like a mission if it weren't so simple. They're already clean. How are you
so dirty already? – It's a gift.
– Heh. But wait! If we're dirty,
then we're not clean! Yeah, so? Oh, no! Darius wanted us to stay clean
for our pictures so we can send it
to his parents. Now our mission
is to get you both clean before Bob
and Darius get back.

I know how to get clean. When we're dirty,
Bob just gives us a bath. So maybe we can give them
a bath, too. Yay! I love baths. Especially bubble baths. Eh, I don't like water baths, so I'll just give myself
a cat bath. ( gagging, coughing ) Ugh, too much dirt. Bleh! Leo, if a cat bath
isn't going to work, then a water bath
is what we'll have to do. We'll take you both to
the grooming area for baths. As much as I enjoy
a good splash, I'll stay here with Ana.
Good luck, guys. Okey dokey. Let's hurry. Bubble bath time, baby! It's a wonder you didn't get your bow ties dirty. Go ahead and jump on in, Leo. Thanks, but no thanks. Cats hate water
and baths are full of water. You guys could try using
dry pet shampoo. Dry pet shampoo?
What's that? That's what Chloe uses on me
when we're in a hurry and have no time for a bath.

Beatrice sometimes uses it
on me and Rufus, too. No water necessary. No water necessary? It's your lucky day, Leo! Yeah, that's "purr-fect" for me. Let's get you some
dry pet shampoo, Leo. You're welcome to use mine. It's in the laundry room
at my house. I'd help,
but I already promised Cupcake I'd help groom her
for her family pet picture.

What can I say?
Beatrice wanted our family to wear crazy sporting outfits
and have wild hair. Cool, right? I mean, if you're
into that sort of thing. I am! Now, let's get
to Keia's house and find that dry pet shampoo. – I'll race you there!
– ( laughing ) Whoa! See the dry pet shampoo
up there, fellas? Hmm, this has got to be it. Yeah, it has a picture
of a cat and dog on it. Let's grab it and go. In the words of Keia, "And done!" Ah, it feels
so good to be clean.

Uh, will you tell him
or should I? Um, Leo, I don't know how, but you look dirtier
than before. I mean, I love
the sparkling look. But that's not
what we're going for. Wow. I'm better at getting
dirty than I thought. But I need to be
clean right now. Let's call Keia
and see if we're using this dry shampoo the right way. Oh, you must have grabbed the glittery hair gel
by accident. – Will I glitter forever?
– You should listen to Keia.

– She's pretty cool.
– Not forever. Unfortunately,
the dry pet shampoo won't be able to clean you now because it only works
on dirt, not glitter. I'm never going to get clean. I'm unclean!.

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